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DYM Chapter 402

“I don’t care if you’re Ye Mo or…, what? Ye Mo? You said your name is Ye Mo?” Zhang Feng Stop suddenly stopped continuing his rant and stared at Ye Mo with a shocked expression.

It was only at this moment that he remembered that the man in front of him seemed to have caught his flying needles just now, how difficult it was to catch his flying needles, or how difficult it was to pinch his flying needles with his fingers, only he himself knew clearly. He was at a mid-earth level cultivation, and to pinch his flying needle with his finger, and that too by surprise, it could be said that even if his cultivation level was the same as his, it would be difficult to do so.

Just now, in his anger, he had forgotten about this fact. It was only at this moment when he heard Ye Mo announce his name that he was shocked, and when he remembered the rumours about Ye Mo in the Hidden Sect, he suddenly had a feeling of fear.

If this Ye Mo in front of him was really the Ye Mo who was rumoured to have wiped out several sects, he would be finished, no, I should say their Hongwu Hall would be finished. With Ye Mo’s thunderous tactics of having the Point Cang and Hop School seal off their mountains, it would be easy for him to exterminate the Hongwu Hall, which was far inferior to these two. In the Hidden Sect, Ye Mo was not just a big name.

Zhang Fengzhi suddenly thought of the hidden sects that went to investigate the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ to “Nourish the Face Pill, such a money grabbing item, as the investigation deepened, the number of hidden sects that hit it was surprisingly less and less, which was already weird. If Zhang Fengzhi still didn’t know that Luo Yue Pharmaceutical was related to Ye Mo, he would be a pig.

The cold sweat on Zhang Fengzhi’s back brushed off, he secretly hated himself for sending a pig to investigate the matter of ‘Falling Moon Pharmaceuticals’, but he had failed to investigate that Ye Mo was behind ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals’.

It was also true that the people he had sent out had eyes above their heads, so how could they care about the person behind a secular pharmaceutical company? All they cared about was the formula for the ‘Nourishing Face Pill’. If he, Zhang Feng Zhi, hadn’t been concerned about other hidden sects saying that he had broken the rules, his men might have already tortured him to extract a confession.

Compared to the matter of offending Ye Mo, the matter of Xia Rou, a woman, could no longer be considered a matter, and could be completely overlooked.

“I wonder if your Excellency is the senior Ye Mo who came out of the Yanjing Ye family?” Zhang Fengzhi’s tone suddenly turned careful and respectful, he was already sure that this Ye Mo in front of him was the same Ye Mo from the Ye Clan.

Whether the rumors that he had killed the elites of the two great sects, or whether the rumors that even the number one of the Hidden Sect was not his opponent were true, the fact that the Ye Mo in front of him had caught his cow hair thin needle with his empty hand already made him unable to ignore it.

Ye Mo sneered, “You mean if I’m not that Ye Mo, you can kill as many people as you like?”

A cold sweat suddenly ran down Zhang Fengzhi’s seemingly sturdy and proud face, he knew that one bad day would not be a matter of him dying, but a matter of the whole sect being wiped out. Although he was conceited, he was not so conceited that he could be on a par with Elder Wudao. Besides, it was the two sects, the Point Cang and the Hopeful School, that had literally as many people who could have killed him, and these two sects were killed by Ye Mo for the most part, not even daring to let out a single fart.

Now that Ye Mo’s tone was cold, how could he not know that Ye Mo had a killing intent? Zhang Fengzhi quickly bowed and said, “Senior Ye, just now I offended, I, Zhang Fengzhi, am willing to accept the punishment. The one who went to Flowing Snake to investigate ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ is not my Hongwu Hall alone, more than a dozen families have gone to Flowing Snake to investigate before and after, and there are even people in Flowing Snake now. I am willing to provide senior with the details of the sects that went to Flowing Snake to investigate, and my Hongwu Hall is willing to compensate senior for his losses.”

Ye Mo raised his hand and shot out the thin cow hair needle he was holding, Zhang Fengzhi didn’t even react before he felt a pain in his chest, he immediately knew that he had reached this needle in his body, and his heart immediately felt like death.

“Brother Mo, this person has taken your wife, I’ll leave it to you to deal with.” Ye Mo said as he looked back at Mo Kang and Xia Rou who were already frozen.

Mo Kang knew that Ye Mo was powerful, or else he wouldn’t have been able to restrain Zhang lack and Xia Qiangwei with one kick, but he didn’t expect Ye Mo to be this powerful. Zhang Fengzhi, who was a top three ranked expert in the Hongwu Hall, unexpectedly did not even dare to resist in front of Ye Mo.

Xia Rou was also stunned, she couldn’t have imagined that Mo Kang had made such a bully of a brother. Originally, she had asked Zhang Fengzhi to bring her here and had no intention of returning alive, but the truth was that she and Mo Kang were not only alive, but could also do as they pleased with Zhang Fengzhi.

This Ye brother was also too unbelievable. Xia Rou was closed off from news after being placed under house arrest. She hadn’t heard about Ye Mo at all, and Mo Kang of course knew even less.

However, Zhang Liao and Xia Qiangwei were shocked like waves in their hearts, who was Ye Mo? Who was Ye Mo? The most discussed person in the Hidden Sect right now was this person. All the disciples of the Hidden Sect, if they needed to train in the world or anything else, the first person they had to avoid was Ye Mo, and this had been written into the rules of the major Hidden Sects. He had already become a taboo in the Hidden Sect.

This legendary figure, however, did not come from the Hidden Sect, and he was even an abandoned fop not long ago. But today they actually saw this legendary figure with their own eyes, and they even fought with him, oh, to be exact, they were kicked by him.

After knowing that the other party was Ye Mo, not only the two Xuan-level martial artists who were supervising Xia Rou, but also Xia Qiangwei and Zhang Lack understood why even a ruthless person like Zhang Fengzhi treated him with respect.

Xia Qiangwei’s eyes even flashed with amazement, the first she didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so young, and the second she thought that maybe it was right to live life like this. Just one sentence ‘I am Ye Mo’ could make a lord like Zhang Fengzhi obedient and not dare to resist in any way.

What’s the matter with a boldness, not holding a sword and shouting I’m so and so, but such a bland phrase. Xia Qiangwei, who had originally had her leg bone broken by another kick from Ye Mo, suddenly had no trace of the resentment in her heart at this time.

Even if she was given ten thousand guts, she would not dare to retaliate against Ye Mo, whose madness was rumoured throughout the Hidden Sect. It was even rumoured that he was already a Xiantian expert, it was just that no one dared to stroke his tiger’s whiskers.

Xia Qiangwei subconsciously glanced at Mo Kang, this guy was really lucky to have met a high level person like Ye Mo, who not only cured him of his illness, but also helped him to capture Zhang Fengzhi.

“Zhang Fengzhi, I wanted to kill you years ago to vent my hatred, but I couldn’t beat you, you took my wife and a*sa*sinated me for decades. I knew I would never be a match for you in my lifetime, and killing you like this would not serve you. But who let me have a good brother, today I will kill you myself to avenge my hatred of taking my wife.” Mo Kang’s forehead was bruised, he could not wait to devour Zhang Fengzhi immediately.

Zhang Fengzhi’s face was ashen, his internal energy could not work at all, he did not expect to die here after his heroic life. He didn’t expect to die here, but he knew he didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.

“Senior Ye, we are willing to abandon the darkness and join under Senior Ye.” The two Xuan level martial artists who were guarding Xia Rou looked at each other and knew that today’s momentum was over, if they didn’t see the opportunity to kill Zhang Feng Zhi, the next person Ye Mo would kill would be them.

Ye Mo said with a cold smile, “How can I not see any darkness in Hongwu Hall? If you want to live you can, show your capital to live”

The younger man immediately bowed and said, “I am willing to kill Zhang Feng to stop throwing my name in the ring.”

The other man hurriedly also expressed his willingness to throw his name in the ring.

Ye Mo smiled coldly and did not deny it.

Seeing that Wow Mo did not say anything, these two men hurriedly grabbed the knife on their waist in front of Mo Kang, and took out the knife on their waist, one for each of them. Poor Zhang Fengzhi died in vain, dying at Mo Kang’s hands, and the first cla*s said that he had robbed his wife. But to die at the hands of the two men he had brought with him, he felt suffocated.

When these two men saw that they had killed Zhang Fengzhi, Ye Mo didn’t show any sign at all, and then rushed to Zhang Gao’s front to kill him who almost fainted from fear. Then they hurriedly knelt down in front of Ye Mo and waited for him to be sentenced.

What treacherous and faithless two villains, Ye Mo sneered in his heart, he wouldn’t want such people to help him out. This kind of people could betray Zhang Fengzhi, so they could betray him, Ye Mo, in the future. However, it was possible to let such villains do their work, the prerequisite was that such people could be controlled.

Mo Kang had not trained in ancient martial arts and was not fast. By the time he reacted, the two Xuan level martial artists had already killed Zi Zhang Fengzhi and Zhang Lack.

Xia Rou pulled Mo Kang, who was about to go berserk, shook her head and said, “Although he has kept me under house arrest for more than ten years, he has not treated me too badly after all, so don’t go trampling on his corpse.”

“Good.” Mo Kang obeyed Xia Rou’s words.

Xia Rou said somewhat weakly, “Brother Kang, I originally thought I could die with you when I came back this time, but, can over ……”

It seems not to die, Xia Rou still some sad general.

Mo Kang hurriedly said, “Xia Rou, why should you be sad, just live with me at the Mid-Levels Villa in the future. Brother Ye has given me this opportunity, I must compensate you properly.”

Xia Rou shook her head, “No,…” but hesitated for half a day, but finally did not say it.

Mo Kang hurriedly said, “Since it’s not, don’t think too much about it, from now on we will live here, as long as Brother Ye says one word, no one will dare to come whatsoever.”

Ye Mo didn’t look at the two Xuan level martial artists kneeling in front of him, he was also wondering in his heart, since the two had already met and the aftermath had been removed, why did this Xia Rou still look like she was stammering? Could it be that she didn’t like spending time with Mo Kang?

Xia Qiangwei coldly snorted, “Humph, Mo Kang, thanks to you being a man, my sister is saying this because she and Zhang Fengzhi have been together for more than ten years, and she is afraid that you will have pimples in your heart. Stupid!”

When Ye Mo saw that Xia Rou’s face was instantly bloodless, he knew that what Xia Qiangwei said was right, he just didn’t expect that this Xia Rou would still take this point very seriously. Ye Mo came from the Luo Yue Continent and was very concerned about a woman’s chastity, but after he came here, he found that many girls didn’t care about this, but he didn’t expect Xia Rou to still care about this. With this alone, Ye Mo instantly looked at this Xia Rou in a different light.

Mo Kang suddenly laughed, “As long as I can stay with Xia Rou, the heavens will not be too kind to me. To me, Xia Rou being safe and sound is the most important thing.”