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DYM Chapter 409

“You’re looking for me for something?” However, Void Moon Hua found out that the person who came was Lu Si’s big brother from the ‘Sea Hall’, but a small and unimpressive gang like the ‘Sea Hall’ was not yet in Void Moon Hua’s eyes.

He knew that in the eyes of the ‘Black Widow’, he was nothing.

Seeing that Void Yuehua had returned, he hurriedly stood up and said very respectfully, “Big Sister Void, I have come to join you.”

Void Yuehua looked at Lu Si even more puzzled and asked, “You’re defecting to me? You live off the sea, my business is hotels and news, where do you get this idea of defecting to me?”

However, Lu Si said cautiously, “Sister Void, I know that my ‘Sea Hall’ is not worth anything in your eyes. It was because of luck that I received a ‘Qi cultivation pellet’ from senior Ye, and it was likewise because of this ‘Qi cultivation pellet’ that I advanced to the Yellow rank martial artist. It was only after I had advanced to the Yellow Grade Martial Artist that I realised how much I had been sitting on the fence before. It turns out that there is such a huge difference between martial artists who have entered the rank and those who have not.”

Xu Yuehua seemed to understand Lu Si’s meaning somewhat as she sat down and told Lu Si to sit down and talk.

After Lu Si sat down, he continued, “I know that with my abilities I am nothing in Senior Ye’s eyes, but Sister Void is different. Senior Ye must have left Sister Void behind because of Sister Void’s ability. I think I’ll defect to Sister Void, and if Sister Void defects to Senior Ye, I’ll also follow behind and get glory.”

For the first time, Void Yuehua began to look at Lu Si, no wonder his father had told him back then not to underestimate anyone. This Lu Si was not well known, just a small head of the ‘Sea Hall’ at the bottom of Hong Kong Road. It was surprising that he could look so far ahead and could think of Ye Mo’s purpose for leaving her behind. Moreover, he knew that in order to go further, he had to join Ye Mo, and he knew that Ye Mo could not see him, so he found his way to his head.

It was also true that although “Hai Tang’ was a small and unimpressive gang, it was still a piece of fat meat after all, and the fact that it could survive in the cracks of the Hong Kong Road showed in itself that he was not simple.

“You are very clever.” Xu Yuehua praised and said directly. Only now did she realise that she was not the only one who was smart. Although she was still thinking that she shouldn’t defect to Ye Mo, there were already people who wanted to do everything they could to defect to Ye Mo, and the Lu Si in front of her was sleeping an example.

“Thank you for the compliment from Sister Void, I don’t dare to say the word smart in front of Sister Void. But I, Lu Si, am a person who values righteousness, if Sister Void is willing to accept my defection, I vow to work for Sister Void with all my heart and soul.” Lu Si said cautiously.

Void Yuehua smiled faintly and did not deny it. She stood up and said, “Clan Master Lu go back first, if one day I really have to defect to Senior Ye, I will definitely let you know.”

Lv Si was delighted in his heart, although Void Yuehua had only made a mere remark, he had already guessed that since Void Yuehua had said such words, it showed that Ye Mo did have the intention of recruiting her.

Thinking of this Lu Si immediately stood up, but before he left he hesitated, he didn’t know if he should speak about his guess.

“Is there anything else you want to do?” Lü Si’s hesitation was immediately seen by Void Moonghua.

Seeing that Void Yuehua asked, Lu Si said as if he had made up his mind, “Yes, Sister Void, when Liu Bucktooth grabbed the potion today, I was sitting behind the ‘Portland Four Unlike’, and I even saw Fu Youyin have the idea to stand up as well, but he was pulled back by his big brother. When I went out later, I paid special attention to the four men. Sure enough, once they left the conference hall, the four men shot a glance at each other, then nodded to each other and drove away quickly. I doubt if there’s a possibility that they might turn against Senior Ye.”

Void Yuehua frowned, stared at Lu Si and said slowly, “In that case, why didn’t you go back and tell Senior Ye?”

Lu Si said with some embarra*sment, “One I was afraid that Senior Ye would think that I was deliberately looking for a reason to approach him, and another was that I was behind the ‘Hong Kong Land Four Unlike’ at that time, once I went back to tell Senior Ye, maybe this matter would get to the ‘Hong Kong Land Four Unlike ‘ ears. A club as small as my ‘Sea Hall’ wouldn’t be enough to give him a slap on the wrist.”

“You are now a Yellow-ranked martial artist, still afraid of a mere ‘Four Unlikeable Men of Hong Kong Land’? Besides, aren’t you afraid that I’ll snitch on you?” Void Yuehua said suspiciously.

However, Lu Si said carefully:, “The ‘Hong Kong Land Four Unlike’ can make Master Jiao scare, it definitely can’t be that simple, also even if I’m not afraid, but the brothers under me are all ordinary people, not enough for the ‘Hong Kong Land Four Unlike’ to kill casually. If I were to talk about snitching, Sister Void would never snitch on me for such a thing. If I didn’t trust Sister Void, I wouldn’t have come over today.”

Void Yuehua nodded, “Okay, I know, I will pay attention to this matter, you go back first, I will let you know when I need your help.”

Luz was very happy to leave Void Moonghua’s hotel, he knew that since Void Moonghua said that, it was an indication that if she was going to defect to Ye Mo, she would definitely bring herself along. Lu Si was a man of ideas, even if he had not seen the power of the Yellow level, now that he was already a Yellow level, and when he knew how powerful the Yellow level was, he was more and more eager for more power.

Void Moon Hua, however, looked at Lu Si in a different light again. This Lü Si had a good head on his shoulders and wasn’t impulsive. Whether Luz’s opinion was correct or not, she intended to investigate it.

The ‘qi cultivation pills’ Ye Mo had given her were far more than what she had done for him, so why not do this kind of thing when she could do it with her own hands? Besides, others were afraid of his ‘Hong Kong Land Four Unlike’, she, Void Moonflower, was not.


The moment Ning Qingxue jumped down from the airliner, she knew that she was just as unlived for. A strong feeling of suffocation came over her, and she felt a powerful air current rushing her away, and there was a huge air pressure to crush her to pieces. But she couldn’t even breathe, and within a short time she had a false sense of consciousness. It was a completely different feeling from the skydiving she had trained for before, a feeling she simply did not want a second time.

This was still because the airliner had flown down to an altitude of around 10,000 metres, or even less, if it had been at an altitude of 15,000 metres or more, perhaps she would have been torn apart by this time.

The parachute seemed to have gone through a century without opening, and Ning Qingxue’s brain was already in a state of chaos. As she was about to suffocate, or even be squeezed to pieces, the necklace on her chest once again emitted a faint white light to protect her.

This time Ning Qingxue saw it clearly, the white light if anything, and it held on for a very long time. The squeezing and bone-chilling sensation disappeared, but Ning Qingxue felt that she was still having difficulty breathing.

Was she going to die of suffocation? Just as she was in the throes of extreme suffocation, a faint stream of air rushed up to her brain from within her body. This stream of air made her feel a refreshing coolness all over her body.

What was this? Ning Qingxue suddenly thought of the cultivation technique that Tang Beiwei had taught her, and the direction of the first step of the circumference that Tang Beiwei had taught her was surprisingly the same as the direction of this airflow.

Ning Qingxue was shocked and delighted, could it be that she had really learnt this gong method before? Could this really be that Ye Mo had once taught her? But that airflow was very weak, so Ning Qingxue couldn’t think about it, she followed the cultivation technique Tang Beiwei had taught her and began to run around the sky.

After the parachute opened at an altitude of several thousand metres, Ning Qingxue was still immersed in the circumlocution, and she did not even feel that the parachute had opened.

She didn’t know how long it had been, but a cold, bone-chilling sensation pierced Ning Qingxue’s skin and brought her to her senses.

Without dying, she had landed on top of an endless sea. A bone-chilling sensation came over Ning Qingxue and immediately knew that she had landed inside the Pacific Ocean and that if she could not discover land, she would end up dead.

Only then did she remember that there seemed to be a lifebelt in the lifeboat at the back of the plane, but she hadn’t thought about it that much and hadn’t taken it out. The backpack was filled with food, fire-fighting equipment, and medicine.

Even if she didn’t drown in this vast ocean, she would be frozen to death, or if she met a shark, she would be eaten by it.

Ning Qingxue clutched the backpack she had taken out of the cabin, which she could not throw away. If she threw it away, even if she found land, she wouldn’t survive. In this boundless sea, Ning Qingxue did not expect anyone to come to her rescue.

The cold was becoming more and more bone-chilling, and Ning Qingxue subconsciously carried out her circumambulation again. What was strange to her was that as soon as she practiced, she could no longer feel the icy, biting sensation and even had a lazy feeling coming from her.

Time pa*sed slowly, and when Ning Qingxue woke up again, it was already a pitch-black night. In the moonlight, a white iceberg lay in front of her, and Ning Qingxue was so happy that she swam towards it without thinking.

She was glad that after all this time, she still had plenty of energy, but she was just a little hungry.

Only when she arrived at the iceberg from the sea did Ning Qingxue feel the cold again. A gust of wind blew over and Ning Qingxue subconsciously shrank inside the ice mountain. Finally she found a place to stay in the crevices of the mountain and carefully squeezed in.

The burst of coldness prevented Ning Qingxue from stopping her cultivation. She opened a bottle of canned food and ate it, then continued her cultivation, knowing that as soon as she stopped, that icy, bone-chilling feeling would return to her body again. Even she would be frozen.

At this moment, Ning Qingxue was becoming more and more convinced that she had indeed practiced the gongfu taught by Tang Beiwei, as many of the directions of the circumference running were surprisingly natural to her, and she even relied on a kind of inertia to do so.