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DYM Chapter 408

This was because all four of them had attended Ye Mo’s convening meeting today, and all of them had their hearts pounding for the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’. Ye Mo did not know the identities of these people, so of course he would not ask. And even Jiao Bian Yi had some scruples about the four of them, so he didn’t make a point of bringing it up.

If it was something ordinary, the four didn’t dare to take the risk for fear of Ye Mo’s skill, but the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ was something that sent them into a frenzy. Even a fool like Lu Si of the ‘Sea Hall’ who had no gongfu could get a ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’, it was surprising that such elite people like the four of them brothers could not get it.

They could imagine that if they got the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’, all four of them would be Yellow level martial artists, and even Fu Youjin could possibly advance to Xuan level, then they would be able to walk around the world. But the key was that Ye Mo’s fame was too big, and since they had seen Ye Mo’s might with their own eyes, they didn’t know whether they should make a move or not.

“Big brother, that Ye Mo is only one person, you are already a Yellow level martial artist, plus if we sneak attack, we should have a good chance of success.” The one who spoke was Fu You Yin, he was now most eager to advance to the Yellow level, and he was also the one who wanted to continue to the ancient tomb the most.

The short old man sitting at the end, however, shook his head and said, “Second Brother, Big Brother’s hesitation is justified, and we have seen it today. Liu Bucktooth’s skills are not bad, right? Although he is a bit inferior to us, but it is simply easier for Ye Mo to kill him by breathing. And there’s something weird about that fireball of his, I’ve never seen someone kill someone with a fireball, it’s unimaginable.”

Fu Youjin, who was called big brother, nodded and said, “Old Third is right, that Ye Mo can’t be projected by common sense, if he was really that good at it, that old fox Jiao Bian Yi wouldn’t be so good at it. His man Peng Yang is not much worse than me, why didn’t he do anything? Peng Yang fought Ye Mo last time, and he was no match for him at all. And do you think the ‘Earth Furies’ are so easy to destroy? I don’t need to tell you how terrifying this **** ‘Earth Fury’ is, I didn’t expect it to be extinguished by Ye Mo, this Ye Mo is really terrifying. If the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ was in someone else’s hands, I wouldn’t hesitate to rush up and snatch it, but Ye Mo, he is just too powerful.”

After saying that, Fu Youjin shook his head.

The fattest man stood up, he was the oldest one, Fu Youhai, he was the most scheming of the four and usually the counsellor of the four. The reason why the ‘Hong Kong Land Four Unlike’ had the status they had today had a lot to do with this Fu Youhai.

However, Fu Youhai shook his head and said: ”Now, let’s not worry about whether the words of Big Brother and Third Brother are right or Second Brother is right. But the ‘qi cultivation pills’ are already beyond everything for us. It can be said that if we have enough ‘qi cultivation pills’, we four brothers will not necessarily be afraid even if we face the legendary Hidden Sect. And this is something that just can’t be bought with any amount of money.”

Fu Youjin looked at Fu Youhai strangely and asked, “Old Fourth you mean that we should make a move?”

Fu Youhai nodded solemnly and said, “I am in favour of making a move, no one can get rich without money, and no horse can get fat without gra*s at night. Back then, we also got an ancient martial arts technique to get to where we are today, if we got the ‘qi cultivation pills’ today, what would we become?”

“But Old Fourth, don’t you know Ye Mo’s ability? Just now it was said that he could even destroy the ‘Earth Furies’. And legend has it that the ‘Southern Green’ and ‘Iron River’ were also destroyed by his hands.” Fu You San said with a frown.

Fu Youhai sneered and said, “Of course we should do it, it depends on how we do it. If he was really that powerful, Nan Qing would have been completely destroyed and would not still be the king of Sena. Besides, the ‘Earth Fury’ is indeed powerful, but that is also a powerful a*sa*sination, they are a*sa*sins, a non-Yellow level a*sa*sin can kill a Yellow level expert, there is a huge difference between them. Ye Mo is powerful, I didn’t say he wasn’t powerful either, his fireballs can kill people, but what is he sending out fireballs for? It’s still not to deter us. If he was really powerful to the point where he could kill people with a raised hand, would he still need to deter us? Besides ……”

Fu Youhai swept a glance at the three brothers before slowly saying, “Besides, I suspect that that fireball of his is somewhat like a high-tech means. Similar to the properties of a special kind of incendiary bomb that can be made as long as there are materials and professionals. Brother, let me ask you, if you had this kind of incendiary bomb and you closed Liu Bucktooth’s vocal cords with a slap, so that he would be burned to death, you could do it, right?”

“That, of course I can do it.” Fu Youhai said subconsciously. If there were such incendiary bombs, there would be no difficulty for him to close a person’s vocal cords and let him burn to death.

Fu Youhai nodded and said, “That’s right, I reckon Ye Mo should be at Xuan level cultivation, it’s not like we don’t know how difficult it is to cultivate ancient martial arts, and that book we got also says that those with good qualifications can advance to Xuan level within fifty years. And how old is Ye Mo, I’ll just a*sume he’s a genius, it’s only Xuan level.”

“But Old Fourth, I heard that Daoist Idle of the ‘Iron River’ also died by his hand, and Daoist Idle is already at Xuan level ah.” Fu You San said with a frown.

Fu Youhai said chestily, “Now, let’s not worry about whether or not Daoist Idle is Xuan level cultivation, even if he has Xuan level cultivation, can’t Ye Mo over sneak attack? So if we want to exterminate Ye Mo, of course we can’t fight him head on, we are no match for him. The means we use must be the same as his, we must win in one blow. If we didn’t have the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’, there would be no need for us to take this risk, but the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ is already worth the risk for us to take.”

Fu Youyin, who had been listening on the side, said, “I agree with Lao Si’s point of view, and Lao Si’s analysis makes a lot of sense. Not to mention anything else, let’s take us fighting the bosses in the game, the bosses are so powerful that they will always be taken out in the end, just because there is strength in numbers.”

However, Fu Youhai shook his head, “Second Brother, this is different from the bosses in the game, if we really think like this, we will lose. I am in favour of sneak attacks, but how to sneak attacks needs to be discussed in detail, if there is no good way to sneak attacks, my suggestion is that I would rather not have the ‘qi cultivation pills’.”

The boss, Fu Youjin, was obviously somewhat moved by what Lao Si said, he swallowed a mouthful of spit then asked, “Lao Si, with your opinion?”

Fu Youhai smiled faintly, “In my opinion it is to treat others the way they should be treated.”

“How so?” Fu You Yin asked with an eager look on his face.

Fu Youhai’s face showed a scowl, “Of course it’s also to follow his Ye Mo’s example and hire someone to make extremely lethal bombs, even the kind of incendiary bombs he uses. I have heard that there is a group in Southeast Asia that can make ji light bombs, which are tens or even hundreds of times more powerful than ordinary bombs. It’s just extremely expensive, but I guess money is nothing compared to the ‘qi cultivation pills’.”

Seeing that the rest of the people were looking at him without speaking, Fu Youhai said again, “Of course, the location of this sneak attack ambush must be well chosen, and it must be done in a single strike.”

“Good, Lao Si’s idea is still thoughtful, so we will discuss exactly how to ambush. It’s just a pity that we don’t have any special bomb sharpshooters in our hands now, if we did, a sneak attack would be the best today. Ye Mo drove us all away and left that pretty ‘black widow’ behind, probably to do that kind of thing. I really didn’t expect that ‘black widow’ to be a yellow ranked martial artist, it’s a pity, it would have been better if I had been allowed on.” Fu You Yin said with some disappointment.

However, Fu Youjin shook his head and said, “Older Two, we are discussing serious matters, the lives of the four of us brothers are at stake, don’t talk about such boring things. That kind of person, Ye Mo, would never leave ‘Black Widow’ in bed, maybe he has already left Hong Kong by now.”

“Big brother is right, if Ye Mo was such a vulgar person, we wouldn’t have to be so careful in counting him. But it’s not as simple as Second Brother wanting the ‘Black Widow’, even if she did advance to the Xuan level, we’d still be able to get her handily. It’s just that without taking down Ye Mo, it’s best not to touch her. I think the reason why Ye Mo kept the ‘Black Widow’ should be because her intelligence ability impressed him.” Fu Youhai echoed his boss Fu Youjin’s words and said.

Fu You Yin said sarcastically, “Actually, I was just saying that casually.”


Like the torment of the ‘Hong Kong Land Four Unlike’, Void Yuehua was just as indecisive, only her hesitation was different from the ‘Hong Kong Land Four Unlike’. She wouldn’t be thinking about doing anything against Ye Mo, but about whether she should defect to Ye Mo or not.

What Ye Mo said was very clear, that he wanted her to help him. Void Yuehua believed that even if she did not agree, with Ye Mo’s position, he should not go out of his way to use force. But she had her difficulties, because no one knew that she, Void Yuehua, actually came from a hidden family that had been exterminated, and back then her father was killed because he had messed with his enemies, and in the end, she was the only one who escaped.

Because she had an ancient martial arts technique left to her by her father, she had spent almost twenty years of her life and she had stumbled to cultivate to the middle Yellow rank. She knew that with this kind of progress she was making, she just wouldn’t be able to take revenge in her lifetime. In her mind, the fact that Ye Mo had set up such a big company and had befriended all kinds of people in Hong Kong and even exterminated the ‘Earth Fury’ showed Ye Mo’s great ambition.

Should she get involved, she would be implicated in it. Void Yuehua was used to this life now, although there was no hope of revenge, but she felt very peaceful. Although she was a member of the Port Road, she had never gone into fights and killings, she did all proper business, but even in proper business, it was inevitable that she would bump into people from the road.

The reason why she was called the ‘Black Widow’ was that a medium-sized gang in Hong Kong wanted to take her in and accept her business in its entirety. In the end, the gang was wiped out by her. In this way, Yueh Hua’s reputation as a ‘black widow’ was established, and no one in Hong Kong dared to do anything to her. Without the nagging of the people on the road, Void Moon Wah felt more nourished, so she also made a name for herself on the Hong Kong Road.

But she also knew that if she did not defect to Ye Mo, she would be like this for the rest of her life and could not possibly go any further. After thinking about it for a long time, Void Yuehua decided to check if Ye Mo was the same kind of ambitious person as she had expected before saying anything.

Only when Void Yuehua had just returned to her hotel, she found that someone had been waiting for her for a long time.