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DYM Chapter 41-42

Chapter 41

Ning Hai.

Two days pa*sed very quickly, although Ning Qingxue stood at the entrance of the courtyard every day looking at his eyes, but not to mention Ye Mo, there was not even a shadow.

Two days later, Ning Qingxue finally realised that Ye Mo had gone, silently and without a sound. No greetings were exchanged with her, not even taking his own things with him. If it wasn’t that he was in a hurry, it was that he himself was really nothing in his eyes. Perhaps in Ye Mo’s eyes, he was an impolite, ruthless and self-righteous person.

“Qingxue, two days have come and gone, auntie and uncle have already called me to say they are coming over, I told them that the two of us will go directly to Yuzhou.” Li Mumei looked at Ning Qingxue who was in a state of confusion and reminded her once again.

Ning Qingxue had been acting abnormally these two days, even a bit soul-crushing, she seemed to be very concerned about whether Ye Mo had come back or not, Li Mumei just didn’t know what was going on, and somewhat understood that there might be something between Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo that she didn’t know about.

But to say that Qing Xue had her eyes on Ye Mo, Li Mumei would never believe it.

“Has it been two days?” Ning Qingxue subconsciously replied, seemingly slightly lost in thought.

Half a long time later, Ning Qingxue said again, “Mumei, I want to buy this courtyard. Yes, buy this courtyard, no matter how much it costs.”

“Qingxue, what’s wrong with you?” Li Mumei felt that Ning Qingxue’s move seemed a bit arbitrary, buying this courtyard, not to mention whether others would sell it or not, even if others did, who would live in this courtyard when they bought it back?

“Mumei, let’s do this, buy this yard and tell the landlord not to move this flower bed.” Ning Qingxue made up her mind.

“Why? Light Snow, it’s you who wants to buy this courtyard, you have to have a reason too, besides, auntie and uncle will ask.” Li Mumei asked even more incomprehensibly.

“There is no reason, Mumei, I just feel that there is one thing lost here, and I thought that maybe if I buy it, I will still have a chance to get it back. If I don’t buy this courtyard, maybe I won’t be able to get it back in my lifetime. Mumei, I’ve made up my mind, and if my father doesn’t agree, I’ll go and talk to him myself.” Ning Qingxue’s voice was soft and somewhat like it was coming from the sky.


“Look, that beautiful girl who was looking for Ye Mo last time is here again.”

“This guy Ye Mo is really lucky, he actually knows this kind of beautiful girl, and he doesn’t even come to cla*s so that others can’t find her.”

“Bull, this kind of person, I’ve seen him two or three times this year since the school year started.”

“Hmph ……”


There was a lot of discussion inside the cla*sroom, but that last hum came from Yan Yan. She was very upset with this beautiful woman who was many times prettier than her and had made her suffer last time.

Su Jingwen had already gone to Ning University several times, but she just couldn’t find Ye Mo. She knew that Li Mu Mei knew where Ye Mo lived, but she just didn’t want her looking for Ye Mo to be known to her, and as for what the mentality was, Su Jingwen understood. She liked looking for Ye Mo because she felt relaxed and in a happy mood with him, without the slightest pressure.

Ever since that day when Ye Mo danced with her at her birthday party, Su Jingwen had not seen him, and today was already the third time Su Jingwen had come to Ning University. This time she decided that she just didn’t find Ye Mo inside the cla*sroom, she had to ask about it.

Just when Su Jingwen had made up her mind, a young woman with an ice-cold expression walked in front of her.

Su Jingwen immediately saw clearly who this young woman was, the teacher she met last time when she and Ye Mo left, and immediately greeted her happily and asked, “Hello, this teacher, do you know where Ye Mo has gone these days?”

“Ye Mo? I don’t know this shameless person.” After saying this, the young woman turned around and left.

This young woman was of course Yun Bing, and the person she hated the most right now was Ye Mo. If Ye Mo appeared in front of her again, she wasn’t even sure if she would immediately smash the book in her hand over.

Today, someone actually asked her where Ye Mo had gone, and this beautiful looking woman, who she even knew, was the same woman who was with Ye Mo last time. The one who was with someone like Ye Mo was definitely no better, so of course Yun Bing would not have a good look for Su Jingwen.

Su Jingwen froze as she looked at the female teacher who was walking away, thinking how the quality of the teachers in the university was so low now. Saying that you don’t know each other and saying shameless person, what would Ye Mo do to you? If others didn’t know about Ye Mo, did she, Su Jingwen, still not know? The wastrel who was kicked out of the Ye family in the capital, and it was still that.

Wasn’t that the thing a woman hated about a man? There was no way Ye Mo would do such a thing, so why should this woman hate Ye Mo? Yun Bing’s impression in Su Jingwen’s eyes was immediately a drop in the bucket.

“Cousin Jingwen, why are you here?” Ye Mei’s voice came.

“Oh, Ye Mei ah. Who is that teacher in front, why is her quality so bad, I asked a question and she actually cursed out.” Su Jingwen asked, pointing at Yun Bing, who was only in her back.

Ye Mei looked at her and said in a strange voice, “She is the English cla*s lecturer, Yun Bing. What’s wrong? Did Teacher Yun just say something?”

“No, I asked her why Ye Mo wasn’t there and where he had gone, and she actually called him a shameless person. Really, there are teachers like that.” Su Jingwen was obviously upset with Yun Bing for scolding Ye Mo like that.

“Saying Ye Mo ah, no wonder, because Ye Mo bullied Teacher Yun, I saw it with my own eyes. That day, I guess Ye Mo violated Teacher Yun something, Teacher Yun wanted to hit Ye Mo, but Ye Mo grabbed his hand, and at the end, Teacher Yun Bing even scolded Ye Mo for being a scoundrel and shameless. Sister Jingwen, you should not a*sociate with that Ye Mo in the future, that person is simply a person with extremely thick skin, he probably met you just for money.” Ye Mei certainly did not have any good feelings towards Ye Mo, and added oil and vinegar to put Ye Mo down as worthless.

Su Jingwen listened a bit uncertainly to Su Mei finish her words, and only after a while did she frown and say, “Ye Mo is not such a person, I trust my first feelings, and I have met him several times, there is no such feeling in him that I hate. Su Mei, are you looking at him wrong? I think there are times when you shouldn’t be too arbitrary in looking at people.”

“What? Sister Jingwen, how could I have misread it, that day inside the grove by Ning Lake, I saw with my own eyes how the two of them acted, Ye Mo and Teacher Yun Bing. Moreover, I was the one who misread it, could it be that Teacher Yun scolded Ye Mo just now as a fake?” Su Mei said exaggeratingly in a hurry.

Su Jingwen actually knew that there was something wrong with her question as soon as she asked it, if Su Mei had seen it wrong, why would that woman want to scold Ye Mo for no reason at all? Could it be that her own feelings were really wrong? But Ye Mo didn’t give her any bad impression. Although he was poorer, Ye Mo never had a non-condescending attitude in front of her, so what was going on here?

Knowing people, could it be that Ye Mo was really that kind of person, only that he hid it very deeply? Or maybe he had his own agenda for contacting himself? But the conscience of heaven and earth, from the beginning, it was myself who had been looking for Ye Mo, but he had never once approached him, even if he knew his phone number.

Touching the bracelet on her wrist, Su Jingwen’s heart was a bit confused, not because she had developed something emotional towards Ye Mo, but she had never had a friend of the opposite sex who was of a similar age and got along relatively well. Her good feelings for Ye Mo had come about unknowingly, and now that she actually found out that there was such a big difference in other people’s eyes and in hers, she was a bit blocked, besides there were things that she had seen with her own eyes.

No, I have to go to where he lives and take a look, doesn’t Li Mumei know, go ask Mumei first. I don’t believe that Ye Mo is such a person, they must have misunderstood Ye Mo, I should trust him.


Chapter 42

Before Su Jingwen could go and ask Li Mumei, another woman actually called her. This woman was no other than Ning Qingxue who was married to Ye Mo.

Of course Su Jingwen knew why Ning Qingxue wanted to marry Ye Mo, but a woman’s intuition made her feel that Ning Qingxue did not have much affection for her, so why did Ning Qingxue call her?

When Su Jingwen arrived at a small café, Ning Qingxue had already been waiting for a long time. Seeing Su Jingwen come in, Ning Qingxue hurriedly stood up.

“Qingxue, you’re looking for me?” When Su Jingwen saw Ning Qingxue, she hurriedly asked.

“Yes, Jingwen, have a seat. What would you like to drink?” Ning Qingxue asked casually.

“I don’t like coffee, let’s have a gla*s of juice.” After Su Jingwen finished speaking, she realised that there was actually a gla*s of juice in front of Ning Qingxue as well.

It was indeed a bit comical for two people to drink juice inside a coffee house.

“Qingxue, that, how are you guys doing ……” Su Jingwen originally wanted to ask Ye Mo if he was okay, but the words turned into you guys at the end of her mouth.

“Ah, oh, okay ……” Ning Qingxue took a sip of juice, somewhat unsure of what she should say, and only after a while did she settle down and say, “Jingwen, there’s actually one thing, I think, I want to ask you a favor, just , that ……”

This and that for half a day, Ning Qingxue still did not say out his purpose, it seems difficult to start.

“Qingxue, if you have anything to say, just say it directly, and Mu Mui is my good friend, and she is your cousin, although we were not very familiar with each other before, I think we should become familiar with each other in the future.” Su Jingwen’s meaning was clear, it was not like we were strangers anymore, what was there not to say?

“Then I’ll get straight to the point ah, can you tell me about Ye Mo? And ……” Ning Qingxue said half of it, but the rest still remained unsaid.

The reason why I knew Ye Mo was very accidental, he was taken into the police station and I went to bail him out. The reason why I bailed him out was because I saw from afar that he looked like an acquaintance of mine, but later I realized that he was not. Then the two of them had a meal and later I invited him to my birthday party.”

Su Jingwen didn’t say that Ye Mo looked like that master who sold her talismans, after all, Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei they both acted like they didn’t believe in such superstitions, so why say that.

I didn’t expect him to have been in the police station, I don’t know what it was because of, but Ning Qingxue didn’t ask again, but continued, “Jingwen, that, last time Ye Mo went to your birthday party, he gave you a bracelet, if you don’t like it, I think, I think …… ”

Ning Qingxue was really embarra*sed to say that she wanted Su Jingwen to pa*s the bracelet on to her, after all, the item was given to Su Jingwen by Ye Mo. If she hadn’t heard Li Mu Mei say that Ye Mo and Su Jingwen were only friends for a few times, she wouldn’t have come here to ask Su Jingwen for that bracelet even if she wanted it more. Now that Su Jingwen had admitted to herself that she and Ye Mo were only casual friends, Ning Qingxue opened her mouth, but when the words came to her mouth, she couldn’t say them.

Although Ning Qingxue did not say it, Su Jingwen heard it. Ning Qingxue should want her bracelet, could it be that she and Ye Mo had really developed feelings for each other? No, it was a relationship that had developed, since Ye Mo could make this for himself, of course he could also make it for her. Then why did Ning Qingxue ask herself for this bracelet?

To be honest, the bracelet that Ye Mo gave her was indeed a very crudely made thing, but the reason why Su Jingwen liked this bracelet was because she felt that the friendship with Ye Mo was the purest, Ye Mo was a friend who made her meditate, although they didn’t meet many times, they never mixed with something else.

It was only today that Su Jingwen heard Su Mei’s words today, and combined with Yun Bing’s attitude towards Ye Mo, it made her a little confused as well, and she now had no idea what kind of person Ye Mo really was. Although she believed in Ye Mo, deep inside she still had some hesitation.

“Is Ye Mo alright?” Su Jingwen did not directly answer Ning Qingxue’s words, but asked an irrelevant question.

Ning Qingxue originally thought that Su Jingwen would either say that she would go back and look for it, or that she didn’t know where it had gone. She did not believe that Su Jingwen would wear that crude bracelet that Ye Mo had given her on her hand. In her opinion that bracelet was dispensable to Su Jingwen, which was why she asked for it. However, she did not expect Su Jingwen to directly ask about Ye Mo, which caught her a bit off guard.

“Ye Mo has left, he should have left Ninghai, where he went, I don’t know now, I haven’t seen him for a few days. In the evening, Mu Mei and I will also leave Ninghai, I’m going to Yuzhou.” Ning Qingxue was still quick to react and told Su Jingwen that she was also leaving Ninghai soon.

“Ye Mo has already left? He’s still at Ning University and hasn’t graduated yet.” Su Jingwen said with some surprise. However, she quickly reacted, she already knew from Su Mei’s mouth what kind of existence Ye Mo was at Ninghai University, that is, if she finished all four years of university, she probably wouldn’t be able to graduate.

Su Jingwen suddenly smiled and didn’t wait for Ning Qingxue to answer, but said directly, “Actually, that bracelet is not bad, I also like it somewhat. You are already his wife, could you ask him for a bracelet and he wouldn’t be willing to do it? If you tell me why you want that bracelet, maybe I can give you half of it.”

Of course Ning Qingxue could hear the deliberateness in Su Jingwen’s words, but she still replied, “You know that I married Ye Mo to cover my tracks, I just didn’t think that I wouldn’t need it now. When Ye Mo left, he didn’t give me anything either, and I felt a bit indebted to him, so so ……”

One of the underlying reasons why Ning Qing wanted the bracelet was that she was suddenly a little envious of the bracelet Ye Mo had given Su Jingwen. And that bracelet was also very rough, with someone as wealthy as Su Jingwen, she definitely wouldn’t like it and probably threw it all away somewhere. Since Su Jingwen didn’t like it, it shouldn’t matter if she took it back.

However, she concealed one major thing, which was that although Ye Mo did not give her anything, he was in too much of a hurry when he left and left his small medicine box behind. But this was something she would not say, the little pillbox had become her **.

“The bracelet is in my hand ……,” Su Jingwen said as she removed the bracelet from her hand and said. In her opinion the reason why Ning Qingxue felt sorry for Ye Mo was because she had used him. In fact, Ning Qingxue was also a pitiful person, and it looked like Ye Mo was also angry with her and didn’t even say hello when she left.

“Ah ……” Ning Qingxue let out an ah, she really didn’t expect that Su Jingwen would wear the bracelet that Ye Mo gave her on her hand, which caught her a little off guard. What did this mean, it meant that Su Jingwen liked this bracelet a lot, not that she simply didn’t know where to throw it away as she had thought. Suddenly, an inexplicable emotion actually welled up in Ning Qingxue’s heart, making her herself a little confused as to what kind of emotion it was.

“I’ll give a three jade beads for you to put, these are all made by Ye Mo’s own hands, you go back and thread them yourself.” Su Jingwen said, opened the bracelet she was holding, took three beads down and handed them to Ning Qingxue.

If she hadn’t heard Yun Bing scold Ye Mo in front of her in the morning, and if she hadn’t heard what Su Mei said to her, perhaps she wouldn’t have been willing to give the three beads of the bracelet she was holding to Ning Qingxue. But since experiencing these two incidents, she seemed to have a feeling that the beads in her hand she didn’t seem to value as much as she originally did.

Now that Ning Qingxue asked about it, she actually took three of them and gave them to her. As for why she had left three, perhaps it was to commemorate that one innocent friendship. When she returned, perhaps she would put away the bracelet with the remaining three beads and would not continue to wear it on her hand.