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DYM Chapter 43-44

Chapter 43

Wen Dong’s car was driving so fast that if one looked outside the car on top of the mountain road, one might be afraid that the car might fall into the cliff at any moment. But Wen Dong drove the car fast and steady, despite this many cars going up the mountain saw Wen Dong’s Buick and stopped at the side of the road, afraid that this madman would hit their car.

The reason why Wen Dong drove the car so fast was that she saw how calm and unperturbed Ye Mo had been. Now she was driving the car so fast on such a dangerous mountainous highway because she wanted to surprise and worry Ye Mo later, and then tell her to drive slower. Once Ye Mo said that, she immediately educated him, saying what kind of fast is this, you haven’t seen a fast car yet, since you are so timid, I’ll just drive slower.

But the mountain road was already halfway down and Ye Mo didn’t even say a word. Wen Dong was a bit surprised and looked behind him, but found that Ye Mo was already resting his eyes, as if he was not sitting in a car that could fall off a cliff at any moment, but inside a relaxing coffee house.

Even if he was not afraid, driving in the middle of such a steep mountainside, and there was no guardrail under the cliff, he should have kept his eyes open and pay attention, but he was actually sleeping.

Was it his thicker nerves, or his trust in his own driving skills? But how did he know he was that good of a driver? In fact, driving so fast on top of this hillside, it was she herself who was a bit frightened.

Thinking back to when she first met Ye Mo, his seemingly unafraid thick nerves, Wen Dong finally understood Ye Mo somewhat as a person. To put it nicely, he was thoroughly a newborn calf who was not afraid of tigers. To put it bluntly, he was a dumba*s. But this kind of person was just right for her, she needed this kind of person to help her out right now, otherwise it would be really hard to tell if she was trading alone.

Seeing that Ye Mo was not paying attention to the speed of the car, Wen Dong’s car gradually slowed down, after all, it was still dangerous to drive so fast on the mountainside, as there were many bends and corners on the mountainside. She was ready to go down the mountain and get on the highway before bringing her speed up.

But at this time Ye Mo opened his eyes and casually asked, “How much further is it?”

Hearing Ye Mo ask, Wen Dong immediately replied, “It is estimated that there are still about six hundred miles.”

“There’s still so far, how long do you have to drive for when you’re driving so slowly?” Ye Mo said with a frown.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Wen Dong almost drove the car off the cliff, thinking to himself that he was already driving quite fast, was this still considered slow? No wonder this guy didn’t say anything, but he thought he was driving too slowly.

“This is the mountainside, we’ll drive faster when we get on the highway.” Wen Dong replied somewhat helplessly.

Luckily, Ye Mo did not continue to pursue the issue of how fast or slow she was driving, but went on to close his eyes and recuperate. If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Mo’s tone of voice just now was really a bit discontented, Wen Dong would have even thought that he was amusing himself.

After the car got on the highway, Wen Dong brought up the speed, Ye Mo felt that the car was drifting a bit, looked up at the watch, the car’s speed was just above 200 kilometres per hour and it was drifting.

Before two hours had pa*sed, Wen Dong had already driven the car into Tandu. The car, however, did not enter the city, but stopped in front of a separate villa in the suburbs.

Ye Mo scanned the villa, which was done in a very grand way, with a large bamboo forest on the periphery of the villa and a huge artificial lake. The courtyard inside the villa was also very wide, with seven or eight luxury cars parked, and the lawn in front could have been two football fields. It was evident that the person who lived in this villa was definitely a rich master.

“You carry the smaller case, and the larger one for me.” Wen Dong finished getting out of the car and picked up the big box in the back seat. Ye Mo, however, knew that the large case contained an AK rifle, and the smaller case contained some information and a model.

Ye Mo looked at the size of the villa, to have such a large manor-style villa on the outskirts of the city meant that the owner was not only rich, but also had certain ways, otherwise such cases were rare.

The first thing he did was to take out the duck-bill hat and sungla*ses he had purchased from his backpack and put them on, and then he picked up a mask and put it on. Only then did he pick up the case that Wen Dong had asked him to take.

Wen Dong looked at Ye Mo dressed up, her mouth twitched, but she didn’t say anything after all. She didn’t understand why Ye Mo did this, in her opinion Ye Mo should be a thick-headed person who normally wouldn’t think of being hunted for revenge or something like that. But Ye Mo had done this, I wonder what he had in mind.

However, Ye Mo looked very cool in this outfit, giving people an indescribable taste in it at first glance.

“This isn’t bad.” Wen Dong murmured, and picked up her suitcase and walked into the villa, but her car did not drive in.

There were two doormen standing at the entrance of the villa, and Ye Mo swept a glance. When these two guards saw that Wen Dong had entered, they didn’t stop them, they didn’t even ask, let alone check, and let Ye Mo and Wen Dong both in.

Ye Mo’s current divine sense range was too small, he could only see five or six meters around him, and it was even a bit blurry, so he couldn’t inspect the villa either.

“Haha, Miss Wen is still as brave as ever after coming out of the Northern Sands, Mister Gong has been waiting for a long time. Come, show Miss Wen Dong the seat and pour tea.” Ye Mo and Wen Dong had just crossed into the hall when a slightly old and loud voice rang out.

“Pouring tea is not necessary, I need to trade immediately, I will leave immediately after the trade, from now on, each will be out of the way.” Wen Dong waved his hand and said dryly.

Ye Mo looked at the person who spoke, he was in his fifties, his hair was a bit white, but his spirit was tough. There was a cold, murderous aura about him, and although his face was smiling, his eyes were sharp and somewhat flickering. This was not a simple man, and a suspicious fellow at that.

However, to Ye Mo, this person was at most in the same cla*s as Wen Dong, or even inferior to Wen Dong, and he had not put it in his eyes. Even if he was suspicious, he was still a floating cloud in front of his strength.

There were two men standing on the left and right side of this man. Surprisingly, there was no one standing at the gate where Ye Mo and Wen Dong entered.

As soon as Ye Mo took a look at this man’s grim appearance, he knew that this was not a good guy to talk to. The fact that there was no one standing at the door definitely did not match this man’s gloomy aura.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out, and sure enough, he immediately found four other people, two standing at the door, and one crouching on each of the left and right sides. These people were all holding guns in their hands, only the ones on the left and right were cleverly hidden by the screen. And the two at the door were hiding outside the door after he and Wen Dong had entered.

There were people in this screen no wonder Wen Dong couldn’t see it because there were many transparent holes in the middle of the screen and one could see across at a glance and it was hollow underneath.

The reason why Ye Mo could see it was because he could sweep his divine sense to see that although the screen looked like a canvas-like thing and was hollow, the side near the inside was three-dimensional. However, the placement was exceptionally clever, so that when you walked in through the doorway, you could only see an ordinary screen, and if Ye Mo didn’t have his divine sense, he wouldn’t be able to see it all the same.

But it was Ye Mo who did not know that the inside end of the screen was hollow, and he could also see some problems that he guessed Wen Dong had not noticed, because the screen was fixed to the ground underneath the side near the door. Who in their right mind would fix a screen to the floor in a hall? It was clearly counter-intuitive.

At the end of the screen where there was space was a man squatting inside, and this man was wearing clothes of the same colour as those on the side of the screen. It had a number of holes cut in it, but was clever enough to allow only a small part of it to be seen by the person coming in at the door. The average person would not care if they saw such an ordinary and unusual screen, and they could still see clearly across.

It looks like this deal with Wen Dong is not that simple, 50,000 yuan is really not easy to earn

The first thing you need to do is to get the best out of it. Please, please, please!


Chapter 44

“Oh, there’s no rush. Miss Wen, let’s take a look at the things first before we talk about the trade, that should be fine with you.” The man who called himself Gong said slowly and methodically once again.

“You can ……” After Wen Dong said these two words, her face changed, but she said to Ye Mo, “You open the box and turn it upside down so that you can show it to Mr. Gong.”

When Ye Mo saw Wen Dong’s face change, he knew that already she had discovered the person hiding on the side. Although he didn’t know how she found out, but since she found out, it meant that she had her way. I just didn’t know if it was the person hiding behind the door or the person hiding in the screen that she had discovered.

“Miss Wen, I know you are powerful, but even if you are powerful, when you open the box and load the gun inside, I guess it will take more than ten seconds, and in those ten seconds, I can kill you many times. So I would also like to hope that it is better for people not to be impulsive.” This Mr. Gong finished speaking but sat down and stared at Wen Dong with some sneer.

Ye Mo was also a little surprised, he didn’t know where Wen Dong got the courage to come to a deal with this man surnamed Gong, wasn’t this a sheep into a tiger’s mouth?

“What is the meaning of this statement? And what does Mr. Gong mean by having someone stand at the door with a gun? Does Mr. Gong want to be unethical?” Wen Dong said without the slightest tension, as if she was talking about something that had nothing to do with her.

“Pa pa ……” the man surnamed Gong clapped his hands and said, “Miss Wen is really still as powerful as before, but the moral righteousness of the jianghu nowadays is really worthless, come in.”

Hearing the man surnamed Gong’s voice, two men with guns at the entrance walked in and picked up their guns and pointed them at Wen Dong and Ye Mo. To Ye Mo’s surprise, the four men behind the man with the surname Gong did not raise their guns, although they had guns in their hands.

Only then did Ye Mo understand that it turned out that Wen Dong had discovered the two men at the door, but the people inside the left and right screens, she had not discovered. Ye Mo’s divine sense locked onto the fingers of the two men at the door, and as soon as their fingers moved, he immediately dodged. He was not sure if he could dodge the bullets yet, but without reaching the third level of Qi practice, he reckoned it was dangerous.

Wen Dong didn’t seem to see himself being pointed at a gun in general, but took out a timer from his pocket and said slowly, “If Mr. Gong really wants to disregard morality, I, Wen Dong, don’t mind if we all go together. Yes, I do have a gun inside this case, but there is also a timed bomb inside, which is not too powerful, but there is still left over from leveling Mr. Gong’s house, so I believe Mr. Gong should not doubt the power of the bomb in my hand.”

“Haha, Miss Wen is really joking, Jiang Yan, go and show the stuff to Miss Wen, also you guys put the guns away, don’t you know that Miss Wen is a guest?” The man with the surname Gong finished speaking, while telling the two men at the door to put away their guns. Of course he knew what Wen Dong did, someone who played with bombs was simply as easy as playing with firecrackers for her.

Even Wen Dong didn’t seem to pay attention to this matter in general, instead, she directly opened the box, and while all the people were staring at her box, she had already loaded up the gun with the dazzling speed of the crowd.

Although no time was counted, Ye Mo was sure that she hadn’t taken more than ten seconds. Although it was only a few seconds, because of his concern about the bomb on Wen Dong’s body, or because he didn’t see what Wen Dong had brought, the man with the surname Gong’s face changed several times and finally didn’t choose to let anyone shoot.

Ye Mo, however, knew that there was definitely no bomb inside Wen Dong’s case, as he had scanned it with his divine sense before.

He said that although she had avoided leaving her back to the two people at the door, wasn’t this also leaving her back to the man behind the screen again?

As expected, the man with the surname Gong had a smile on his lips and nodded to the man next to him with the box.

This man picked up the box and opened it, coming up to turn it towards Wen Dong’s side. Ye Mo already saw clearly that it was a box of US dollars. It was estimated to be more than one million.

In his heart, he cursed Wen Dong’s pettiness, he had gotten more than a million dollars, but he only gave him a few tens of thousands of dollars for running away and let him be pointed at gunpoint. However, Ye Mo also opened the case and aimed it at the man surnamed Gong, while his hand snapped off a piece of broken wood on the back of the chair next to him, breaking the broken wood in his hand into eight pieces of wood chips, one of which went straight to the back. The wood splinters pa*sed through the small hole in the screen with unerring accuracy and shot into the end of the screen where the man was hiding, and the man was shot by Xie Xing without even changing his posture.

No one saw his movements, the wood shavings in Ye Mo’s hand contained true qi and struck into the man at the back, piercing directly through his eyebrow and closing his vocal cords. For those who wanted his life, Ye Mo would never show mercy.

After shooting the man behind him, Ye Mo deliberately walked a little towards the middle, otherwise they were too far apart and his divine sense could not observe each other carefully. Seeing Ye Mo walking towards the middle, although he didn’t want to go over, Wen Dong had no choice but to follow Ye Mo.

The man with the dollar in his hand walked up to Ye Mo and looked at Ye Mo’s case. Wen Dong also held a gun in one hand and took a few stacks of dollars in the other and looked at them.

After looking at the contents of Ye Mo’s case, the man nodded his head.

The man surnamed Gong smiled and said, “Okay, that’s it ……” After saying that, he actually turned around and left.

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept the man’s finger under the screen opposite to pull the trigger, and at the same time, the remaining seven pieces of wood chips in Ye Mo’s hand had already flown out and pulled Wen Dong sideways by several meters. Ye Mo did not understand why this guy was not afraid of bombs, but it is also likely that when Wen Dong opened the box he was seen by him with the help of some instrument, this Wen Dong was really trustworthy.

When the man with the surname Gong said yes, Wen Dong felt that something was wrong and immediately wanted to raise her gun, but in this moment, she was pulled away by Ye Mo.

He was not sure why he was pulling himself away at this dangerous time, but after a few crisp gunshots, he immediately reacted to the fact that there was someone hiding across the street. Without thinking Wen Dong raised the gun in her hand and was about to fight back, but she found that there was no one to stand except for that Mr. Gong who was still standing.

What was going on, but looking at the two people by the door and the four people by the man with the surname Gong, all with blood running from their eyebrows, Wen Dong immediately understood that these people had been killed by Ye Mo.

Looking away, this was Wen Dong’s first reaction, Ye Mo was really no ordinary person. He actually led himself out of the gunshot in such a short time and killed against at least seven people. If Ye Mo didn’t pull her away, she was also sure that she could shoot the other six people before she was shot, but she definitely couldn’t dodge the bullets shot from the opposite screen.

Oh my god, what kind of person was he, actually so powerful? When Wen Dong was shocked, she immediately noticed that there was blood falling from the opposite screen, and the gun came from the opposite side just now, so Wen Dong immediately knew that there was indeed someone on the opposite side, and that this person had been killed by Ye Mo.

When he thought there was someone on the other side, Wen Dong immediately turned around to look and saw that there was also blood falling from the screen behind him. At once a cold sweat broke out on Wen Dong’s back, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo, she wouldn’t even know how she died, two hidden people were pointing their guns at her and she actually didn’t notice, no wonder she always felt a bit scared when she came in. So what if she could have pulled a couple of pads?

There were two more light footsteps that Ye Mo had heard, he was about to continue killing with wood chips when Wen Dong had already raised his gun and two shots ended the fight.

Ye Mo nodded secretly, Wen Dong could definitely not hear the footsteps as well as he did, but the fact that she could spot the people approaching over meant that she was an old hand.

The man surnamed Gong stared at Wen Dong in disbelief, his face a little pale. It was because he knew that Wen Dong was conceited that he had set up this sure-fire game, and it had actually all gone down. Had he known that her bomb was fake, he would have killed her earlier.

“Gong Huishan, you wouldn’t want to kill me because of a mere one million dollars, would you want to silence me?” Wen Dong’s face immediately turned ugly as well, lifting the rifle in his hand to close in on the man surnamed Gong.