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DYM Chapter 411

The sailboat almost brushed the iceberg where Ning Qingxue was, and the people on board didn’t seem to care in the slightest whether the boat would hit the iceberg or not.

Ning Qingxue did not even dare to move, the boat seemed too silent, there was not a single sound. A thought suddenly occurred to Ning Qingxue, could it be that the ship was walking on its own, without anyone in control? Or was the ship indeed a pirate ship, but because it had fought a battle with another ship, everyone on board had ended up dead, leaving an empty ship?

But even if there had been a battle with another ship, there were at least signs of a battle on board, but now she saw a ship in perfect condition, without any signs of a battle, and the canvas even looked new.

If this was really an empty boat, wouldn’t she have a greater hope of survival if she got one. Ning Qingxue was so happy that she didn’t continue to think about it. She was just about to stand up to check the condition of the boat, as the boat and the iceberg were only two to three metres apart, and it was very easy to get up there.

But at this moment, there was a sudden clamour from inside the cabin, as if someone was drinking and yelling.

There was someone in the boat? Ning Qingxue was so frightened that she leaned down again, but the sound just now seemed to have disappeared again. Something was wrong, the sound had come suddenly and gone even more suddenly. Ning Qingxue even wondered if she had heard wrongly just now, but whether she did or not, she no longer dared to go up to the boat, not even to enter the water.

The boat was too bizarre; if there was someone there, there was no way that the boat would be allowed to pa*s against the iceberg while people were still drinking and making noise inside. If there were no people, the boat seemed to travel very smoothly and without the slightest sluggishness.

A ghost ship? Once again, Ning Qingxue felt her scalp tingle.

She was a highly educated atheist, if it was before, she would never believe that there were ghosts in this world, if this boat was really empty, maybe she would have already gone up.

But after the defensive magic weapon, after the fireball talisman, and that wrapped memory Master Woguang talked about, there was even the cultivation technique Tang Beiwei taught her. After this series of events, her atheism had been shaken. Perhaps there really were ghosts in this world.

The boat brushed past the side of the iceberg where Ning Qingxue was without the slightest pause, but Ning Qingxue dared not move and hid in a corner of the iceberg to listen carefully. She did not hear a single sound until the boat had gone farther and farther away. Was it really her illusion just now?

The boundless sea level was not only cold again because the sun was covered by clouds, but also a burst of fog. Ning Qingxue suddenly saw that the sailing ship, which was still in sight a moment ago, was swept away by the faint fog on the sea level and disappeared without a trace once again.

Ning Qingxue subconsciously winced, she no longer dared to enter the water to find land, she might as well stay on this iceberg.

To ward off the cold, Ning Qingxue began to cultivate constantly, eating when she was tired of cultivating. During the day when the sun was out, she stood on the iceberg and looked around, hoping to come across a normal boat.

But Ning Qingxue was getting more and more disappointed, she felt that several days had pa*sed and apart from the bizarre ship she had seen a few days ago, she had not seen any more ships coming. The only relief was that the necklace that had saved her life had once again taken on some lustre, and it seemed that with some more time, the necklace would be restored to its original form. At this point, she was already convinced that her necklace was indeed a recoverable defensive magic weapon that would slowly recover as long as it was not damaged.

Although the necklace’s recovery comforted Ning Qingxue, what worried her even more was that the iceberg she found herself on was getting smaller and smaller, and she could be sure that in some time, the iceberg would completely melt away.

Once the iceberg melted away, she would fall into the sea again. Ning Qingxue scanned the sea around her, but found no other iceberg. She put her hand inside the seawater, but it felt a little hot and it didn’t seem to be that cold anymore.

What was going on? Ning Qingxue climbed to the very top of the iceberg and looked around, when suddenly she saw a dark shadow in the distance.

It was an island, definitely an island. Ning Qingxue got excited, if it wasn’t for her natural dislike of hustle and bustle and the fact that she had cultivation techniques for her to practice. Staying alone for a few days on top of an icy mountain, maybe she would have gone crazy.

What she was worried about now was whether the iceberg beneath her feet would drift towards the island, and if it wasn’t drifting towards the island, she would have to swim there even if she was afraid of going into the water.

Luckily, after looking for a long time, Ning Qingxue found that the iceberg beneath her feet was indeed drifting towards the island. She put her mind down, since there was land it was good. Although she hadn’t consumed a lot of food in the past few days, there was very little left in her bag that she could eat in a few days, and the water was almost all gone.

Even if there was no one to save her in the end, she would rather die on top of the land than be swallowed up by the sea, she hated that salty seawater which she still had to use to wash herself every day.

Ning Qingxue packed up her things, her bag was already empty, except for the submachine gun which was a bit heavy, the rest of her things were very light.

When it was dark again, the iceberg was already close to the island, and Ning Qingxue realised that the island was not small, she estimated that it was about ten square kilometres. What pleased her was that there were still some plants on the island, and she even saw a few seagulls flying into the island, indicating that the island was survivable.

A smell of sulphur came from the island, Ning Qingxue looked up and saw that there seemed to be some emptiness in the centre of the island, the island was most likely a volcanic crater. Even this volcano had not yet erupted, Ning Qingxue frowned, in case this volcano erupted, this island was only this big, she still had nowhere to escape if she stayed on it.

But even if she knew that this island would erupt into a volcano, Ning Qingxue would still go up there, because at this point she had nowhere else to go.

When Ning Qingxue swept her eyes around the island again, she froze, a sailboat was strangely parked at the edge of the island, seemingly on purpose.

Ning Qingxue no longer dared to stay on the highest part of the iceberg, she hurriedly climbed down. The iceberg was getting closer and closer to the sailing ship, but Ning Qingxue could clearly see that although the ship was parked at the edge of the island, it had not dropped anchor. Ning Qingxue had already confirmed that there was no one on board. She was a bit scared and kept praying in her heart that the iceberg beneath her feet would not come near the sailing ship, as it was too bizarre.

But the iceberg did not understand Ning Qingxue’s prayers at all, and still slowly leaned towards the sailboat, and even with the speed and direction of the iceberg, it would definitely hit the sailboat if it went any further.

Should we dive? Ning Qingxue was torn. If there was no such weird sailboat, she would have jumped into the water. But because of the sailboat, she was even more afraid of going into the water. After all, on top of the iceberg, she could still use her sight to see everything around her. Once she entered the water, she didn’t know what would happen in the water, and the unknown made her even more worried.

A gust of wind blew over and Ning Qingxue subconsciously winced as she suddenly felt the iceberg beneath her feet being shifted in some direction by the wind. If she approached the island in her current position, there was a good chance that the iceberg would not touch the sailboat.

Ning Qingxue let out a breath as she grabbed her submachine gun and carefully hid it on the side of the iceberg, right in the way of the sailboat.

As the iceberg brushed the sailing ship, Ning Qingxue subconsciously wanted to know what was inside the sailing ship, and as soon as her thought rose, the scene inside the sailing ship immediately leapt into her mind.

Ning Qingxue was shocked, what was going on? When she was shocked, the scene that was reflected in her mind disappeared again. However, Ning Qingxue clearly felt that there was really no one inside the boat, and in the middle of the largest cabin, there seemed to be a table, and there was even wine and food on top of the table.

Ning Qingxue was scared, she didn’t know why the scene inside that cabin was automatically reflected in the middle of her mind when she thought about it just now.

Although Ning Qingxue had cultivated a cultivation technique and had reached a certain level of cultivation. However, she did not know that there was such a thing as divine sense, and just now it was she who mobilised her divine sense to view the scene inside the cabin. Because she did not know how to use it yet, she withdrew her divine sense again when she was shocked.

Ning Qingxue let go of the strange consciousness she had just had, but in her mind she was thinking that a sailing ship with no one at the helm had arrived at this island automatically without touching any icebergs or rocks. If that wasn’t weird, there was nothing more bizarre than that. Moreover, Ning Qingxue was convinced that a few days ago, she had indeed heard the sound of drinking and clamouring inside the cabin of the ship.

At the thought of this, Ning Qingxue was even more afraid to move, and she felt that her palms were already sweating as she gripped her submachine gun. If she had a choice, she would never want to stay on this island. There was no other reason than the fact that there was such a bizarre sailing ship parked here, but unfortunately she had no choice.

Suddenly, Ning Qingxue felt her scalp tingle again, as if an insidious wind was blowing towards her through a gap in the iceberg. It was only that Ning Qingxue clearly felt that before the nether wind could get close to her side, it was blocked by a faint light flashing from the string of necklaces, which then disappeared without a trace.

The necklace produced a faint warmth that flowed over her body, calming her completely.

Ning Qingxue picked up the necklace around her neck and murmured, “Was it you who saved me once more just now? Thank you.”

The iceberg finally leaned alongside the sailboat onto the island, and Ning Qingxue no longer dared to stay on it, not that the iceberg was already getting smaller and smaller, but because this iceberg was next to the sailboat.

Ning Qingxue leapt onto the island, and the sudden hou solid ground almost made her fall. Ning Qingxue steadied herself, not even daring to look back, and ran in the opposite direction from where she had left the sailing ship’s docking place.