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DYM Chapter 412

Ye Mo had already searched back and forth twice in the North Pacific Ocean along the route from Hong Kong to San Francisco. According to the information that came from Void Moonghua’s investigation, the plane lost the news only when it had flown away from Hong Kong for six hours. Ye Mo estimated that the flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco was between eleven and thirteen hours, so six hours was only about half the way, and should be right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

However, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Ye Mo had searched back and forth several times, but he had not found anything at all.

At this moment, Ye Mo was standing in the sky above the Pacific Ocean, and although he was anxious, there was nothing he could do. He hated that his cultivation level was too low, if his divine sense could now sweep to a range of dozens of kilometres, or even hundreds of kilometres, perhaps the search would be a lot easier for him. And at this moment, his divine sense could only look at reaching more than 400 meters, and even 500 meters was not even close to the distance.

However, Ye Mo also knew that reaching dozens or even hundreds of kilometres of divine sense, that was already a cultivation level of Foundation Establishment and JieDan, not to mention his present, even in his previous life, he was not able to reach it.

Although Ye Mo was not purposely in a hurry, running around the Pacific Ocean for several hours in a row, he felt overwhelmed. Fortunately, this was deep in the Pacific Ocean and the American cruiser fleet was not in sight, otherwise, there might have been more nonsense.

It looked like there would be no more clues to this section of the route, and to just give up like that was something Ye Mo would never do. If Dan didn’t give up, he would now either go back to Hong Kong first to think of a solution or continue his search.

Ye Mo thought about the two Japanese people he caught in Hong Kong and the ‘Black Resistance Empire’ they talked about, they hijacked the plane because of the chemist, and if the ‘Black Sun Empire, was really that ambitious, could the plane have been hijacked in the direction of the Japanese?

Thinking of this, Ye Mo’s spirits lifted, he changed the direction of his search and instead flew towards the north, although his current true essence was bad enough, but in case he couldn’t add up, he could leave the small, kayak to rest.

Although it was estimated that this hijacked plane was most likely in the north, Ye Mo would not think that it was in the Japanese country. If the Japanese were really so blatant as to hijack a plane to the Japanese, then they were pig-headed. Moreover, Ye Mo was sure that even if the direction was really north, the route of the hijacking could not be close to a coastal country.

Generally, there are maritime defence systems of various countries along the coast, so the direction of the hijacking could only be the direction of the sparsely populated Bering Sea. The plane could have disappeared outside the Bering Sea, probably on one of the islands in the Pacific, or on one of the islands near the Japanese.

After another two hours, it was already past two in the morning, and Ye Mo was a little tired as he put down an inflatable kayak. After advancing to the middle stage of Qi cultivation, his true essence had increased a lot, but even if it was more, he could not afford to search the sea for such a long time in a row.

On top of the kayak, after eating something briefly, Ye Mo began to recover his true essence. Another hour later, although his true essence was still far from recovered, it was far better than the original exhaustion.

There were all sorts of sounds coming from the sea level at night, and there was even something like the cry of a night lord, but none of these had any effect on Ye Mo at all. He intended to wait for his true essence to recover and continue his search during the day.

But just at this time, he seemed to hear a hint of the roar of a motor, although if anything, Ye Mo heard it very clearly. It should be a boat coming. Ye Mo put away his kayak, he wanted to go and see what kind of boat it was, or go to the boat and ask.

When Ye Mo arrived on top of this incoming boat, he realised that it was actually an ordinary fishing boat.

A fishing boat appeared in the depths of the ocean in the middle of the night, which was really a bit weird.

Not to mention that a bigger wave could knock this fishing boat over, even an ordinary fishing boat would not be able to penetrate into this deep sea.

Ye Mo landed on top of the fishing boat with a stealth spell, and his divine sense swept in. There were four people inside the fishing boat, and on the surface it looked like it was well equipped with fishing gear, but Ye Mo found a large number of search tools, even including a search radar. Ye Mo wondered what a fishing boat was going to search for?

The black sun’s emblem? Ye Mo’s eyes immediately became cold and stern as he once again found the Black Sun’s insignia. The four people on top of this fishing boat surprisingly all had Black Sun badges, and all four spoke Japanese, Ye Mo couldn’t understand a word of it.

It was estimated that these four people had searched for half a day and had no results, and should now be heading back. Ye Mo didn’t bother the four, he knew that even if he asked, he wouldn’t be able to ask anything. Now he didn’t understand Japanese, and he couldn’t search his soul, so he could only go with them to see what these four people’s ultimate goal was.

The fishing boat had two engines, and it drove surprisingly fast. And Ye Mo also found that the performance of this fishing boat was far from what it appeared to be.

An hour or so later, when the sky was far from dawn, the fishing boat stopped at a small, bare island, which was not big and could not be considered a small island exactly, but more like a raised coral reef.

The four people on the boat put away all the purple search instruments, then fixed the fishing boat on the edge of the island, four above the bare island.

The island was very small, Ye Mo estimated that it was less than one square kilometre in front and behind. After the four Japanese got on the island, they went straight to the centre. Ye Mo followed them and found that there was a wooden house in the middle of the island, and there was a small fish pond in front of the house.

If this coral island was not in the deep sea, Ye Mo would have thought that it was really a temporary habitat made by a fisherman. But now Ye Mo knew that no matter from the location of this coral island or the black sun’s emblem, Ye Mo knew that these four people were definitely not fishermen, and besides, these four people had brought along a search radar.

Ye Mo had examples of being swept by radar, he knew that his stealth technique could not fool the advanced radar now, although he didn’t know if these Japanese’s radar was as advanced as the Yankee’s, but Ye Mo still tried to be careful.

What Ye Mo didn’t expect was that before he could take a few steps out, there was a sound of alarm coming. The four people who had just entered the house immediately all rushed out, and they immediately saw Ye Mo who had already lifted his invisibility. When they saw that it was just Ye Mo who came here alone, they immediately took out their guns and pointed them at Ye Mo with a burst of gibberish.

Ye Mo looked down and it turned out that although he was not detected by the radar, he had stepped on an alarm. These Japanese devils were so cunning to have come up with such technological formations. If he didn’t use his divine sense to look carefully, he would definitely not be able to discover the ground mechanism.

“Do you have anyone who understands Chinese?” Although he was discovered, Ye Mo was not much chagrined, if he could not discover anything secretly, sooner or later he would still have to forcefully question these four people. It was only a matter of time before they were discovered and not discovered.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, the four Japanese looked at each other and then had another look at the empty sea, they were all wondering how on earth Ye Mo had just gotten onto this island. However, the four men quickly shot a glance at each other, raised the guns in their hands and shot at Ye Mo’s legs.

It looked like they didn’t want Ye Mo’s life, but wanted to capture him alive.

Only after the first shot, they immediately noticed that Ye Mo had disappeared. Ye Mo only had to look at the expressions of these four men to know that none of them knew Chinese.

He had already pa*sed several wind blades in quick succession as the gun went off, he left one man behind and the remaining three did not have the slightest ability to resist under his wind blades. All of them were cut into several pieces.

The remaining man looked at his three companions with a shocked face and saw their corpses in the blink of an eye, and he didn’t even know how Ye Mo had done it, so he panicked.

He subconsciously took a few steps back and gibbered again for half a day. He knew that Ye Mo was only leaving him alive, Ye Mo knew that he didn’t understand Japanese and it was really a bit difficult to ask anything from this Japanese, but leaving him alive would bring him to Hong Kong for questioning when the time came.

When the Japanese man saw Ye Mo coming, he suddenly took out an object and threw it into his mouth.

Ye Mo stopped in his tracks, of course he saw the Japanese man’s action, was it a potion for Ji’s potential? But then Ye Mo knew that his guess was wrong, the Japanese man was already black in the face.

Poison? Ye Mo stepped forward and grabbed the Japanese man’s wrist, but found that the poison was extremely powerful, and in a short time it had already melted away all the intestines and stomach.

Ye Mo let go of the Japanese man’s wrist, to save this man, he had to use a large amount of true essence and several ‘Lotus Life Pills’ Ye Mo’s ‘Lotus Life Pills, and true essence were both incredibly precious things, to save a Japanese man, he was not willing to do so. Besides, he also knew that Ning Qingxue should have jumped out of the plane midway, even if he saved him, he would not be able to ask for any information. Ye Mo was not interested in the big conspiracy of these Japanese. He didn’t keep this Japanese man to ask about the Japanese conspiracy, but he wanted him to take him to their lair to take revenge.

Ye Mo walked into the hut and the first thing that caught his eyes was a parachute that had been opened, and it was the same kind of parachute used for high altitude skydiving, and it was still wet.

Could this be the parachute that Ning Qingxue used? Ye Mo was instantly ji.

Maybe these people were here to find Ning Qingxue, if Ning Qingxue had jumped down from the plane, it meant that she knew a lot of things about this plane, maybe these people were afraid that Ning Qingxue would be rescued and the big event would be exposed by Ning Qingxue, that’s why they were searching around for Ning Qingxue’s whereabouts.

In fact, Ye Mo’s guess was correct, the escape cabin of that plane had monitoring equipment, the conversation between Snotty Beard and Ning Qingxue, and the process of Ning Qingxue’s escape had all been recorded, which led to this Japanese organization searching around.

Ye Mo began to search around inside the cabin, but in the end, he found nothing except a large amount of diesel fuel. There were no valuable clues inside this cabin except for some things for daily life.