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DYM Chapter 413

Ye Mo walked over to a few of the Japanese he had killed, and after searching a few of their clothes, Ye Mo found a notebook. Opening the notebook, there were several sea charts drawn inside, and from what was recorded in the notebook, Ye Mo confirmed that these four men had indeed come to search for Ning Qingxue.

Although Ye Mo did not know the words on it, he recognised the words Ning Qingxue. It looked like these people had not only figured out Ning Qingxue’s name, but had also sent people over to search for her.

Ye Mo once again saw the location of the parachute in one of the charts in his notebook, only these locations were marked with latitude and longitude. Picking up the small radar on the ground, Ye Mo realised that he didn’t know how to use radar at all.

After searching for half a day on the coral island, even going through this wooden house, Ye Mo did not find any information about the ‘Black Sun Empire, let alone the lair.

When he checked that parachute for the second time, Ye Mo finally found some clues. The parachute had the word ‘ump, this’ printed on it, and Ye Mo confirmed through this word that this parachute should be the one that Ning Qingxue parachuted into, because the plane that Ning Qingxue took that flight with was the new ‘Meiyin ump’. The plane was equipped with a parachute, and there was no doubt that the parachute should be the one that Ye Mo saw.

Having confirmed that Ning Qingxue had jumped and that the parachute was still here, but Ning Qingxue’s people had not seen it, at least Ye Mo knew two things. Firstly Ning Qingxue was safe when she jumped down, at least she could still unhook the parachute. Secondly, Ning Qingxue hadn’t been searched by these people yet, which meant she was still inside the sea.

Although Ye Mo hated the ‘Black Sun Empire’ with a pa*sion, he hadn’t lost track of his priorities, even if he wanted to find trouble with the ‘Black Sun Empire’ again, he would find Ning Qingxue first.

Ye Mo carefully left his divine sense mark on the wooden house, and also left his divine sense mark on the four people’s Black Sun badges, before he drove the fishing boat to continue his search for Ning Qingxue, while studying the usage of the radar.

After only two hours, Ye Mo was able to use the radar to locate the area, to check the sea around and even to know which areas had been searched through the radar. In this way, Ye Mo felt that the search was really much faster. It was better than flying through the air without a clue, and most of all, he could save a lot of true essence.

Ye Mo sailed his fishing boat and searched as far as he could along the places that the four Japanese had not searched. Another half day pa*sed and a white mist rose from the sea, and the air seemed to become even colder. Many large and small icebergs brushed along the side of Ye Mo’s fishing boat before Ye Mo realised that he seemed to have come to a cluster of icebergs.

The more he searched, the more worried Ye Mo became in his heart; not only was the climate here in the sea cold, but there were also no islands. If he landed in such a place, even if he didn’t starve to death, he would be frozen to death. It had been several days since Ning Qingxue’s accident, who knew if she was still alive now?

The more anxious Ye Mo became, the more he spent almost all of his time on the search.

When it was close to evening, Ye Mo heard a voice calling for help on the sea. Although Ye Mo heard the voice was a man’s voice, Ye Mo still drove the boat over.

A white man in his thirties was sitting on top of a very small, lifebuoy, not only did his whole body appear to be dying, but even his lips were cracked, not knowing whether it was from freezing or thirst. Ye Mo sighed, the person he was looking for had not been found, but he found another person asking for help, he was not sure how this lone person could be in the deep sea.

However, Ye Mo was not the one who would not see the dead, he drove his boat over and pulled the dying man onto the fishing boat, fed him a pill and then threw him some food and water.

He knew that the man was only suffering from hunger and thirst, and although he would die if he continued, he had now given him a heart saving pill, and also food and water, so he had saved his life.

The effect of the ‘heart saving pill, dissolved, and this white man could not afford to feel Ji Ye Mo, he quickly drank a bottle of water and then ate two bottles of canned food.

One had to admire this man’s tenacious life force, after this ate the food and water, his spirits improved significantly. He kept saying thank you to Ye Mo, but Ye Mo could not understand anything other than the word thank you, he could only know that he was just speaking English.

Not understanding the man’s words, Ye Mo lost interest in talking to him and instead continued to fiddle with some search instruments.

When this man saw Ye Mo take out a search instrument like a radar, he immediately did it again! A burst of jibber jabbering.

“You know these instruments?” Ye Mo subconsciously asked.

“You’re a Chinese?” Surprisingly, the white man spoke an authentic Chinese language, and immediately after he finished, he surprised himself by saying again, “I thought you were a Korean or Japanese, but I didn’t expect you to be a Chinese.”

Seemingly sensing that he was a little upset by this remark, the white man hastily added, “Sorry, ah, because this already belongs to the Pacific Ocean and Chinese people rarely come here, that’s why I had this misunderstanding. Thank you again for saving my life, my name is Aiden, I am an American, but I love the Chinese culture.”

Learning that Aiden was a Chinese Tong, Ye Mo was immediately interested, he was curious to know what had brought Aiden to this point.

Aiden seemed to know Ye Mo’s thoughts, he didn’t to wait for Ye Mo to ask and took the initiative to tell what happened to him.

Aiden was an American golfer who had fallen in love with Daphne, the daughter of a wealthy American. But Daphne didn’t have any feelings for him.

But Ayrton was a very determined man, and when he switched from being a sprinter to playing golf, no one thought much of him. But with his talent and hard work, he has managed to get a foothold in the game. Although he is still not well known, he is convinced that he can reach Tiger’s level.

When almost everyone else dismissed his goal as a joke, he still believed he could achieve it. Just as now with his eyes on Daphne, none ever thought he could catch up to her, but he still believed he could impress her.

Because his sporting career hasn’t brought him much money, whereas Daphne is the daughter of a wealthy American, and comes in and out of places where luxury and money are plentiful. It was a bit difficult for Ayrton to enter the same place as her, let alone woo her.

But Aiden didn’t give up, and when he learned that Daphne was travelling from Los Angeles to Canada on the luxury liner ‘Northma’, he immediately used almost all of his money to get into the same place. He immediately used almost all of his savings to buy a ticket to the ship, wanting to impress Daphne like Jack on the Titanic and win her back.

The Kitama is said to be the most advanced and luxurious pa*senger ship in the world, but unlike the Titanic, this voyage from Los Angeles to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, was the third voyage of the Kitama.

Many who have sailed on the Northmar have found the comfort of the Northmar to be beyond that of the eight-star Emirates Palace Hotel, but tickets for the Northmar are also at a frighteningly high price. It is likely that no one else but Aiden would have used his entire savings to travel on the Northmar.

The luxury liner was supposed to be safe and risk-free, but on the sixth day after it departed from the United States, the Northmar turned off course for some unknown reason. The ship was supposed to be safe along the coastline, but at the exact time of the accident, the US discovered invading aliens in the Pacific and they took out a US nuclear submarine. In the end, almost all the forces were drawn to the location of the invasion, and the USS NORTHERN MAR was deflected and left unattended.

By the time the people on board realised that they had been hijacked, the ship had drifted off to an unknown destination. At this point everyone on board knew that the ship had been hijacked and the first thing Aiden did when he found out the ship had been hijacked was to go and protect Daphne, but by this time the ship was full of bandits. Not only have they sabotaged the alarm system, but they are also driving the ship at full speed towards the deep sea.

The cabin where Aiden was and the luxury cabin where Daphne was, became an insurmountable distance at one end and Aiden could do nothing more than wait.

The captain and many of the crew were shot down, those who resisted were shot down first, even the stronger looking ones were shot down by them, these men not only raided the jewellery for money but also the women. Apart from some old ugly women and pa*sengers who were killed the younger women were taken on board a ship with an inverted skull and crossbones flag.

The first time he grabbed a life buoy and jumped overboard, he was able to escape because there were too many pa*sengers on board and he was not the only one who jumped overboard.

Listen to Aydin finish Ye Mo secretly sigh, he did not expect to meet pirates hijacking sea ships thing Yanks every day bragging about how powerful they are, but these pirates hijacked the luxury pa*senger ship away at their doorstep, they are still catching aliens.

But Ye Mo is also a little ashamed, although it has nothing to do with him, but it is true that he attracted most of the American sea power, which led to the pirates’ opportunity to take advantage of it.

But even so, these pirates are not normally bold. Besides, hijacking a pa*senger ship on the sea route from Los Angeles to Canada was no different from putting your head on your waist.

And Ye Mo was sure that these pirates were not ordinary, they definitely did not know that they would attract the American sea power at that time. And since they didn’t know and still dared to do it, it showed that even without Ye Mo’s business, they still had some certainty of success.

“Those pirate ships that hijacked, did you see anything other than a flag?” Although Ye Mo was not interested in this matter, the fact that it happened at this time, somewhat around the same time as Ning Qingxue’s jump, gave him the urge to go to the pirates and ask about the situation.

Aiden immediately said, “There were two sailboats at that time, and to be honest I couldn’t believe that I saw sailboats in the Pacific Ocean. I saw the pirates herding the women onto the two sailing ships and then taking all the loot on board. Because I was so desperate to get out and find someone to rescue Daphne, I didn’t know what happened to the ‘Kitama’ in the end.

“Surprisingly, it was two sailing ships?” Ye Mo repeated.