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DYM Chapter 417

Ning Qingxue found a pattern like a ginkgo leaf on the underside of the white bird’s neck and said with a sudden thought, “I’ll give you a name, let’s call it Ginkgo Leaf from now on.

Well, this name is a bit long, let’s call it Ginko.”

The white bird seemed to understand Ning Qingxue’s words, and gave another chirp, different from the wail it had just given, this one, however, had a somewhat joyful look to it. Although it understood or could see what Ning Qingxue was thinking, it was after all just a bird, yet it did not know the meaning of silver.

Although Ning Qingxue said that she had given the bird a name, she was only relaxing herself, after all, she was about to go on a ghost ship, or a very spooky ship. Having given the bird the name of Silver, I wonder if

Originally Ning Qing Xu was scared of this boat, but after remembering about Ye Mo, she could no longer resist and wanted to go and see him instantly. Now Ye’s wailing at the heart of the island only made this determination of Ning Qingxue a little more urgent.

Animals in general have a sense of foreknowledge of dangers that are not happening, and since Yinzi had this sense of foreknowledge, it meant that there was still a real possibility that the volcano on this island could erupt.

Although she had Yinzi with her, she was a bird after all. The closer Ning Qingxue got to the sailboat, the more sweaty her hand became as she gripped her submachine gun. Sometimes, the unknown was the scariest thing. If she was facing a lion or a tiger, Ning Qingxue might not have been so scared, after all, it was something visible.

Seemingly sensing Ning Qingxue’s nervousness, Yinzi even stopped flapping her wings and followed Ning Qingxue in a balanced position.

The closer she got to the boat, the more Ning Qingxue felt a sense of oppression. She couldn’t manage to go straight up with those drow.

If it wasn’t for the messy footprints on the edge of the island, Ning Qingxue wouldn’t have been sure if all those drow had entered the ship. But those messy footprints showed that the people who had come here had all got onto the sailing ship, and the only line of footprints that ran back were also trampled by the many footprints that had rushed in.

Ning Qingxue jumped onto the sailboat and immediately felt an insidious coldness attacking her. The necklace on her chest once again emitted a circle of light, pushing away that insidious coldness, and Ning Qingxue even heard a scream in between faintly. The silver, however, flew up to the prow and stood behind Ning Qingxue with an expression that was surprisingly as tense as Ning Qingxue’s, as if it too had sensed a difference.

Ning Qingxue looked at the necklace on her chest, she knew that it had saved her life again just now. She subconsciously looked back at Yinzi, her heart slightly comforted, and said to Yinzi, “You follow me.”

The bird seemed to understand Ning Qingxue’s words, and it immediately jumped a few times to follow her closely.

Ning Qingxue stopped outside the cabin, her divine sense swept inside the cabin and it was exactly the same as what she had seen yesterday, a table of wine and food, mostly cooked food, but not a single living person in sight.

Suddenly she felt her divine sense sweep into a dark shadow, only to have it disappear in the blink of an eye, seemingly having entered the bottom cabin.

Ning Qingxue stopped, although she felt her scalp tingling and some goose bumps rising on her body, she did not think that she could see the black shadow with her divine sense. It turned out that divine sense had this kind of effect compared to the eyes.

What she was afraid of was not being able to see, and once she could see, she was no longer afraid, and Ning Qingxue immediately walked into the cabin.

The sailing ship had two levels in total, and apart from the upper level, there was also a bilge.

Ning Qingxue was just about to enter the bilge along the spot where the black shadow had disappeared, when her divine sense once again found a black shadow lunging directly towards her.

The “tart” sound was particularly clear in the silence of the ship, but Ning Qingxue clearly saw the black shadow rush into the bilge without the slightest effect, her submachine gun did not seem to have the slightest damage to the black shadow.

It was really a shadow shade, Ning Qingxue felt her hands trembling a little, if it wasn’t for Silver’s occasional chirps, she alone would have gone mad.

Although she knew that the appearance of such a sailing ship inside the boundless sea must be somewhat bizarre, but knowing is one thing, seeing it with one’s own eyes is another.

If she hadn’t wanted to grab the sailing ship and go back to look for Ye Mo, Ning Qingxue would have gotten off the ship and run away without hesitation. She remembered the sinkhole that she had found when she had first visited the Shennongjia. And the screaming inside the sinkhole. At that time, if it wasn’t for the amulet Ye Mo left her, she might have died in Shennongjia.

But today, she seemed to have met an even more powerful Yin Soul, and as for this Yin Soul thing, she still learnt about it from Ye Mo’s mouth. This Yin Soul wasn’t afraid of bullets and was so fierce, if it wasn’t for the necklace Ye Mo had left her, she might have been like those drow long ago.

Thinking of this, Ning Qingxue once again shivered, could it be that the people on this boat were just like those natives? Had they all been killed by this spirit? Why would this spirit do this? Just now when the spirit pounced on her, Ning Qingxue only felt as if it wanted to devour her own soul, could it be that these spirits specialized in eating human souls? She didn’t believe in these things before, but after cultivating, she had to believe. There were still many things in this world that could not be explained by science.

Even many of the scientific explanations were later proven to be wrong.

Ning Qingxue looked at Yinzi, who was following close by, and was more than a little comforted in her heart. She put away her submachine gun and carefully walked towards the bilge with a fireball charm in one hand. Knowing that the submachine gun could not kill that shadow, it was useless to continue holding it in her hand.

It was just a pity that Ye Mo wasn’t here, if Ye Mo was on this sailing ship, he could definitely tell that the shadow spirit had something in common with the one he had extinguished back in Chun’an, except that the one he had extinguished back then was deliberately raised by the woman in red from the September View.

Usually the ghosts of people dissipate into nature immediately after death, but if they do not dissipate forcibly, it must be for some special reason. It was as if the woman in red had deliberately raised a lot of Yin souls, and had even raised a small pet. Those Yin souls kept devouring the souls of the living to strengthen themselves.

But Ning Qingxue didn’t understand, she simply attributed these shadows to the ghost category.

Ning Qingxue kept her divine sense wide open, she had just descended to the bottom compartment when her divine sense discovered the black shadows hiding off to the side, only her cultivation level could only see one black shadow. If it had been Ye Mo, he would have seen the black shadow and immediately thought of the person behind it, just like the woman in red, the one who was raising the ghost.

When Ning Qingxue saw the black shadow, although she felt a little tingling on her body, she still gathered enough courage to carefully walk towards the black shadow. It was only after Ning Qingxue had taken two steps that she stopped and she walked forward in a different direction.

She remembered the speed of the black shadow just now, it was simply too fast, and she was sure that the black shadow could see her, and seeing her walk past, it was 100% impossible to sneak up on the black shadow.

And now she had divine sense, even if she didn’t look at the black shadow, she still knew where it was in that position.

After Ning Qingxue changed direction, the black shadow that seemed to be moving stopped again and remained in the same place, not moving.

The bottom compartment was all some food and water, numerous messy things were thrown everywhere, Ning Qingxue avoided them and walked along as close to the black shadow as possible.

When she was only three metres away from the black shadow, Ning Qingxue suddenly threw her own fireball charm and called out, “Lin”.

The black shadow didn’t seem to expect Ning Qingxue to make such a sudden and unsuspecting move. In an instant, it was surrounded by the fireball talisman and rolled up! A ball of fire shaped into flames.

A sharp cry rang out, and the fireball talisman disappeared without a trace, while the black shadow also disappeared without a trace at the same time.

Ning Qingxue let out a breath, she suddenly felt a surge of relief, she had finally extinguished this ghostly thing. The fireball charm was surprisingly more powerful than a submachine gun. However, Ning Qingxue understood in a blink of an eye that it was not that the Fireball Talisman was more powerful than the submachine gun, but that the Fireball Talisman was more powerful against this kind of ghostly creature.

Ning Qingxue searched the bilge once more and found nothing strange. Of course she didn’t know that it was her luck that this ghost was one of the ghosts that escaped after Ye Mo had destroyed the women in red, and somehow ended up being brought to the United States and then boarded the ‘Bei Ma’. When the pirates finally hijacked the women, this ghost also sneaked up with them

The pirates on the pirate ship and the people who were hijacked allowed the spirit to grow and grow. Only its master had already been killed by Ye Mo, although it kept getting stronger and stronger, it was just instinctive. It just happened to meet Ning Qingxue, someone who didn’t understand, and if Ning Qingxue didn’t have the necklace, she would have died as many times as she did. Or if that woman in red was still around, Ning Qingxue still wouldn’t have been able to escape.

But while these were all ifs, Ning Qingxue had the Fireball Talisman, and none of these ifs held true, and the result was, of course, Ning Qingxue using the fireball to extinguish the shadowy spirit.

It seemed to know that Ning Qingxue had extinguished the spirit, and the silver that was following her gave a chirp, knowing that her master had won.

Ning Qingxue wiped the cold sweat from her forehead, then waved to Little Silver and headed for the cabin above. Although she had already exterminated the Yin spirit, this bottom cabin was one she really didn’t want to stay in.

She could imagine that the people on this ship must have been lost to this Yin spirit, and this kind of thing was too frightening to make her dare to stay in this gloomy bilge alone for long.

Only when she returned to the cabin above did Ning Qingxue remember something very important; she could not steer the sailing ship, nor could she control the direction through the sails of the ship.

Ning Qingxue smiled bitterly as she walked to the bow of the boat, when suddenly she froze. The sailboat had been parked at the edge of the island, and now that she had not yet taken control of it, the sailboat had surprisingly already left that Iwo Jima, and had even gone so far that Iwo Jima had long been left behind.