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DYM Chapter 418

Although the boat had not dropped anchor, it had been at the edge of the island for a day and a night, so why had she just exterminated the black shadow’s spirit in front of her and then the sailing boat left alone?

Ning Qingxue suddenly remembered something, when she stayed on the iceberg a few days ago, this sailboat pa*sed by her side, she seemed to hear the noise of people on top of the sailboat, could it be that the black shadow also made that noise?

Ning Qingxue had just thought of this when a sound came from the bottom cabin.

By now the boat was on its way alone, Ning Qingxue’s divine sense could not see anything, and she did not have the courage to go down to the bilge a second time. Ning Qingxue touched **the necklace at her mouth and settled down a little, although she could no longer see another Yin soul, she had her own defence necklace.

Silver didn’t seem to sense anything else down there, still jumping around in the bow.

Ning Qingxue suddenly said, “I don’t care what you are, if you still dare to come up here, I will immediately use fireballs against you, I will allow you to stay on the boat, but if you disturb me and Silver, I will immediately make you disappear.”

Although they were threatening words, Ning Qingxue herself spoke with trepidation.

As if they had heard Ning Qingxue’s words in general, or were afraid of Ning Qingxue’s threat, the voices from below immediately became silent.

Ning Qingxue breathed out, it looked like her threat was still somewhat useful. She threw the table with the meal and all those benches into the sea, and then found a place to sit down. Mentally, she reckoned that those things in here that she couldn’t see should be afraid not of her but of this necklace that she was wearing.

When Silver saw Ning Qingxue sitting down, it hurriedly jumped to the side of Ning Qingxue.

Suddenly there was a loud ‘boom’ and a fire that burnt half red rose to the sky, Ning Qingxue subconsciously stood up.

She took Yinzi with her to the prow of the boat, only to discover that the distant Iwo Jima was already in flames. The black smoke and dust from the flames had even reached the side of the sailing ship where Ning Qingxue was.

Even if Ning Qingxue was ignorant, she knew that the volcano on Iwo Jima had erupted. If she had hesitated for another hour or two, she would have been reduced to ashes at the top of the volcano.

Seeing such a powerful volcano, Ning Qingxue immediately knew that Iwo Jima had disappeared. Although the indigenous people on the island had also disappeared, Ning Qingxue’s heart was still filled with sadness. Human life is so fragile, and there is no resistance in the face of the power of nature.

A wave of wind rolled in and the sails of the sailing boat were puffed up and immediately moved at full speed without human control, and in the blink of an eye, even the firelight slowly dimmed and finally disappeared.

At this moment, Ye Mo, however, was standing on the fishing boat, which was resting at the place where Aiden had escaped, but here now there was no longer the slightest thing other than the sound of the sea wind rolling up the waves, and it was not at all obvious that a tragedy had happened here many days ago.

“I think those pirates should have left long ago.” Aiden saw that Ye Mo’s face didn’t look too good and immediately spoke up.

Ye Mo grunted and didn’t say anything, but just at this time a shocking loud noise unexpectedly erupted in the distance, followed by a huge slurry of fire that shot up into the sky.

“Oh my god, it’s actually an active volcano erupting at sea it’s so terrifying, it’s so spectacular.” Aiden immediately exclaimed.

Surprisingly, there was an active volcano on one of the islands in the sea? Ye Mo also saw the volcano erupt for the first time his heart surprisingly surged a trace of uneasiness, “Aiden you immediately drive the boat to the place where the volcano erupted.”

The volcano had just started to erupt, so if he drove his boat there now, he would not be able to survive if he was swept in.

As soon as he saw Aiden’s hesitant look, Ye Mo immediately said with a sullen face, “Aiden, just this turtle guts of yours, do you want to go after Daphne too?”

Aiden’s face turned red as he immediately said, “I’m not a turtle’s guts, it’s just sanity, if I drive the boat over now, I’m likely to be swept into the volcano. If you think volcanoes only happen on islands and don’t erupt from the sea, you’re wrong, huge undersea volcanoes like that can erupt in an instant. Maybe there is an eruption point under our boat when it stays at the edge of the island.”

Ye Mo said indifferently, “After all is said and done, are you still afraid of death? If you are afraid of death, I will drive the boat myself.”

Ye Mo didn’t drive Aiden away this time, after all, there was something not quite right about driving someone overboard without moving.

Aiden did not continue to answer Ye Mo’s words, except that he had already driven the fishing boat to the island where the volcano had erupted. The fishing boat was driven very fast by Aiden, as if proving to Ye Mo that he was not afraid of death.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and did not bother to point out Aiden, except that neither Ye Mo nor Ning Qingxue could have imagined that their boats were brushing against each other a dozen nautical miles apart. It was just that one was leaving Iwo Jima and the other was heading to Iwo Jima.

The fishing boat soon arrived at the outskirts of Iwo Jima, but there was grey-brown lava dust floating around on the sea, so you could see that this must have been an island, but it was still spewing fiery red lava.

There was a scorching sensation even from a distance away, and the island, which was still vaguely outlined, was already fading away.

“Let’s go.” Ye Mo looked at the endless lava with disappointment and said helplessly, he knew that even if this sea island had any clues before, there was nothing left now.

Aiden couldn’t wait for Ye Mo to say this, and as soon as Ye Mo proposed to leave, he immediately took the fishing boat away without the slightest pause.

After not finding Ning Qingxue for several days in a row, Ye Mo became a little impatient. After spending two days with Ye Mo, Aiden knew that Ye Mo had also come to look for his wife, and even welled up with a feeling of being in the same boat.

Ye Mo knew he was getting impatient, he sat at the bow of the boat and stopped talking, instead he calmed his impatience by cultivating.

Seeing Ye Mo sitting on the bow of the ship, Aiden closed his mouth knowingly and just concentrated on searching the surroundings with his radar while thinking about how he should send back the situation of the ‘Beima’ as soon as possible.

Six hours later, a bright moon appeared in the sky, and unlike the gloom of the day, the sea was not only silent but also clear at night. If there had been a storm, the fishing boat would have been tipped over in less than a few strokes.

Ye Mo had just finished running through the Great Circumference, and his whole body seemed relaxed, and that irritation had disappeared. Just at this time Aiden suddenly let out a scream.

“What’s going on?” Ye Mo immediately appeared at Aiden’s side at the stern of the boat.

Aiden didn’t even notice how Ye Mo had come over, he pointed at the radar screen and said ji-tively, “Two targets have been spotted, fifty nautical miles away.”

Aiden ji moved because whether the targets were the ones he was looking for or not, as long as he had the means of communication, he could immediately contact the American side and tell them that he was still alive and tell them what had happened to the ‘Beima, exactly. Tell the American maritime fleet to rush to Daphne’s rescue.

“Then what are you hesitating for, hurry up and bring the ship over.” Ye Mo said immediately as he stood up.

Ning Qingxue didn’t know how to steer a sailboat, besides, even if she knew how to steer a sailboat, she didn’t know which direction she should sail in. She could only pull the sails to the maximum and let the sailboat sail on its own.

Originally, Ning Qingxue’s intention was that there was enough fresh water in this sailboat, as well as food, and even if it took a month or two, it would not matter much, and she was sure that in the middle of that month or two, she would definitely find the boat.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the bilge of this sailing ship was still a bit weird, Ning Qingxue was not at all afraid of not being able to find her way back now.

Ning Qingxue’s idea was a good one, one could even say that she was too right. For she and Yinzi had only been on the sailing ship for half a day before they met the ship.

If it hadn’t been for Yin Zi, Ning Qingxue wouldn’t have known that a ship had already sailed towards her. Ning Qingxue told Yinzi to keep watch over her because she had to cultivate, but she was only halfway through her cultivation when she was awakened by Yinzi’s shouting.

Ning Qingxue looked in the direction of Yinzi’s shout and saw that there really was a boat. Although it was not very clear in the daze, under the bright moonlight, Ning Qingxue recognized that it was a boat and it seemed to be heading in her direction.

Had she been saved? The first thing that came to Ning Qingxue’s mind was that she would finally be able to see Ye Mo. As long as there was a boat to take her ashore, no matter which country she went to, she could go back at the first opportunity and then immediately rush to Ninghai.

The ship was getting closer and closer, and when Ning Qingxue clearly saw the flag on the ship, her face turned pale, and the hope that had just risen immediately dashed, not to mention a sense of panic.

It was a sailing ship identical to her own, with a faint inverted skull flag on its prow, and as the ship got closer and closer, the inverted skull became clearer and clearer. The owner of that ship and the original owner of her own ship should be in cahoots, and what should she do now that those people were coming after her?

That inverted skeleton boat was obviously different from his own, it had a clear direction, it was heading towards Ning Qingxue’s boat.

Ning Qingxue grabbed her submachine gun, she had already seen the figures on that skeleton boat, there were people on it, and more than one, just by looking at those figures, she knew that there were at least dozens of people on that boat.

Ning Qingxue would not be naive enough to think that a serious ship would use this kind of inverted skull as its flag, it was obvious that this ship was either a pirate or another organization, definitely not a serious source.

Looking at the approaching skeleton ship, Ning Qingxue wanted to set her ship’s sails and run away, but she really did not know how to steer a sailboat.