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DYM Chapter 420

Ye Mo had already flown onto the pirate’s skeleton-flagged ship as soon as the bomb landed on the side of the ship, but he was only halfway there when his divine sense swept up to someone who almost made him believe it, and he actually almost landed inside the sea water.

Ning Qingxue, surprisingly it was Qingxue, Ye Mo simply couldn’t believe he would see Ning Qingxue in this situation, two identical boats were actually facing each other, and the confrontation side was actually only Ning Qingxue, she didn’t know where she got a submachine gun from.

Under the loss of his mind, Ye Mo immediately reacted, he had really found Ning Qingxue, he changed his direction in a very short time and landed on the bow of Ning Qingxue’s boat instead. Ye Mo’s speed was like lightning, from the time he leapt up, to the time he turned midway, and then landed on the boat where Ning Qingxue was, surprisingly none of them could see clearly.

Ning Qingxue was struck by lightning as she stared blankly at Ye Mo who had landed on the bow of the boat. “The submachine gun in her hand fell to the ground without her knowing it.

“Ye Mo, is that you? Am I already dead? Why did I have this illusion?” Ning Qingxue muttered to herself, she never believed that her thoughts would move the heavens to let her meet Ye Mo at the moment of her death. And meeting Ye Mo at this moment, what else could it be but a fantasy after death? How could Ye Mo have appeared on her boat for no reason at all? What else could it be but an illusion after death?

Looking at Ning Qingxue’s frozen expression and slim figure, Ye Mo’s heart ached for no reason, he knew that Qingxue had regained her memory, otherwise she wouldn’t have such an expression.

Ye Mo walked over, stretched out his arms and gently wrapped Ning Qingxue in his arms, “Qingxue, it’s really me.” Ye Mo suddenly had a sense of satisfaction, his originally endless killing intent disappeared with the moment he wrapped his arms around Ning Qingxue. The fact that he could meet Ning Qingxue in the endless sea was the greatest satisfaction he could have. He even thanked those Japanese for the radar they sent him. If it wasn’t for that radar, he wouldn’t have been able to find Ning Qingxue.

“Ye Mo, is it really you?” Ning Qingxue suddenly became excited, she hugged Ye Mo even tighter, at this moment her heart was as joyful as if it was about to jump out. There was only one voice in her head, it was true, it was really Ye Mo.

Is it yea? Non-Yes? It was as real as a dream, and she couldn’t believe it.

The confusion, uncertainty, sadness, despair and longing of not long ago immediately turned into excitement, elation and fire. The surge of uncontainable happiness made it hard for her to be by herself. God forbid, she had finally met Ye Mo, or her man.

At that moment, there was only each other in their hearts, and all words were superfluous, or rather, apart from embracing together and feeling each other’s presence, there were no words that could represent what was in their hearts at that moment, no words that could represent what they wanted to express at that moment. There was only the embrace that made each other feel that it was real, that it was indeed real.

Time seemed to stop in this moment, the whole sea seemed to be silent, except for the old diesel engine of Aiden’s fishing boat was still ‘dong dong’ shouting, all the people who could see were staring blankly at Ye Mo and Ning Qing Xue who were hugging each other.

No one on the pirate ship could think about how Ye Mo had leapt several hundred meters to reach Ning Qingxue’s boat, nor did they think about it. What was on their minds at the moment was just that these two people dared to embrace under the guns of so many of them, as if nothing had happened, were they fools?

But just a moment later, these pirates all woke up, and what made them angry was that a fairy-like woman like Ning Qingxue, whom they had not even touched, was now being held in the arms of a man.

“Kill him for me.” The pirate leader who was called Xion was the first to react, and he angrily pointed at Ye Mo and said. In his eyes, Ning Qingxue was already his, and it was surprising that someone else dared to put his arm around this woman.

Aiden was still nervously controlling the fishing boat, trying to escape from the range of these people’s bullets, when he suddenly noticed a brief silence instead of the gunshots and shells shooting over again. In an instant, he saw Ye Mo, and he noticed that Ye Mo was actually embracing a woman in white, who was actually on the skeleton boat.

Aiden wiped his eyes and was not mistaken.

“Could this woman be his wife? Is she the one he’s looking for? She had been taken over by the pirates too? But why haven’t the pirates attacked him now?” Aiden was puzzled.

“The sound of a rifle shot made Aiden’s mind wander, the Chinese man who had saved his life had been attacked by the pirates. This was the sound of a bullet from the rifle, Aiden became anxious, he had already forgotten how Ye Mo had gotten on the skeleton ship.

Ye Mo raised his hand violently, his hand instantly squeezed a bullet, then looked at Ning Qingxue and said, “Qingxue, are these people trying to bully you?”

The killing aura that Ye Mo was carrying Ning Qingxue didn’t feel the slightest bit, she was already immersed in Ye Mo’s arms at this time, everything else was secondary. She didn’t even hear clearly what Ye Mo was saying, let alone knowing that Ye Mo had pinched a bullet.

“Missed the shot?” The blocker on Xion’s boat looked at the gun in his hand in some disbelief, there was absolutely no way he could have missed from such a short distance, but the truth was that he had missed by chance. He would never think about the fact that his bullet had been pinched by Ye Mo, that was simply a fantasy.

Ye Mo didn’t do anything, so if that didn’t mean he had missed, what else was there?

Chagrined, he was about to shoot a second shot, but at this moment, Ye Mo had already landed in front of him with Ning Qingxue, “You don’t need to fire the second shot, I’ll send you down to the sea.”

After Ye Mo finished speaking, he lifted his foot, and the blocker who was preparing to shoot the second shot just now was kicked away by Ye Mo and landed in the sea. Just before he landed in the sea, he had already turned into a corpse.

Sean reacted, he had a skill in darts and was far more sensitive than his companion, at this moment he finally reacted, 20 meters or so away, how did that man come over, even with a woman?

He then remembered the original incident, Ye Mo had just left the woman’s boat on top of the fishing boat for what seemed like two to three hundred meters, how did he suddenly pa*s by.

It was too late for him to think clearly about these two questions, Ye Mo had already lifted his foot and kicked away more than twenty pirates, all of them without exception were kicked into the sea by Ye Mo. Without exception, none of them could struggle for a moment.

It was only a second or two before and after. Looking at the remaining seven or eight people on the ship, cold sweat suddenly seeped out from Xion’s forehead. He knew he had messed with the wrong man. His own men could not even raise their guns before he had killed almost all of them. He swallowed the word shoot hard, knowing that it made no difference between saying the word and not saying it.

Sean, like John Jay, had some knowledge of the mysterious Chinese, only he differed from John Jay in that John Jay had learnt his flying dagger from a Chinese man, while he had fumbled his way through it on his own.

“Seniors have mercy ……” It was good that Xion still knew that Chinese Xia should address masters as seniors.

Ye Mo didn’t understand a word he was saying, and in the time it took him to speak, he kicked away four more men who were ready to shoot, leaving three pirates on the whole ship plus him.

Ning Qingxue, however, was awakened by these words, and she raised her head abruptly, only to realise that she had been in Ye Mo’s arms, while at that moment, Ye Mo was no longer on that boat just now.

Knowing how powerful Ye Mo was, Ning Qingxue scanned Xion’s boat and only saw three trembling pirates looking at Ye Mo with frightened faces. It was as if they had seen a devil from hell, and there was not the slightest resemblance to the calm and unafraid way they had originally dealt with her.

“He said for you to show mercy ……,” Ning Qingxue said to Ye Mo as she looked at the white faced Xion.

Ye Mo’s face sank like water and said coldly, “Bullying my woman and wanting me to show him mercy, don’t dream of it.” After saying that, he once again kicked away the remaining two pirates, and only Xion was left alone on the entire inverted skull and bones flag ship.

Ning Qingxue’s face slightly blushed when she heard Ye Mo’s unintentional words, although Ye Mo’s words were a bit overbearing, she was not annoyed at all, and even had some sweetness in her heart, but then she thought in a flash that she was not considered his woman yet.

Two or three hundred metres away, Aiden finally got the fishing boat under control. He looked up, but he saw Ye Mo kick all those fierce pirates into the sea. Aiden immediately froze and muttered a shocked cry, “ohmygod!”

He guessed that Ye Mo must not be an ordinary person if he dared to use a fishing boat to look for his wife by himself, but Ye Mo’s toughness was still too unexpected, how could he be so fierce? These pirates, who were like tigers and wolves a few days ago, were simply as unbeatable as mud men in front of him, they didn’t even have the chance to raise their guns.

Aiden was no fool, he immediately thought of how Ye Mo had left the fishing boat just now? It seemed that a cannonball had landed on top of the fishing boat, and while he was still worried about Ye Mo, the Chinese man had already appeared on a skeleton-flagged boat, and when he reacted again, the Chinese man appeared on another boat with the woman he was looking for.

“Oh my God, it’s amazing. The Chinese, it’s unbelievable.” Aiden could no longer figure out how Ye Mo had come and gone. But he immediately became excited, no wonder this Chinese man asked himself to take the boat to the place where the accident happened, so he was emboldened. Thinking of this, Aiden immediately controlled the fishing boat and drove towards the pirate ship.

Sean wanted to draw his pistol countless times and try it out, but he didn’t dare to go for it after all, knowing that the man in front of him was not being kind when he left him for dead. Rather, this man must have something to ask himself. Not even an a*sault rifle could kill this man, allowing him to kill his companions in a matter of seconds, and he would never be able to deal with him himself with a pistol.