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DYM Chapter 419

Looking at the ship with the inverted skeleton flag that was already approaching, Ning Qingxue dropped her attempt to continue controlling the sail in disappointment and grabbed the submachine gun in her hand.

The sail had already appeared in front of her eyes, and the dozens of people on board were all staring straight at Ning Qingxue, their eyes as terrifying as those of hungry wolves. It seemed that they did not even see the submachine gun in Ning Qingxue’s hand, but only saw Ning Qingxue who was like a fairy.

The distance between them was still a dozen meters, but Ning Qingxue heard a sound of gagging, her heart sank, she wanted to shoot, but even if she shot one, she might not be able to finish so many pirates. But one shot at a time, that was just a dream, even if she was given a blocking rifle, she couldn’t get one shot at a time.

“Oh my, what a beautiful woman, I must have …… it.” The white man at the head of the group let out an exclamation, although he was speaking in English, Ning Qingxue could hear him clearly.

“Sean, that’s the boat our chief is on, this woman is here, why don’t I see the chief?” A burly man next to this white man suddenly remembered what they had come to find this boat for.

They had come to find the missing chief, not to find a beautiful woman. But this beauty was too beautiful, and that charm of an oriental beauty was taken over by her alone.

Reminded by this word, everyone on this boat woke up to the fact that they did not see the chief on the chief’s boat, but saw a woman who was too beautiful to be seen, which seemed a bit weird inside the endless sea.

“And she’s holding a gun, haha ……” With a laugh, it seemed that all the people on this boat did not look at the submachine gun in Ning Qingxue’s hand.

“Put down your gun and come on board our boat, or we will not be polite.” A man with a trumpet shouted at Ning Qingxue.

Ning Qingxue heard everything they said clearly, her English was good, she understood all these words and knew in her heart how miserable she would be if she fell into the hands of these men.

Ning Qingxue suddenly noticed that the white leader’s hand raised, and a bright white light with a sharp whistle shot directly at Ning Qingxue’s wrist.

Was it a dart? Ning Qingxue immediately reacted, but she was too late to dodge it, only the dart was suddenly blocked by a white light before it reached her, Ning Qingxue knew that it was the necklace that blocked the dart again, she looked down and saw the much dimmer necklace, her heart was furious.

She didn’t expect this foreign devil to be able to use such a good concealed weapon. But then she picked up her submachine gun and fired at the opposite ship.

The pirates on the opposite side of the ship were all experienced, and the moment Ning Qingxue raised her gun, almost all of them climbed down, except for one unlucky guy who was hit by a bullet, the rest of them ducked down.

Although she had never experienced a gun battle at sea, she knew that the reason she could get out of the shot was because the pirates did not want to kill her, but wanted to capture her alive and did not even look at her. Ning Qingxue also hid in her cabin, her sailboat was still moving fast, but with a few gunshots, she found that the sails on her sailboat had fallen down.

Ning Qingxue’s heart was filled with sadness, not because she was about to be forced to die by the pirates, but because she had not seen Ye Mo.

She was not afraid to die, but she was not willing to die like this, she had not even seen Ye Mo’s face, she had not said sorry to Ye Mo, she had not compensated Ye Mo.

Ning Qingxue silently changed her clip, the strafing she had just done had already finished one clip. She only had two magazines in total.

Silver silently squeezed in beside Ning Qingxue, it seemed to be able to feel the helplessness in Ning Qingxue’s heart and could only wail from time to time.

“The woman on the opposite boat, put down the weapon you are holding and walk out, we promise we won’t hurt you. If you resist again, we will immediately have to blow up your ship.” The message came from the pirate ship over the loudspeaker.

Ning Qingxue pursed her lips and extended her submachine gun through a gap in the cabin, firing another volley, this time hitting two people. The rest of the men seemed to be enraged by her, but despite this, they still didn’t shoot over indiscriminately, as if they were afraid of hurting Ning Qingxue.

Two bombs landed on top of Ning Qingxue’s sailboat, instantly blowing two huge holes in her prow. Seemingly afraid of what would happen to the ship, the pirates did not drop bombs on the whole ship, but after dropping the two bombs, they made some more threats with their horns.

Ning Qingxue hid in a corner of the cabin with Yinzi and did not move, she knew she only had ten rounds of ammunition at most, if there was another strafing, she only had one way to kill herself, once there were no more bullets, those pirates would definitely swarm.

Her fireball charm, even if it was powerful, would only be able to kill three people.

Ning Qingxue was anxiously thinking about what she should do when suddenly she felt a slight tremor in the hull of the ship. Ning Qingxue subconsciously looked at the bow of the ship, and a not-so-small black iron anchor had landed on the bow, precisely on top of the two caves blown out by the cannonballs just now.

It turned out that these pirates had used the bombs to blow two holes in the bow of the ship, just to throw the anchor. A white steel rope had been attached through this anchor to the inverted skeleton chess ship that was coming after her, and Ning Qingxue knew that there was no way back for her.

Ning Qingxue suddenly stood up, she picked up her submachine gun to make one last strafe, and after this strafe, she immediately jumped overboard and then killed herself in the sea.

“Silver, after I jump into the sea later, you immediately fly away, although there may not necessarily be islands around here, it’s better than staying here and waiting to die.” Ning Qingxue stroked Silver’s feathers, she was a little sad to let go of the bird.

If Silver hadn’t been accompanying her, she would have felt tormented to stay on this ghost ship for a minute, but Silver had given her some guts to mouth and even cultivate here with Silver’s company.

The silver could obviously understand Ning Qingxue’s meaning as it wailed for a while. Suddenly the silver stopped wailing and it began to chirp, and pulled at Ning Qingxue with its mouth as if to show her something.

Ning Qingxue subconsciously looked in the direction of the silver’s chirping, and she saw a boat coming.

Ning Qingxue smiled bitterly, the boat was fast, she had seen clearly that it was a fishing boat, she withdrew her gaze and stroked Silver’s feathers once again and said, “That’s just a fishing boat, the person driving the boat can hardly save himself, how can he possibly save us?”

The skeleton-flagged boat that was trying to catch Ning Qingxue also saw the fishing boat that was flying over and immediately all pointed their guns at the fishing boat, waiting to fire as soon as the fishing boat came within firing range. They would not treat the fishing boats the same way as they treated Ning Qingxue’s boat.

One of the reasons why they hadn’t killed Ning Qingxue so far was because the boat Ning Qingxue was on was their leader’s boat, and another was that Ning Qingxue was a stunningly beautiful woman. For pirates, there are only two things they pursue, the first is money and the second is beauty.

They had never even heard of such a beauty as Ning Qingxue, not to mention seeing it. But another thing they couldn’t figure out was why this fishing boat didn’t dodge when it saw their boat, but instead drove over at a faster speed.

Aiden saw from a distance that the two black shadows he searched with his radar were actually the two skeleton-flagged boats, and he was about to change the direction of the boat immediately, only that Ye Mo stopped him.

Aiden didn’t know what Ye Mo’s name was, he could only shout anxiously, “Those two ships are the two skeleton ships I originally mentioned, those are pirate ships, they have weapons, we are just looking for death if we go up there.”

Ye Mo, however, slowly walked to the bow of the ship and then said, “Was your Daphne robbed by that ship?”

Aiden said without hesitation, “They were the ones who hijacked it, they killed countless pa*sengers on the ‘Beima, and then hijacked all the women on it, they are devils, uncompromising devils.”

Ye Mo sneered, “Since the devils have captured your Daphne, and you don’t go to save her, but still plan to escape, I see that you are not sincere towards Daphne either. In that case, you go, I am going to go over there to have a look.

Of course Ye Mo was going to go over, anyone he met in this sea, he would not let go, in case these people knew the whereabouts of Ning Qingxue and he missed it, that would be a regret.

“No, we’re just sending ourselves to death by going, I have to go back and call someone to save Daphne, otherwise I won’t be of any value if I die, and Daphne won’t be saved either.” Seeing that Ye Mo had misunderstood him, Aiden hurriedly defended himself.

From Aiden’s point of view, Ye Mo had to admire his sanity, he was not wrong at all, if it was just him going alone it would indeed be a death sentence.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Aiden, if you trust me, come with me to save your Daphne, if you don’t trust me, you escape now in your lifebuoy. These pirates are not yet in my sight, you will have to choose but hurry up, or else our ship will already be near that big ship.”

Aiden’s face changed dramatically and finally he sighed, he just didn’t believe Ye Mo, it was too late now, their boat was only two to three hundred metres away from those two pirate ships. Even if he jumped overboard now, he would still fall in the eyes of the pirates and would still end up dead.

“A bomb landed on the edge of the fishing boat and Aiden felt the boat shake, he knew it was over, the pirates had fired without a word.

Aiden controlled the fishing boat and wanted to drive it farther away, he shouted towards Ye Mo at the bow, “You get into the cabin quickly, I want to change the direction …….”

Just as Ayrton finished these words, he was shocked to find that the Chinese man had disappeared, the Chinese man who was standing at the bow of the boat just now, after that cannon shot just now, had disappeared.