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DYM Chapter 422

As soon as Ye Mo took one look at Ning Qingxue’s gaze, he immediately knew that Ning Qingxue was in agreement with him going to save Daphne. Immediately, he turned back to Aiden and said, “In that case, let’s go on the fishing boat, this broken sailboat is really not very convenient.

Sean had already freshened up at this time, he looked at Ye Mo with some trepidation and said, “Actually, sailboats also have motorized equipment …….”

Aiden hastily translated Xion’s words, and Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “In that case, Aiden, you tell Xion to steer the boat and tell him not to play tricks.”

Although he didn’t know the exact location of ‘Laishi Island,’ but from the fact that after two days of driving the boat, Sean still pointed to the chart and said that there were still many more roads, Ye Mo knew that ‘Laishi Island, was indeed very remote.

On the third day, Aiden suddenly came running to tell Ye Mo that the radar on Sean’s ship had spotted a fleet of American naval cruisers. Ye Mo reckoned that these naval fleets should have come to look for the missing ‘Beima, but since they were swept by the radar on the pirate ship, it meant that the pirate ship must have also been swept by the radar of the cruiser fleet.

“Oh, so Aiden, what do you mean? ,, Ye Mo turned to ask Aiden, he reckoned that Aiden must want to contact the American fleet and want to go through them to eliminate the skeleton pirates.

However, Aiden immediately said excitedly, “Of course, we should contact them immediately, with their help, I think we can save not only Daphne, but also other people. Even the conspiracy of those Japanese people can be made public.”

Although Aiden knew that Ye Mo was very powerful in fighting alone, but going to the pirates’ lair, in his eyes, the American fleet was a little more reliable than Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded, he also agreed with Aydin, “Okay, Aydin, you will take control of Xion later, then sail the ship to rendezvous with the American naval fleet. No need to rendezvous actually, as long as the ship doesn’t avoid it, I think since you can spot the American fleet they must have spotted the ship too.”

“Yeah that’s what I thought, why control it up Sean how dare he mess up when you’re here?” Aiden asked curiously.

Yeomer shook his head and said, “No, I’m taking my wife out of here soon, I hate these sailors in America, goodbye.”

“But if you take the boat away, do I take the lifeboat over?” Aiden immediately burst into tears, he had been kicked out by Ye Mo many times and thought that this time Ye Mo was going to kick him out again.

Ye Mo smiled and patted Aiden’s shoulder and said, “Of course not, this time it’s me going in the lifeboat, you don’t need to you continue to drive the ship and take Xion to rendezvous with the fleet, go and control Xion.”

“Ah….” Aiden thought Ye Mo was joking, but he couldn’t see any joking meaning from Ye Mo’s face, Aiden stammered, “Could it be that what you said is true?”

Ye Mo gave Aiden a push, “Go on, of course I’m telling the truth.”

Aiden was puzzled as he brought Sion under control, only to find that Ye Mo was already standing on top of a small kayak on the sea with his wife, and the bird.

Aiden didn’t have the heart to think about where Ye Mo got the kayak from, he stood on the boat which was getting farther and farther away from the kayak and called out, “It’s too dangerous for you to be inside the sea like this I’ll bring the boat over right away, you’d better come on board.”

But after he finished, he realized that the kayak was surprisingly fast, and in the blink of an eye, it was farther and farther away from the sailboat. At last only a black dot remained.

“I don’t know your name yet?” Aiden called out again, somewhat disoriented.

But Ye Mo’s kayak was not even a black shadow anymore, and finally disappeared without a trace.

“He is like an angel sent by God, seemingly just to save me ……” Aiden enthralled himself for a moment, then hurriedly stood at the bow of the boat and made and cross on his chest in the direction where Ye Mo had disappeared.

Although Ning Qingxue also did not know why Ye Mo had to leave the sailboat but she did not ask anything for her, as long as she was with Ye Mo, everything else was secondary.

Ye Mo put his arm around Ning Qingxue, “This kayak is not needed let’s go.”

Ning Qingxue’s body softened when she saw Ye Mo put his arm around her At this point she was already convinced that she was really with Ye Mo and that this was not a dream. Perhaps Ye Mo had brought her to the kayak just to be alone with her and make out. But even if Ye Mo took her and left her alone to drift in the ocean, as long as she was with Ye Mo, she didn’t care.

She was just happy, happy to really be with Ye Mo. In front of Ye Mo, she had no reserve, all she had was attachment.

She wrapped her arms back around Ye Mo, and at this moment, she actually remembered the two drow men and women on Iwo Jima, and her body actually heated up, not paying attention to Ye Mo’s next sentence of not wanting the kayak.

As soon as Ye Mo grabbed Yinzi, he launched his flying sword and rushed up into the sky.

When Yin Zi saw that Ye Mo could actually fly, he immediately flew up to Ye Mo’s shoulder with a clear cry.

Ning Qingxue was awakened by the clear chirp, and she looked down only to see herself wrapped in Ye Mo’s arms, standing on top of an immense giant sword which was actually flying through the air at an unbelievable speed.

“Ah….” Ning Qingxue subconsciously screamed out, the fire she had just felt disappeared, was she dreaming after all? How else could it fly? If it was a dream, this dream must not wake up. Ye Mo felt Ning Qingxue’s change and trembling, he put his arm around Ning Qingxue with some strength and slowly said, “Qingxue, you don’t need to worry, I have cultivated to the middle stage of Qi cultivation, and by chance I got the materials to refine a flying sword, so you can fly into the sky, so don’t be afraid.”

Ning Qingxue stared at Ye Mo, surprise showing on her face, “You said this is not a dream? This is real?”

Ye Mo lovingly stroked Ning Qingxue’s hair before saying, “Of course it’s not a dream, I will definitely not let anyone hurt you again in the future. That Taiyi’s two bull-noses, I won’t just let them off the hook.

“Well, actually, after I saw you, I didn’t care about anything else. I feel like I’m dreaming that I can actually fly.” Ning Qingxue murmured, only for her hand to tighten around Ye Mo even more. Her mind was like a dream, she could no longer tell if it was real or not.

“Qingxue, I have something I want to tell you, just, just…” Ye Mo was a little hesitant, he wanted to tell Ning Qingxue about Susu, although he had once told Ning Qingxue about having a Luo Ying in his previous life, but what he didn’t expect was that Luo Ying was Qingxue’s sister-in-law, which made Ye Mo not know how to open his mouth.

Although this sister-in-law was not a relative, but after all, it was a sister, aunt, and in China, a country with heavy etiquette, Ye Mo was also a bit embarra*sed. If he was in the Luo Yue Continent, this kind of thing was normal.

When Ning Qingxue saw Ye Mo’s somewhat hesitant look, she immediately smiled slightly as she took the initiative to give Ye Mo a kiss on his cheek, “You’ve already said that I’m your woman, why are you still so hesitant to speak?”

Seeing that Ning Qingxue was even talking about it like this, Ye Mo made up his mind and said, “What I told you last time I had a person I liked in my previous life, her name is Luo Ying, I’ve already found her,-….”

Ning Qingxue was stunned and immediately said, “Have you found sister Luo Ying? Is she, is she alright?”

Ye Mo knew that what Ning Qingxue wanted to say meant that Luo Ying would accept her? But the words still didn’t come out and turned into ‘Is she alright’ when they reached his mouth.”

Ye Mo nodded, “She’s fine, and then she left for a while because of some misunderstandings. It’s just that, it’s just…”

“Just what?” Seeing this somewhat hesitant look of Ye Mo, Ning Qingxue also got nervous, she was afraid that Sister Luo Ying would not like her.

Ye Mo gritted his teeth and said, “It’s just that Luo Ying is your sister-in-law Susu, so I’m a little …….”

Ning Qingxue froze, she didn’t think it was really her own sister-in-law. When she met her sister-in-law and Ye Mo coming out inside a tent in the middle of the desert that day, she had some premonition, but now when Ye Mo said it himself, she felt that her premonition was so accurate.

“Is it Little Aunt?” Ning Qingxue subconsciously repeated, her thoughts were a little confused, although her sister-in-law was not her own, but marrying a man at the same time as her sister-in-law, this, this was a little overwhelming for her to react.

As Ye Mo looked at Ning Qingxue’s lost in thought, he sighed, “I’m sorry, Qingxue, I didn’t expect it to be like this either. There are a lot of things that I can’t tell you now, it’s just that those things really aren’t something that one can control.”

Looking at Ye Mo’s somewhat difficult words, Ning Qingxue was suddenly all relaxed, why did she have to dwell on it. It wasn’t like Susu was her own sister-in-law, when she was dying she was determined that no matter what, as long as she could see Ye Mo, she could even give up everything, since that was the case, why should she put her mind on this little matter now.

Thinking of this, Ning Qingxue suddenly wrapped her arms around Ye Mo’s neck, and her tongue was already clumsily sticking into Ye Mo’s mouth. Ye Mo rose in surprise, he knew from Light Snow’s movements that Light Snow didn’t care about such things at all, and he immediately responded equally somewhat clumsily, except that both of them were novices, and neither was familiar with such things as kissing.

Ning Qingxue’s body was getting softer and softer, and Ye Mo’s heart was on fire, if this wasn’t in the air, maybe they would have been out of control. Silver chirped out in discontent to the side, seemingly displeased at being ignored by the two.

Ye Mo came to his senses, he thought of Luo Ying, although he had accepted Light Snow, he could not do anything to wrong Luo Ying until he had found her.

“Thank you, Qingxue.” Ye Mo wrapped his arms tightly around Ning Qingxue.

Ning Qingxue shook her head as she said in a low voice, “When I remembered you, I made up my mind that no matter what, I can lose, but I can’t lose you. Not to mention that Sister Susu and I don’t have any blood ties, even if she were my own sister-in-law, I think, I wouldn’t want to leave you.”

Ning Qingxue took the initiative to drop her sister-in-law down a notch and turned her into a sister.

Ye Mo’s heart exploded, struck by Ning Qingxue’s words with a thousand holes. He knew Light Snow’s temperament and knew that she was a person of the utmost love, he just didn’t expect her love for herself to be so unreserved. Perhaps she hadn’t considered the consequences in the slightest when she said those words, but a love that didn’t even consider the consequences made Ye Mo feel her persistence, and even more so, it made Ye Mo’s heart feel an additional sinking concern.