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DYM Chapter 423

The more the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ of the flowing snake grows, the more almost all pharmaceutical companies will get a share of the pie, and all will be happy. Even if they are not downstream companies of ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical, they will still get some benefits because of the downstream companies.

Except for He Feng’s ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group”

This has become a joke, not only in the pharmaceutical industry, but also as a laughing stock in folk gossip. This has become a joke.

If this anger could be endured by the Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group, it would not be the number one pharmaceutical group in Asia. Moreover, even if the Far North Pharmaceutical Group could put up with it, their young chairman, Yuan Qibin, would not be able to do so.

However, it is no longer necessary for the Far North Pharmaceutical Group to put up with it,” said Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, who has already gone on a rampage. They seemed to have a great grudge against the Far North Pharmaceutical Group, and not only did they take the risk of throwing Yuan Qibin out of the bidding conference, they also suggested that any company that cooperated with the Far North Pharmaceutical Group would not be accepted by Luo Yue Pharmaceutical.

He hadn’t yet dealt a severe blow, but a mere mob enterprise, Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, had dared to blockade their ‘Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group’ first.

What made him even more furious was that the man his father had sent to capture Ning Qingxue had such bad luck that he had caught the missing plane.

“Luo Yue Pharmaceutical good, life… “I can’t get that Ning Qingxue, then you Yu Miaotong to compensate, although you are a little older, but the older the bed the better the taste …… “Yuan Qibin tone The actual fact is that you can’t get that Ning Qingxue, but the older you are, the better the taste in bed.

“Bin’er, you’re too impatient.” A middle-aged man in his fifties walked in and said in a calm tone behind him was a medium-sized man in his forties.

Yuan Qibin hurriedly stood up, “Father, Uncle Ping, you are here.”

The middle-aged man in his fifties was Yuan Zhirong, the chairman of the Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group, and Uncle Ping was Yuan Zhirong’s most loyal henchman. Because back then, Far Ji Rong saved Che Weiping who was bound to die in order to repay Far Ji Rong’s kindness of saving his life, Che Weiping so much so that he sold himself to Far Ji Rong and changed his surname to Yuan, becoming Yuan Weiping.

Far Zhirong sat down and said indifferently, “As the saying goes, ‘A plan is made by man, a success by God. This failure was just bad luck, but not our missteps. However, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, how dare they take the initiative against us, this is far beyond my expectation. ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, a mere burgeoning enterprise, relying on a single product ‘Beauty Pill, up what makes them dare to take a shot at our ‘Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group,?”

“Father, could it be that they have an extremely powerful backstage?” Yuan Qibin calmed down, his irritation was due to the loss of Ning Qingxue, a woman.

Far Zhirong shook his head and said, “I had Weiping investigate, they don’t have any powerful government backstage, the two old chiefs in charge of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, one is called Zang Jia Yan, a retired veteran, nothing fancy. It’s just that Yu Miaotong has some strange origins, and so far we haven’t found out who she is. But the only thing to worry about is that recently, Ye Ling from the Yanji Ye family appeared at the Flowing Serpent. I’m afraid that this Ye Ling has some connections with someone high up in ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, and maybe ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’ was able to win the bid with this Ye Ling as well.”

Yuan Qibin said in a daze, “The Yanjing Ye family? Their people are standing behind ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, doesn’t that mean we don’t have a chance to retaliate against ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’?”

What he was thinking was that if the Yanjing Ye Family was protecting ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, then it seemed a little difficult to throw Yu Miaotong into bed. Although the Yanjing Ye Family was not as big as it used to be, but a hundred foot worm was dead but not stiff.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Besides, the Ye family can’t even take care of itself right now, so how can they afford to take care of a marginal ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’? If the Ye family embarked on the herbal medicine industry there would still be a need to be wary, but the Ye family has never been involved in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Yuan Qibin nodded, he understood what his father meant when he said that the Ye family had heard about the internal disturbance, and as a result, Ye Wenqi and Ye Wenjin, who were in high positions in Yanjing, had been driven out of Yanjing, and Ye Wenqi had even died in less than six months. In addition, the Ye family’s old man, Ye Bei Rong, retired, leaving the Ye family with no one to succeed them, so they could only push out Ye Zifeng, who was only in his twenties, to become the head of the Ye family. So although the Ye family still holds the title of one of the five great families of China, it is actually a family that is dying. But even so, it is not comparable to the Yuan family.

The company’s main business is the Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, which is like a child playing house, and has issued a written statement saying that as long as they cooperate with our ‘Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group, they will not be considered for cooperation. Hmph, that’s the only way for a mob, is this how a business competition can be won?” Far Zhi Rong snorted coldly.

Yuan Qibin opened his mouth, he suddenly felt a bit sweaty, he was also prepared to make a statement, as long as the enterprises that cooperated with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, would never be considered by ‘Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group, in the future. Now when he heard his father say it, he realised that it was a bit ridiculous like a kindergarten child tussling.

Far Zhirong seemed not to see his son’s expression as he continued, “Bin Jiu, you should also immediately issue a statement, saying that as long as the companies that cooperate with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ will never be considered by the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group,’ in the future.”

“Father, in that case, wouldn’t we be as childish as ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’? You just said ……,” said Yuan Qibin subconsciously, although this is what he wanted to say, but he felt that his father had some truth in saying that one should not talk about such childishness in handling things.

“Childish? I’m going to let them know that I, ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group, am as childish as they are, and I want to see who is more childish in this childish duel.” Yuan De Rong let out a cold laugh.

After the cold laugh, Yuan Zhirong continued, “Weiping, you immediately concoct a few cases of disfigurement after taking ‘Beauty Pills, and also get a few cases of ‘Body Building Pills, which can cause the human body to fail after eating them, these must be proven by experts. I will contact the Drug Administration and the Health Bureau. If I don’t beat him to death with this stick, I won’t have to continue in the pharmaceutical business. At the same time, I will have reporters to promote them. For Ping, remember, you must make the sufferers themselves think that it is indeed the pills that are the problem, don’t resort to bribing them, but secretly connive at them to go and make trouble with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,'”

“Father, you mean we pretend to do boring tussles with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, and then secretly strike?” Yuan Qibin revealed an expression of surprise, although he had thought of doing so, he felt it was very difficult. Father now at once combined the official and the media, then through the bitter owner then to stomp on ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ can be said much simpler.

Suddenly Yuan Qibin thought of the Ye family, although the Ye family had declined, but after all, it was not something the Yuan family could afford to mess with. The Ye family is already in decline, but it is not something that the Yuan family can afford.

As long as you do as I say, not only is it impossible for the Ye family to stand up for the Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, but even if they did, there would be someone to deal with the Ye family. Besides, the Ye family’s Ye Zifeng is very conservative in his actions now, and it is very unlikely that he will intervene in such matters, but I do hope that they, the Ye family, will intervene.”

Yuan Zhirong finished with a cold smile, that expression of having everything under control made Yuan Qibin’s confidence increase, he felt that he still had too much to learn from his father.

“Dad, last time you said to send someone to the flowing snake, later ……” Far Ji Bin thought of the two things his father said last time, now that he thought about it he couldn’t help but feel that his old man was far-sighted.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items. Is it comfortable to occupy someone else’s land and not pay taxes or tribute?”

Yuan Qibin didn’t understand what his old man meant by that last statement.

Compared to the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group,’ scheming, Yu Miaotong looked calm. Even if Ye Mo did not call, she was still ready to deal with the Yuan family’s company, not to mention that Ye Mo had even called back.

So on the same day that Ye Mo called, Yu Miaotong held a meeting of the company’s top management.

Yang Jiu had recently made more merits and was able to attend the meeting, but as soon as he came up, he said a solution that made everyone’s jaws drop, that he and Han Zai would go together to kill the Yuan family’s father and son once and for all.

To be honest, although Zang Jia Yan and the others were very unashamed of Yang Jiu’s proposal, Yu Miaotong was really somewhat moved by it. She was from a triad background and did not care about such things. However, Zang Jia Yan was from the army and had strong objections to such things.

“I recently feel that numerous unidentified people have come from our Stream Serpent I, and they all seem to be investigating our company’s confidential information. I think dealing with the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group, is an important matter, but preserving our company’s confidential information is also very important.” Xu Ping, however, said cautiously.

He had not yet advanced to the Earth level and was only at the middle Xuan level cultivation, and although he still had a ‘Qi cultivation pill, he knew that he had to completely consolidate his Xuan level cultivation before he could advance. The reason he was so cautious was because he had discovered that there were many ancient martial cultivators among the people who came to the Flowing Serpent, and he did not say anything about these for fear of causing everyone to panic.

“Second Brother Xu also felt it? In fact, I have also felt it for a long time, I think we need to establish a mechanism for the Flowing Snake, otherwise this is too chaotic, even cats and dogs can enter the Flowing Snake casually.” Yu Miaotong said with a frown.

Hidden Jia Yan sighed, “Establish a mechanism? That’s just talk, the Flowing Serpent is a place where three countries meet, eighty percent of the territory we are on belongs to Luther and twenty percent to Vietnam. If we openly set up a mechanism here, it would be tantamount to making this place openly independent. Neither Luther nor Vietnam would tolerate that, could we not stand up against one country or two?”

Mo Hai, who has been stationed in the Flowing Serpent, sighed and said, “In fact, I’m afraid that it has already attracted the attention of those two sides now, the Flowing Serpent was a sh*tty place, but now it’s getting more and more prosperous, and I feel that the Lutheran country is already on the move. It’s just that senior Ye has never returned, and I’ve tried to bring it up many times, but I don’t know how I should deal with it.”