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DYM Chapter 426

Fu Youhai only froze for a moment, and the blood from his broken hand shot out like water arrows, and in the blink of an eye Fu Youhai fell to the ground, unconscious.

The moment Fu Youhai fell to the ground, the other three of the four brothers awoke in a daze and looked at Ye Mo in shock. When they saw the bomb and the remote control in Ye Mo’s hand, their minds went blank. They had tried their best to overestimate Ye Mo, but they had never thought that they would end up underestimating him. They didn’t even know how Ye Mo did it, how he held the bomb and the remote control in his hands, and Xiao Lan even almost fainted.

They had taken a risk because of the counter-intuitive ‘Qi cultivation pills’, but they didn’t expect to lose even before they started to gamble.

Fu Youyin’s lips trembled for half a day, and although he read the words, not a single word came out, and no one knew what he was saying as his mouth moved.

The first one to stand up and speak was Fu Youhai, who knew that in front of Ye Mo, they were as weak as ants. He was now left with nothing but regret, if it wasn’t for the connivance of Old Two and Old Four, he definitely wouldn’t have wanted to backstab Ye Mo, with the kind of power Ye Mo had, even if Old Four’s plan succeeded, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to kill Ye Mo, he was too powerful.

When they made the plan or plotted against Ye Mo, they only saw the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill, but they didn’t think of Ye Mo’s adversity, nor did they think that Black Widow had arranged for Xiao Lan around the four of their brothers long ago.

“Senior Ye, the four of us have eyes that are not aware of the mountain and have offended the dignity. The four of us brothers are willing to hand over all of our fortune and only beg Senior Ye to spare our brothers’ lives.” Fu Youhai knew that in the face of Ye Mo’s might, the second and third brothers could not be counted on, so he could only stand up on his own and stiffly beg for mercy.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “You guys are the ‘Hong Kong Land Four Unlike, aren’t you? I can’t figure out how your dogs have so much guts, you saw me kill that Kaiya, and you still dare to plot my ‘Qi cultivation pills”

Ye Mo really couldn’t figure it out, people with some brains in general saw him use fire to set up that cannon tooth to establish his authority, as well as his last outburst in front of those people. It was reasonable to say that even if they were greedy, they wouldn’t be desperate enough to try to a*sa*sinate themselves. Unless there was really something worthy of making them fight for their lives that was attracting them, and with the status of the ‘Hong Kong Land Four Unlike,’ the thing that could attract them should not be something unusual.

When Fu Youhai heard Ye Mo’s words, a glimmer of hope flashed in his eyes he immediately said, “I am willing to tell the reason why we want the ‘Qi cultivation pills, as long as senior spares our lives.”

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “You are not qualified to talk to me about conditions, you have three seconds, if you don’t tell me, don’t tell me forever.”

“Senior Ye, don’t do it, let’s say… …” Fu You Yin finally slowed down from the severed hand of Lao Si and the blood all over the ground, immediately grabbed in front of Fu You Hai and said.

After hearing Fu You Yin’s words Fu You Hai sighed, he knew that whether he said it or not, the four of them were planted this time.

Ye Mo’s expression was indifferent and he did not say anything, he was curious to know what made these four people act against him.

Seeing that Ye Mo did not answer, Fu You Yin did not dare to resist in the slightest and immediately said, “Fifteen years ago, the four of us brothers all made our living by touching gold …….”

Seemingly seeing Ye Mo frowning Fu Youjin hastily added: “The four of us brothers used to be tomb robbers, just saying we were used to it.”

Fu You Yin hastily nodded and continued, “Originally this line of work was not bad, only later because the state control is too tight peers are also too much, it became more and more difficult. After a few years of doing this, just when we were about to wash our hands of the business, a friend of my elder brother told us that he had found an ancient tomb, the age of the owner was not clear. The four of us arranged to go and explore the tomb with the husband and wife of our elder brother’s friend, but just outside the tomb’s pa*sage we found two dead bones of unknown age.

On these two dead bones, we found an ancient martial arts cultivation technique, surprisingly made of unknown materials and still intact after so many years. We judged that those two people died fighting each other and dying together, and we also guessed from the tools on the ground that they were probably also tomb robbers, just because they found this ancient tomb remarkable and started fighting before they could go in, and finally died together.”

Ye Mo snorted coldly, “Since you didn’t go in, how do you know that this ancient tomb is remarkable?”

When Fu Youjin saw Lao Er shiver, he hurriedly intervened and said, “Because there is a gate at the entrance of the pa*sage, the gate is very majestic, the most shocking thing is that the top of the gate is actually inlaid with nine luminous pearls. The light was very soft and comfortable on the body, not at all like being underground.

I reckoned that the two of them were there because the gate was full of night pearls that were worth a lot of money, so the inside of the tomb must be even more remarkable, in fact we thought the same thing.”

Ye Mo nodded his head and said, “Go on.”

He did not doubt it, others had not seen the Night Pearl, but he had seen it too many times, and it was not unusual for it to appear. If on Earth again, a night pearl appeared, just one would probably be worth a fortune, let alone nine. It was normal for people to fight with each other when they saw the money.

When Fu Youjin saw that Ye Mo did not have the slightest look of greed in his eyes, he was even more terrified. If Ye Mo had a greedy look on his face, he had planned to use the address of the tomb as blackmail if he did not let them live, but now it seemed that it would not work.

Now that Ye Mo was talking about it, Fu Youjin hurriedly said, “That friend of mine, when he saw the Night Pearl, immediately rushed over, but before he could reach it, he was shot to death by random arrows, so this ancient tomb still has a mechanism. We thought of many ways to get the Night Pearl, but none of them worked. Later, probably because we had tried too many ways, the robber hole we dug outside the tomb actually tended to collapse, and we rushed to run out, and after that, just as we came out, our robber hole collapsed.”

“Did you guys ever go in afterwards?” Ye Mo stared at Fu Youjin and asked.

Fu Youjin shook his head and said, “We didn’t dare to go back in because when we came out, everyone’s backside had been scratched by a ghost. Originally, we wanted to try again by other means, but after practicing that ancient martial arts technique, we found it to be too powerful, so we prepared to go in after we all advanced to the yellow level. Moreover, as long as a person has been caught by a ghost on his back in the business of grave robbing, he cannot enter the cemetery within ten years, and will surely die if he goes in.

We originally thought that if all four of us had reached the Yellow level, we would not be afraid of the tomb, even if the tomb’s mechanisms were more powerful, after ten years.

But now it’s already twelve years later, apart from me advancing, none of the three of them have reached the yellow level, so seeing that senior has ‘Qi cultivation pills’ in his hand we er ……”

Ye Mo’s divine sense had already swept these few people’s backs were indeed all with the same red scar, and it looked like this was the ghost scratching back that Fu Youjin was talking about.

“You said you four brothers and a couple went in together, now the four of you are here, one of the couple is dead, where is the other one?” Ye Mo asked indifferently, he asked this because he wanted to know if there was news coming out of this weird graveyard.

“There was another female, after her husband died, she separated from us, as for where she went, I don’t know?” Fu Youjin said in a hurry.

“Hum ……” Ye Mo let out a cold snort, “You lie.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s cold snort, cold sweat seeped out of Fu Youjin’s head. He couldn’t bother to wipe his sweat and was just about to continue talking when he felt a gust of wind hit him on the forehead. Before Fu Youjin had time to see clearly that what hit him was a broken hand that Ye Mo had kicked over, he was already confused.

“Where did the other woman go?” Ye Mo asked coldly, he was asking because he also wanted to go and see this ancient tomb that was inlaid with night pearls right outside, and also because if this had gotten out, he wouldn’t have to go, with the current rampant tomb robbers and those bricklayers under the guise of archaeology, there would be no place for him.

When Fu Youjin heard Ye Mo ask about it, he said with an expressionless face, “That woman was brought back by the four of us brothers, and then all four of us f*cked her and killed her.”

“You guys are really beasts.” Xiaolan had managed to hold back her nausea, but now, hearing Fu Youjin’s words, she could no longer hold back her anger and chided.

“That woman’s husband was still your friend, her husband died and you didn’t help, you even humiliated her and then killed her, to say that you are animals is an understatement. Scum, scum of the earth …….” Xiaolan was righteously indignant, clearly disgraceful at the four brothers’ actions.

Ye Mo was also gloomy, that is, there were not many people with such ruthlessness in the cultivation world. If he was afraid that this woman would tell, he could take her into business with him, even if he was put under house arrest, it would be easier to accept than this practice. To take a step back, even if they wanted to kill this woman, there was no need for the four of them to bang her together, after all, this woman and her husband were still a*sociates of these four. You really can’t make friends with the wrong people, if you make friends with these four brothers, then you have no eyes.

“Xiaolan, go wait for me outside first, I’ll be out in a moment.” Ye Mo brought Xiao Lan in, originally he intended to identify these four brothers, it’s just that these four people gathered together for a meeting, now there is no need for Xiao Lan here, and he didn’t want Xiao Lan to know what he asked below.

“Hmm.” Xiao Lan was very knowledgeable, she seemed to know what Ye Mo was going to ask and took the initiative to walk out.

Ye Mo burned Fu Youhai with a fireball, and ignoring Fu You Yin and Fu You San’s horror, he looked at Fu You Jin and asked, “Tell me the address of that ancient tomb.”

“It’s in the Meinei Snow Mountain …… in Yunzhong Province.” Fu Youjin said almost without even thinking about it.

Fu You Yin looked at his elder brother with a surprised face, he thought his elder brother would take this place as a means of exchange to save his life, but he did not expect his elder brother to say it without the slightest consideration.

A hint of despair flashed through Fu You Yin’s heart as he took out a small sheepskin booklet and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “Senior Ye, the map of the ancient tomb of the Snow Mountain within Mei and that gongfa are both here.”