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DYM Chapter 425

Ye Mo nodded his head and said, “The fact that you can think of this means that I haven’t misjudged you, but you don’t have to worry about this matter. Since I dare to open a factory in liu snake, I have the ability to set things right. Is there anything else?”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, although Void Yuehua had doubts in his heart, he forced it down and continued, “There is a ‘Hong Kong Land Four Unlike,’ organization in Hong Kong, the core of this organization is only four brothers, but these four are ruthless and ruthless, even Jiao Bian Yi does not dare to get into trouble with them easily.

I suspect that the four of them might turn against Ye Dong, and the main reason might have something to do with the ‘qi cultivation pills’ in your body. Since you left ‘Xisha last time, the four of them have not only spent huge sums of money to hire organizations in Southeast Asia to make laser bombs, but they have also been gathering information about you everywhere.”

“Laser bombs?” Ye Mo frowned and muttered to himself, as soon as he said ‘laser bombs, he recalled the last time he went to miè Renshā.

If the ‘laser bombs, were the kind of bombs that Ren Shā threw out last time, he would indeed be in danger of being injured if he was accidentally blown up, and if many of those kinds of bombs bào exploded at the same time, the result would be really hard to say.

However, Ye Mo also thought that even if there were such bombs, there would definitely not be many of them.

Seeing Ye Mo frowning, Void Yuehua immediately added, “The four brothers of the Fu family most likely have a real set of ancient martial arts fǎ, and I suspect that their elder Fu Youjin might already be a Yellow rank martial artist.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Thank you, Sister Yuehua, I will go visit the four brothers later.

When Void Yuehua heard Ye Mo change his name to call himself Sister Yuehua, she knew that Ye Mo already considered her as one of his own, or approved of her, and her heart was instantly happy.

Ye Mo recognized Void Yuehua’s intelligence ability and judgment, although the ‘Hong Kong Land Four’ were not even in his eyes, but if they really had a ‘laser bomb’ to steal xi himself by surprise. Even if he was sure that there was no problem, but what about Light Snow? In the event that Qing Xue suffered any further injuries, could the problem be solved by mièing these four people?

Ye Mo turned his head to Ning Qingxue and said, “Qingxue, you stay with Sister Yuehua for now, I’ll be back as soon as I go. It’s just as well that you make a phone call home by the way and report to your family for safety.”

In a villa area in Hong Kong, the four Fu brothers once again gathered to discuss dealing with Ye Mo.

“Fourth brother, you really didn’t predict wrongly, the first place that Ye Mo went to once he returned to Hong Kong was the ‘Void Crossing Hotel,” the second one, Fu You Yin, was all excited.

Fu Youhai nodded his head and said with a clear mind, “That day Ye Mo left Void Yuehua behind, he must have wanted to recruit her. Although the Black Widow is slightly darker, she has some skills. I reckoned that Ye Mo would definitely give that Void Moonghua time to think, and once he went out to sea and couldn’t find that Ning Qingxue, the first person he would come back to see would be this Void Moonghua. Now it seems that I wasn’t wrong about him.”

The boss, Fu Youjin, however, frowned and said, “Old Fourth, I always feel a bit alarmed, I heard that this time he didn’t come back alone, but brought a girl with him to the ‘Void Yue Hotel’ and even that girl was very pretty, I wonder if he has already found Ning Qingxue? ”

“Big brother, this is absolutely impossible. The plane disappeared and so many people didn’t come back, so how could he find Ning Qingxue? Is he a god? Is he still more powerful than the US prefecture’s zhèng government?” Fu Youyin immediately wiped his mouth and said.

But Fu You San said, “Big brother, originally I also disagreed with making a move on Ye Mo, but since I have decided to make a move, I can’t be three hearts and two minds. This is the most taboo thing. It’s just a little too early, and none of us are ready yet.”

Fu Youhai nodded and said, “The time is a bit early, and that laser bomb we only nong to one, if we give us another week, we can nong to two more laser bombs. That’s simply an atomic bomb on a small scale, I believe that even if he, Ye Mo, is an earth level cultivator, he won’t be able to escape.”

“Do you think that our search for those people to purchase mǎi laser bombs will fall under the eyes of Black Widow? She doesn’t know anything in Hong Kong. In case our matter falls into her eyes, once she comes back and talks to Ye Mo, this matter will be dangerous.” Fu Youjin said, still a little worried.

“Big brother you are overly worried, let’s not say if this matter will fall in her eyes, even if it does, so what? Could it be that she will still think that we are going to deal with Ye Mo? I think she has seen how powerful Ye Mo is, and only we four brothers dare to take action, no one else would dare to do it, right?” Fu You Yin immediately argued.

“Well, that’s it, but the photos that were pa*sed back, the woman that was following him was just too beautiful. I’ll take that woman.” Fu Youjin said with determination.

“Big brother, do my four brothers still lack women. The first thing to do now is how to get the bomb to Ye Mo’s hand, as long as we get the bomb to Ye Mo’s hand, we will have succeeded.” Fu You San said, he had not seen Ning Qing Xue’s appearance, of course he thought that the boss wanted to possess Ye Mo’s woman, this would create a sense of achievement.

Fu Youjin didn’t point it out, he just smiled, his words had already been said, when the time came that woman fell into the hands of the four brothers, the three of them would be too embarra*sed to snatch it from him. But Fu Youhai smiled faintly, “This is very simple, when the time comes, pack the bomb and give it to Xiaolan. Let Xiaolan give it to Ye Mo, and say it’s from Void Moon Hua. Xiao Lan is Void Moon Hua’s beloved, I think Ye Mo will definitely not suspect.”

“Right, as long as Ye Mo receives the package in his hand, we will immediately let the bomb bào blow up, good job fǎ, really good job go ……,” Fu You Yin immediately clapped his hands in agreement.

“No …….” Fu Youhai, however, shook his head. Seeing the rest of the few people looking at him, Fu Youhai smiled sinisterly, “People who have cultivated to the level of Ye Mo have an innate intuition of danger, so what I’m saying is to set off the bào bomb before Xiao Lan walks up to Ye Mo and sends the bomb up. I think that with the power of the laser bomb, even if Ye Mo was within a zhang, there would be no fǎ to escape the drag.”

Fu You San said doubtfully, “But then, wouldn’t the ‘qi cultivation pills that he had on him, be gone as well?”

Fu Youhai smiled coldly, “If we gather farther away to trigger the “qi cultivation pills”, they will not necessarily be blown away. Besides, even if it is blown up, it doesn’t matter.”

“Old Fourth, what do you say?” It was Fu Youjin who couldn’t sink his teeth into it.

Fu Youhai said indifferently, “We have checked Ye Mo’s origins, and based on all the signs, I reckon that the ‘Luo Yue yào industry’ of the liu snake should be his property. His ‘qi cultivation pills, are most likely produced by liu snake, once we miè Ye Mo, with a processing plant like liu snake what else can stand in the way of big brother’s might? Maybe we can even hold the ‘Luo Yue yào industry,’s yào product formula in our hands, that’s a money spinner.”

“Good.” Fu Youjin clapped his hands together, only to immediately sigh again and say, “In that case, it’s just a pity about that Xiao Lan, a woman I do like quite a lot. And it’s also one of our lines on Void Moon Hua’s side, si would be quite a pity to lose her.”

“Big brother, haven’t you already booked that woman who is by Ye Mo’s side? What do you still care about a mere little Lan for? Once we all have the ‘Qi cultivation pills’ I think even that Void Yuehua is ours, what else can she do to my four brothers, a woman? When the time comes, the four of us will go together.

“Fu You Yin immediately said.

“Hahahaha ……” The four brothers laughed together, it was obvious that Fu Youhai’s peace of mind made them all very satisfied.

Just before the four’s laughter had completely settled, it was a monotonous applause voice that came, “Not bad, good plan, only you four think too highly of yourselves, even if you put the bomb in my hand, at most, it will only make me injured. You can’t live with your own sins, ah.”

“Teach …… Ye …… seniors …….” The four Fu brothers stood up at the same time, looking at Ye Mo with a horrified expression, they couldn’t figure out how Ye Mo could get in this conference room? This was their most confidential place, and it was guarded by multiple people every time, not to mention coming in, even if they approached within twenty meters, they would be discovered.

But the fact was, Ye Mo had appeared in front of them and they had not received any jingles. It was one thing for them to conspire against Ye Mo, but it was another to actually confront him. Ye Mo’s strength at the ‘Bamboo Evening Private Manor, was clear to them, shān people were like shān ki ah.

“Xiaolan, it’s you? You traitor, you actually brought someone in….” Fu You Yin pointed at a woman beside Ye Mo with a face of indignation and angrily snarled.

The girl who was called Xiao Lan pooh-poohed, “I was originally one of Sister Yuehua’s people, staying here is just to investigate things for Sister Yuehua, what’s traitorous about me? The first thing I want to do is to get the bomb and go to the airport. Besides, it was Brother Ye who brought me in today, but not me who brought him in.”

“Ah …….” The four brothers all looked at Ye Mo in unison, they couldn’t figure out how Ye Mo got in, could it be that he could do stealth?

Ye Mo was more and more grateful to Void Moon Hua in his heart, if it wasn’t for Void Moon Hua’s reminder. These four people were so tricky, even if he could dodge them, but what if he hurt Ning Qingxue? Besides, the power of the laser bomb Ye Mo had seen once, and it did have the power to hurt him.

What angered Ye Mo the most was that these four brothers dared to hit liu snake ‘Luo Yue yào industry, although Ye Mo knew that with Xu Ping in place it was sure to be foolproof, but these four people still provoked his anger.

The first thing you need to do is to take out a black ball and hold it up, “Senior Ye, it was wrong of us to deal with you, we are willing to take back our words. If senior Ye does not agree, we will have to die together.”

The other hand was already holding a remote control, which meant that as soon as he pressed the remote control in his hand, everyone would be finished.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “You think you are still qualified to negotiate with me?”

Fu Youhai was just about to say something else when he suddenly felt his two wrists lighten, he subconsciously lowered his head and immediately his soul flew away in horror. Both of his hands were broken, and both of them were still missing, not to mention the bombs and remote controls in his hands.