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DYM Chapter 428

After greeting with Void Moonghua, Ye Mo took Ning Qingxue and rushed straight to the Flowing Snake. And Void Yuehua would hand over this side of things a little bit, and then would also go to the Flowing Snake.

When he arrived at the Flowing Serpent again, he saw a scene that not only Ning Qingxue could not believe, but also Ye Mo could not believe, the Flowing Serpent had changed so much in a short period of time.

Not only were some of the main streets very spacious, but there were all kinds of temporary shops and hostels everywhere.

The only thing that dissatisfied Ye Mo was that although these streets were spacious, they were obviously not planned, they were all built as they pleased, or that street was crowded, so they expanded on top of that street.

”Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, the largest specialty shop in the flowing snake brought in numerous merchants, who in turn brought in related industries, which in turn promoted linked industries, forming an industrial chain.

Ye Mo looked at this scene in front of him and sighed in his heart, no wonder Void Moon Hua was a little worried about the two surrounding countries, this prosperity in Flowing Serpent was almost comparable to an ordinary county, the population here was huge, it was just limited by the size.

Ye Mo frowned, no, at this rate it would definitely become an eye-catching target. What made it even more difficult for Ye Mo was that if it was just him, he would have left if he couldn’t beat them, and now he wasn’t alone. If a country really wanted to take on the Flowing Serpent, with his fourth level Qi training ability, it would be like hitting a rock with an egg.

No matter how powerful his fireball and wind blade techniques were, they could not stand up to a large number of armies. Void Yuehua’s worries were indeed justified, and he had to solve this problem as soon as possible, otherwise, delay would lead to chaos.

Although the flowing snake was already completely under the control of Fang Nan’s people, this was already a messy area, plus the fact that the flowing snake land was spreading further and further out, it had already caused some chaos in the security.

Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue had just stood here and immediately attracted the attention of numerous people. The main reason was that Ning Qingxue was so attractive that she was the most striking presence no matter where she stood.

“Does big brother want to stay in a hostel? Our hostel offers a full range of services to ensure that the two of you are satisfied with your stay, don’t worry ……, two of you, I will take you there now, just follow me.” Before Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue could feel the emotion immediately a middle-aged woman came over and stopped Ye Mo.

Although she was acting as if she was pulling business, she sounded as if Ye Mo had already agreed to her words. Moreover, after this woman came to pull in business, the few people next to her who tried to come over immediately stopped in their tracks, their faces showing some chagrin at being a step late.

Ning Qingxue frowned and moved a little closer to Ye Mo without speaking.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “No we don’t need to stay in a hostel, make way.”

“Friend, how can you not stay in a hostel when you come to the Flowing Serpent, the ‘Beauty Pills’ here, are not available every day either Just stay in our hostel, I guarantee that I can let you buy the ‘Beauty Pills’ hehehe… …” As soon as Ye Mo’s words fell, two strong men came and blocked Ye Mo’s way, and although the one who spoke was speaking to Ye Mo, his eyes fell on Ning Qingxue’s body, and that **naked** was not concealed in the slightest.

And when he finished, he inadvertently took out a small knife and played around with it in his hand.

Ye Mo’s face sank and his anger rose immediately in his heart, the flowing snake had turned into such a pandemonium, thanks to which he still thought this was the safest place to be. If Ye Ling was not his sister would she also be bullied by these people? This is not soliciting, this is clearly threatening the guests to stay at his hostel if they don’t agree, they will also use force.

“Do you keep forcing guests like this? Don’t the Flowing Snakes have rules?” Ye Mo’s tone gradually turned cold. What was the difference between this kind of Flowing Snake and the Flowing Snake he came to two years ago? It was even worse.

After saying that he was even more secretly appalled in his heart, how could the Flowing Snake still be so prosperous with the existence of such landlubbers If not for these people, wouldn’t there be too many people to fit in? It looked like the problem of the land needed to be solved as soon as possible.

The anger in Ye Mo’s heart also gradually rose up how did these people, Zang Jia Yan and Fang Nan and Yang Jiu, manage a flowing snake like this? This was simply too bad.

However, Ye Mo quickly calmed down his anger, after all, these people were all from the bottom and did not have any experience in city management, let alone a charter for managing a new city, to be able to stabilize the situation in a flowing snake with so many people should already be good.

“Hunchback, how many times have I told you not to be so blatant with your guests, and you do it again. Don’t blame me for being rude if you keep making things difficult for me.” A young voice came from…

The strong man called Huan Gui turned around and saw the two young men coming, immediately changed his face and smiled, “Brother Huo Zi, for the sake of Brother Tie, don’t bother, come and have a cigarette. At least our boss and Brother Tie are buddies, we don’t see each other here, hey …….”

Although it seems polite, but it also seems not to put this fire sub brother in the eyes.

Ye Mo looked up at the youth who came over, his eyes were cold, this youth he knew, back then this youth was in exile in Yanjing, or he relieved the situation once. He also remembered that this youth was called Little Fire, a loyal little brother under Fang Nan.

No wonder these people were so rampant, so they had backers. These guys from gangsters really couldn’t have power, once they had power in their hands, they would immediately find ways to find sweeten the deal, I wonder who that guy called Tie had to back up again?

“Well, don’t go too far, although Brother Tie is my buddy, but the flowing snake is not mine, nor is it Brother Tie’s. It’s hard for me to behave when you guys keep doing this.” Little Fire said with a sullen face, he felt that the way so many brothers had acted was out of Brother Ye’s original intention, but Brother Nan only cared about cultivation and rarely cared about these things, leaving the affairs of his men to Stone and Little, Tie, and in the end, this situation had actually been created.

“I’m sorry, Brother Huozi, I have to do the business this time.” After saying that, Huan Gui even looked at Ning Qingxue without blinking, a hint of oddity showing at the corner of his mouth.

Little Fire shook his head helplessly, he lifted his head but rubbed his eyes in disbelief, he actually saw Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue. Little Fire’s face immediately changed colour nervously, no longer caring about the sumptuous ghost, he ran to Ye Mo and bent down and called out respectfully, “Da, big brother, you’re back …….”

Ye Mo snorted coldly and swept a glance around at those who were soliciting business, and was just about to speak when he once again saw the same group of people who had stopped himself stop another foreign merchant, and almost pushed and pulled that merchant away.

“Why is such rubbish in the Flowing Serpent? How does Fang Nan do things?” Ye Mo’s fire grew, his ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, was in Flowing Snake, and with this kind of thing happening in Flowing Snake, even if his products were more efficacious, such things would still greatly damage his company’s interests if word got out.

“What are you? How dare you dictate so much? Are you Little Fire’s big brother? I’m telling you, if you want to show off your big brother’s authority, go back and do it, this is not the place for you to show off your authority. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not giving Brother Huo Zi face.” Huan Gui thought that Ye Mo was just one of Little Fire’s relatives, he didn’t hear Ye Mo’s words and walked over with a disdainful tone. It was evident that he didn’t even look at Little Fire, and just now he only gave some face because Little Fire was once their Brother Tie’s brother.

“With a snap, Little Fire slapped Huan Gui’s face unexpectedly, “Go away, even if you are one of Little Iron’s men, don’t blame me for being ungracious. Not to mention you, even if Xiao Tie is here, he’ll beat you up just the same.”

“Oh, Chen Jihuo. You are so powerful, Flowing Snake you are still not the boss, so what makes you unkind to my men? I’d like to see how ungracious you are…” another young man walked over with two people, still wearing a kind of clothes similar to those inside the army.

The person who came was also known to Ye Mo, called Xiao Tie, one of the two people who were loyal to Fang Nan at the beginning, and another one called Shi. I didn’t expect that after only two short years, this man had become like this. Oh, or maybe he had never changed, he was originally such a person, it was just that Ye Mo did not understand him. It turned out that the Brother Tie that this swan ghost was talking about was that Little Tie.

“These people are really unreasonable …….” Ning Qingxue not only saw the gang of people who came to forcefully pull her and Ye Mo, but also saw the gang of people who just pulled that merchant away, and immediately said with a frown.

“Reason, I am the dao….” Little Iron was halfway through saying that when he looked up and saw Ning Qingxue, such a beautiful woman. But this beautiful woman did not make him happy, he seemed to recognize Ning Qingxue, when this woman seemed to have come alone to the flowing snake, Boss Fang treated like a guest, seems to be Ye’s people. Surprisingly, it was her. Xiao, Tie suddenly felt something bad.

He finally saw Ye Mo next to Ning Qingxue with a face as deep as water. If the opportunity was given to him again, he made up his mind not to look at the woman first in the future, he must pay attention to the person next to the woman first.

The moment Xiao Tie saw Ye Mo, his body became penetratingly cold, surprisingly it was the boss, Nan had to be the boss. Even they did not even have the opportunity to call Ye the boss, Ye surprisingly returned to the flow of snakes, and his own under the Huan ghost seems to want to force Ye’s business, was small fire to stop, the result ……

The latter thing Xiao Tie no longer needs to think on, he has already understood it. Finished, Xiao Tie inwardly flashed with trepidation, doing bullying business even to the boss’s head, still do not know whether Huan ghost this b*****d has offended the boss’s lord.

“Brother Tie, Little Fire is getting more and more unruly, he always keeps stopping us from doing business lately, if not for the fact that he is the boss’s brother, I would have …… long ago.” Huan Gui’s voice came to an abrupt halt.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to continue, it was because he couldn’t say it anymore, Xiao Tie also slapped him in the face, not waiting for Huan Gui to react. Xiao Tie had already kneeled down in front of Ye Mo with a ‘flutter’.

Huan Gui, who was puzzled by Xiao Tie’s blow, was instantly confused, and without waiting for him to react, he found that his brother Tie was already kneeling in front of the young man.

“Brother Ye, I, I didn’t know it was you …….” Little Tie was really scared, others didn’t know how powerful Ye Mo was, but he followed Fang Nan and saw it with his own eyes.

Ye Mo said coldly, “You mean if it was someone else, you could have done this?”

“…….” Xiao Tie couldn’t say a word with his mouth open, he did think so, since the flowing snake was all their territory now, the boss wouldn’t let him rob it, what did it matter if he forced business like this?