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DYM Chapter 429

Fang Nan, who got the call from Little Fire, was already too late to run out, the flowing snake itself was not too big, and he drove only a few minutes to the scene already.

Looking at Little Iron on his knees and the unhappy looking Ye Mo, Fang Nan immediately knew it was not good. Ye’s return was a matter of great joy, but he had never bothered with his men’s affairs recently, so it couldn’t be that his men had committed something at the hands of the boss, could it?

Without even waiting for the car to stop, Fang Nan took three steps and walked to Ye Mo and called out respectfully, “Brother Ye is back?”

With the cultivation of ancient martial arts, the higher Fang Nan’s cultivation level became, the more he knew his inadequacy, and the more he understood Ye Mo’s unfathomable depth. What he originally had for Ye Mo was awe and admiration, but now it was respect and admiration from the bottom of his heart. This was also the reason why he had left things behind and put his time into ancient martial arts cultivation.

The Huan Ghost was completely panicked, he didn’t even dare to move, even Tie’s old Dafanan was so respectful to this young man, he had just fantasised about robbing this woman, he now hated to slap himself several times.

Only a short while later, not only Zang Jia Yan, Yu Miaotong and Yang Er …… almost all of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, after the senior management came over in their cars, Huan Ghost only got completely desperate. He is a fool, also guessed that this person should be the legendary flowing snake boss.

Yu Miaotong looked at Ye Mo with a shocked face, she couldn’t figure it out, but that shock could only be kept in her heart, she didn’t dare to say anything. It had only been an hour since she had called Ye Mo in the morning, and Ye Mo had already appeared at the Flowing Snake.

If she didn’t really know that Ye Mo was still in Hong Kong in the morning she would have thought that Ye Mo was nearby. Hong Kong to Flowing Snake, one hour? No wonder Ye Mo said in the morning that he would be right back. This had left her completely petrified. If Ye Mo had configured out the ‘skin care pill, and the ‘body building pill’ she still felt that it was reasonable. Then Ye Mo came from Hong Kong to Flowing Snake in an hour, this thing has long been out of her expectation, even if there is a special plane, it is impossible to be so fast.

Only then did Yu Miaotong realize that she was far from understanding Ye Mo did not understand this old boss of hers.

“Mr. Ye ……”

“Wow Dong…

All of them have come to greet Ye Mo at the head of his face, Ye Mo nodded, his head and said, “Good, our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, has gotten to where it is today because of everyone’s efforts, and Flowing Snake has gotten to where it is today because of everyone’s hard work. I don’t think anyone would want this situation to be destroyed, but today I came back to see robbers pulling business in general. We are the base of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, the place where we will survive in the future, not a bandit’s den, if you want to be a bandit, get the hell out ……”

“Ye Dong, this is my failure to do my job”…” Zang Jia Yan said with some sweat as he walked over, although he had heard of this situation, he did not pay attention to it not expecting it to evolve into even the boss coming back to be blackmailed.

“Big brother, this is my poor supervision. After Chief Zang handed over the security of the flowing snake to me, I handed over the security of this flowing snake to my men because of my martial arts practice, I didn’t expect it to turn into such a bad situation, I immediately informed to rectify it.” Fang Nan said with a face full of cold sweat.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “This matter is indeed your responsibility however it is not necessary for you to notify the rectification. You don’t need to take care of the matter of the flowing snake now, leave it to Yang Jiu to manage, you are helping out under Yang Jiu for the time being.”

With one sentence, Ye Mo took Fang Nan’s position and replaced him with Yang Jiu, who was originally one level below him. Although Fang Nan was terrified and uneasy in his heart, he didn’t dare to say anything. Not to mention that Ye Mo still let him work under Yang Jiu that meant that he was allowed to wear his crime. Even if Ye Mo kicked him out, he could only obey.

It turned out that they were the first group of people Ye Mo had known but this matter was ruined by his own men. Thinking of this Fang Nan fiercely glared at Little Tie who was still kneeling on the ground, if Little Tie wasn’t his beloved, he was already planning to take his life.

“Yang Jiu promises to complete the boss’s mission.” When Yang Jiu heard Ye Mo’s words, he hurriedly stepped forward and promised.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “It’s just for you to temporarily purge the flowing snakes for me, as for how to manage the flowing snakes in the future, we still need to continue discussing it. In these few days, your task is to work with Fang Nan to clean up all the hotels, restaurants, bars and other shops in Flowing Snake. For the time being, take back all of Stream Snake’s inn industry and entertainment industry, and directly kill those who don’t submit.”

Ye Mo’s cold and domineering words made all the people present hit a ji spirit, those who disobeyed would be killed directly? If these words were just said in other places, they would be wanted. But this was Flowing Snake, and it was still his Ye Mo’s turf.

“Ye Mo…” Ning Qingxue also felt that this comment from Ye Mo was a bit inappropriate, although she had come to the Flowing Serpent once, there were some things she had not been exposed to. However, she just called Ye Mo’s name and stopped saying anything, since he did this, he had his reasons.

Ye Mo of course had his own reasoning, how many simple characters were there who came to the Flowing Serpent who could reign supreme here? He didn’t want to turn the Flowing Serpent into a place where whoever had the biggest fist was justified. Since he had decided to settle in Flowing Snake, he had to have the place completely in his own hands. There was no reasoning with these people. When he had the Flowing Serpent completely in his own hands, then he could formulate reason.

Until then, one could only use killing to solve the problem. Ye Mo had exterminated the Amphibian Gang and eradicated the Hopewell School, so the killing of the district snake was no obstacle to him.

Whether it was law and order, business, or planning in the Flowing Serpent, the group of people under him were now doing a messy job and had no head to deal with.

Ye Mo’s words made everyone present feel that their boss, who was always nice to talk to, seemed to have bad moments, and when he was bad, he seemed to be terrifying.

Ye Mo glanced at the excited Yang Jiu and said, “Don’t try to influence the foreign merchants too much, and for those who claim hegemony in the Flowing Serpent, as long as there are lives in their hands or they have raped women, kill them all, no need to report them. But if you are like the people before you, using your power for personal gain, you will be the next one to lose your head.”


“Yang Jiu suddenly winced.

He now understood that it was okay to talk about friends’ righteousness, but you couldn’t bring that kind of relationship to manage a place; it would only make it worse and worse.

Cold sweat broke out on Huan Gui’s body, he didn’t know how many people he had killed, even the women he had raped were a dozen. Now when this order came down from Ye Mo, he would definitely die for sure.

Go, he had to go. This was Huan Gui’s only thought.

Little Fire suddenly pointed at Huan Ghost and a man and a woman behind him and said, “These three have all killed people, and I also know that they snatched over the women of the Flowing Snakes …….”

“Hey, hey, I know about this too, it’s just that the boss didn’t give the word at that time.” Yang Jiu a gloomy laugh over hand, not yet reacted to the Huan Ghost and a man and a woman behind him have fallen to the ground, in addition to Ye Mo even Zang Jia Yan did not see clearly how Yang Jiu did it. When the ‘Earth Fury, the Earth Word Killer was really true to its name.

Ye Mo coldly glanced at Little Iron on the ground, if he didn’t have to give face to Fang Nan, he would have pa*sed over with a fireball.

“Yang Jiu and Fang Nan take their men and go on an errand immediately, the rest of you go back with me and convene a meeting immediately.” Ye Mo knew that the crisis of the Flowing Serpent was not just these that he could see, the real crisis was the threat from the country next to him, a threat that even he, Ye Mo, could not just say that it could be defused.

Ye Mo, Yu Miaotong and the others had just returned to the headquarters of the ‘Luo Yue Continent, when Ye Ling rushed over, she had just gotten the news that her brother had come over and dropped the soup she was going to make in her hand and immediately ran out.

Ye Ling, who had just grabbed Ye Mo’s arm, immediately saw Ning Qingxue, and immediately ran to Ning Qingxue in surprise and grabbed her hand, “Sister-in-law Qingxue, you’re back? It’s really great, otherwise my brother would have been anxious to death.”

Although Ye Mo had never said it, Ye Ling knew that Ning Qingxue’s place in Ye Mo’s heart was very important. Although she didn’t like Ning Qingxue before either, but her brother did, and loved the house, so how could she be at odds with her sister-in-law?

“Well, thank you, Ye Ling, I really didn’t expect you to be in the flow snake as well.” In her heart, Ning Qingxue immediately thought of Ye Mo’s other sister, Tang Beiwei in Ninghai, there were some things that Ye Mo hadn’t had the time to tell her, so she didn’t know what was going on yet. In her heart, however, she thought that Tang Beiwei, like herself, was also someone Ye Mo liked. However, although Ning Qingxue guessed this in her heart, she didn’t ask, she knew that if this was really the case, Ye Mo would definitely find the opportunity to tell her, so she was in no hurry.

“Sister-in-law Qingxue, why don’t you stay at Flowing Snake from now on, it’s very nice here.” Ye Ling had lived in Flowing Snake for a while and had already developed feelings for it. However, she knew that Ning Qingxue had her own company and she should still return to Yuzhou. Although she knew this, in her heart she still wanted her sister-in-law to live with her.

Unexpectedly, Ning Qingxue smiled sweetly and said, “Yes, I’m going back to Ninghai to bring some things with me, and then I’ll be staying at Flowing Serpent.”

“Really, that’s great.” Ye Ling had forgotten that her brother was still off to the side.

Ning Qingxue, however, was thinking about hating clearly, although her family was also a pharmaceutical business, but she was already married to Ye Mo. She should be Ye Mo’s person now, and she should stay at Flowing Snake to help Ye Mo.

Erhu and Lu Xiaozhen both came over to greet Ye Mo, and seeing so many acquaintances and people following him all at once, Ye Mo was even more determined in his heart that he wanted Flowing Snake to change in a big way, at least to make so that there was not the slightest problem with the safety of the people following him at Flowing Snake.

“Chief Zang, you first gather people to the meeting room, Ye Ling you and Light Snow also go to the meeting room first. Sister Yu, you take me to see Guo Qi and Fang Wei.” Ye Mo didn’t forget about Guo Qi, although he didn’t know why he wanted to kill the officers, but if Guo Qi was framed, he would help with this. Guo Qi was a person he admired, a very loyal person, a very good man.