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DYM Chapter 438

Ye Mo got the camera, although he wanted to spend the night with Ning Qingxue, but Ning Qingxue also knew that the sooner this kind of thing happened with the ‘Nourishing Face Pill’, the better. She also wanted very much to stay with Ye Mo to keep her company, but she could still distinguish this kind of priority.

Before Ye Mo left, Void Moon Hua had already led people to the Flowing Serpent. For the current construction of the Flowing Snake, Ye Mo was still not in a hurry. As long as there was money and people, as for how to build, he was not much worried.

He was aware of Void Yuehua’s ability, and he believed that under Void Yuehua’s leadership, the Flowing Snake would definitely change one day at a time. What worried Ye Mo the most was not the construction of the Flowing Snake or the development of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, he believed that under the leadership of Void Yuehua and Ning Qingxue, there should be no problem with either of them.

What worried Ye Mo the most was the matter of the land of Flowing Serpent, which would involve both Luther and Vietnam. If they were to expand the Flowing Serpent, they would even have to buy land from China.

This is not the world of cultivation, although here too, the fist speaks, but after all, there are still some scruples. It is Rice that has to wear trousers with the word justice printed on them if they want to fight Little Lark.

If you were in the cultivation world, if you had the ability, you would only have people come to your door to congratulate you if you had wiped out someone’s family. In the Cultivation World, there is no snow to send charcoal, only stones falling from the well. So in case Luther didn’t agree and he Ye Mo wanted to get violent, even if he didn’t have justice chaps, he would have to get a little shirt with the word justice on it.

It’s just that although Ye Mo came from the cultivation world, his usual style is that people don’t offend me, I won’t offend them. If people were not willing to sell him land, could he still beat them to the door? This was not what Ye Mo wanted.

However, Ye Mo also knew clearly that this place, the Flowing Serpent, would be a piece of land that no one would have asked for if he, Ye Mo, had not opened a factory here. If Luther and Vietnam did not want to sell it, it was certainly not because of how precious the land was, but because they wanted to get a bigger advantage through it.

Ye Mo shook his head and decided not to think about these things for now. When he put down his own thoughts, Ye Mo realised that he had already arrived in He Feng.

When he arrived in He Feng, apart from going to the He Feng Yuan family to look for evidence, Ye Mo also had to go to Xi Tong County to see his cla*smate Shi Xiu. With his help last time, Shi Xiu had already been appointed as the deputy governor of Xitong, although he was still at the full branch level, but that was only a matter of time.

The Yuan family of Hebeng, although not ranked among the big families of China, is the largest family in Hebeng, without exception. It could be said that He Feng was the Yuan family’s territory, and no one could do anything to the Yuan family in He Feng.

When Ye Mo arrived in He Feng, he did not go to Li Chunsheng, although he knew that Li Chunsheng was the Standing Committee Deputy Mayor of He Feng, but he wanted to see if this Li Chunsheng was saying and doing the same thing. He wanted to know whether Shi Xiu had established a firm foothold in Xitong, and whether Li Chunsheng had supported Shi Xiu.

Although he had gotten Shi Xiu to Xitong, Ye Mo knew that things in the officialdom were not as simple as they appeared. One wrong step, or a backstabbing, and his Shi Xiu’s official path would be cut short. There is no way for Ye Mo to help him in such matters, it is entirely up to him. At most, he could only let Shi Xiu go to the flowing snake when he couldn’t go on.

It was too easy to find out where the Yuan family lived, one could not know the name of the new mayor in He Feng, but there was absolutely no one who did not know the Yuan family.

The ‘Yuanbei Pharmaceutical Group’ was already a banner in He Feng, the number one pharmaceutical company in Asia ah.

The ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ was situated on the shores of Wuhe Lake, and unlike other companies, the back of the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ was where the Yuan family lived, a large manor-style villa. Not only is it spacious, but it is also luxurious and extravagant, with the courtyard inside, Xiao Xie, as if it were the residence of a great official in ancient times. The only difference was that the Yuan family’s villa was more spacious or a bit more modern than the mansions of those great officials.

Ye Mo arrived at the office building of the ‘Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group’, the ‘Yuan Bei Building’, which was a thirty-eight-storey office building, and it could be said that the aura of the Yuan family could be seen from the aura of this building.

In fact, it is true that Yuan Zhirong had hired almost all the feng shui masters in the whole of China in order to select the site for the construction of the ‘Yuan Bei Building’.

Only after gathering the opinions of many feng shui masters did he finally finalise the construction of the thirty-eight-storey ‘Yuan Bei Lou’ on the shores of Wuhe Lake, and set up a feng shui formation to ensure that the Yuan Clan would always prosper.

After the ‘Yuan Bei Building’ was established, it really did not disappoint Yuan Zhirong. The ‘Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group’ became more and more famous and its business grew bigger and bigger, even developing the ‘Nine Heart An Oral Liquid’ three years ago, and with just this one liquid, the Yuan Bei Group leapt to become the number one pharmaceutical company in Asia, which is now untouchable ”The Far North Pharmaceutical Group’s position as the number one pharmaceutical enterprise in Asia.

Such a pharmaceutical enterprise, it can be said that no peer in China is willing to offend. Who else would be willing to offend the industry’s leading company if they couldn’t even be bothered to make friends?

However, there is such a company that does not know what is good and bad, relying on the fame of the ‘Face Care Pill’, not only ignoring the ‘Yuanbei Pharmaceutical Group’, but also directly declaring that it is in opposition to the ‘Yuanbei Pharmaceutical Group’. ‘ against each other.

As for the battle between ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’, many companies were just standing on the sidelines watching the fun. They would not like to see these two companies fight. However, most people knew that although ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was famous for the unbelievable efficacy of its two pills, it was still too far from ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ to compete with them.

The truth is that “Luo Yue Pharmaceutical” had only been on fire for a few months before there was a big problem. The ‘Nourishing Face Pill’ had developed side effects and could also disfigure people and even endanger their lives.

People within the pharmaceutical industry are tight-lipped about such things, and many know what is going on. But knowing is one thing, the truth is another. There were also many people who began to ridicule ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, a mere mob company that dared to fight with ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’, what was this?

Is the reason why the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ has become the leader of the pharmaceutical industry in Asia, is it only because of their few fist products? The management of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is a bit too naive. Sometimes, just because your products are excellent, it doesn’t mean you can go farther. There are many things in this world that are invisible and untouchable, but they play a decisive role.

When Ye Mo walked inside the Yuan family’s luxurious living room, the Yuan family’s living room was at this moment full of people, most of them were some pharmaceutical companies that came to show solidarity with the ‘Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group’, as well as some senior members of the Yuan family, and even some important brains from He Feng.

Although Ye Mo didn’t know these people, there were definitely many companies that were still working with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. Ye Mo stealthily entered Yuan Zhirong’s study, he knew that usually when these people talked about some confidential matters they liked to be inside the study. In Yuan Zhirong’s study, Ye Mo made some divine sense marks and then went to the conference room to make some divine sense marks before he left the Yuan family villa, knowing that now was the time when Yuan Zhirong was in his prime. Even if he didn’t see ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ in his eyes anymore, he couldn’t possibly tell his conspiracy on such an occasion.

“Far Dong, if our China does not have your ‘Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group’ to support us, this ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ matter will be tantamount to disgracing my China’s pharmaceutical industry ah, shame, it is really shameful. ” An unbelievably obese man raised a gla*s of wine while curtly saying to Yuan Zhirong.

Far Zhirong smiled with a red face, “Haha, we are not discussing other companies today, the reason why my ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ has made it this far is because of its reputation. Sooner or later, people will be caught out for relying on cheating, which just harms the common people. Of course, Mayor Niu’s consistent support for our ‘Far North Pharmaceuticals’ is also the motivation for us to persevere for the people. This gla*s of wine, I would like to toast Mayor Niu.”

After saying this, Yuan Zhirong lifted his gla*s to a middle-aged man with half-light hair and raised it to him.

This middle-aged man immediately said, “Chairman Yuan is very kind, my He Feng economy can maintain a continuous rise, and the support of the ‘Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group’ is inseparable. A big pharmaceutical enterprise is accumulated after many years of sedimentation, which is not that simple to say that it will rise up. It’s just a pity that many of our officials only put immediate and immediate benefits in the first place, without considering long-term development, not to mention the safety and security of the common people, alas ……”

“I agree with Mayor Niu’s words, although my words are very sharp, but Vice Mayor Li Chunsheng just arrived in Hefeng to introduce ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. Although Mayor Li is also for the economic development of He Feng, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ I just don’t feel very reliable, and sure enough, it’s only been a short time since ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ committed a crime.” Another middle-aged man, who looked very righteous, said in a jab.

Mayor Niu, however, raised his gla*s at this moment and said, “Old Liu is just a straightforward person, today is Chairman Yuan’s family banquet, we don’t talk about political matters, let’s drink, drink.”

The crowd lifted their gla*ses and drained them again, and the atmosphere at the wine table became more and more heated.


Ye Mo looked for a bar, his divine sense was always watching his divine sense mark, once someone touched it, he would immediately know. He believed that tonight, Yuan Zhi Rong had found so many people to drink, it must not be as simple as drinking. Moreover, these people must all be Far Zhirong’s dead friends, and after this drink was over it was time to talk about things.

“Sir, may I ask what you need to order?” An enchanting bar lady walked over to Ye Mo’s seat and asked in a delicate manner.

“Whatever.” Ye Mo waved his hand and said.

“Ah ……” The lady froze for a moment, whatever? There were hundreds of different kinds of wine inside their bar, and the prices varied too much, what kind of wine was this casual? Domestic or imported? Red wine or white wine? Wasn’t that difficult?

“You just have two gla*ses of ‘Qing Ye Qing Hua Wine’, and this customer’s wine is on my head.” A young woman around thirty years old walked over to Ye Mo’s table and sat down, and ordered a C*cktail for Ye Mo.

‘Green Leaf and Green Flower Wine’? Ye Mo froze for a moment, he had a ‘Green Leaf Cymbidium Gra*s’, how come the name of this drink was so similar to the one he had? Compared to this young woman who had suddenly approached him in front of him was of secondary importance.