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DYM Chapter 437

All the way to the helicopter by Military Commander Li, Lu Lin and the others still couldn’t believe that they had been saved without anything happening just like that. After listening to Guo Qi and Fang Wei, Lu Lin did not hesitate in the slightest and chose to join the Flowing Snakes. Although they didn’t know much about Ye Mo’s origins yet, there was not a single person who didn’t know about ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical.

Yu Miaotong also couldn’t believe that Ye Mo had gone out for a quick spin and brought back the man, and that the wanted notice had been revoked. It seemed as if the fact that he had killed the officer had no effect whatsoever. Yu Miaotong felt that she no longer understood this boss of hers.

Only Ning Qingxue felt that this was normal and she trusted Ye Mo. Ye Mo even knew something as mysterious as cultivation, what else could be difficult for him?

Ye Mo, however, noticed that Yu Miaotong’s face looked a little uncomfortable and immediately asked, “What happened?”

Ning Qingxue, however, came up and said softly, “The ‘Beauty Pill’ produced by our company has been reported to have side effects, and there have been four cases nationwide, and the number of such illnesses is still increasing.”

“Side effects?” Ye Mo frowned, he really didn’t believe that his ‘Beauty Pills, had any side effects, it was simply not possible. Although these pills were not considered pills, they were all the result of the accumulation of thousands and thousands of years in the ‘Luo Yue Continent, so how could they have side effects?

This was the only thought that came to Ye Mo’s mind, someone must have backstabbed his own pharmaceutical company. Ye Mo coldly laughed in his heart, if you can’t beat the open ones, then you can beat the dark ones, fine, I’ll let you beat the dark ones too.

“Sister Yu, who is trying to backstab our company?” Ye Mo asked straightforwardly he certainly wouldn’t believe that there was something wrong with his medicine.

“Ye Dong? How do you know someone is backstabbing?” Yu Miaotong was even more surprised, even if he was more confident in his medicine, he should at least be suspicious.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and didn’t answer, if it was really his own production line that was faulty, the ones that appeared as examples would not have been four up across the country. Because ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ ‘beauty pills, are single line single sale is a line out of the product will be sold directly to the same place, will not sell a little here, a little there. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services.

Ning Qingxue, however, replied, “It should be the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ they simply did not hide their move to backstab us, it can be said that they were blatantly backstabbing, and even afraid that we did not know that it was them who backstabbed.”

“Oh?” Ye Mo frowned surprisingly there was such an arrogant company? Light Snow’s matter, he hadn’t had the time to settle the score with them yet, and these people had even taken the initiative to come to his door.

Yu Miaotong nodded and said, “Yes, what Light Snow said is right, as soon as something like our ‘Beauty Pill, something went wrong, a public statement from the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group,’ immediately came. They stated that they would not work with companies that produce harmful drugs, and that all companies that work with companies that produce harmful drugs are the target of their crackdown. They even harshly condemned companies that use shoddy herbs and chemicals to harm people, a company that they do not care to be a*sociated with.

They then pointed to us, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, except for naming them, and it was also their push behind this time for things to spread so fast.”

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, it was really a blatant backstabbing. As soon as this statement came out it would immediately let ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, know that it was the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group that had backstabbed them” This was just like the words that Ye Mo said to Xu Shi, that is, I, the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group, want to backstab you, what can you do?

“As soon as this matter came out, reporters from all walks of life immediately swarmed into the stream snake and were all ready to dig into the roots of our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. This afternoon, the sales of our ‘Beauty Pills’ and ‘Body Building Pills’ have dropped sharply. Although they were still sold out on the same day, they are not the trend of selling out as soon as they arrive. This is still the first day, and I think it will be even worse in the future.” Yu Miaotong said worriedly.

“What is the reaction of the side effects like?” Ye Mo continued to ask.

“It’s the red spots all over the body and it will slowly concentrate on the face, this is still the initial stage. Many people think that the later stages of this side effect will make people completely disfigured.” Yu Miaotong’s expression was not optimistic, although she knew that she was being a*sa*sinated, but there was no way to undo the situation.

Ye Mo already understood, he immediately said, “You guys continue to regulate the hair, the development of the company, just leave this matter to me. By the way, Sister Yu, I said last time that I asked you to set up a distribution office in Xitong County, has it been set up?”

Yu Miaotong immediately said, “That distribution office is under preparation, and no products are being sold yet.”

“Good, then hurry up. Guo Qi, Fang Wei, and Lu Lin will be our people in the future. Light Snow, later on, you can arrange for a few of Lu Lin to be in charge of the construction of Flowing Snake, as well as the security management of Flowing Snake can be handed over to her, and have Yang Jiu and Fang Nan a*sist Lu Lin for the time being.”

After Ye Mo finished speaking, he also said to Lu Lin, “When Void Moonflower comes to Flowing Serpent, you can be directly responsible for Void Moonflower.”

Seeing that Lu Lin and the others agreed with his arrangement, Ye Mo only said to Yu Miaotong, “Go and find me a digital camera with higher pixels to come over. I am going to make a trip to He Feng, I want to see how much this ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group, is capable of.”

After saying that, Ye Mo seemed to remember another thing, he immediately asked Yu Miaotong, “Do we have someone going to both Luther and Vietnam now to discuss the land matter?”

Yu Miaotong immediately nodded and said, “As soon as the meeting on this matter is over, I’ll send someone from my side to go to the two countries to go through the formalities.” Not only was Ye Mo anxious about this matter, but Yu Miaotong was also very anxious in her heart.

Only after receiving an affirmative answer did Ye Mo put his heart down.

After arranging all these things down, Ye Mo went to Flowing Snake for a turn. Under the crackdown of Yang Jiu and Fang Nan, the flowing snake had completely improved, although it was still mixed with people and snakes, but such things as forced robbery and forced sale had been eliminated.

A broken sword? It was a ground stall that made Ye Mo stop in his tracks. The man who set up the stall was a man in his thirties, with no cultivation level, so he should just be an ordinary person, except that the man had a faint smell of earth and should be a tomb raider. There were some antiques and some jewellery on the stall, but what attracted Ye Mo was a broken sword on the stall in front of him.

Ye Mo knew this broken sword because he had cut it off. When he had just refined his flying sword at the Immeasurable Mountain, he met Zhang Zhihui and his flying sword cut Zhang Zhihui’s long sword.

This broken sword was Zhang Zhihui’s. At first, he did not kill Zhang Zhihui but let him go to the Broken Fist Hall, in order to let Zhang Zhihui put an end to the Broken Fist Hall and this broken sword was also taken away by Zhang Zhihui at that time.

He never saw Zhang Zhihui again after he left, and he even went to the Zhang family in Xuanjiang, but he did not see Zhang Zhihui, and the patriarch of the Zhang family said that Zhang Zhihui had not returned for a long time.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

This sword Ye Mo was sure that Zhang Zhihui cared a lot because when the tip of the sword was cut off by Ye Mo, Zhang Zhihui still took the broken sword away with him. Now the broken sword that he took away was put out at Flowing Snake’s stall, what does this mean?

Seeing Ye Mo pick up the broken sword, the man at the stall immediately said, “This sword is very old, although it is a broken sword, it must have good collector’s value. If my friend is interested, I can lower the price.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Good I am somewhat interested in this broken sword, only that you must tell me the origin of this broken sword before I will buy it.”

Hearing that Ye Mo just wanted to know the origin of the broken sword, the man immediately spoke incessantly.

“The origin of this broken sword is not ordinary, when some friends and I found the remains of the ancient city of Loulan in the desert ……” The man wanted to continue making up stories when he was interrupted by Ye Mo with a cold laugh

“If you continue to make up stories, I will immediately tell you to get out of the Flowing Serpent, or I can also make you put your bottom in jail in the Flowing Serpent.” Ye Mo threatened in a harsh tone.

After saying this, Ye Mo’s heart moved he knew of course that there were no cells in the Flowing Serpent, but wouldn’t it be better in case a cell was established in the Flowing Serpent? Just what was the difference between that and building a city similar to a country, Ye Mo shook his head and put the matter down.

The man winced, boy, although the flowing snake was full of gold, but the legal system was not sound here, in case he was jailed here, he would have no chance of getting out for the rest of his life. Since this man dared to talk like this, it meant that he must be a local snake in the Flowing Serpent.

“I’ll say.” Although Ye Mo knew that there was no jail cell here, the man did not know that and hurriedly said, “This broken sword was found when I was in Qing Cliff Mountain in Sichuan, when two friends and I went up to the mountain to do something and picked it up in a valley.”

“What else is around this broken sword?” Ye Mo asked in a deep voice.

The man didn’t dare to hide it and hurriedly said, “There are still some bloodstains around this broken sword, as well as some torn rags. I reckon it should be a person who went up the mountain alone and met some kind of beast on the mountain.”

As soon as Ye Mo heard this, he knew that Zhang Zhihui was in a bad way, when he said that the Broken Fist Hall’s lair was precisely the Qing Cliff Mountain, so this man in front of him was not lying.

However, Ye Mo knew of Zhang Zhihui’s ability, his cultivation level was at the middle earth level. Not to mention that the main force of the Broken Fist Hall had been killed by Ye Mo. Even if he hadn’t, with Zhang Zhihui’s cultivation level, he wouldn’t have lost his life in the Fist Breaking Hall, right? It looked like Zhang Zhihui should have met some ruthless person.

Since Zhang Zhihui was there to help himself, and he had a problem, he should help him to investigate.

“How much is this sword? I’ll take it.” Ye Mo said as he picked up the broken sword.

“One thousand ……, no, five hundred dollars is fine.” The man hastily changed his words, he was afraid that Ye Mo was a jerk from the Flowing Snakes.

Ye Mo took out a thousand yuan and threw it to the man and said, “Just a thousand, you draw me the place where you found the broken sword.”

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t care about money, the man hastily put the money away, it was also true, this place of the Flowing Snakes was full of rich people, who would put a few hundred dollars in their eyes.

Ye Mo picked up the broken sword and the diagram drawn by this man, and returned to the headquarters of ‘Luo Yue Company,’ full of doubts, he couldn’t figure out how someone like Zhang Zhihui, who was already almost the best cultivator on Earth, could be killed by someone somehow?