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DYM Chapter 441

Although Ye Mo had already come out of the basement, he still had to admire Yuan Zhirong’s ruthlessness.

This Yuan Zhirong had not only established the research base underground, but also planted seven or eight bombs around the research base.

This was not the first time Ye Mo had come into contact with bombs, and once he took a look at these buried bombs, he knew that this was Yuan Zhirong’s fear of an incident. Once something happened, he would let these bombs explode and nothing would be left in the end.

Ye Mo dug out all these bombs and buried them around Far Zhirong’s villa, a luxurious villa that Ye Mo estimated would cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build. I wonder how Yuan Zhirong felt when he saw his villa being blown up when he pressed the bomb detonation button.

Although Ye Mo was tempted to bury a few underneath the ‘Far North Building,’ but he held back his crazy thoughts when he thought of how many innocent people would die.

Ye Mo shook his head, he still wasn’t ruthless ah, a ruthless person would definitely not hesitate to bury a few under that thirty-eight story building of Yuan Zhi Rong.

It was not until three hours later that Ye Mo left the villa of the Yuan family.

Luo Sheng was the mid-shift bartender at ‘Wu Riverside Bar, and he knew Sister Ying. It was just that his working hours were usually from 10pm to 2am. Although Sister Ying was a saleswoman at the Wu Riverside Bar, she never stayed at the bar past 10pm, and she usually had to leave work before 10pm.

But today it was almost zero in the morning and Sister Ying was still at the bar, but instead of going out to do business to sell her wine she was sitting at a table somewhat anxiously seemingly waiting for someone.

“Oh my, isn’t this Sister Ying? How come you haven’t finished work by now.” With a flirtatious voice, a young man in his twenties walked up to Lu Ying Ying’s table but sat down directly. There were two other youths who came with him, but seeing this youth sitting at Lu Ying Ying’s seat, these two youths changed tables.

Lu Ying Ying looked at this youth with a frown this man she knew of course, not once had he pestered her. But she had never given him a chance, because every time she got off work before ten o’clock today it was a special surprise to be here at twelve o’clock.

“Two gla*ses of ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Wine’, it’s on me this time.” The young man snapped his fingers and called out.

Lu Ying Ying said in a cold voice, “Gu Chong, I don’t want to drink with you, make way.”

The young man called Gu Chong hemmed and hawed, “Sister Ying Ying, I’m helping you with your business now, is this how you treat someone who helps you with your business? You see I have specially ordered the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Wine,’ yet.”

Lu Ying Ying stood up as if she hadn’t heard, to change a seat. She knew Gu Chong, this person was also considered a small bully here, but she knew how to advance and retreat, and generally rarely messed with him. She knew that he usually came to the bar after eleven o’clock, and she usually got off work early, so it was also difficult to meet him. If in normal times this drink would have been consumed, but today she was irritable and desperate to wait for Ye Mo, and was in no mood to talk nonsense to Gu Chong.

“Huh, Brother Gu was kind enough to buy you a drink and even help you sell ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Wine’ and even if you don’t thank him, you still use this kind of attitude, what do you mean by this, Sister Ying?” The two youths who had just come with Gu Chong had already blocked Lu Ying Ying’s way.

Gu Chong’s face sank, usually when he met this woman to molest her, she did not dare to say anything today she took the wrong medicine?

The main thing is that the two big b**bs on her chest make people itch to look at them.

It’s just that Gu Chong seldom comes to this bar before 10pm, and he often forgets about this woman, because the last thing he needs is a woman. When he came today, he was surprised to find that this big-b**bed woman was still there, and he was immediately tickled. To him, not to mention a bar saleswoman, even if she was a famous girl, he would have f*cked her if he wanted to. Besides, sometimes playing with such bar saleswomen was another kind of excitement.

Lu Ying Ying’s face was a bit unsightly, she knew that what she had just done was a bit inappropriate. Here she was even an existence that was at the mercy of others, it was only because she had met someone who knew ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’ and was in a stirring mood that she had not paid attention to her attitude and words.

“Sorry, Gu Shao, just now it was me who was in a bad mood, I apologize, this cup of wine is on me.” After saying that Lu Ying Ying picked up a cup of ‘Qing Hua Qing Ye wine on the table and drank it all in one go.

Gu Chong harrumphed, “Isn’t that right, but fate ……”

When he said this, Gu Chong did not say anything further, but looked at the two followers.

The two youths who stopped Lu Ying Ying gave a thumbs up and said, “Sister Ying just understands things, but today Sister Ying made our brother Gu angry. Although Brother Gu is generous enough not to take it personally with you, but then, Sister Ying needs to show it too.”

“What else do you guys want?” Lu Ying Ying’s face remained unchanged, she had seen this kind of thing in the bar too many times, just now making amends was to give face to this Gu Ba Wang, if he continued to take an inch, she Lu Ying Ying could not give in again no matter what. The more you give in to such people, the more they will push.

“What do we want? Look at what you said, Sister Ying. Brother Gu has some admiration for Sister Ying, so what about it, tonight Sister Ying will keep Brother Gu company, from now on Sister Ying and your business will be covered by Brother Gu.” A young man said in a strange voice.

Lu Ying Ying’s face changed and she immediately said, “Do Lou.”

Gu Chong snorted coldly, “Give shame,…”

As soon as Gu Chong’s words fell, one of the youths who had stopped Lu Ying Ying raised his hand and slapped him. Lu Ying Ying had been drinking ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Wine’ for a long time, and although she had not cultivated, her movements were very agile. Before the youth could hit her, she subconsciously raised her hand to block the slap.

However, her strength was not as strong as the young man’s, so she stumbled a little and fell down on a seat next to him.

The bar bartender, Luo Sheng, was in a hurry, but he knew that Gu Chong was not someone he could offend. Luo Sheng carefully took out his mobile phone and was about to dial, the old police. But before he could dial the number, a hand pressed down.

“The old…” Luo Sheng didn’t expect that the one holding his hand down was the owner of the bar.

“Luo Sheng, I know what you think, but Gu Chong is not something you nor I can offend. If you had called the police today, Gu Chong would have been fine, but you would have been in trouble and I would have been involved. I can only blame Ying Ying’s bad luck today. Besides, this bar business will have this day sooner or later.” The middle-aged man holding Luo Sheng down said with a sigh.

Although it was twelve o’clock at night, there were still quite a few people drinking at ‘Wu Riverside Bar’, mainly because ‘Wu Riverside Bar’ was the largest bar in the neighbourhood and it had a very good selection of alcohol.

Despite the fact that there were still quite a few people drinking and many people saw the scene over here, none of them came up to say anything.

A trace of despair flashed in Lu Ying Ying’s eyes, she looked at Gu Chong and suddenly said, “Young Gu, I agree to your request, only that you give me one night, tonight I have to meet with a friend, tomorrow I am willing to accompany you.”

Gu Chong laughed, “Although you are not some youthful virgin, but it is never possible for me to get in line to sleep with you behind someone else.

It’s fine if you want to f*ck someone else, just get in line behind me, Gu Chong.”

“Your name is Gu Chong?” A faint voice rang out in a few people’s ears.

A hint of excitement flashed in Lu Ying Ying’s eyes, not that she remembered whether she had been rescued or not, but this person who spoke was the same person who said he knew about the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s, a few hours ago. The reason she had stayed here until now was to wait for him.

“You’ve finally come?” Lu Ying Ying seemed to have a thousand words in her heart, this time she could not let this young man in front of her leave no matter what. As for the matter of being coerced by Gu Chong, it was surprising that she had forgotten about it.

Gu Chong looked up and down at Ye Mo who walked over, then said disdainfully, “Is this the friend you’re waiting for? Is he the one you are planning to accompany to bed tonight?”

Only then did Lu Ying Ying remember that her side of the matter seemed to be unresolved, and her face immediately turned ugly. She didn’t know if Ye Mo was the one she was looking for, and if he wasn’t the one she was looking for, then he was the only one who would end up in harm’s way.

Although Ye Mo didn’t know what had happened, but looking at Lu Ying Ying’s condition, and the drinkers who were far away to the side, as well as the three people who had stopped Lu Ying Ying, he guessed a **.

Ye Mo did not answer Gu Chong’s words, but said to Lu Ying Ying, “Didn’t you want to find me for something? Let’s go.”

Lu Ying Ying looked at the three Gu Chong, gritted her teeth and stood up and pa*sed through the two people who were stopping her. What was strange to her was that these two people did not stop her.

“Let’s go.” Once Lu Ying Ying saw that these two did not stop her, she immediately pulled Ye Mo to want to leave quickly.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Alright, let’s go first.”

Ye Mo and Lu Ying Ying both walked out of the bar’s door before Gu Chong and his two followers seemed to react, it was as if they felt that their bodies had just paused uncontrollably for a moment and just neglected to let Lu Ying Ying leave.

“Go after them.” Although Gu Chong did not know what had just happened, he would definitely not let the food that was in his mouth get away. Besides, he had originally come out to find excitement, so where would he let go of such excitement.

“They’re catching up, let’s hurry and run.” Lu Ying Ying’s face changed and she pulled Ye Mo to make a quick escape.

Ye Mo nodded, but Lu Ying Ying quickly changed her face, she found that Ye Mo couldn’t run fast even with her pulling him, the two of them only just ran out of a thousand meters or less, before they were once again stopped by Gu Chong and the three of them at an isolated shade.

Lu Ying Ying had managed to find Ye Mo, a person who knew about ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s,’ so of course she would not stop there, and she was really unwilling to let her leave Ye Mo behind.

“Run, keep running.” The three Gu Chong stopped Ye Mo and Lu Ying Ying and sneered coldly.