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DYM Chapter 442

Lu Ying Ying’s mind was spinning quickly, she was still thinking of what she could use to get the three Gu Chong to let her go when she noticed that the young man she had pulled out was already walking up to Gu Chong.

“I had no intention of running, the reason why I’m here is because I just don’t want to make a move at the bar.” Ye Mo said in a light voice.

He was telling the truth, he had come here originally to find trouble with the Yuan family for the matter of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ he didn’t rest before he made his move and was found out by the Yuan family. It was certain that the Yuan family was aware of his presence by now, as there were people from the Yuan family in Flowing Snake.

If he made his move at the bar, he would definitely be noticed, so Ye Mo brought the three of them, Gu Chong, to this place that was a bit, out of the way.

“Spiders…” Gu Chong only let out a laugh before he immediately stopped smiling, realising that the young man in front of him was not just talking. Just as he finished his words, he had already made his move, and even after he had finished hitting, he only reacted himself.

“Slap ……,” several slaps meandered followed by a few kicks, and his two followers had been knocked to the ground by this man with barely the slightest resistance. The only thing that could be heard was the sound of bones breaking. But even though the bones were broken, he still did not hear a single shout from his men.

“You”…” Gu Chong then felt a bit bad, his two followers were beaten to death without even being able to fight back. And he had only just reacted to the meanderings.

Ye Mo lifted his hand and walked to Gu Chong’s front, slowly slapping him over.

“Slap ……,” as if swatting a fly Gu Chong was knocked several meters away, spitting out a mouthful of blood and half lying on the ground looking at Ye Mo who was slowly coming in shock.

“My brother-in-law is the deputy director of the He Feng City Bureau, you can’t touch me ……”

Just before Gu Chong’s words fell, Ye Mo once again stepped forward and gave another slap. Several more teeth fell from Gu Chong’s mouth, and at this point he already understood that relying on his sister-in-law didn’t seem to work. His two followers had just been knocked unconscious and had not yet woken up, and they did not know whether they were alive or dead.

In case this guy who doesn’t know the high ground hou really wants to kill the three of them ……, rest to here Gu Chong hit a cold war, if he was killed even if his sister then find someone to this person how to revenge, he already can’t live pedantic to come.

“Don’t hit me, I can give you a lot of money …… I can make you a big official in River Feng ……” Gu Chong tried everything he could to stop Ye Mo from continuing to do it to him.

But when he said that he could make this man who had beaten himself a very big official, this man who had beaten himself unexpectedly stopped. Oh, to be exact, he stopped his feet.

Ye Mo retracted his foot that was about to kick Gu Chong and had some doubts in his heart. He looked at Gu Chong and said coldly, “Your sister’s elder sister is only a mere director, or a deputy, and on what basis can you make me a very big official in He Feng?”

Gu Chong breathed a sigh of relief, although already beaten, not pedantic since this beaten his own people have a soft spot is good, just afraid that he does not agree, as long as agree, they have a way to rectify him. The first thing that he did was to take a break from his work, and he was about to take a break from his work to fool Ye Mo.

“Ka-ching.” Ye Mo was no match for this Gu Chong, he only needed to take a look at him to know that he was taking a break, he didn’t even bother to say a word before he directly stepped forward and kicked down. Gu Chong’s arm was directly broken by the kick.

Gu Chong was scared out of his wits, he already knew that the man in front of him really had the guts to kill him. He couldn’t wait to regret and no longer dared to make up nonsense, he hurriedly said, “I really do have a way to make you a big official I have the handle of Mayor Niu Zhengman in my hand, once you use this handle to threaten Mayor Niu he will definitely agree to your request.”

Ye Mo’s heart twitched, Mayor Niu? Is the boat the guy he saw at Yuan’s house with half of his head bare? Just how could Gu Chong, the mix of a man, have a handle on him? The first thing you need to do is to get a copy of the book. How did you get the handle of the surnamed Niu?”

Seeming to see Ye Mo’s hesitation, Gu Chong hurriedly said, “Big brother, I really have something on him, I got this information from my brother-in-law’s family. My sister’s elder has always helped Mayor Niu in his work, and he would leave some evidence inside his laptop every time he finished his work. Once I went to my sister’s house and unintentionally found these things inside his computer, I secretly copied them down. As long as big brother spares my life, I will definitely give these things to big brother.”

A mayor’s secret would be caught in the hands of a deputy director, and it was also gotten by this director’s brother-in-law.

This showed that it wasn’t anything particularly important either.

Gu Chong, however, had long thought that the two followers had been killed by Ye Mo, and now he was just bent on asking Ye Mo to spare his life, so how could he care about anything else. Seeing that Ye Mo still seemed to be suspicious, he immediately added: “Because I know that my brother-in-law has a laptop that he doesn’t take out or connect to the internet and locks it up every time he uses it. This computer must have secrets, so once I took advantage of my brother-in-law going to the toilet to feel my way into his study and then copied out several folders inside his laptop.” Ye Mo let out a cold laugh and kicked Gu Chong’s broken hand again, ignoring Gu Chong’s cries and said to himself, “Your eyes are flashing and you are obviously lying, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance. Don’t blame me for not giving you a chance. It’s you who failed to grasp the opportunity, I’ll send you on your way now.

After saying this, Ye Mo lifted his foot and was about to give Gu Chong another flat.

Gu Chong had seen with his own eyes that Ye Mo had kicked his two followers to death, at least he thought that the two followers were already dead mouth how could he dare to let Ye Mo use his foot on his own body and hurriedly shouted: “Big brother, I say ah, it was my sister who asked me to copy out. My sister thought my brother-in-law wanted to divorce her, so she wanted to get hold of him, and as a result, she let me go into his study and copy out the stuff while my sister was in the toilet. Big brother, I’m telling the truth this time, not a single word of falsehood left.”

Lu Ying Ying was completely dumbfounded on the side, she didn’t expect this young man who knew about the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s’ to be so powerful, just a few kicks had knocked this Gu Chong and his two followers down. What made Lu Ying Ying uncertain was the ruthlessness of this man, did he really kill someone, those two people didn’t even move until now.

Ye Mo suddenly smiled coldly and didn’t say anything, he didn’t know when he had a short knife in his hand. In the moonlight that leaked through the cracks in the leaves, the light of the knife became more and more cold.

He thought that Ye Mo was going to silence him. He even screamed hoarsely, “Brother, I haven’t given you my evidence yet, don’t kill me. That evidence is not my sister’s elder brother’s, but Mayor Niu Zhengman’s. It has many years of records of his corruption and bribery, as well as records of his bad deeds.”

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t move, Gu Chong hurriedly continued, “A year ago, the incident where the reservoir in Xitong County burst its banks due to a tofu-dreg project and was washed away by the rain, resulting in the flooding of several villages, was done by Niu Zhengman.”

“The reservoir in Xitong County broke its dike?” Ye Mo immediately diverted his attention to Shi Xiu, he met Shi Xiu in Yanjing some time ago. Didn’t Shi Xiu say that he had saved people in the flood and had taken credit for rescuing property? Could it be that the reservoir broke this time?

“Go on.” When it came to Shi Xiu, Ye Mo had some interest in this matter.

Seeing that Ye Mo had finally shown some interest, Gu Chong hurriedly continued, “Su Heng, the county governor of Xitong County, is a very bold person, when he first arrived in Xitong County, he decided to develop Xitong into a lunchtime tourist resort. Later on, it seems that he got an amount of 60 million dollars from above through his connections, with the aim of creating a Xitong reservoir with an iron pa*s, as well as relocating the villagers downstream of the reservoir.

This money because to go through the circuit of the city, the mayor of Niu Manzheng will this money stuck down 50 million, just first allocated down a few million, but also sent a person to supervise the construction of the Xitong reservoir. And precisely at that time, Su Heng turned out to be hospitalized due to illness, so the matter of building the reservoir fell entirely into the hands of another county governor and the person sent down by Mayor Niu.”

When Gu Chong was talking about this, he was surprisingly articulate, without the slightest sign of having had his teeth knocked out.

Seeing that Ye Mo was paying attention to his words, Gu Chong said even more vigorously, “Mayor Niu, however, took the money that was stuck down to form a group to visit the United States, and I heard that he took a gambling expert with him when he went. I didn’t expect him to lose all his money in Las Vegas.”

When Gu Chong said this, Ye Mo already understood. Seeing that Tosser Niu Zhengman had brought a gambling expert with him to try to make a fortune in Las Vegas, he ended up not making any money and even posted his capital. Dan million to build a reservoir that could only be built for tens of millions originally, no wonder it was a tofu-dreg project.

“Because there was no more money to build the Xitong Reservoir, the result was that it could only be completed hastily. When Su Heng was discharged from the hospital, before he could check the quality of the Xitong Reservoir in detail, there was a heavy rainstorm. As a result, the Xitong Reservoir, which had just been repaired, was washed away by the flood and immediately collapsed. Niu Zhengman put the blame for this entirely on Su Heng and the a*sistant he had sent down there. Later on, Su Heng and the man Mayor Niu sent down both took poison and committed suicide during the meandering process of the double regulation.” After Gu Chong finished what had happened, he looked at Ye Mo carefully, he didn’t know if this news could save a small life for himself.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, taking poison and committing suicide? Su Heng would never take poison to kill himself knowing that he was wrongly accused. Moreover, the timing of this Su Heng entering the hospital was a bit too coincidental, the money for the construction of this reservoir had just arrived and he was in the hospital. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

Although Ye Mo has never been to Las Vegas, he is sure that the money there will not be earned so easily. Even the most shrewd and omnipresent person has a blind spot, and this Niu Zhengman’s blind spot is gambling ah.

This Mayor Niu is indeed very bullish.