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DYM Chapter 443

Seeing Ye Mo sulking, Gu Chong hurriedly said curtly again, “Five years ago, the ‘Far North Building, food poisoning, which killed forty-three civilian workers, was also suppressed by Mayor Niu, who was still a deputy mayor at that time.”

More than forty people died, how could such a thing be suppressed? Nowadays, the media and news are so advanced, to be able to suppress the death of more than forty people, even in the middle of the city, this wrist is not ordinary big anymore, but through the sky ah. This was not a mix with his own killings in the Hidden Sect, the government would not care if more people died in the Hidden Sect.

However, Ye Mo did not expect that ‘Far North House, there was even a food poisoning death.

Instead, Gu Chong continued, ”These people are all vagrants that the Yuan family found from all over the world, as well as some homeless people. So although this kind of thing happened, it didn’t have much impact. So many people have not even heard of it.”

Ye Mo drifted off, it turned out to be a group of people who didn’t have a home, and no one even cared when they died, no wonder this matter could simply be covered up, maybe many people didn’t know about this kind of thing at all.

It’s not right, the Yuan family is building the ‘Yuan Bei building, a mere forty or so people are certainly not enough, and if the Yuan family is looking for workers, there is no need to specifically look for homeless people and these homeless people, right?

The Far Family’s underground pharmaceutical base? Ye Mo immediately understood that the Yuan family was looking for these people to build the Yuan Bei Building, but secretly they were digging and building an underground pharmaceutical base. In the end, after the base was built, the Yuan family exterminated all these people. This is simply and the ancient emperor general handwriting ah far family this hand ruthless ah, is truly ruthless.

“And how did your brother-in-law know about these things?” Ye Mo continued to ask.

Gu Chong did not dare to hesitate for a moment and immediately said, “My brother-in-law used to be Mayor Niu’s secretary all along, only this year he was transferred to the city bureau as deputy director.”

So it was this mix, Ye Mo nodded secretly, no wonder this Niu Zhengman’s brother-in-law knew all about this Niu Chong’s affairs.

“Take me to bring the things you copied down your little life is saved.” Ye Mo said in a light voice, there were things that might not be of much use to him, but he could give them to Shi Xiu Zhashu for Shi Xiu’s capital for promotion.

“Yes, yes big brother, these two little brothers of mine ……” Knowing that his little life was saved, Gu Chong promised in a trembling tone. However, looking at the two followers who were kicked to death by Ye Mo, he couldn’t be optimistic again.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “They can’t die yet later on when you come back, just P*ss on their faces.”

Although Gu Chong knew that Ye Mo meant to just get some water and splash it, he still didn’t dare to retort, he was afraid that if he annoyed Ye Mo, he would be finished. Bu Meilu was in a much lighter mood, after all, no one had died, and once they did, it wouldn’t do him any good if this kind of thing went wrong. Because he had already revealed the biggest secret of all.

Twenty minutes after Gu Chong’s place was not far away, Ye Mo had already gotten a memory card with Lu Ying Ying at Gu Chong’s place. After confirming that the card contained the information Gu Chong said, Ye Mo didn’t bother to pay any more attention to Gu Chong, and he and Lu Ying Ying quickly left. It was Gu Chong’s hand that he didn’t even help him treat.

Ye Mo believed that Gu Chong did not dare to stab the matter out, he was not a fool to lose something like this, in case it was stabbed out, it would not do him and his sister in law any good. He would only take out such things when his life was threatened too, if it was any other time Ye Mo was sure Gu Chong would not take out such things.

“Let’s go to my house to talk about it.” Lu Ying Ying looked at Ye Mo with some expectation, she certainly could see that these issues did not worry about how Gu Chong was going to mix it up.

“Good.” Ye Mo originally wanted to know where Lu Ying Ying’s so many ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*ses came from, if it was true that there were so many ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*ses, he would still need to worry about cultivation there.

Not to mention foundation building, cultivating to late Qi cultivation was certainly no problem, Ye Mo even suspected that Lu Ying Ying was someone who was proficient in spiritual herb cultivation.

The place where Lu Ying Ying lives is not very far from the ‘Wu Riverside Bar’, probably for the convenience of working at the ‘Wu Riverside Bar’, so she rented a one-room house nearby.

This is a somewhat old neighborhood, when Ye Mo and Lu Ying Ying came back, except for an old man who was sickly at the entrance of the neighborhood, not only could no one be seen inside the neighborhood, even the street lights were dim and dull.

Lu Ying Ying lived on the third floor, and after Ye Mo followed her into her house, he found that the lighting here was very poor. And fortunately it was the third floor, if it was on the first or first floor, it might still have a musty smell.

After taking Ye Mo to sit down in the living room, Lu Ying Ying helped Ye Mo pour a drink. Ye Mo knew at a glance that it was a drink containing ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s,’. At the same time, Ye Mo saw a bundle of ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’ that had been dried in the sun in the corner of the house, but unfortunately, this ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’ was not of the slightest use to Ye Mo, as not even a single flower had bloomed.

Although he was a little disappointed, Ye Mo did not say anything, he knew that since Lu Ying Ying had brought him here, it must be because of the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s,’ he did not need to ask, Lu Ying Ying would also say.

Sure enough Lu Ying Ying poured herself a drink and sat down opposite Ye Mo, she stared at Ye Mo for a long time before asking in a somewhat trembling voice, “You know that ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s, is a medicinal herb, may I ask if you are a cultivator?”

Ye Mo’s heart twitched, the term cultivator was very general. Practicing ancient martial arts was a cultivator, and cultivating truth was also a cultivator. Since Lu Ying Ying asked this, it meant that she didn’t know anything about cultivators either.

Ye Mo did not explain the difference and nodded, “Not bad, I am a cultivator.”

Lu Ying Ying’s hand shook when she heard Ye Mo’s answer and almost spilled the drink in her hand. She suddenly stood up and walked over to Ye Mo and fell to her knees in a flash.

Just as Wow Mo was baffled, Lu Ying Ying choked and said, “I beg senior to do justice.”

Ye Mo frowned and said coldly, “If you have anything to say, just sit down and speak slowly, I happen to have something to ask you. If you still continue to kneel, then I am sorry, I am going to leave.”

Lu Ying Ying hurriedly stood up and sat back down again, she wiped the corners of her eyes and then gathered her thoughts before saying, “My family originally lived in a remote mountain village in Jing City, my parents left a long time ago and I lived with my brother and my grandfather. My grandfather was an old Chinese doctor, but that was only because my grandfather had once been taught by a senior person and left behind a prescription and a method of cultivating medicinal herbs.”

A cultivation method for medicinal herbs? Ye Mo immediately thought of the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’ but the cultivation of the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s, required a certain amount of Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi, or Spirit Qi, otherwise there was no way to raise it. Even the wild ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’ must be in a place where there is Yuan Qi. Although the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s’ he saw did not have a single flower, if this was cultivated by Lu Ying Ying herself, this was quite remarkable.

Could it be that Lu Ying Ying’s ancestors could really cultivate the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s,?

Without caring about Ye Mo’s thoughts, Lu Ying Ying continued, “This kind of medicine is the ‘Heart Protection Potion’ and the ‘Heart Protection Potion, requires dozens of medicinal herbs. It is very complicated to make,” Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s, is one of the main herbs. Four years ago, a man in his fifties and a middle-aged man in his forties came to my grandfather. They came to my grandfather to buy this potion, and my grandfather, of course, refused without hesitation. Unexpectedly, these people were heartless, they killed my grandfather, killed my brother, and snatched away my family’s ancestral ‘Heart Protection Potion,’ prescription.”

Ye Mo sighed in his heart, but did not interject, this Lu Ying Ying could be considered somewhat miserable.

Instead, Lu Ying Ying gritted her teeth and said, “Because the dog’s barking let the people in the village know and then scared those two away, when I went back, grandpa couldn’t hold on anymore. When he was dying, he told me the faces of the people who had taken the things and that if I found someone who knew the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’, I could go to him for help. If I did not find someone who knew the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Herb’, I was told not to take revenge. Those who snatched away the remedy prescription, but did not rest that the main medicine of that remedy was not written up, the main medicine is ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Herb’ Although the main medicine is missing, that remedy can still cure the disease, but the effect is so much worse.”

“Why does it have to be someone who knows the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Herb,’?” Ye Mo asked subconsciously.

Lu Ying Ying’s Ji’s agitated expression slowly calmed down, “Because the strange man who gave the prescription to my grandfather was a cultivator, and he said that the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Herb, only cultivators know about it. So, he pa*sed on to my grandfather how to cultivate the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s, the way. I originally didn’t know why my grandfather wouldn’t let me take revenge, but then I finally understood.”

Speaking here Lu Ying Ying glanced at Ye Mo and continued, “Three years ago ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group,’s ‘Nine Heart An Oral Liquid, was hotly marketed and became the Yuan family’s fist product. I realized that the people who stole my family’s prescription were from the Yuan family, only they changed my family’s prescription to ‘Nine Heart An Oral Liquid’. The other was to find a way to kill the Yuan family’s Yuan Zhirong.

However, for three years, I could not find anyone who knew about the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Herb’, nor could I find any chance to kill Yuan Zhirong. When I was desperate, I met you. Because you know the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s,’ my grandfather said that if a cultivator who knew the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s,’ asked me to give him the method of cultivating the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s,’ and asked him to take revenge for my Lu family.”

After saying that, Lu Ying Ying walked to a cabinet beside the bed, opened it, took out a disc shaped object from it and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “This is the thing to cultivate ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’, just plant the seeds of ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’ in a place with fresh air, then put this disc Put it next to the seeds and the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s, will come to life.”