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DYM Chapter 445

By the time Ye Mo arrived at Xitong County, it was already dawn. Ye Mo didn’t know where Shi Xiu lived, he had just dialed Shi Xiu’s phone and it was answered after just one ring. Shi Xiu’s tone was not the least bit sleepy, so Ye Mo knew that Shi Xiu had not slept all night.

Although he did not know what was going on, Ye Mo still quickly rushed to the temporary dormitory of the county government, which was where Shi Xiu was now living. When Ye Mo arrived, Shi Xiu and Song Xiaoyun were already waiting at the door.

“Shi Xiu, why are you still living in a place like this?” Ye Mo took one look at this dark, damp and dilapidated temporary dwelling and immediately became angry. This Wu Ze was so bold, even if he, Ye Mo, wasn’t an official, he couldn’t let Shi Xiu live in such a dilapidated place, right?

Shi Xiu’s eyes were red and had dark circles under them, a glance showed that he hadn’t slept all night, or even a good night’s sleep for a long time. Although he was surprised how Ye Mo could appear in Xitong County at this time, he did not ask out.

However, once Shi Xiu took a look at Ye Mo’s expression, he immediately knew that Ye Mo was very angry in his heart and quickly said, “This matter is not about County Chief Wu and Big Brother Zhou Ping, they are also anxious right now.”

Ye Mo was angry for just a moment, he quickly figured out that there might be another reason for this, otherwise Wu Ze shouldn’t have been so bold.

Only after Ye Mo and Shi Xiu went inside and sat down did Shi Xiu tell the exact reason.

It turned out that after Shi Xiu came to Xitong County, he did not join the standing committee because of his seniority. This prevented him from helping Wu Ze in the standing committee, while Hong Chao, the county party secretary of Xitong, was a strong person. When Wu Ze had not yet come, he had the initiative in his own hands. And after Wu Ze came, only Zhou Ping helped him, so he fell at every turn against Hong Chao.

If ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, did not have problems, Wu Ze still had the strength to speak. But then there was a problem with Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’s ‘Nourishing Face Pill’, a business that Wu Ze and Shi Xiu had introduced to Xi Tong, which put Wu Ze in an even worse position.

Although Wu Ze is a member of the Li family, but if Wu Ze needs the Li family to help with such matters, his existence is no longer of any value. With everything relying solely on Wu Ze himself, the situation is becoming increasingly unattractive. Moreover, now that Li Chunsheng of He Feng has himself crossed the river in mud, he is also unable to help Wu Ze.

Politically at such a disadvantageous disadvantage, of course, there is no mood and no energy to manage the place.

“My job has basically been completely hollowed out by Hong Chao’s faction. Behind Hong Chao is Mayor Niu Zhengman of He Feng City, so he has a very hard backstage. Last night Xiaoyun and I spent the night discussing the matter, and Xiaoyun advised me to give up the prefect, but I was not willing to do so. Not to mention that this is what you helped me fight for, and I’m not willing to fail before I’ve even started.” Shi Xiu said somewhat helplessly.

Ye Mo nodded, no wonder the last time the reservoir in Xitong County could be suppressed, it turned out that even the county committee of Xitong was already Niu Zhengman’s man.

Ye Mo patted Shi Xiu’s shoulder and said: “Shi Xiu, you don’t have to worry, I can definitely help you solve this problem. You know about the incident of the West Child Reservoir breaking the dike, right, your deputy section level should also be promoted because of this incident, right?”

Shi Xiu immediately nodded his head and said, “Of course I know this” West Child Reservoir, is a tofu-dreg project, which everyone knows, only that the top pressed down. I suspect that the money for the project was lost by Hongchao and his boss, Mayor Niu, but no one dares to say anything about this without evidence. Moreover, my intuition tells me that County Chief Su was wrongly accused.”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but admire Shi Xiu’s political awareness a little, he even suspected Niu Zhengman’s head, however, Shi Xiu was certainly not the only one who suspected this kind of thing.

“Your suspicion is correct, I have video evidence here of Niu Zhengman’s corruption and bribery, as well as the embezzlement of that construction money.” After Ye Mo finished speaking, he took out the memory card and asked Shi Xiu to open his computer.

Half an hour later, Shi Xiu was completely dumbfounded that it was such confidential and horrible information, and there was also the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group, the gra*s camp of human lives, and even their risking the world to develop infectious pharmaceuticals. Including the secret meetings of the Yuan family, the a*sa*sination of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, all the things were filmed in detail

“Ye Mo, this ……” Shi Xiu also couldn’t believe that Ye Mo had such an unbelievable thing in his hands, and he had already slowed down by now. It seems that only the day before yesterday, the side effects of the ‘Beauty Pill,’ were revealed, and today Ye Mo had even brought out the video evidence. The fact that Ye Mo is also a bit too heaven defying, so powerful “Far North Pharmaceutical Group, how else can we fight? This is not looking for death, what is it?

Fighting with Ye Mo was really a death wish.

Looking at the dumbfounded Shi Xiu, Ye Mo patted him on the shoulder once again and said, “I will copy this information to your computer, and then use it as your political capital this time. If you still can’t get up like this, I won’t help you anymore, you can simply go and help my favor at Flowing Snake.”

“Ye Mo, you’re my best friend now, I won’t say thank you. If I can’t even get up like this, I’ll just buy a piece of tofu and crash to death. I will definitely go to Flowing Snake, when my side is avenged, I will go to Flowing Snake, although I like being an official, but this official matter above Xiao Yun is very disliked.” Shi Xiu said with certainty.

Ye Mo nodded, “Then what should you do next9”

“I’ll forewarn Wu Ze, then I’ll immediately go to Hefeng to find Mayor Li, he’s also been anxious lately. I think once these things fall into his hands, Mayor Li will definitely know how to make use of them.

” Shi Xiu said immediately, he knew that his energy was too low, if he was allowed to make use of this information, he might as well give it to Li Chunsheng directly, so as to maximise the benefits.

“Good.” Ye Mo was satisfied with Shi Xiu’s reaction, the fact that Shi Xiu could immediately know in whose hands this information could be used to maximum effect showed that he had matured.

Ye Mo made a phone call to Yu Miaotong and sent this video of the meeting where the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group, backstabbed ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, over. He told her that once he received his call, he would immediately post the video on the official website of Luo Yue Pharmaceutical.

Yu Miaotong couldn’t believe that Ye Mo had only gone out for one night and had gotten the evidence so quickly, and that it was a freshly released video. The video recording of the meeting was not only clearly captured, but even the expressions of each person’s movements were all well-documented, no wonder Ye Mo asked himself to help him find a digital camera with high pixels.

Yu Miaotong really doubted if Ye Mo had filmed it standing right in front of someone else, if she knew that Ye Mo had really filmed it like this, she didn’t know how she would feel.

No matter what, with this video footage, even if nothing else is done, Luo Yue Pharmaceutical is still safe and sound. Yu Miaotong let go of her nervousness and admired Ye Mo even more in her heart, she really didn’t know how he did it.

After Ye Mo sent the video to Yu Miaotong, he and Shi Xiu immediately went to Hefeng separately. Shi Xiu even had to find Mayor Li Chunsheng in time and then discuss with him how he could beat the other party to death with a stick.

Li Chunsheng had felt tremendous pressure since he arrived in He Feng from Yanjing. He was not a direct member of the Li family, and he knew as soon as he came to Hefeng that the water here was not deep, it was very deep.

For several standing committees, he could hardly even defend himself. He was just a deputy mayor, and it was good that he was temporarily acting as the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee of Hefeng, otherwise he would not even have the chance to speak. An ordinary executive deputy mayor could only be ranked sixth or seventh at most in the Standing Committee.

Li Chunsheng knew that even if he had difficulties, he could not go to the Li family at this time. He was originally only an executive deputy mayor and was only able to act as deputy secretary of the municipal party committee because of Li Qiuyang’s relationship. This can be said to be a special case, equivalent to taking the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee away from Niu Zhengman’s head.

This is still due to the Li family’s strength or the fact that Niu Zhengman will be transferred out soon. Otherwise, the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee would normally be represented by the mayor, and it would never be the turn of Li Chunsheng, the newly arrived deputy mayor.

However, this also gives a clear signal that if Li Chunsheng can make achievements, then after Niu Zhengman is transferred out, the next mayor of He Feng City will be Li Chunsheng.

If he has all this capital and still cannot stand firm in Hefeng, then it only means that his name is not true and it is possible that he will be abandoned by the Li family.

Li Chunsheng knew that today Niu Zhengman was going to continue to convene a meeting of the Standing Committee for the purpose of striking him, Li Chunsheng. The reason is that Li Chunsheng, as the next incoming mayor of He Feng City, made a big mistake in this first step of introducing enterprises, actually introducing ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ which sells fake medicines, into He Feng City.

Li Chunsheng sighed, although he knew what Niu Zhengman had in mind, he couldn’t help but go. Just as Li Chunsheng was about to go out, a person he didn’t expect arrived at his residence.

“Governor Shi, why have you come to my place so early? Did something happen in Xitong County?” As soon as he saw Shi Xiu, Li Chunsheng’s first feeling was that it was not good.

Shi Xiu and Wu Ze’s situation in Xitong was even worse than his, as he had already made his position known to Ye Mo. At this moment, he and Shi Xiu were completely on the same line, and at this moment, when Shi Xiu came to him, 90% of the time, it was because something was wrong with Xi Tong.

No, Li Chunsheng immediately saw that although Shi Xiu’s eyes were red, his expression was very excited.

“Mayor Li, this time we can turn over ……” Shi Xiu couldn’t hold down his inner ji, and opened his mouth to say that he was going to turn over.

Li Chunsheng’s political quality is after all not comparable to Shi Xiu’s, he immediately looked around carefully and then said very calmly, “Shi Xiu, you can sit down at home first, the journey has been hard too.”

After saying that, Li Chunsheng let the ji talking Shi Xiu into his home and immediately closed the door behind him. Although he did not know what Shi Xiu was talking about to turn them over, he knew that since Shi Xiu had said that, it meant that he had some truth to it.