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DYM Chapter 446

Watching Shi Xiu play all the information and videos all over again, Li Chunsheng was already frozen. It was only after a long time that he muttered to himself, “Awesome, awesome ……”

It was not clear whether he was saying that the person who took the video was awesome or that Niu Zhengman was awesome.

“Mayor Li, this should be of use.” Shi Xiu was also so excited that he forgot about the difference in rank between himself and Li Chunsheng.

Li Chunsheng reacted and excitedly grabbed Shi Xiu’s arm and said, “Shi Xiu, this thing you got is simply too powerful, with this thing, how can they still fight? You are really a deputy general. It’s really like you said, saved, saved ah ……”

“Huh, no, Shixiu, how can you get these things? Every single one of them is something uncomplicated, and where did you collect them so neatly?” Li Chunsheng reacted, he certainly wasn’t doubting that this stuff was fake, these videos were real at first glance.

Shi Xiu was also excited, and had been since this morning. Now Li Chunsheng was as excited as he was, but when Li Chunsheng asked about it, Shi Xiu immediately pointed to the video of Yuan Zhirong’s meeting inside the study and said, “Of these materials, the video of their a*sa*sination of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is the clearest, of course… …”

“It’s Young Mo ……” Li Chunsheng immediately reacted, who else but Ye Mo could come up with such a handiwork. The backer of ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ was Niu Zhengman, and they wanted to backstab Ye Mo’s ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, which of course offended Ye Mo. So Ye Mo was here to investigate the evidence.

Ye Mo came to investigate the evidence? Li Chunsheng suddenly felt his scalp tingling, it was only a short time ago that Ye Mo had investigated the evidence so meticulously that even the colour of Niu Zhengman’s underwear was exposed.

Awesome, just too awesome. He felt a pang of gratitude, fortunately he had stood in line early and stood in front of Ye Mo a long time ago. These people didn’t want to live anymore, how dare they offend him. If Young Mo was such a good offender, the Song family wouldn’t have disappeared so quickly, and the Qiu family wouldn’t have needed Qiu Zhongxing to personally go to the ‘Wutong Club’ to apologise.

Li Chunsheng now just wanted to scream in his heart, good, great, who made you Niu Zhengman blind to dare to lay a hand on Ye Mo.

Well, no, Li Chunsheng immediately remembered the way Ye Mo acted. Song Qiming of the Song family, he even went straight to his door to kill him, how could he be so matronly in Hefeng. According to his way of acting, he should have just killed it. He had the ability and the power to do so.

Why did he still act in such a way? The evidence was so well gathered, and he had Shi Xiu send it to him?

Li Chunsheng had been in the jungle for a long time and immediately figured out the reason. A Ye Mo was now different from before, he now had a lair in the Flowing Serpent, and he now had a group of people working for him, the kind of way he used to act was no longer suitable for him now. But this made Li Chunsheng even happier, and it was certainly better for him to play by the rules.

The second thing was that if Ye Mo wanted to develop ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, he had to kick down the Yuan family’s pharmaceuticals in the open. If he quietly ran to the Yuan family and killed them, then although he would have relieved his hatred, others would not know and might still sympathise with the Yuan family, and it would still be ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals’ that would be under suspicion.

The third possibility is that he wants to help himself and Shi Xiu a little, let Shi Xiu with the evidence to find himself, is to show that Shi Xiu is his cla*smate, himself in the future to take care of Shi Xiu.

Thinking of this, Li Chunsheng’s spirits lifted. He walked up to Shi Xiu and patted Shi Xiu’s shoulder and said, “Elder brother Shi, I’m a few years older than you and I’m a friend, so you can just call me Brother Li in the future. Just because of these things today, if I don’t wash the river seal again, I, Li Chunsheng, will have lived in vain.”

Li Chunsheng was speaking from the bottom of his heart, Ye Mo had already done ninety percent of the work, and if he still couldn’t do the rest of the things, he could really die. He could really go to hell.

Shi Xiu was not pretentious and said, “Then, Brother Li, what should we do now?”

Li Chunsheng said confidently, “I’m going to pull him down today, so don’t count on He Feng. I will immediately call Li Shao, since things have become clear, there will be armed police fighters coming over here. I really didn’t expect this Niu Zhengman to have so much guts.”

After hearing Li Chunsheng’s report, and even knowing that Li Chunsheng had gotten the ironclad evidence of Niu Zhengman, Li Qiuyang immediately told Li Chunsheng to let go of the matter, and that he would spare no effort to support Li Chunsheng in this matter.


Similar to Li Chunsheng’s mood, although it had been more than two hours, Yu Miaotong still had some disbelief that Ye Mo had solved the problem. It was only when Fay Lok called that she confirmed that the matter was really settled just like that.

“What is it?” Yu Miaotong was in a happy mood as she picked up Fay Lok’s call.

“Mr. Yu, there are people from the Drug Administration and the Health Bureau coming to ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’ to revoke the business license of ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’. It says that ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’ has joined forces with fake medicine companies to harm the people, what should we do now?” Fei Fei’s voice was a little worried.

Yu Miaotong immediately stood up, these people are really shameless, this matter has not been investigated yet, and they are coming to find trouble with ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’. It looks like the tiger doesn’t have the power, and still treats ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ as a sick cat. Since these people had already found their way to ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical’, they would definitely find their way to ‘Lok Yue Pharmaceutical’ soon as well.

“What is it, Sister Yu?” Ning Qingxue had just walked to the company when she found Yu Miaotong on the phone with a face full of anger. She had known an hour ago that Ye Mo had gotten the evidence. Since the matter had already been settled, why did Sister Yu need this expression?

Yu Miaotong briefly told Ning Qingxue what had happened, and Ning Qingxue frowned for a moment and took Yu Miaotong’s call and said, “CAU, you arrange for someone to secretly film everything those people say and what they do. Let them take the stuff, but don’t leave out the process. Also, after these people have left, you immediately tell my father to issue a press conference in Yuzhou, and we will broadcast the press conference live from this side to Yuzhou.”

“Qingxue, you said we’re going to hold a press conference?” Yu Miaotong said somewhat strangely when she saw Ning Qingxue put down the phone.

Ning Qingxue said with a faint smile, “These people definitely won’t stop, and since they’ve already found their way to Yuzhou, it means they’ll be coming to Flowing Snake soon. Since they want to make a scene, let’s make a complete scene. Sister Yu, you immediately post a notice on our official website, saying that Guilin held a press conference this morning to inform customers worldwide about the side effects of the ‘Beauty Pill’. Also make it clear that this conference will definitely give all customers a satisfactory answer.”

Hearing Ning Qingxue’s words, Yu Miaotong immediately clapped her hands and said, “Good, let’s do that. Otherwise, if we muffle the video and put it on the official website, they will still think that we are afraid. However, if we do this, will Ye Dong he ……”

Yu Miaotong was a little worried, Ye Mo didn’t say that he would hold a press conference, he just said that he would put the video on the official website and when he called, he would come publicly to let it be downloaded.

Ning Qingxue calmly said, “He is afraid of us getting into trouble, so this kind of thing I think he will definitely do it himself. But it will be more effective if we do this kind of thing at the same time.”

With Ning Qingxue’s understanding of Ye Mo, he definitely wouldn’t just leave the videos hanging on the official website in silence and forget about it, he definitely had a backhand. His character was that even if he didn’t crack down, since he was going to crack down, he would be thorough.


Just as Ning Qingxue and Yu Miaotong expected, if the official website of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ hadn’t released such a notice, then the government officials who went to the flowing snake for inspection would already be ready to move. The main reason why those who were heading to Flowing Snake were even later than those who were heading to Yuzhou was that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was not registered in the country. Of course it also had something to do with the geographical location of the Flowing Serpent.

But even with these things, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical”s main market is still China, and with someone looking after it, it was imperative to go to Flowing Serpent to check, or rather to find fault with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’.

But no one knew whether ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ had a backstage, and no one was willing to go to the head of the line for something they didn’t know.

Just when they were hesitating, the official website of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ released an announcement that a press conference would be held in Guilin this morning, and that this conference would also thoroughly resolve the matter of the ‘Beauty Pill’ side effects. The slogan they put forward was that they would guarantee the satisfaction of customers who bought the ‘Beauty Pill’.

Because of such a message, the people who went to investigate at Flowing Snake stopped their trip for the time being and decided that they would wait until the afternoon to investigate.

It has to be said that this announcement from ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ immediately caused an uproar in the country, although ‘Beauty Pills’ had side effects, there were only four cases after all. And many people suspected that this was someone backstabbing ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, after all, if ‘Beauty Pill’ was really poisonous and would produce side effects, where would it have waited until half a year before it broke out?

It’s just that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical”s swift response has satisfied all of them, it’s not even thirty-six hours since this example of side effects came out, and ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ has already reacted and had to hold a press conference.

The reason why the press conference was chosen to be held in Guilin was because it was troublesome for journalists to rush to the flowing snake and they had to transfer from Guilin. Unlike Guilin, there is an airport. Despite this, again, most of the journalists were unable to make it to Guilin on the same day.

This advertisement for ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was known to journalists across the country almost as soon as it was sent out. The first reaction of these journalists was to get to Guilin immediately, but unfortunately there are only so many flights to Guilin every day. Anxiously, after many media intercessions, Yanjing added a special flight to Guilin.

While journalists from all over the country were buying tickets to Guilin, Yu Miaotong had already brought a group of people to the newly built building of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ in Guilin by helicopter.