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DYM Chapter 449

Qian Fang Han did not care about Niu Zhengman’s astonished and uncertain expression, but said directly: “The second matter will be discussed after we have finished discussing the first matter. I was pleasantly surprised that Mayor Li Chunsheng brought ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ to invest in Xitong as soon as he arrived in He Feng. I don’t need to say that everyone knows the influence of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, and from this, we can see Mayor Li Chunsheng’s ability and boldness.”

Everyone here was frozen, even Li Chunsheng was also frozen, what the hell was this singing? To help Li Chunsheng to cheer him on? But if there was nothing wrong with Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals, you could just cheer, but now that Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals is in a frenzy, what are you cheering for?

Niu Zhengman coughed, he knew he had to speak up now. He took advantage of Qian Fang Han’s second sentence to say: “In fact, I was happy that Mayor Li brought ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ as soon as he arrived, but I was a bit worried. Because we still don’t know the details of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, it’s suspicious when a company rises overnight, not to mention that they are still rising globally?

Originally, I was planning to investigate the details of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ before introducing this enterprise. I didn’t expect Mayor Li to introduce this enterprise immediately without investigating anything, which lacks the vigilance a government official should have. It would be fine if ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was fine, but once it was, this would just discredit us, the people of He Feng, and make us, the people of He Feng, suffer.

As expected, my fears were not unfounded. ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ has gone so far as to sell pills that can disfigure people and kill them. Up to now, there have been six cases of death and four cases of disfigurement. They were all victims because they took the pills from ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, and two cases exist in our River Feng ……”

Speaking here Niu Zhengman glanced at Li Chunsheng who was sitting to the side and continued, “I am very distressed that such things have occurred. It is because of these unscrupulous businessmen gnawing around as if they were moths that our country has become greatly wounded. Unfortunately, some of our government officials not only do not try to stop these moths, but also open the door and openly let them in. I am even more saddened by these officials. The country has put you in a place to benefit one side, not to build a warm bed for the moths. Although I am only a mayor, I am determined not to allow such things.”

Having said that, Niu Zhengman sat down somewhat satisfied that he would next wait for the other standing committee members to take a stand before he slowly moved the hits to Li Chunsheng’s head. At least the two murder cases in Hefeng will be moved to Li Chunsheng’s head, and he has even arranged for the victims’ families to come to the municipal committee to make a fuss. It is up to him, Li Chunsheng, how to defuse this bureau, defuse, is absolutely not defuse, the result is only to leave Hebeng a road.

“Pa Pa ……” a sparse applause rang out, although the applause was sparse, but most of the Standing Committee and even Qian Fang Han applauded.

“What Mayor Niu said is very good, we are determined not to allow such a*sholes to enter He Feng, we are the people’s officials, if we sell out the people’s interests because of some benefits, how is it different from beasts?” Chang Yao’s words were as upright as the uprightness on his face, and it seemed that there was no need to test them; one only had to look at his face and resounding words to know that what he said was true.

Immediately after Changyao stood up and took a stand, several other Standing Committee members spoke up and took a stand, all in support of Niu Zhengman.

However, the smile on Niu Zhengman’s face, which was originally wise and pearly, gradually disappeared, because he saw that apart from himself, there were ten other Standing Committee members, and only five of them were on his side, which was definitely not normal. Usually in the standing committee, he has at least eight votes or more in support, what happened today?

Qian Fang Han smiled faintly and said, still unhurriedly, “What Mayor Niu said is indeed good, if an official doesn’t do it for the people, he might as well go home and become a rat, because he is not qualified to grow sweet potatoes. Mayor Li, do you have a different opinion to express?”

Hearing Qian Fang Han’s words, Li Chunsheng smiled faintly as he confirmed his thoughts even more in his heart that Qian Fang Han was definitely not a puppet secretary when he came to He Feng. Even if he didn’t make a move today, he should be making a move soon. Niu Zhengman is too forgetful, he forgot that Qian Fanghan is still a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, is a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee that easy to be? The first person in charge of a provincial capital city, a vice-ministerial-level figure.

Li Chunsheng stood up and walked towards the projector while saying, “Before I give my opinion, I will play a small video.”


Although the purpose of Xiao Lei’s visit was to have a meal with Ye Mo, or even go out and have fun. But after Xiao Lei heard Ye Mo’s words, she also knew that the news would break out in full force today. If their TV station could broadcast it live, it would mean that she was one step ahead of the others.

Therefore, the matter of inviting Ye Mo to dinner needed to be postponed, and the primary issue now was to discuss with the station about the live broadcast, and at the same time, send someone to Hebeng immediately. She believed in Ye Mo’s words, since Ye Mo had said that Mayor Li Chunsheng would agree to the live broadcast, then he would agree.

Ye Mo also didn’t have time to go and have dinner with Xiao Lei, he had to go to the Yuan family to see. Although he had done his job, in case the Yuan family knew something and suddenly fled, it would be troublesome for him to find them later. Even though he was sure that the Yuan family would not escape, who could say about such things.


In contrast to what was happening in Hefeng, the press conference at Guilin’s ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ had been held at eleven o’clock in the morning sharp. Although there were numerous reporters who had not yet arrived in Guilin, what Yu Miaotong wanted was this effect, and the speed with which it would spread out. What she wanted was not the number of reporters attending, she believed that Ye Mo must have other methods, but no matter what means Ye Mo took, her holding a press conference in Guilin would only lighten his burden.

Despite the tight schedule, when the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ press conference was held, there were still hundreds of journalists from all over the country attending. Among them, Yanjing had the largest number of journalists, reaching over forty. Guilin, with the help of its location, had just as many journalists in attendance.

“Everyone, I believe that with the influence of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ now, everyone must have known about what happened the day before yesterday. It is said that people are afraid of going out and pigs are afraid of being strong, but now I know that this saying is true. Although I do not say that I am noble, the contribution that our company has made to our fellow women around the world is obvious to everyone. But there are people who are jealous, and they pain through all sorts of means to vilify and frame our company.” Yu Miaotong spoke eloquently, with some pride evident in her tone.

But her pride was justified, who didn’t know about the influence of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’?

“General Yu, do you mean to say that this time your company’s ‘Beauty Pill’ and ‘Body Building Pill’ went wrong because someone else set them up?” Before Yu Miaotong could finish her sentence, a reporter immediately came out to ask a question.

Yu Miaotong smiled faintly and said with great certainty, “Not bad, that’s what I mean.”

It seemed that all the reporters here did not expect Yu Miaotong to answer in this way, and generally thought that she should adopt an evasive statement, saying that it was hard to say. But Yu Miaotong gave a straightforward and affirmative reply, a good strong reply.

This reporter surprisingly froze for a moment, if he had known that Yu Miaotong would ask such a question, he would have immediately thrown out the next question, so could Mr. Yu say who was framing ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’? But as soon as he was dazed, the opportunity was taken by another reporter.

A plump female reporter in her thirties stood up, “Mr. Yu, as far as I know, your company’s products have now caused six deaths and four disfigurations, and there seems to be a trend of increase. By saying this, is Mr. Yu shifting the blame onto others?”

Yu Miaotong looked coldly at the journalist and said in a light voice, “The reason why I, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, can produce ‘Beauty Pills’ and ‘Body Building Pills’ It is because our company has the strength to handle everything, and we never put the blame on others for our problems. This reporter, I see that you have delicate skin, I am curious to know if you were born with such good skin or did you use our company’s ‘beauty pills’? If you are using our company’s ‘beauty pills’, then, let me ask you again, how come you are not dead or disfigured on one hand?”

Because of Yu Miaotong’s sharp answer, many reporters at the scene immediately burst out laughing.

The female reporter’s face turned a little red as she raised her tone and asked, “President Yu, if everyone who took your company’s product had an immediate seizure, the whole world would be in chaos by now, right? Besides, who knows when this stuff will kick in? There is a latent period for cancer, so who knows if this is the latent period? Besides, I am asking Mr. Yu if he is not putting the blame on someone else, why is Mr. Yu avoiding answering? Or General Yu could it be that you will say who framed your company?”

Because of Yu Miaotong’s sharp answer, this reporter’s question was not only sharper, but also directly pointed out that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was trying to evade responsibility.

“In that case, you suspect that there is something wrong with our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ medicine?” Yu Miaotong said in a breezy manner.

“It’s not a suspicion, it’s a fact, as several cases have already appeared across the country.” The female reporter replied sarcastically.

Yu Miaotong said meaningfully, “May I ask when did you know about this? And are you a reporter for that TV station?”

“Of course we as reporters should always be concerned about people’s livelihood issues, I knew about the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ matter as soon as it was disclosed the day before yesterday. You don’t need to ask me which TV station I’m a reporter for, I can clearly say that I’m Lu Cuiyang, a reporter for the He Feng Evening News, and I’m not afraid of retaliation.” This female reporter’s tone seemed agitated, as if immediately ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was going to retaliate against her.

Yu Miaotong gave the same sneer, “Reporter Lu Cuiyang, since you knew the day before yesterday that there was something wrong with our ‘Beauty Pills’, why did you take one this morning?”

“You, nonsense, I didn’t ……” Lu Cuiyang’s face turned red.

Yu Miaotong said coldly, “I am the boss of the production of ‘beauty pills’, am I not more proficient in our products than you? If you take our ‘Beauty Pills’, within six hours, there will be a faint skin halo on your neck, which will enhance a woman’s charm. And the skin halo on your neck is very conspicuous, obviously not even four hours have pa*sed, if you don’t believe us, we can do a test on the spot to show you.”

“Brush,” almost at the same time, the reporters above the entire venue turned their attention to Lu Cuiyang. Lu Cuiyang’s face rose as if she was a pig’s liver, but she just couldn’t say a word.