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DYM Chapter 448

This Standing Committee meeting in Hefeng City was postponed for two hours because Li Chunsheng was late.

Niu Zhengman had planned to kick Li Chunsheng out of the standing committee, how could Li Chunsheng not make it? He needed to see Li Chunsheng’s despair with his own eyes, and he even had to personally deliver the ticket to Li Chunsheng and then tell him that the ticket was on him. He liked to enjoy the feeling of trampling his rival under his feet.

Li Chunsheng had just come out when Niu Zhengman got the news. He smiled coldly and said to his secretary standing in front of him, “Immediately notify the convening of the Standing Committee meeting, we’ll just wait for him, Mayor Li, in the meeting room.”

Most of the standing committee meetings in Hefeng were initiated by the mayor, Niu Zhengman, and as for the secretary of the municipal party committee, Qian Fanghan, in Niu Zhengman’s words, was just an ornament. He had less than a year to go before he retired, and there was no hope for him to be promoted again in this lifetime. Therefore, at every Standing Committee meeting, Qian Fanghan’s attitude was always vague or he did not express his views.

This attitude of his was within Niu Zhengman’s expectation, and within the expectation of most people.

Li Chunsheng predicted it well, and when he arrived, almost all the Standing Committee members were already there, just waiting for him, Li Chunsheng. Eleven members of the Standing Committee of Hefeng, even Jiang Zuoya, the commander of the Hefeng Military Sub-district, who seldom came over, had come.

“Mayor Li is really busy, but it’s a good thing that we are all free, so we also have time to wait for Mayor Li.” Just as Li Chunsheng arrived, Chang Yao’s voice came over.

But none of the standing committee members present interfaced, knowing that Li Chunsheng probably hadn’t even warmed up his position as deputy mayor of Hefeng and should be leaving. It would be unwise to offend a vice department-level official who was about to leave at this time. Li Chunsheng is not too old, who knows if he will rise again?

Niu Zhengman glanced at Li Chunsheng, but did not speak, but said: “This time the standing committee will be chaired by me, and Jiang Ping will take the record ……

No one will object, in fact Niu Zhengman’s consistent strength in the standing committee is basically impossible for anyone to object.

But today’s standing committee meeting, after Niu Zhengman had just said this, Qian Fang Han said slowly, “Today’s standing committee meeting will be chaired by me just fine, Mayor Niu has also been working a bit hard recently.”

If a general municipal party secretary said such words, then it would be too normal. But in Hebeng, it was too abnormal for the municipal party secretary to say this.

Although Qian Fang Han had only been the secretary of the municipal party committee in He Feng for less than a year, everyone knew that he was about to retire. Moreover, Qian Fanghan has never made any strong moves in the long time he has been here. It can be said that when he first arrived, Niu Zhengman was holding his breath to fight against him, but later found that he was really overthinking.

Qian Fang Han is like an old bull in its twilight years, never having a moment of pa*sion. His actions for most of the year told everyone that he was here to wait for death. It was to wait until he retired and then just go back and get his pension.

Such a person, the old guy who is about to retire, surprisingly in today’s Niu Zhengman concocted a standing committee to offer to preside over the meeting. Not only did Niu Zhengman not expect it, but all the standing committee members here did not expect it.

What is the matter with Secretary Qian Fanghan today? Is it a return to light, or is it something else? Whatever the reason, he couldn’t have made this request. Even if he wanted to start being strong and take the initiative into his own hands, he wouldn’t ask to chair a meeting of a standing committee that offends people like this today, right?

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get the best out of your own home. This is definitely not possible.

It’s not that others don’t understand, even Li Chunsheng doesn’t understand. Could it be that Qian Fang Han was also working with Niu Zhengman?

Niu Zhengman immediately reacted, and his face rose a little red. Although he is nominally the second in command of Hefeng City, he is used to being consistently strong, and Hefeng has always been his call. Today, when he said he wanted to preside over the meeting, he was forcibly demanded by Qian Fang Han, and he felt that this simply did not put him, Niu Zhengman, in his eyes. Even if you wanted to chair the meeting, you could have said so beforehand, I could have let you chair the meeting, this time it was an offensive meeting anyway, but even if you were old and confused, you couldn’t just slap him in the face like that.

The scene surprisingly fell into silence in an instant. Originally, everyone had come to see how Li Chunsheng left Hefeng, but now it had become a matter of Qian Fanghan and Niu Zhengman vying for the presidency of the meeting.

Fortunately, Qian Fang Han was already retiring, if he wasn’t, the Standing Committee members present would have thought that a new power struggle was about to continue in Hefeng.

After the anger in his heart, Niu Zhengman clenched his fist, even if you are going to retire, I can’t give in to this kind of thing, or if you old thing is gone, how can I preside over the work of Hefeng in the future? What I want from Niu Zhengman is absolute obedience. What I want is at least nine or more votes or even a full vote at every standing committee.

“Secretary Qian, you are also old, and this chairing meetings is not an easy job, it is somewhat complicated. Why don’t I finish chairing the meeting and when the Standing Committee votes later on, if there’s anything wrong, you old man can just point it out.” Niu Zhengman said with a smile on the surface, he didn’t directly say that Qian Fang Han didn’t even know what the meeting was going to be estimated to be.

But no one here was a rookie, so of course they could hear what Niu Zhengman meant. That is, you Qian Fang Han is already old, so don’t trip this muddy water, are about to retire, in case you do this kind of laborious and unappealing work, maybe when you are leaving you will also get a mess. The second is to say that you are given to preside over the meeting and what do you do? You can also take the majority of the votes in the Standing Committee? The last thing I said about the complexity of the meeting is that although you are a secretary, do you know what you are going to say at this meeting?

Li Chunsheng did not expect Qian Fanghan to come up with such a game first when he and Niu Zhengman were wrestling. At this time, of course, he would not speak, although he had definite evidence and was not afraid of this Niu Zhengman. But with Niu Zhengman gone, he still has to preside over the work in Hefeng and cannot make things too outrageous.

Qian Fang Han seemed to be unable to hear Niu Zhengman’s words, but continued to say slowly: “Does a municipal party secretary of a city like me have so much to say about chairing a meeting? My job is given to me by the people, and since the people have given me this job, it means that I, Qian Fang Han, am still capable of doing it. Although Mayor Niu is doing his job well and no one will say anything, but this vision is not as bright as the people’s.”

The anger in Niu Zhengman’s heart immediately disappeared, and he was instantly alert in his heart. A soon-to-retire, a secretary who rarely managed things would use such a sharp tone? And what did he mean by that? Could it be that the people’s eyes are discerning?

After Qian Fang Han’s words, not only Niu Zhengman’s heart grew uncertain. It was all the Standing Committee members present who felt something was wrong, that a secretary who was about to retire and wait for death would say such sharp words? It’s not that no one knows what Niu Zhengman has done, it’s just that no one dares to say it, or there is no evidence. All the people and Niu Zhengman thought of one place, that is, Qian Fanghan said that the people’s eyes are discerning.

Why does Qian Fang Han have such a big guts? The standing committee members present at the turn of the day were all in a state of shock. The actual first hand of the river Feng, not to mention the fact that he is also a member of the Standing Committee of the East River Provincial Committee.

Because Qian Fang Han had always been low-profile and incompetent, or even inactive, everyone had overlooked this old man, but now that they remembered, he seemed to be one or two levels higher than everyone here.

Qian Fang Han was like throwing a stone into a calm lake, making this seemingly ordinary standing committee bizarre again. Niu Zhengman’s heart was also filled with alarm, he felt that he had overlooked this old man Qian who had been regardless of yes. I didn’t expect him to have such a strong kind of power, did he not come to muddle through?

If others could think of it, he, Qian Fang Han, could certainly think of it too. Although he has a backstage, but who says Qian Fang Han does not have a backstage? A person without a backstage can join the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee?

“I support Secretary Qian Fanghan to chair this meeting, I think Elder Qian can chair this meeting well.” Li Chunsheng was the first to react, and he immediately felt that something didn’t seem quite right about this matter. It was a bit too much of a coincidence that Qian Fanghan came forward to preside over the meeting just after he himself had tried to fix Niu Zhengman today.

Niu Zhengman’s reaction was quick, he had a bad feeling, he felt that today’s Li Chunsheng was a bit strange. He knows Li Chunsheng, who has always kept a low profile, and he knows that this is because he has not stood firm. Today he suddenly rose in a high profile to support Qian Fang Han, did it mean something?

Thinking of this Niu Zhengman immediately said with a smile, “Oh, since Elder Qian is not afraid of hard work, then I will be lazy for a bit, this time the Standing Committee meeting will be chaired by Elder Qian. This is what I am going to discuss in the standing committee.”

After saying that, Niu Zhengman handed the folder in his hand to Qian Fang Han. This time Qian Fang Han had caught him off guard and he chose to give in. This was because the chairmanship of a standing committee was usually led by the secretary of the municipal party committee. But he would not stop there. What he should say at this meeting, he would still say, and what he should do, he would not leave behind either. When the meeting is over, he will have to spend some time looking into this Qian Fang Han.

Qian Fang Han seems to feel that this is normal, not the slightest and Niu Zhengman say a little official polite words, not even look at Niu Zhengman, said directly, “I have been busy with work recently, so the standing committee is not on ……”

The moment Qian Fang Han’s words came out, the following standing committee members all wanted to laugh, Qian Fang Han never seemed to be busy with work, but when he said the standing committee was not attentive, he was obviously hitting Niu Zhengman in the face. Because he had always chaired the standing committee.

Qian Fang Han did not bother to take the folder handed over by Niu Zhengman, but said directly: “We are discussing three things at this meeting, the first is about ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ wanting to invest in my He Feng, and the recent rumours of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical ‘ producing medicine with side effects. As for the second ……”

Niu Zhengman surprisingly felt a sense of being caught off guard once again, he only intended to discuss two things at this meeting, the first was about Li Chunsheng’s wrong direction in introducing funds. How did it turn into three things in Qian Fang Han’s mouth?