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DYM Chapter 451

What kept surprising Xiao Lei was that their TV station was not only able to broadcast the events here live, but also swept the camera directly to Niu Zhengman and the others who were escorted out.

Even Li Chunsheng and the others gave her a short interview when they came out, and invited their TV station to the Yuan family’s ‘Yuanbei Pharmaceutical Group’ at the same time.

Like Xiao Lei’s thoughts, all the staff of their ‘PeaC*ck TV’ felt that they had really earned a lot this time. Because of Xiao Lei’s relationship, they were only a medium-sized TV station in Yanjing, but they could actually broadcast such a big event live in He Feng. And the whole live broadcast was surprisingly not a matter for the He Feng TV station.

It was almost the entire Hebeng city leadership team, plus the armed police force, and the TV station reporters, such a large force driving towards the Yuan family on the Wuhu River.

Lu Ying Ying believed in Ye Mo’s words and she kept watch on the outskirts of the Yuan family, not even eating lunch. As expected, Ye Mo did not let her down, and when she saw the armed police soldiers and the TV reporters arrive, she knew that her revenge was going to be avenged.

Lu Ying Ying wiped her eyes and walked towards Xiao Lei. Even if it was revenge, she was going to tell all the things that Yuan Zhirong had done back then.


The same sensational scene happened at the same time in Guilin and Yuzhou, the video taken out by Yu Miaotong shocked the reporters above the entire press conference.

The problems with the ‘Beauty Pill’ and ‘Body Building Pill’ were actually caused by the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’, not only that, but the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group In order to dominate the market and improve its brand effect, it was even prepared to release the infectious virus liquid.

Shocked, sensational, the entire ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ press conference was once again sensational, even surpa*sing the last press conference held by ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ in Yanjing.

Lu Cuiyang, who was despised by all the reporters, was already frozen like a wooden chicken, she really couldn’t imagine that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ could come up with such shocking video footage. No wonder they said they had to give an explanation to everyone, what could be clearer than this explanation?

But at this time, no one remembered her, Lu Cui Yang, all the reporters were thinking of releasing this news at the first time and putting this video on their own websites.

“Mr. Yu, I knew ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ would not do such a thing, I believe in ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’.” A reporter stood up and finished, and immediately added, “Mr. Yu, I wonder if we can make a copy of this video as well?”

Of course she knew the nature of these people, if ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was on the downside, they would definitely come up and give it another kick. This was the way of life in this world, there was no need to take it seriously.

Yu Miaotong said with a faint smile, “Our video footage is available for download on the official website of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, so I won’t disturb your work, this is the end of today’s press conference.”

Although nothing was entertained at the press conference, almost all the reporters felt that it was a worthwhile trip, and the first thing they did was to send back the live interview on this matter, and then immediately asked their stations to download the video.

In almost tens of breaths, the video spread across the country. Although these news and Xiao Lei’s station’s live broadcast were happening simultaneously, but because of the impact of the live broadcast, plus the fact that ‘PeaC*ck TV’ was also involved in several other major events in He Feng, the biggest news effect was still taken by Xiao Lei’s station.


The press conference in Yuzhou was hosted by Ning Zhongfei and Li Mumei, who relayed live footage of Guilin’s live broadcast. Not only that, Li Mumei also showed the video of those departments coming to the door to take away the business license and ordering the business to stop at the same time.

At once, Yuzhou was in an uproar. Almost as soon as the news was broadcast, the municipal government of Yuzhou reacted. The government immediately suspended several officials who had taken measures at Feiyao Pharmaceuticals, while the Yuzhou municipal government personally handed back what had been taken away, and immediately restored Feiyao Pharmaceuticals’ reputation on television.

At this time, all people knew how big the power of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was, so big that almost no one dared to make some small moves.

But this was not all the power of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, because at this time, almost everyone in the country had locked their channels on Yanjing’s ‘PeaC*ck TV’.

This is because ‘PeaC*ck TV’ is broadcasting live the story of the Hefeng Yuan family colluding with officials to kill people, building an underground pharmaceutical factory, developing an infectious virus, and framing the new company ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’.


The company’s main business is the development of a new pharmaceutical plant, the development of an infectious virus, and the framing of the new enterprise ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. His heart suddenly sank to the bottom of the valley. A few minutes earlier, he had received news from Guilin that the video recording of their meeting last night had been leaked.

Although this news made Far Ji Rong’s brain buzz, he quickly calmed down and the first thing he did was to contact Changyao, as well as Niu Zhengman. But instead he got the message that the phone had been switched off. Although Far Zhirong guessed that they might be in a meeting, he still had a bad feeling coming over him.

However, Far Zhirong still believed that with his own energy, he could get through this. It was just a matter of letting ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ win first.

But when he learnt that Changyao and Niu Zhengman and even Guiton were under control, he immediately knew it was not good. He had underestimated the power of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, and in just one night’s time, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ had turned its hand into a cloud and turned its hand into rain, turning the whole situation upside down.

No, I have to leave, immediately. Just as Far Zhirong started to think this thought, he realised that it was already too late, the armed police had already surrounded the Yuan family’s villa.

“Yuan Zhirong, you have been surrounded, now put your hands up and come out one by one.” A sergeant with a microphone called out to the Far family villa.

“Chairman, we have been sent.” Far Weiping said, still calmly.

Far Zhirong looked around at the armed police and reporters and those government officials with a grimace, he couldn’t figure out who the hell had stirred up what happened last night. The five people who were in the study last night were either his own brothers or his own son, or the die-hard loyalist Yuan Weiping. Who else would have revealed the matter?

He called out to the outside with an iron face, “There are thirty-six chemists and biologists in my estate. I ask nothing more than that you let my helicopter go and not make a move on me for an hour.”

Almost everyone at the scene thought that Yuan Zhirong’s words were tantamount to idiotic words, to leave in a helicopter and make a move in an hour, did this treat others like children?

Qian Fang Han and Li Chun Sheng looked at each other and laughed, this Yuan Zhirong was also considered to be a dog in a hurry, he could even think of such an idea. Even if he was given an hour, would he be able to escape with a helicopter? Besides, who else would believe Yuan Zhirong’s words?

Qian Fang Han was about to order the blockers to kill Far Ji Rong, there was no need to be polite to such a person when he had definite evidence in hand.

But at this moment his secretary handed over his mobile phone, and after answering the call, Qian Fanghan’s face looked very unpleasant. Although no one knew what the content of the call was, but Ye Mo, who was stealthily on the side, could roughly hear the meaning of it, which was to agree with Yuan Zhirong’s words for the time being.

Although he did not know why, Ye Mo also knew that it did not make any sense at all.

“Agree with Yuan Zhirong’s words, let him leave for now, the safety of the hostages comes first.” Although he knew it made no sense, Qian Fang Han could only say that he would put the safety of the hostages first, he knew that this was broadcast live nationwide and a wrong word was a big mistake.

Li Chunsheng also looked at Qian Fanghan with some confusion, but he did not say anything, he knew that some things could not be said at all times.

Ye Mo’s heart moved and immediately his divine sense was activated.

A cold smile appeared on Yuan Zhirong’s face and he did not speak, but only whispered to Yuan Weiping, “Prepare that helicopter immediately, we will leave right away. Bin’er, you ……”

Yuan Zhirong’s words immediately stopped as Yuan Qibin rushed out of the villa pretending to be mad, screaming as he did so, “I’ll confess, I’ll confess all of it. A year ago, I killed the movie star An Xie who came to Hefeng because she didn’t agree to sleep with me. I also did the four young girls who disappeared in He Feng three years ago, one of my masters said that I could use virgins to practice kung fu, and I also came up with the infectious disease poison ‘q033’ in my Yuan family this year ……”

Almost all of the people were frozen in a state of madness in Yuan Qibin, and no one knew why he was telling the truth. As he talked more and more, all of them could not imagine that he had done so many things. Even many of the headless cases became clear and bright with Yuan Qibin’s ‘confession’.

“Young chairman he ……” Yuan Weiping rushed over and looked at the somewhat frantic Yuan Qibin with some surprise.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

After saying that, Yuan Zhirong turned back without hesitation. Yuan Weiping took a look at the dazed and crazy Yuan Qibin, sighed and immediately trotted after him.

Seemingly sensing Yuan Zhirong’s departure, Yuan Qibin’s sanity was restored and he immediately turned back, shouting as he ran, “Father, wait for me, I’ll be dead if I stay.”

But Yuan Zhirong disappeared as if he hadn’t heard a thing, and in less than half a minute a helicopter took to the air and soon disappeared, not only fast, but also with little noise.

Far from his bin fell in front of the villa, still whimpering.

A cold smile appeared at the corner of Far Ji Rong’s mouth while he pressed the remote control in his hand, “I told you to investigate, you can’t investigate anything.”