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DYM Chapter 452

A cold smile appeared on the corner of Far Ji Rong’s mouth while he pressed the button in his hand, “I told you to investigate, you won’t be able to investigate anything.”

“Boom ……” A huge explosion rang out and a huge mushroom cloud took to the air. The beautiful villa of the Far family was turned into a pile of rubble.

All were stunned, and it was obvious that Far Ji Rong had pressed the explosion button even after the armed police had agreed to his request. Only no one knew why he wanted to blow up his own villa. It was logical that if he wanted to destroy the evidence, he should have blown up the underground pharmaceutical base, right?

Ye Mo also did not expect that the bomb would be so powerful, I am afraid that this time, even the underground pharmaceutical base in the distance would be affected, if only he had known that he had taken away two of them.

“Chairman, it doesn’t seem right?” Far for Ping looked at the screen in front of the helicopter.

“First you drop all communications, then you will start cloaking and turn up the speed to maximum. Right or wrong, just blow up the pharmaceutical base.” Far Zhitong couldn’t tell what colour was on his face anymore, nor could he tell what was going through his mind.

Far Weiping said with some hesitation, “I saw that our underground pharmaceutical base was not bombed, it was the villa that was bombed instead.”

“What?” Far Ji Rong immediately thought of why the video of last night’s meeting had been leaked, it turned out that someone had infiltrated the Yuan family a long time ago and even moved the bombs of the underground pharmaceutical base to the area around his villa.

“Pfft ……,” a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out directly as Yuan Zhirong’s anger attacked his heart.

“Luo Yue Pharmaceutical ….. Good, good, I, Yuan Zhirong, admit that I underestimated you, I, Yuan Zhirong, will not take this revenge if I don’t ……” Yuan Zhirong’s face was like white paper, he couldn’t even say a complete oath, he knew that he had lost this time.


When Li Chunsheng saw the helicopter leave and Qian Fanghan surprisingly did not take a stand, he immediately knew that there was something wrong here. But even if the Yuan family was more bullish, could it still be more bullish than the Song family? So he was not the least bit worried that Yuan Zhirong would walk away.

Watching Yuan Zhirong’s plane move away, surprisingly not being stopped, Ye Mo sneered in his heart. As expected, he knew that this was a game at the top, but it had nothing to do with him. He knew from Qian Fanghan’s ugly face that this matter should have nothing to do with Qian Fanghan.

You can play games from above, but it is impossible to escape from my Ye Mo’s eyes. I really want to see what you, Yuan Zhirong, are capable of, to have someone save you in such a situation. To save Yuan Zhirong in such a situation was like putting the person who offered to save him on fire.

Ye Mo knew that if under normal circumstances, even if Yuan Zhirong was a close friend, he would have been given up on. But the truth was that Yuan Zhirong had actually escaped, and the helicopter he was in, was the one that Ye Mo did not know of any helicopter that had higher performance than his. It could not be considered a helicopter, it could be considered a jet plane.

For these official struggles, Ye Mo had no interest, but for Yuan Zhirong, he would never let go. Not to mention that he was in a mere helicopter, even if he was in a spaceship, Ye Mo would go after him.

Ye Mo didn’t care about the matter here anymore, but immediately sacrificed his flying sword and went directly after Yuan Zhirong’s helicopter. If you guys don’t make a move, my purpose has been achieved, I’ll just do the rest on my own.


“Chairman, should we find a place to change tools before we leave? Although the performance of our aircraft is the most advanced in the world, the target of the aircraft is just too big.” Seeing that Yuan Zhirong had recovered, Yuan Weiping said with some concern.

Far Zhi Rong’s forehead was blue, to this day he still couldn’t figure out who was so capable that he could move the explosives from his underground pharmaceutical base around his villa and let himself blow up his own villa.

When had he ever suffered such a crime in his entire life, Yuan Zhi Rong?

“No need, they can delay for an hour if they say so, if this cannot be done, I, Far Ji Rong, would rather burn the jade and stone than let them get what they want.” Far Ji Rong said with a grimace.

“Chairman, although this thing is important, anything can happen. Just like what happened last night, who knew it would break out today. And ……” Far Weiping paused mid-sentence, his tone somewhat cautious.

Far Zhi Rong snapped out of his anger and he frowned, not speaking for a long time. Only after a long time did he say, “And what?”

While flying the helicopter, Yuan Weiping said, “Our Yuan family is not even considered an ordinary big family in Yanjing, in case they go back on their word and don’t care about what we have in our hands ……”

Yuan Zhirong, who had regained his composure, listened to Yuan Weiping’s words and said after a moment of contemplation, “Weiping, you’re right, you can’t rely on yourself in anything. They can help me, not because my Yuan family is so powerful …… No, although these people saved me, they should not let me go, Weiping, find a place to stop the plane immediately, we can’t take this plane.”

“You are very smart, but your Yuan family is not doing a good job, a virus that has basically been developed to you, you are unable to spread it, it is also considered incompetent. For the sake of some petty profits, you have nothing better to do than to offend a small company of dinky size. If you don’t want to die, immediately take the plane to the Transverse Range ……” an abrupt voice rang out, which even seemed very angry, as if the death of more people in the Yuan family was no match for his words.

Far Zhirong and Yuan Weiping stared blankly at a speaker in the pa*senger corner of the plane, and at this point they knew, as long as they weren’t fools, that not a hair of sweat remained from being used by others.

“Who are you, who the hell are you?” Far Ji Rong shouted as he frantically stared at that speaker.

How dare you say that the products of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ were a little fly-by-night, who the hell was this person? He, Far Zhirong, had used others all his life, but he never thought that he would be used so thoroughly at the same time.

“You don’t need to ask me who I am, you just need to drive the plane to the designated place, although I don’t care about that thing, but your little life is still somewhat useful.” The voice on the co-pilot’s speaker sent out again.

“What exactly did my Yuan family do to offend you, and did you give the item to Bin’er? Why did you guys do that? There are so many big families you don’t choose, but you choose my Yuan family.” Yuan Zhirong’s tone became more and more frantic.

An icy voice once again came from inside the speaker, “It was because your Yuan family didn’t have that much influence that I chose your Yuan family, but you were like a pig, you actually blew up your own lair when you were leaving, and you didn’t blow up the underground pharmaceutical base. The only reason I even saved your life was because I saw that you still had some ability.”

Far Ji Rong froze for a long time before he said woodenly, “I am a pig, I am really a pig. Seeing my abilities, haha, I, Far Ji Rong, have been a pig once, and I don’t want to be a pig a second time. When I get to the place you specified, I guess that’s when I’ll die. You are only asking me to bring the stuff here, I, Far Ji Rong, will not let you have your way even if I die ……”

“Hmph, death, don’t you want revenge?” The voice of the speaker came again, but in a much softer tone.

Far Ji Rong’s eyes showed madness, “Revenge, my number one enemy is you guys, but I know I can’t take revenge. If I were to kill.

I would kill you all first, and only secondly would I kill all the people of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. I understand, even without this incident, when things reach your hands, it will be the same time when my Yuan family will perish. For Ping, let’s go together.

Let’s, aim the plane at the mountain rock in front of us and rush down ……”

Yuan Weiping said with a calm face, “Yes, Chairman ……”

After saying that the plane did not hesitate to rush towards a mountain rock in front of them.

Sure enough, after hearing Far Ji Rong’s words, the voice over the loudspeaker became agitated and angry, “Far Ji Rong, you are crazy, stop ……”

“Good, I am crazy, I can be used by you once, but don’t ever think of using me a second time ……”

When Far Zhirong finished, his tone surprisingly became unusually calm. Only he no longer ignored the constant shouting inside the loudspeaker, but turned his head to Yuan Weiping and said calmly, “Weiping, you have followed me for decades, and in the end, I have brought you on a road of no return, I am sorry.”

Yuan Weiping smiled faintly, “Chairman, as I said, from the day you saved me and my sister, my life is yours.”

“Good, Weiping, I won’t be pretentious, I’m a few years older than you, so you can call me big brother.” Far Zhirong’s tone was calm, with a hint of deep relief. He knew that no matter what, he was no longer alive.

“Big brother ……” Far Weiping called out without the slightest hesitation.

But just as Yuan Weiping finished calling out to his big brother, the helicopter crashed on top of a mountain rock and a huge mushroom cloud sprang up, interspersed with fire and the sound of an explosion.

Ye Mo, who was following closely behind, stopped in the air, of course he could see that the helicopter had crashed into it on purpose. He couldn’t figure out why Yuan Zhi Rong was seeking death when he had already escaped.

There was silence for a while before Ye Mo landed next to the wreckage of the helicopter which was still smouldering with smoke, the bodies of Yuan Zhirong and Yuan Weiping were almost unrecognisable.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through and confirmed that the two dead men were Yuan Zhirong and Yuan Weiping, but Ye Mo’s heart did not fluctuate in the slightest. These two people deserved what they got, it was cheaper for them to die like this.

A small golden box caught Ye Mo’s attention. Ye Mo reached out and grabbed the small box in his hand. When he opened the box, he found that there was very little space inside, except for a diamond-like triangular crystal inside the box, there was nothing else. Ye Mo looked at the crystal stone carefully, it seemed to be a stone, and he could not tell what it was. After thinking about it, he casually threw it into the ring.

Apart from that, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept the wreckage of the helicopter and found that there was nothing left inside, before he turned around and left.

An hour later, a helicopter came again under this uninhabited rocky mountain. Immediately after the helicopter stopped, three men in black came down from above the aircraft. Without saying a word, these three men rushed straight into the wreckage of the helicopter and began to search for it.

After another half an hour, the oldest man in black said grimly, “There’s nothing, and there are no footprints of anyone here, nor any signs of being searched, so it looks like nothing was brought out.”