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DYM Chapter 455

After telling Ning Qingxue that someone had come for her, Ye Mo put his heart down.

Ning Qingxue was about to enter the second level of Qi training, and she still had so many fireball talismans in her hands, so she should not have much problem dealing with a few supernaturals, not to mention that there was still Fay Lok around. Fei was already a Xuan level cultivator, so she would have no problem dealing with the lightning psychic.

That night, Ye Mo spent several hours in the flowing snake, but he could not find the foreigner who had escaped.

The next morning, Ye Mo called all the management of the Flowing Serpent over, he needed to have another meeting before leaving the Flowing Serpent.

Void Yuehua brought up the initial idea of building the Flowing Serpent, without mentioning the construction of the city wall. After all, in the current society, building a city wall was just a joke.

Without walls and without an army, building your own system in the Flowing Serpent would only be talk. The good thing was that the first thing Void Moon Hua did when he arrived was to set up four departments of the Ryuuzha guards to manage the city security and law and order issues of the Ryuuzha respectively. And a simple legal system was set up, which simply borrowed from the Chinese legal system. From these two points Ye Mo was not wrong about Void Moon Hua.

After handing out the defensive spells he had refined, Ye Mo only asked, “Does anyone know about the Alter Ego?”

Alter Ego? Because very few people knew that Ye Mo was a cultivator, apart from some people who knew that Ye Mo was very powerful, most of them only knew that Ye Mo could make medicine. Now that Ye Mo asked this odd question, could it be that he was an Alter Ego?

Void Yuehua knew that Ye Mo was an ancient martial cultivator, definitely not an Alter Ego, and she had seen Ye Mo’s fireball technique. A supernormalist definitely didn’t have such a powerful fireball technique, and a supernormalist wouldn’t be able to refine a pill like ‘Qi cultivation pills’. It was just that since Ye Mo was asking this, he must have his reasons.

“I know some.” Seeing that no one was speaking, Void Yuehua took the initiative to speak.

Without waiting for Ye Mo to ask again, she said directly, “There are many types of supernatural abilities, there is no specific number of statistics, but those that really have the ability to attack or are of great use are only those one or two dozen. For example, a fire psychic can use fire to attack people. But if they don’t reach a certain level, this kind of flame will do very little damage to the human body.”

The reason why Void Yuehua gave this example was because she had seen Ye Mo use a fireball.

Seeing that Ye Mo was listening attentively, she said again, “But once this psychic’s ability is fully stimulated, or stimulated through some means, this kind of psychic ability is quite powerful. Specifically, the International Altered Ability a*sociation divides Altered Abilities into ten levels. In the case of a fire psychic, the initial control of fire is called a level one psychic, also known as a beginner. The highest level is the tenth level, and those who reach the eighth level or above are considered advanced. It is said that when a wind psychic reaches level eight or above, he or she can fly in the wind for some distance, but this is all theoretical data.”

When he reached level eight before he could fly with the wind, Ye Mo sighed in relief, he was sure that this level eight was very difficult to reach, and even if he did, it would only be equivalent to his own wind magic.

“Actually, everyone has supernatural abilities, just different situations and types. We often see people with inexplicable fire coming out of their bodies, this person is most likely a fire psychic who just can’t control his or her psychic abilities. To be able to attain a certain level of psychic ability, one must have a certain level of physical fitness and talent to be able to do so. It can be said that there are very few of these kinds of supernaturals around the world, and each one is a national treasure.” Void Moonghua explained.

“Yes, although I don’t know much about psychics, I have heard that every country should have a psychic agency, and most of these psychics serve their own country.” Hidden Jia Yan jacked in and said.

At this moment, Ye Mo realized how valuable the few people who came last night were, it turned out that these people were still the elites of the country, and it looked like there weren’t many of these people. It just didn’t know what level the three people who came last night were. It seemed that the Yankees attached great importance to that organization in the Japanese country, to the extent that they even sent such important personnel. I just don’t know if they will continue to send people over.

After the crowd dispersed, Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart. A mere psychic was so valued abroad. Let’s not talk about how many supernaturals there were in China, but the ground level martial artists in China would definitely not be worse than those few supernaturals last night, but whether it was the intelligence system or the one-man army system, China was inferior to others.

No other, just not united. Ye Mo had checked the history of China, and most of the defeats in China’s foreign wars were at the hands of its own people, or rather at the hands of traitors.

They fought separately and disobeyed each other, and when they really fought, even if they couldn’t, they would rather take advantage of the barbarians than be good to their opponents.

Even in terms of technology, China is far inferior to others. It is not that there is no talent, it is that there is no good mechanism to keep the talent, the talent is all recruited by others.

Ye Mo shook his head, not to think about these things, it had nothing to do with him, just some temporary emotions.

But in his heart he secretly resolved that if he really didn’t have the means to cultivate to a higher level, and one day he established his own city, or established his own territory, this kind of thing he would firmly not allow.

Leaving these matters aside, Ye Mo handed the silver to Yu Miaotong. He would finish his business as early as possible, then come back and cultivate in peace while looking for Luo Ying’s whereabouts.


Sichuan September View.

This was the second time Ye Mo had pa*sed through here. Ye Mo had come here once, when he was looking for Luo Ying, and because of time constraints, he left without being able to look carefully for the people here.

This time, when he came to Qing Cliff Mountain in Sichuan, he also made a special trip to the September View. Ye Mo had once said that he would definitely eradicate this outlawed place, the September View.

It was not the first time that the people of the September View had provoked him, but because he had been very busy, he had not had the time to make a special trip. But this time, when he came to Green Cliff Mountain, he would not let go of this opportunity.

The September Viewpoint was situated in the north of the Green Cliff Mountain, and technically speaking, the September Viewpoint also belonged to the Green Cliff Mountain. Ye Mo remembered that the last time he came here was more than half a year ago. Although he did not go inside the September View carefully, the terrain of the September View was dangerous, and it was also very ancient in appearance, so it could even be considered a monument.

However, when Ye Mo came here today and saw the September View, he could hardly believe that this was the September View.

At the beginning, that corridor was waisted with Amani and the eaves were pecked high. Only a few piles of earth and bricks showed that there was once a building here. All that caught the eye now were some broken walls and some burnt black beams scattered around.

Ye Mo gave a eek, was there someone like himself? Because the September View had offended him, that’s why they came over and destroyed it?

Ye Mo landed and stood on top of the ruins of the September View, and his divine sense looked around. He soon saw some palm marks and some man-made traces, this was indeed the scene of a fight, it seemed that he had guessed correctly.

Ye Mo did not have any ripples about the destruction of the September View. Apart from Nie Shuang Shuang and his elder brother Nie Pi, who had escaped with his legs cut off by the water, Nie Wu Bian and Nie Hongyi had both been killed by him.

Seeing this broken wall of the September View, Ye Mo thought of Nie Shuang Shuang. When he was at the ‘Yanshui River’ in Yanjing, he fed a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ to Nie Shuang Shuang who was about to die, and wondered what happened to Nie Shuang Shuang afterwards. Although Ye Mo knew that Nie Shuang Shuang hadn’t cultivated the September View technique and that she had killed to feed her pet called Chaos, Ye Mo still didn’t have much of a good impression of her. Last time, if it wasn’t for Nie Shuang Shuang risking her life to report to him, maybe he wouldn’t have come to his rescue last time.

Just as he wanted to leave, Ye Mo’s divine sense suddenly swept into a basement, although the entrance had been blocked. But Ye Mo’s divine sense could still sweep in, the door of this basement was not thick enough to block his divine sense. The entrance to the basement was made very concealed, so if Ye Mo did not have his divine sense, there was definitely no way to discover it.

There was a dead body inside the basement, the body was already dried out, but it was covered in big red clothes, showing that the owner of this body was a woman. And it was not young, at least 50 or 60 years old.

Ye Mo thought of Nie Hongyi, who was also dressed in a big red dress when he had killed her. Although Nie Hongyi said that her senior brother would avenge her, she might not have thought that it was her senior brother Nie Pi who was also chopped off by Ye Mo, and eventually escaped with the help of the ‘Yanshui River’.

The woman in red in the basement was most likely Nie Hongyi’s master, but there was still a trace of dried blood at the corner of this woman’s mouth, and it looked like she had fought with someone else before she died.

There was also a cloth bag by the side of this woman in red, and inside the bag was only a sheep’s jade Ruyi and an ancient sheepskin book.

Ye Mo reckoned that this should be the cultivation technique of the September View, and Ye Mo did not have the slightest interest in some ancient martial arts techniques, let alone such rubbish cultivation techniques of the September View. So he didn’t even think of going down there, and this stone room was eerie, it looked like a place where Yin spirits gathered and knotted.

Ye Mo shook his head and was just about to sacrifice his flying sword to leave the place. Three figures came along the treacherous sheep’s intestine path, and the direction was clearly in the direction of the September View.

Nie Shuangshuang? Although they were a bit far apart, Ye Mo still saw at first glance that the person walking at the front was Nie Shuang Shuang.

It looked like the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ he had given her had saved her life, but I wonder what she was doing back here? Ye Mo didn’t want to see Nie Shuang Shuang, so he chose a hidden place to hide.

When Ye Mo’s divine sense subtly swept over the three people, he realised that Nie Shuang Shuang’s cultivation level had dropped below the Yellow level, the last time he saw Nie Shuang Shuang, she was still at the middle Yellow level, he didn’t expect her cultivation level to drop instead of rising. If it continued to drop like this, perhaps in another period of time, she would be a very ordinary person.

The two men following Nie Shuang Shuang were both very strong looking, and they were both carrying some digging tools on their shoulders, but these two were just ordinary people, and should not have cultivated. As soon as Ye Mo saw this, he immediately knew that Nie Shuang Shuang should be trying to dig up the old woman in red inside the basement.

“This is it, you guys dig this place up first.” While Ye Mo was thinking, Nie Shuang Shuang was already walking to the ruins with the two men, and pointed to one of them and said to the two men.