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DYM Chapter 454

The figure by the window seemed to feel surprised that Ye Mo could spot him and said in not very proficient Chinese, “You, who could even know I was coming?”

“Cut the crap and say who you are, or you won’t have the chance to say anything.” Ye Mo’s tone was cold, even if this person said who he was, he would not let him go. This room was Ning Qingxue’s, he was here today, if he wasn’t here, Ning Qingxue would be the only one here, to this kind of stranger who sneaked into Qingxue’s room in the middle of the night, how could Ye Mo let go. The reason why he asked this was that Ye Mo wanted to pay careful attention to see if there were any helpers around.

Since this person had just been in the room until Ye Mo knew about it, Ye Mo was careful, since one person could sneak into his vicinity, there was a second person. This man was a foreigner with fair skin and a somewhat short stature.

Although he had divine sense, it was impossible for him to let it out 24 hours a day. Moreover, even if his divine sense did not exude, generally Ye Mo could still sense people who touched the vicinity, but this person he had not even sensed at first, which rang an alarm bell for Ye Mo.

As a matter of fact, as soon as Ye Mo’s words fell, a man leapt in outside the window again, much bigger than the one just now, and it was a black man. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out and apart from these two, there was actually another person outside. Ye Mo sneered in his heart and didn’t point out the one person who still didn’t move.

“No chance?” The man who came first said something to himself and immediately laughed, as if Ye Mo’s words were funny. Then he sneered and said, “You dare to say we don’t stand a chance in front of us? Do you know that I can strangle you by reaching out my hand?”

Although the Chinese language was not very authentic, the pronunciation was very clear. It was clear that he was not treating Ye Mo with contempt, but rather he did not take him seriously at all, or Ye Mo was not worthy of contempt in his eyes.

The other man didn’t move or say a word, it seemed in his eyes that Ye Mo didn’t exist at all.

Ye Mo saw clearly that the three men who came were all foreigners, two white and one black. Apart from the first man, the other two were very tall, no wonder their Chinese language was not very standard. He was a bit puzzled, when did he have a grudge against these foreigners? What right did they have to come and arrest Light Snow?

These three foreigners all had a very strange aura, not quite like the kind of internal qi fluctuations that ancient martial arts practitioners normally had, nor was it quite like the flow of their own true qi. There seemed to be a very subtle, and no less powerful energy than that of an ordinary martial artist. Therefore, Ye Mo could not judge what their cultivation level was for the time being.

To be honest, Ye Mo had not seen anyone with this kind of energy and did not know what exactly these people were cultivating.

At the man’s defiant words, Ye Mo didn’t care and didn’t even have his mood fluctuate for a moment, but asked in a cold voice, “I don’t know you guys, what are you doing here?”

“You can only be blamed for your bad luck, who let you hide inside Miss Ning’s room. Oh, you’re her man? Miss Ning Qingxue is good looking. But you don’t have to worry, we are here to invite Miss Ning to our headquarters for a visit, no harm done. It’s just that, you know about it, which is troublesome, but if you can tell us where Miss Ning Qingxue has gone, I can spare your life.” The man who came first had the same relaxed tone, listening to his tone he had come to find Ning Qingxue, but it seemed that it didn’t matter if he couldn’t find Ning Qingxue, that seemed to be just a matter of time for him.

Ye Mo’s eyes were cold, Light Snow definitely didn’t know these people, what were these people doing here looking for her? Ye Mo suddenly thought of Aiden and said casually, “Did you guys hear that from Aiden?”

After asking this question, without waiting for the man to answer, Ye Mo completely understood that Aiden had told Ning Qingxue’s words back, and then the US** side immediately had to look for Ning Qingxue to provide information. Because this matter was very confidential, so the US** side took the approach of secretly taking Ning Qingxue captive to keep the Chinese military from knowing.

He was so happy to see that he had been a good friend to Ning. However, he met with Ning Qingxue in a happy mood and did not have any thoughts of killing, so he let Aiden go, and did not even kill the pirate.

Although Ye Mo knew that this matter was not about Aiden, but in the cultivation world only the dead were the safest.

This old foreigner was very opportunistic, the murderous aura revealed from Ye Mo’s body, he actually felt it and likewise smiled coldly: “It looks like Miss Ning has already told you what happened, and you have understood the greatness in between. If you are also willing to come with us, I can spare your life.”

Ye Mo laughed coldly, “I would love to tell you to get lost, but you no longer have the chance to do so.”

Just as Ye Mo’s tone fell, two wind blades slashed directly at the two. At the same time followed up with two fireball spells. There was no need for him to be polite to such self-righteous foreigners.

With a “poof” sound, the one who came first unexpectedly twisted around with great speed to let go of Ye Mo’s sure kill blow, while Ye Mo’s wind blades only took off one of his arms. Ye Mo’s fireball only burnt his arm into flying ash and did not hit the man’s vital point.

The other man simply completely let go of Ye Mo’s wind blade and fireball spell and struck a lightning bolt as fast as he could.

This was the first time Ye Mo had seen two people so fast, surprisingly, they were no worse than Earth-level ancient martial cultivators.

Thunder attack spells were quite strong in the cultivation world, and one had to have a thunder spirit root to cast them. Ye Mo did not expect to see someone using thunder attack spells on Earth, and his heart immediately sank, had he met a cultivator with thunder spirit roots?

If it was a Thunder Spirit Root cultivator and he had also cultivated the lightning strike spell, Ye Mo was sure that he would not be spared tonight.

However, Ye Mo soon found out that the lightning strike was easy for him to dodge, without the powerful divine sense lock function. The lightning strike struck the floor emitting a burnt smell and a big hole was made in the floor.

Wasn’t this a lightning strike? Ye Mo was a little surprised, he had never seen such a rubbish lightning strike technique, even the lightning strike technique cultivated by the worst Thunder Spirit Root cultivator was way more powerful than this.

“He’s a Wind and Fire Dual Ability and has reached level four, let’s retreat immediately and seek support.” The white man outside the window who didn’t come in called out in English.

Ye Mo had just sobered up from the shock of the Thunder Spirit Root when he noticed that the two people inside the room had actually retreated at the same time.

Whether they were Thunder Spirit Root cultivators or not, since they had come, Ye Mo had no intention of letting them go. That kind of lightning strike could not yet cause him any damage, and letting such people go would be a real scourge in the future. Once he had become a great success in thunder magic cultivation, he would not be a match for him.

The man who came first was much shorter in stature, he seemed to be mainly light and agile, and he also knew Chinese. Ye Mo followed the three wind blades as they retreated out of the window. The man who came first had already had an arm cut off by Ye Mo himself, and with Ye Mo’s continuous wind blades, the short man didn’t even have time to grunt as he was immediately cut into several pieces and fell to the ground.

The tall man who used the thunder spell was very fast and after he saw that Ye Mo had already killed his companion, he once again struck two lightning strikes at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo felt that his lightning strike spell was already a little weaker than the original one, so he didn’t even bother to dodge it and went straight through the two lightning strikes, and a fireball smashed directly into the man’s back.

According to Ye Mo’s thoughts, since this man could originally dodge one of his wind blades and a fireball spell, this fireball would definitely be able to dodge it, and when he did, the next wind blade would go straight down on his legs.

However, Ye Mo did not expect that this thunder cultivator, who was the most powerful in his eyes, would be unable to dodge his own fireball spell on his way to fly and was burnt directly into black char by this fireball, too dead to die.

Ye Mo froze, how could it be so easy? It was as if he had used tremendous strength to lift something he thought was heavy, only to find that the heavy thing was just an empty and light plastic bucket.

Could a thunder cultivator be this weak? Ye Mo shook his head and let go of this doubt. There was another one that had slipped through the net. But when Ye Mo searched for this person again, he surprisingly found that this person had already escaped from his divine sense range and did not leave the slightest trace.

Surprisingly, one was gone. Ye Mo frowned and pondered for a moment, and had the intention of asking Void Moon Hua to inquire at Flowing Snake, but thought better of it. The flowing snake was surrounded by mountains on all sides and a river flowed beside it, trying to blockade a person with good skills here was simply impossible for the current flowing snake.

Unless this was a city, a city? It suddenly occurred to Ye Mo that perhaps he really needed to build a city.

Ye Mo walked up to the one he thought to be a thunder cultivator, felt him and found that he didn’t seem to have cultivated thunder cultivation techniques. There was also nothing on his body that had anything to do with cultivation, and he didn’t seem to feel any aura fluctuations when he unleashed the lightning strike just now.

Could it be that this man was not a cultivator? If he wasn’t a cultivator, how could he have unleashed a lightning strike spell?

Altered abilities? This word suddenly came to Ye Mo’s mind. If he was not a cultivator, the fact that he could unleash a lightning strike spell could only mean that he possessed lightning-based supernatural abilities. If that was the case, it would be a good explanation.

Ye Mo himself was a cultivator, and he did not think it was impossible for people to possess supernormal abilities. However, this kind of supernormal ability was just a little too low for him. This kind of electric supernatural ability could not harm the root for him even if he was hit.

The Yankees had actually sent a few supernaturals to capture Ning Qingxue, it looked like they cared a lot about that Japanese organisation. But a few supernaturals wanted to capture someone in front of their own eyes, these guys were too high on themselves.

Ye Mo casually burned the two corpses and immediately gave Ning Qingxue a call.