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DYM Chapter 458

Ye Mo felt that he was not wrong in his thinking, if it was true that there was still such a powerful expert in Broken Fist Hall, he would definitely not put him, Ye Mo, in his eyes. So this person would definitely return to seek revenge on Ye Mo. With this kind of strength, even if he couldn’t find out Ye Mo’s flowing snake power, he would still go to Yanjing to find the Ye family to take out his anger.

Even if he took a step back, this person did not go to Yanjing to find the Ye family to take out his anger, but went to Xuanjiang to find the Zhang family that was for sure. However, it was strange that he did not go to either Ye Mo or the Zhang family.

He should know that the person who could kill Zhang Zhihui was at least a late stage Earth level cultivator, so such a person should not be afraid of Ye Mo. A late Earth-level martial cultivator would not be afraid of this even if he knew that his opponent had killed a martial artist with a similar cultivation level as him.

Ye Mo believed that the rumour of him being in Dou Cang should not have gotten out, because he had been to Dou Cang once more afterwards, and he was aware of the closure of the mountain in Dou Cang. The most that was rumoured outside was that he had exterminated several middle and early stage earth level experts from the Hop School.

Before Ye Mo left, he wanted to burn down the ‘Broken Fist Hall’ lair, but when he thought that it wasn’t easy for these ancient people to establish this base in such a place, and he didn’t know how much effort had been spent, he didn’t do it after all.

Although he didn’t figure out who killed Zhang Zhihui in the end, Ye Mo still took out his phone and prepared to make a call to Xu Yuehua. He told her about the Broken Fist Hall and told her to take early precautions.

It was just that Ye Mo’s phone had just been taken out and before he could dial the number, his phone rang.

An unfamiliar number? Ye Mo frowned, his phone could not be called by normal numbers, whose phone was this?

Although he didn’t know whose call it was, Ye Mo still chose to pick up the phone.

“Chief, the call went through.” At a high-cla*s residence in Yanjing, an operator grabbed the phone in surprise and called out.

“What? I’ll come to ……,” Almost in an instant, Han Zaixin rushed to the side of the telephone and grabbed the phone.

“Elder brother Ye, your phone is really hard to call, I told the operator to keep calling your phone twenty-four hours a day and it took more than ten hours to get through, haha, but it was already my luck to get through ……” Han Zaixin’s cheerful laugh came over.

Ye Mo was a bit speechless, this Han Zai Xin really has a way, the first time he was in Hong Kong, he connected to call for a few days, only to have his phone get through as soon as he took it out, and this time again.

“Old Han, what’s the matter again?” Ye Mo asked breathlessly, he was so busy with his own affairs right now that he didn’t even have time to cultivate, and really didn’t want anything else to come up.

Han Zai Xin smiled awkwardly, “Hey, hey, I’m really sorry, I really need your help with something this time. Last time you stayed in Yanjing for too short a time, I had wanted to ……”

Ye Mo hastily interrupted Han Zaixin, “Old Han, stammering is not your style, ah, if you have something to say, there ……”

The first thing that you need to do is to get a job. It’s a bit troublesome to talk about it inside this phone.”

Ye Mo was silent for a moment and said, “Alright, wait for me, I’ll come over this afternoon.”

Han Zaixin was a good person and had helped himself time and time again, even last time when the Heavenly Group’s Tanjiao was looking for trouble with him, Han Zaixin was on his side. Now that he had an urgent matter to help, he should not stand by idly.

Ye Mo originally wanted to go to Ninghai and bring his sister Beiwei along to the Flowing Serpent, then cultivate in the Flowing Serpent for a while, and then go to the Inner Concealment Sect to take a look once his realm had improved a bit more and the land matter was taken care of by the way. Only now he could only wait to go to Yanjing.

Ye Mo made a phone call to tell Void Yuehua to be a little careful of the people from Broken Fist Hall before he moved on to Yanjing.


Although Ye Mo did not know what Han Zaixin was looking for him for, Ye Mo knew that Han Zaixin was a person who knew what he was doing and would never look for him for some trivial matter, and even if he did him a favor, he usually would not let himself suffer.

Han Zaixin did not expect Ye Mo to come so quickly, it had only been an hour or so since he made the call and Ye Mo had already arrived at his house. What just depressed him was that every time Ye Mo came, his guards were always on display. Last time it was, this time it was still.

“Can’t you just knock on the door?” Han Zaixin said as he looked somewhat speechlessly at Ye Mo who suddenly appeared.

“You cheat during the day?” Ye Mo asked suspiciously and was even looking Han Zaixing up and down, as if to see if he was cheating just now.

“You’re the one cheating ……” Han Zaixin’s face was dark, he was now an admiral in the hall, but to be questioned to his face if he was cheating, it was killing him.

“That won’t do, you’re not cheating, and you’re the one who called me, so why bother with some fiddly process. Say, what did you call me for today?” Ye Mo and Han Zaixin had known each other for a long time and had long since lost the rustiness that they had at the beginning.

As soon as Han Zaixin’s originally slack face heard Ye Mo’s question, he quickly changed to a full smile, making Ye Mo think that he was simply an actor by birth.

“Yan’er, quickly go and make a cup of tea for your brother Ye, just use the top grade West Lake Dragon Well that the old bandit brought me last time.” Han Zaixin hurriedly dragged a chair for Ye Mo to sit on, while calling out to the back.

Ye Mo had long known that Han Yan was behind him, so he didn’t point it out and sat down directly and said, “Old Han, don’t rush that tea of yours, tell me what you’re looking for me to do, you know I’ve been very busy lately, I was just over in Sichuan.”

Han Zaixin had black lines on his face, this Ye Mo was simply telling lies with his eyes open, he had come to Yanjing only one hour from Sichuan? Who are you kidding? Even if you got on and off the plane, it would take more than an hour.

However, Han Zaixin would not say such things to his face, so he could only say with a smile, “Elder brother Ye, you know that I only have this precious granddaughter Han Yan. This time, of course, I have to ask you to help my Han Yan.”

“Brother Ye, please have some tea.” Han Yan had already brewed a steaming cup of dragon well over, the aroma was pungent and it was indeed good tea.

Ye Mo was surprised and looked at Han Yan who was standing to the side and said, “I say, Old Brother Han, Miss Han is very nice, what do you need me to help her with?”

When Han Yan heard Ye Mo’s words, she opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but in the end she didn’t say it. If it was before, she definitely wouldn’t care about Ye Mo’s words, but now she already knew that Ye Mo was a very powerful person.

Han Zai Xin, however, sighed and said, “Alas, the Hidden Sect I think old brother must know about it by now, I just wonder if old brother has heard of the Hidden Sect’s Grand Competition?”

The Great Competition of the Hidden Sect? This Ye Mo had certainly heard of it, and not just once. Some said once every three years, and last time he met Mo Kang, it was changed to once every five years, and the location was also changed to a certain secular city, what did this have to do with Han Yan?

Thinking of this Ye Mo subconsciously said, “Of course I know about the Hidden Sect Grand Competition, hasn’t it already pa*sed?”

“It’s over? Who said the Hidden Sect Grand Competition had pa*sed?” Han Yan looked at Ye Mo with a strange expression and said.

Ye Mo rubbed his nose with some embarra*sment, “I don’t know about that, maybe I heard it wrong.”

“I told you, you really do know about the Hidden Sect Grand Competition.” Han Zai Xin clapped his hands and said with a laugh.

Ye Mo didn’t say anything, he knew that Han Zhaoxin must have something else to say. Sure enough after Han Zaixin finished clapping his hands, he immediately continued, “My family Yan’er is representing her division in the Hidden Sect Grand Competition this time, so I would like to ask you a favour.”

“You mean for me to instruct her on her cultivation?” Ye Mo sized up Han Yan, this cultivation level was a bit too low, going to the Hidden Sect Grand Competition at the late Yellow level, was the level of this Hidden Sect’s Grand Competition that low?

Han Zaixin suddenly stood up and said excitedly, “It would be better if you could instruct her on her cultivation.”

Once Ye Mo took a look at Han Zaixin’s expression, he knew that he hadn’t originally asked him to instruct Han Yan on her cultivation, so he could only wave his hand and say helplessly, “The things I cultivate are different from what she cultivates, so there’s no need to talk about this instruction. Say, what else do you need my help with.”

Although he had a good relationship with Han Zaixin, Ye Mo’s ‘qi cultivation pills’ were not washed over by a large amount of water, using one was one less. There was no need for him to take out such a precious pill of his own to give Han Yan a cultivation boost, unless Han Zaixin took the initiative to mention it.

As expected, after hearing Ye Mo’s words, Han Zaixin’s face showed a slight expression of disappointment. However, this expression pa*sed in a flash and he immediately said with great eagerness again, “Yan’s division is called the ‘Guang Han Sect’, and the sect it belongs to is very small, and although it is an outer hidden sect, it is at the most downstream level. Originally, the Grand Competition was held once every three years, but small sects like the ‘Guang Han Clan’ could only participate once every three years, that is, once every nine years. Now the Hidden Sect Grand Competition has changed to once every five years, so the ‘Guang Han Sect’ also has the chance to participate every two terms, that is, once every ten years, and there is only one quota each time.”

Ye Mo frowned and said, “If it’s so discriminatory, then what’s the point of participating?”

Han Yan, however, said with a bitter smile, “Because the prizes for participating each time are very generous, if you can enter the top thirty all get a ‘Ascending Xuan Pill’ as well as a 500 million yuan reward. The top ten have an earth grade merit law in addition to these rewards. The top three could even enter the Spirit Pool for three months of cultivation, and it was said that one month inside was worth a year of cultivation outside, and on top of that, each person had a pill to advance to the Earth Grade. And that’s not the main thing, the main thing is that there is also a confidential reward for the top thirty.”

Ye Mo’s heart twitched, a month of cultivation at the Spirit Pool could be as low as a year outside? Could it be a spiritual spring? If it was the Spirit Spring, even if this Hidden Sect was more capable, he would have to take it for himself. As for the rest of the rewards, Ye Mo could take them out at any time, to the extent that there was nothing unusual.

“What I actually want the most is that ‘Ascending Xuan Dan’, as for the top ten I don’t expect it.” Han Yan added.

“In that case, why don’t you just go straight to the competition, what can I do to help you?” Ye Mo asked strangely. However, from Han Yan’s words, Ye Mo knew that he had given Zhang Dou the elixir, and Zhang Dou had not said anything about it. Thinking about it, who would say anything about such a heaven defying elixir.

Han Yan said with some embarra*sment, ”Because during the period of going to the big competition, there are often instances where people are killed before they even compete. That’s why every sect has experts to protect them, our sect has no experts, and my master last time when he closed down to impact the earth level, he ended up forking his internal qi and is still healing.”

“So you want me to protect you?” Ye Mo immediately asked.