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DYM Chapter 459

However, Han Zaixin rubbed his hands together and said awkwardly, “Elder brother Ye, you see Yan’er is my only granddaughter, in case something happens to her, I won’t be able to cry. I brought this matter up, Yan’er she doesn’t want to trouble you, I want to rely on our relationship ……”

Ye Mo interrupted Han Zai Xin’s words with tears and laughter, if he hadn’t heard Han Yan talk about the cold pool cultivation, he would rather take one or even two ‘Qi cultivation pills’ to Han Yan. This pill to raise to the Xuan level was definitely much more reliable than that ‘Ascending Xuan Pill’ Han Yan said, but the cold pool Han Yan said could raise his cultivation, Ye Mo suspected that this cold pool was most likely a spiritual spring. That was why he had the idea of wanting to go and take a look.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “How much longer is the competition, and where is it? Is there a limit to the participants?”

Han Yan immediately replied, “There are still three days left, the location is at Broken Top Mountain in Ghost City, one must be under thirty years old to participate, and one must also have an identity jade token.”

After saying this Han Yan took out her identity jade token, a small triangular shaped token made of white jade.

“Alright, I promise. Three days later, I will wait for you at the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ in Ghost City.” Ye Mo immediately agreed.

Ghost City Ye Mo knew that the real name was actually Gui Cheng City, and later on, they all used to call it Ghost City, and the original name was ignored instead. He had been here when he was looking for Luo Ying, so he knew it well. Ghost City was in Yunzhong Province, and it was rumoured that this was where King Jiang used to live, with a Qin Guang Wang Hall.

Now the Ghost City in Yunzhong Province is famous both at home and abroad and has attracted a large number of tourists. It is only since the ghost town really started to haunt a few years ago that the number of visitors has started to decrease, but it still can’t curb the interest of tourists. For some tourists, the more dangerous the place, the more they like to come.

But after all, it’s not as crowded as it was at its peak, and most of the people who have come since then are somewhat competent. But some monks and Taoists, and some people from the hidden sects still come to the ghost town regularly. Or perhaps the ghost hunting industry is much more prosperous here than anywhere else. If there is one place in the world where the ghost hunting industry is most prosperous, it is undoubtedly Ghost City in Yunzhong.

Therefore, Ye Mo could still understand why the people from the Hidden Sect had set the Grand Competition in the Ghost City in Yunzhong Province.

The ‘Xiyue Hotel’ was the biggest hotel in Gui Ding City, because of the haunting incident that happened in Gui Ding a few years ago, so the hotel industry in Gui Ding City was not very developed. The reason why Ye Mo knew about the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ was because he stayed here when he came to look for Luo Ying last time. Moreover, the owner of the ‘Xiyue Hotel’, Ye Mo, also knew the hotel because it was also haunted during the few days that Ye Mo stayed there. The owner of the hotel was a nice person, so Ye Mo gave him a magic weapon, the Eight Trigrams Plate, to defend against ghosts, and that was how they met.

Because Ye Mo’s magic weapon was so much more effective in defending against ghosts than the talismans of ordinary monks and Daoists, the owner of the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ had great respect for Ye Mo.

“Brother Ye, you can find a place to stay at the ‘Xiyue Hotel’?” Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Han Yan immediately asked in surprise.

“What’s wrong? The ‘Xiyue Hotel’ was originally for people to stay, so why can’t you find it?” Ye Mo asked curiously in return.

Han Yan’s surprised expression immediately disappeared, and now that Ye Mo asked, she had to reply with disappointment, “Because it’s the Hidden Sect Competition, so the rooms at the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ simply just can’t be booked, they’ve all been reserved by some big sects. It’s the government that can’t even find connections, so you definitely can’t book it if you go now.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Just because others can’t book it, doesn’t mean I can’t book it. When the time comes, you can just go directly to the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ and look for me.”

Ye Mo believed that with his relationship with the owner of the ‘Xiyue Hotel’, or with the defensive magic weapon he helped the owner of the ‘Xiyue Hotel’ with, it would be a bit too much of a joke if he couldn’t even book a room.

Han Yan looked at Ye Mo with a look of trust and suspicion, she was eager to see if what Ye Mo said was true or not, but Ye Mo’s face was so calm that she couldn’t tell in the slightest.

Han Zaixin put away his loose expression and said, “I’ll be paying my respects to Elder Brother Ye for Yan’s matter, in fact, I have a more important matter to find Elder Brother Ye here today.”

Seeing Ye Mo looking at himself in confusion, Han Zaixin sighed and said, “You should know the information I mentioned last time, which is the ‘Empty Aoi Design Diagram’, in fact, what you handed to Li Fox last time was only a small part of it. This design drawing is very remarkable, up to now, our scientific researchers are unable to understand what kind of a genius could design such a drawing out.”

Han Yan also looked at her grandfather Han Zaixin strangely and asked with some confusion, “Grandpa, I know that the ‘Air Aoi Design Drawing’ is remarkable, but it’s not that impressive, is it even more impressive than an aircraft carrier?”

But Han Zaixin changed his expression to a very serious one and said, “If the ‘Air Aoi Design’ is really realised, I can only say that an aircraft carrier is just a broken wooden ship in front of it. The ‘Air Aoi Design’ embodies the possibility of truly integrated combat between land, sea and air, and it is energy efficient, high speed, stealthy and easy to control. Of course, I am referring to the present situation, in the future the radar system will be more developed and the ‘Air Aoi’ will not necessarily be able to evade it. But then again, the ‘Air Aoi’ is constantly improving. Alas, it’s just a pity ……”

Ye Mo asked suspiciously, “Is this thing really that powerful?”

Han Zaixin’s expression grew more and more serious as he said cautiously, “Perhaps I haven’t truly stated the greatness of the ‘Empty Aoi Design Diagram’. It can be said that this is an epoch-making design, but what we control are just some general parts. We don’t have drawings for its energy equipment, drive, defence, concealment and other design parts. The person who designed this ‘Air Aoi design diagram’ is not a genius, he is the genius of the universe, I have never seen anyone with such profound knowledge, no, this is simply a demon.”

Hearing Han Zaixin’s words, Ye Mo also pondered. He certainly knew about Earth’s technology, and also knew that the United States was now the most technologically advanced country on Earth.

Could it be that in a place like Earth, it was really possible to raise in and out such incredible talents as Han Zaixin said? Or could it be that this person who designed the ‘Empty Aoi Design’ was also like him, having travelled from an extra-terrestrial technological civilisation world?

Seeing Ye Mo fall into thought, Han Zaixin did not care but said to himself, “‘The ‘Empty Aoi Design Diagram’ should have been pa*sed out from that ‘Northern Sand’ organization, ‘Northern Sand This organization is very mysterious, and they absorb all kinds of talents from various countries. According to our country’s intelligence agencies, there are at least a dozen countries that know about the ‘Aoi design’, and this is because the US has accidentally leaked it. These countries have a common goal, and this goal is not to destroy the ‘Northern Sands’, but they all want the ‘Empty Aoi Design Diagram’.”

Ye Mo drifted off, if the ‘Empty Aoi Design Diagram’ was really as powerful as Han Zaixin said, it was absolutely impossible for others not to covet it. This thing might be just like the ‘Luo Yue Continent’ airship magic treasure, with amazing defensive power, not only good for attacking, but also with concealment formations to hide and fast escape.

As expected Han Zaixin continued, “Once such heaven defying design drawings, or even those involving the ‘Air Kwai design drawings’ are snatched away by someone else, there is no benefit to our country. If it was snatched by the United States or European countries, these countries would have to set up a pagoda and wouldn’t be blatant about it yet, but once it is snatched by countries like the Japanese or Indo-Asian countries, it would be a disaster for the world.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “I know, last time I already promised you to look for the rest of the ‘Empty Aoi Design Diagram’, it’s just that I’ve been very busy lately and don’t have the time.”

Han Zaixin immediately spread his face and said, “It’s not your fault, if this item was so easy to get hold of, it wouldn’t be something coveted by the whole world. It is reasonable to say that the Yanks should have been active and positive when they offered to grab the ‘Air Aoi design’, but recently they have all been tossing around above the Pacific Ocean, I don’t know what’s going on.”

Ye Mo nodded secretly, of course he knew why the Yankees were tossing around above the Pacific Ocean. It must be because of that ‘Black Sun Empire’ in Japan, for such a potential threat, the Americans would definitely not let go. This could be seen from the fact that they had sent someone to capture Ning Qingxue from the Flowing Snakes.

“Because the ‘Northern Sands’ lair is very hidden, I heard that there are several of them, but up to now, no one knows their lair. Besides, even if they knew, they wouldn’t dare to alert the snake now, once they alerted the ‘North Sands’, I guess the ‘Air Kwai design’ will never come out again. But I reckon the Americans know about at least one or two of the lairs, but they never release such information.” Han Zaixin said with some concern.

A very strange feeling rose up in Ye Mo’s heart, the ‘Northern Sand’ lair was one of the ones he knew about, this was still what Dongfang Qiu said, he just didn’t know if the place he said was true.

It was just that no matter if it was true or not, for the ‘Empty Aoi Design Diagram’ Ye Mo had never put it last, it was something he had promised to help Han Zaixin. Even if the ‘Empty Aoi Design Map’ was really taken away by another country, there was no threat to him, Ye Mo. The only thing was that Ye Mo did not expect this ‘Empty Aoi Design Diagram’ to be so famous internationally, and listening to Han Zaixin’s tone, it seemed remarkable to have obtained it.

However, Ye Mo was thinking in his heart, in case he got the ‘Empty Aoi Design Diagram’, could he use it to sell a lot of money, and then use the money to buy a lot of land, and use the land to build his own territory?

When Ye Mo thought about this, his heart moved, maybe he should put the search for the ‘Empty Aoi Design Drawing’ in the front, maybe after he found this drawing, the problem of establishing his own land would be solved.

Another point is that if this ‘Empty Aoi Design Drawing’ is really as powerful as Han Zaixin said, can he take it for himself? The territory he had established definitely did not have a regular army, so if he once had a combat weapon like the ‘Air Aoi’, he might really be able to keep his city safe and sound. At least when he had not advanced to a certain level of cultivation, he could use this to preserve his territory.

This was a good idea, Ye Mo was deeply convinced that what he had done here in Han Zaixin this time was not in vain. I guess old Han hadn’t thought that he, Ye Mo, was also becoming interested in this thing, and if Han Zaixin knew about it, he probably wouldn’t have said anything.