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DYM Chapter 502

Ren Pingchuan looked at Ye Mo who jumped out of the cave, his face showed anger, he did not expect Ye Mo to pay no attention to what he had said for half a day, he did not even care about the Ascendants and made a move on himself.

“You actually don’t want to advance to the Ascendant?” Although he tried his best to suppress his anger, Ren Pingchuan was still furious.

Ye Mo flicked the flying sword in his hand and said in a cold voice, “Innate? I’ve seen it before, it’s not that big of a deal. There’s an Innate expert in Yanjing, I’ll just go ask him what’s going on when the time comes. Why stay in this pandemonium? It’s disgusting and disgusting to me. A nice scenic destination has been made so dirty by you bunch of trash.”

Seemingly not even caring about the latter half of Ye Mo’s words, Ren Pingchuan frowned a little and said, “It’s never possible, the outside world is so thin in terms of heaven and earth’s Yuan Qi that it’s impossible to cultivate inner Qi to the Great Achievement realm, so how can there be an Innate? Unless he has corpse-eating water wolves. But corpse-eating water wolves have no way to be raised anywhere else except for the water of the snowy mountains in Huludao Valley.”

There was another point that Ren Pingchuan did not say, even if he had a corpse-eating water wolf, if he could not comprehend the rules of the Ascended Masters, he would still be unable to advance to the Ascended Masters. He had been in seclusion for eighteen years but was still unable to advance to the Ascendant level, and in the end, he was able to comprehend the Ascendant mysteries from Ye Mo’s flying sword. Of course, it was impossible for him to tell Ye Mo these words.

“But there is one called Tanjiao in Yanjing who has advanced to the Innate Heaven, although his cultivation is not as good as yours, but he is still considered an expert.” Ye Mo did not say that he had fought with Tan Jiao, he was curious to know what this was about.

Ren Pingchuan smiled coldly, “Ignorant, that’s called an Innate? If I’m not wrong in my prediction, that Tan Jiao will at most be similar to Xiang Ming Wang after advancing to Innate, right? Moreover, his lifespan can’t be increased, after advancing to Innate Heaven, his lifespan will be increased by one armor. If I hadn’t been injured by the bomb last time I advanced to Ascendancy, my face would have been much younger because my lifespan would have been boosted by one ace.”

Without waiting for Ye Mo to continue asking, Ren Pingchuan continued, “There are many ways to advance to Xiantian, the first is to rely on constant cultivation, opening the Ren and Du veins, and elevating one’s internal qi to the Dacheng realm. I have used this method for eighteen years, even with the help of the corpse-eating water wolves, but I still haven’t succeeded. The second is to search for an epiphany opportunity after the internal qi is already close to the Da Cheng realm ……”

Seemingly sensing that he had revealed the secret of relying on Ye Mo’s flying sword for his epiphany, Ren Pingchuan suddenly changed his tone and said, “Without the help of the corpse-eating water wolf’s blood, it is absolutely impossible to get to the point where inner qi is close to Dacheng. That Tanjiao is probably using a defective method inherited from the outside world, which is the Pseudo-Ancestor. Pseudo Innate is also considered a type of Innate, and once it is solidified, it is indeed far higher than an expert with peak Earth level cultivation.”

After glancing at Ye Mo who was still listening, Ren Pingchuan’s hand slowly reached under the cloth covering his body, seeing that Ye Mo did not care in the slightest, Ren Pingchuan still continued, “The main mark of an innate expert is not that the Ren and Du veins have been opened, but the formation of a sea of Qi, while a pseudo innate can only store his internal Qi in the Ren and Du veins because he cannot form a sea of Qi, so it is said that a pseudo innate is actually the same as an earth level martial artist There is not much difference ……”

Before Ren Pingchuan’s words fell, his hand pressed down and the place where Ye Mo was standing suddenly collapsed. At the same time, Ren Pingchuan pressed his hands on top of the chair and his whole body flew up, slapping his hands down on the top of Ye Mo’s head. The powerful internal qi slapped on top of Ye Mo’s head, followed by a ‘click’ sound, as if an iron cage was closing.

Ren Pingchuan was sure that with this secret attack, Ye Mo would definitely not be able to escape. As long as he was locked inside the cage, Ye Mo would be his own meal even if he was very powerful. He did not believe that if he caught Ye Mo, he would still dare not speak out under his torture.

However, Ren Pingchuan’s internal qi had just been sent out at full strength when he felt that something was not quite right. Because that moment just now was less than a tenth of a second, before he even had time to react. A harsh killing intent came directly towards his ribs.

Ren Pingchuan secretly said no, what he had just shot should be Ye Mo’s residual shadow. He didn’t have time to think about how Ye Mo had escaped and even made a counter-attack on himself, and hurriedly changed his stance in the air, trying to dodge the sword.

But since Ye Mo had made his move, where else would he let Ren Pingchuan dodge, this was his only chance. This was his only chance. Ren Pingchuan was now in the air and had no way of gaining strength, and he was still seriously injured. If he landed on the ground again, he would definitely be at a disadvantage.

With a “boom”, even though Ren Pingchuan was in the air, he still knocked away Ye Mo’s sword Qi with one punch, only causing Ye Mo’s sword Qi to cut a bloodstain under his ribs.

However, this was completely expected by Ye Mo, the reason why he only used 80% of his true qi for the first two swords was for this last one. If the innate was really as powerful as Ren Pingchuan, even if he had no legs and was seriously injured, he would still be a terrifying existence.

In his heart, Ren Pingchuan was furious, he was the one who had originally intended to a*sa*sinate Ye Mo, but he didn’t expect that this kid was as cunning as a ghost and didn’t fall into the trap. He even took advantage of the fact that he hadn’t fallen to the ground to a*sa*sinate him.

Ye Mo didn’t care what Ren Pingchuan thought, there was no way he would give Ren Pingchuan another chance after he landed on the ground. Ren Pingchuan had no legs and was still injured, and now he had blocked a sneak attack from him in the air, so it could be said that the short blink of an eye before he landed was his weakest time.

He gathered ten percent of his true qi and brought up a huge sword train with his flying sword in his hand, curling up the sky with a white sword light.

Ye Mo knew that this was a desperate gamble, if Ren Pingchuan still had a backhand, he would be buried here today. He was now betting that Ren Pingchuan had no backhand at all, and he would definitely not think that he was waiting for this moment.

Ren Pingchuan was furious, at this moment he knew what Ye Mo was thinking, that he wanted to kill him before he landed on the ground and used his strength. But this was too much to underestimate him, Ren Pingchuan was an Innate expert, even if he had no way to use his strength in the air, even if his strength was gone, or even if he had already suffered internal injuries, he was still not something that an ordinary martial artist like Ye Mo could deal with.

Ren Pingchuan gathered up a fist as fast as he could and once again blasted at Ye Mo’s sweeping human sword. He had left some of his residual strength, this part was waiting for him to land on the ground after this exchange between him and Ye Mo, then he could use this residual strength to lend his strength again and deal Ye Mo a fatal blow.

He believed that Ye Mo’s sword was just as desperate as his first two swords, using his whole body’s strength and without any follow-through.

“Boom …… poof ……” The flying sword brought up by Ye Mo once again collided with Ren Pingchuan’s fist, but this time the flying sword was not sent flying by the fist this time, instead it directly cut off Ren Pingchuan Instead, it directly cut off Ren Pingchuan’s arm and made a bloody cut several inches deep on Ren Pingchuan’s waist.

He landed on the ground and at the same time struck out again with his fist.

A surge came from his dantian and Ye Mo immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, but he was relieved, although he had also been injured, this time his plan could be said to have been 100% perfectly successful.

“What a treacherous kid, you actually saved your strength. You were facing being killed last time, and you still haven’t brought out 100 per cent of your strength, is it just for a bit today?” Ren Pingchuan didn’t bother to stop the bleeding, he knew that even if he stopped the bleeding, he would still lose a bunch of money today. He didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so treacherous, risking being killed and still having 20% of his strength left.

Ye Mo smiled coldly and did not say that his strength had recently gone up another rung of the ladder, he just carried his flying sword and stared coldly at Ren Pingchuan. The 20% of strength he had left behind had finally built up at the last moment, although the battle was close and dangerous, it was successful after all.

Thinking about how terrifying Ren Pingchuan was, Ye Mo still had his heart palpitating. It could be said that if Ren Pingchuan hadn’t tried to sneak up on him and put himself in the air, he Ye Mo wouldn’t necessarily have won the battle today. I didn’t expect this old thing to still be so powerful without his legs and even seriously injured.

If he didn’t sneak attack him, or if he didn’t advance a small layer, then today’s battle would not be optimistic. Thinking about this, Ye Mo was a little thankful to Song Yingzhu, if it wasn’t for her he might have really had difficulty advancing to the next level.

Ren Pingchuan’s eyes flashed with extreme resentment, he had only advanced to the Xiantian level for a few days, but it was all because of the young man in front of him, from his broken leg to his death. This young man had such a deep heart that he had hidden his strength a few days ago, only to suddenly explode today, so that he could not even think of it.

If he knew that Ye Mo had hidden 20% of his strength, in the end, even if he was injured, he would not have lost a hand, and it was to the point of being fatal.

Ren Pingchuan spat out a mouthful of blood and stared at Ye Mo, “How did you know that I was going to sneak attack you, if I don’t know this, I won’t be able to die in peace.”

Ye Mo moved far away from Ren Pingchuan, although he was not seriously injured, but in case this guy made a desperate strike before he died, it would be himself who would suffer. Now he just needs to consume time with this old guy, and then from time to time a fireball and a wind blade will pa*s.

Hearing Ren Pingchuan ask about this, Ye Mo smiled lightly, “You know I have spiritual sensing power and you still dare to be so careless. I was just wondering what that grey button on top of your chair was for, and I had one eye on that grey button. Oh yes, I also have a little spell called the Royal Wind Technique, and when your hand was still a centimetre away from that grey button, I had already cast the Royal Wind Technique and made my move on you at the same time.”

Seeing Ren Pingchuan’s face getting ugly, Ye Mo’s mood was getting happier and happier as he suddenly wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said with a smile, “To say that the sneak attack just now, I was that much faster than you by a centimetre oh. I was waiting for you to press that button, fortunately, you finally obeyed and pressed that button, well, and managed to sneak attack my residual shadow.”

Ren Pingchuan couldn’t hold back any longer and spat out another mouthful of black blood.

When Ye Mo saw Ren Pingchuan spitting out blood, the smile on his face became happier and happier, “Master Ren Gu, you can die without worry, I will make Huludao Valley remove its name from the Hidden Sect, don’t worry about that. By the way, eat one of my fireballs first.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words depressed beyond belief, Ren Pingchuan once again saw a fireball coming, his eyes revealed an even more shocked look, there was such a spell? He watched the fireball pa*s through his chest and still could not believe it.