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DYM Chapter 501

“Since you’re here, come in.” Ren Pingchuan’s voice was still old and seemed very slow.

Ye Mo gripped his flying sword and his divine sense carefully swept around Ren Pingchuan, as soon as he sensed something was wrong, he immediately left, definitely not putting himself within the range of Ren Pingchuan’s attack. Moreover, Ye Mo had a premonition, he seemed to feel that his divine sense could be sensed by Ren Pingchuan, this old guy was a bit too scary.

But he soon put his mind down, no wonder Ren Pingchuan didn’t chase him out, his legs had been blown off by the bomb. It was just that his legs were covered by a piece of cloth, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo, others would definitely not have been able to find out.

Ye Mo was relieved, even if Ren Pingchuan was powerful, without his legs, he could not do anything to himself. Thinking of this Ye Mo slowly walked in.

“Your mental ability is strange, I feel like you didn’t come in, but your mental power can sense my movements, and you can even see everything about me. Tell me, how did you do that?” Ren Pingchuan sat on top of a stone chair, his features not becoming younger because of his advancement to Innate, but rather looking older and older. His tone was flat and he didn’t sound incredibly angry because his legs were blown off by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “Why should I tell you when I have such a great grudge against your Huludao Valley? Are you dreaming? Or are you an idiot?”

A trace of anger appeared on Ren Pingchuan’s face, but it quickly subsided. Once again, he said indifferently, “What you cultivate is remarkable, I have never seen a person who cultivates ancient martial arts who can fly with a sword you are the first and the only one.”

“This has nothing to do with you.” Ye Mo still had a bland expression, but his divine sense was always on guard against Ren Pingchuan, he knew that this old man was definitely not so breezy as he appeared, this was an extremely dangerous old man.

“You can sense that I have been injured? Even both legs have been blown off?” Ren Pingchuan frowned, if Ye Mo knew that his legs had been blown off, this was indeed not very good. But he knew that his cover-up had already been perceived already.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “Since I’m here, I won’t be afraid of you, whether your legs are broken or not. You Huludao Valley and I are already deep enemies Ren Pingchuan, you’d better cut the crap and tell me the purpose of letting me come directly.” From among Ren Pingchuan’s words, Ye Mo was finally convinced that Ren Pingchuan used the cloth to cover his legs to beat his own sloppy eyes, only that his expression was seen through by him. Or that he had dared to enter this stone cave and made him guess.

Ren Pingchuan did not get angry this time, but continued, “Young man, your name is Ye Mo, is it? Do you believe that if your bomb had exploded three seconds later that day, I would not have been injured. I had just advanced to Xiantian and hadn’t even recovered my internal qi before that bomb of yours exploded. That was your luck, but luck doesn’t come to you every moment.”

Ye Mo said coldly, “Whether there is luck or not is my business. I’m just pa*sing through here today, if there’s nothing else, I’m going to leave.”

Of course Ye Mo didn’t want to leave like this, since Ren Pingchuan’s legs were broken and he had just learned from his words that he was actually injured although he didn’t know how bad his injuries were but today was the best chance to kill Ren Pingchuan.

If he couldn’t kill Ren Pingchuan, who was suffering from internal injuries and even had his legs broken, he would be even more unlikely to do so in the future. If Ren Pingchuan learned that Ye Mo did not know about his internal injuries, but heard it from his words, he did not know how he would feel.

Ye Mo wanted to kill Ren Pingchuan right away, but he knew that with his current ability, he had to be prepared to kill him, even if his legs were broken. However, it was good that Ren Pingchuan not only had his legs broken but was also injured, which was the best news for Ye Mo.

Even if he was an Innate, an injured Innate with a broken leg could not be a threat to himself. What’s more, because of Song Yingzhu’s incident, his cultivation level had once again risen a notch and he was already at the middle of the fourth Qi cultivation layer, about to cross over to the later stage. When Ye Mo thought about this, his confidence increased even more.

“Do you feel that there is no way to kill you just because my leg is already broken?” Ren Pingchuan still said in an unhurried manner.

After saying that he didn’t wait for Ye Mo to answer and said calmly once again, “Leave your legacy behind and I promise I won’t touch a hair on your head.

There is even a large fortune to give to you, if you don’t want to, just see if I, an Innate with a broken leg, can kill you.”

After saying that Ren Pingchuan glanced at Ye Mo indifferently, “You can escape, and after you escape, I will go straight to the Flowing Serpent, and I will go on a killing spree at the Flowing Serpent. I don’t mind capturing all your loved ones of the Flowing Snake and feeding them to the water wolves.”

Originally, Ye Mo was already moved to kill Ren Pingchuan, now he was even more murderous, Ren Pingchuan must die.

Ye Mo took two steps back and his divine sense locked onto Ren Pingchuan, he knew there was no way to sneak in now, he could only fight Ren Pingchuan hard. However, he suddenly found that behind Ren Pingchuan was actually an underground river source covered by an iron lid, which contained numerous strange-headed and long-toothed fish.

Ye Mo felt a pang of nausea as he thought about what Ren Pingchuan had just said, “So those strange fish were all raised by you Huludani?”

Ren Pingchuan harrumphed, “Strange fish? When you know what that fish does, you won’t say he’s a strange fish.

If you agree with me, I am willing to accept you as a disciple of Huludao Valley and guarantee that you will become a disciple of Xiantian from half-step Xiantian within a year. But it seems I did not guess wrong, you really can see through what is behind me through your spiritual power.”

After saying that, Ren Pingchuan’s eyes even showed a blazing light, his heart was instantly eager as he thought of Ye Mo’s kind of magical technique that was about to be known to him.

Ye Mo didn’t say anything, he just didn’t move his voice as Ran Pingchuan, he knew that Ren Pingchuan still had something to say.

“This is called a corpse-eating water wolf, but it is not a fish. Their blood contains a kind of flesh and blood essence, as long as a raw drinks the blood of a corpse-eating water wolf it can run its internal qi better and raise its cultivation extremely fast, and there are no side effects.” Ren Pingchuan averted his eager gaze and said slowly once again.

Ye Mo almost vomited when he heard this, drinking the blood of this kind of fish, even if he was only at the first level of Qi cultivation for the rest of his life, he wouldn’t bother drinking the blood of such a disgusting animal.

“You have raised hundreds of thousands of corpse-eating water wolves, no wonder you can advance to Xiantian.” Ye Mo sneered and said.

Seemingly not hearing Ye Mo’s sneer, Ren Pingchuan still said to himself, “Do you think the blood of any Corpse-Eating Water Wolf is useful? It has to be an adult Corpse-Eating Water Wolf to be useful, and an adult Corpse-Eating Water Wolf has to grow four legs and four claws. You know I have hundreds of thousands of Corpse-Eating Water Wolves, it looks like the Corpse-Eating Water Wolves rioted a few days ago and should have met you?”

Ye Mo was secretly angry in his heart, this old thing knew about the Corpses Water Wolves riot a few days ago, that means that the explosion must have something to do with him. Thinking of this, Ye Mo smiled coldly, “So the explosion that tried to put me to death a few days ago was made by you? You know about the remains of that ancient tomb?”

“The remains of the ancient tomb?” Ren Pingchuan shook his head and said, “I don’t know about any ancient tomb ruins, but the corpse-eating water wolves in that underground river were all raised by my Hulou Valley, and that explosion was indeed made by me. No one can leak out the Corpse-Eating Water Wolves of my Hulou Valley, so even if I lose numerous Corpse-Eating Water Wolves, I will still kill the people who know about the Corpse-Eating Water Wolves.”

Ye Mo suddenly felt that if corpse-eating water wolves could really raise the realm, wouldn’t it be too easy, with so many corpse-eating water wolves, wouldn’t it be enough for these Hulou Valley disciples to drink one or two every day?

Seeming to understand what Ye Mo was thinking, Ren Pingchuan said in a light voice: “Do you think that if you let the corpse-eating water wolves kill each other, you can grow four legs and four feet? If you think so, I can only say that you are naive. It’s easy for a corpse-eating water wolf to become alive, but it definitely can’t grow by killing each other. Although killing each other can make them grow their front legs quickly, they can never grow their hind legs and four paws. They have to eat living flesh and blood to grow gradually. Do you think every heavenly divine creature grows so easily?”

“So the remaining disciples of Huludao Valley were thrown by you in the river to feed these monsters?” Ye Mo subconsciously blurted out.

Ren Pingchuan said without concealment, “Not bad, the Huludao Valley was collapsed by your explosion, and now that there are no living corpses coming in, my corpse-eating water wolves are going to be slowly starved to death. I can only feed my disciples to the Corpse-Eating Water Wolves, as disciples of Huludao Valley, they have made some contribution to Huludao Valley.”

Ren Pingchuan spoke in a natural tone, without the slightest hint of guilt or retardation, as if those disciples feeding the fish was simply something that was taken for granted. In his opinion, after he had told Ye Mo all the secrets of Huludao Valley, Ye Mo would definitely stay. Innate was something that anyone pursued all their lives, and some people would even kill their parents and sisters to advance to Innate, let alone a group of irrelevant and useless people.

Ye Mo slowly breathed out and stared at Ren Pingchuan and said with a cold smile, “Old man, you are so shameless, take a sword from me.”

After saying that, the long sword in Ye Mo’s hand transformed into a long train, bringing up a sky of killing intent to sweep directly towards Ren Pingchuan. This time Ye Mo exerted 80% of his true qi, the purpose was to confuse Ren Pingchuan and make him think he had used his full strength.

“Boom ……” Ren Pingchuan raised his fist, Ye Mo felt the sword qi he had slashed out was shattered in pieces by this fist, while he was once again shaken up by Ren Pingchuan’s internal qi.

However, this time it was Ye Mo who did it on purpose, as he used his strength to fly out of Ren Pingchuan’s cave, as Ren Pingchuan’s legs were broken and fighting in a small place would not do him any good, Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo landed, he felt that Ren Pingchuan’s internal qi was much stronger than it was a few days ago. However, his internal qi was not strong enough afterwards, and he had indeed suffered an extremely serious internal injury. Ye Mo was secretly appalled, this old thing had suffered such heavy internal injuries and was still so powerful, if he hadn’t suffered internal injuries where else would he have run?

He had to know that his cultivation level had gone up another notch compared to a few days ago. A few days ago, he had only exerted his true qi at full strength, which was only equivalent to 80% of his current strength.

Was Innate really so terrifying?