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DYM Chapter 504

“Luther has once again increased the number of military cakes at the border of the Drifting Serpent and has sent two corporate executives under military escort. They are demanding to take over our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals’ and have ordered ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals, the original management to leave the snake within twenty-four hours, but the technical staff must stay, now it is Fang Nan and General Manager Yu who are dealing with them.

” said Void Moon Hua worriedly.

How could they be so unreasonable? Ye Mo didn’t even believe what Void Moonghua said.

“Are you saying that they will confiscate our company and even our technicians at the same time as they take back the flowing snake?” Ye Mo asked with some disbelief.

Void Moon Hua nodded, what Lureen had just said was very clear.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, if the Lutheran Kingdom just wanted them to give up the Flowing Snake it would still be reasonable, after all, this was someone else’s territory. But they even wanted to take over their own personnel and company, this was too overbearing. It was obvious that they knew that he, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, was not registered in China, or that the boss of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, was not qualified to wrestle with them in Lutherland.

“I’ll leave this matter to me, Sister Yuehua, you and Light Snow discuss the matter of building the city Kou Second Brother and I will be fine.” Ye Mo immediately stood up, his heart not angry but happy. Of course he wouldn’t think that Luther would really dare to be so overbearing, who would he be fooling with such conditions, this was clearly asking for money back on the spot.

It was obvious that Luther was coveting ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals’, and their main aim in taking back the flowing snake was to ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals’, but they first set the price high and then waited for ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals’ to pay back the price. Ye Mo reckoned that in the end, they might even agree to share their shares with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and then withdraw the army from the snake.

But just because they agree, doesn’t mean he, Ye Mo, also agrees. Since they want to establish authority, I will do a counter-establishment of authority.

As she watched Ye Mo walk out, Void Moon Hua was a little confused, she didn’t know Ye Mo as well as Ning Qingxue knew Ye Mo. Ning Qingxue however understood what Ye Mo meant, and she also knew Ye Mo’s methods, there were just some things she couldn’t say, she could only say to Void Yuehua, “Sister Yuehua since Ye Mo asked us to discuss the building of the city, let’s listen to him.”

Ye Mo had not even walked downstairs when a gunshot broke the silence of the building.

‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, in the lobby on the ground floor, people from both sides were facing each other. There were not many people from the Lutheran country, just a dozen armed soldiers and two people who seemed to be the representatives of the negotiations, or the leaders. On Yu Miaotong’s side, apart from her and Fang Nan and Zang Jia Yan, Yang Jiu had also brought a dozen people to guard the place.

There was a member of the vigilante team lying on the ground and Little Fire was staring at the dozen or so Lutheran soldiers with guns on the opposite side with a sad and angry face.

But from the disdainful expressions of these soldiers, one could tell that they didn’t even put the unarmed ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ people in their sights. Even if they had killed a person, they were not put in their mind.

“Don’t shoot.” A Lutheran man who did not have an umbrella weapon hastily raised his hand and said, but his expression was completely unconcerned that they had already shot and killed one person.

Perhaps in their eyes they represented the army,” Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, even if business was good, was just a group of businessmen or ordinary people. These people, under their intimidation, wouldn’t want to do anything just yet. It is not intentional to beat a person to death just to set up authority.

“Ye Dong …….”

“Brother Ye …….”

Once Ye Mo arrived, Yu Miaotong and Fang Nan and others came forward to greet each other, but everyone had anger on their faces, but they didn’t have guns, so they could only show their anger on their faces. Ye Mo was secretly angry in his heart, he knew that these people had come to establish their authority and then increase their bargaining chips, but he didn’t expect them to dare to kill to establish their authority.

“Is your Excellency Chairman Ye of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’? My name is McShane. I am very sorry that our soldiers’ guns went off just now, but we will definitely give an explanation to the victims. I apologise on behalf of the Lutheran** side for this matter.” The Lutheran man at the head of the group said in a sincere tone as if his men really did accidentally go off.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart and immediately knew that these people had really come to establish their authority today to probe the bottom line of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. Once ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is too weak, they will not hesitate to send soldiers to forcibly occupy this place and really want to forcefully take over ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. If ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is tough, they will negotiate for cooperation. The reason why they killed one person first and still claim to represent the Lutheran military is actually just to express their strength and determination to fight for greater benefits.

To put it bluntly, they were not afraid of Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, but rather afraid that Luo Yue Pharmaceutical would make things too big and cause repercussions internationally.

Ye Mo’s expression was calm and non-committal, not saying what he should or should not do. Although many people on the side of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ knew that this was pressure from the Lutheran State, and even if they were in Ye Mo’s position, there was no way to say anything, after all, everyone else was a heavily armed soldier. ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, on the other hand, did not have any weaponry.

Seeing that Ye Mo did not say anything, Yu Miaotong said angrily, ”They are so unreasonable, they obviously killed someone on purpose and said it was accidental fire. Not only do these people want us to leave Flowing Snake, they also want us to give up ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical”

“General Yu, Flowing Snake was originally our place, and now we are going to station our troops here, so of course you have to move aside. We’ve already publicly apologized for our soldiers going off, and we’ll even make some compensation.” McShane just said a compensation for the young man who died, but not a word about the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, people leaving also having compensation.

“Bullsh*t, I’ll kill one of your people and give you some more compensation okay?” Yu Miaotong was furious, she felt that she had never been so angry since she left the gang.

Seeing that Ye Mo never said anything, Mai Shou began to sneer in his heart, this Ye surnamed turned out to be a goon, so that would be good. Now when he heard Yu Miaotong’s words, his face immediately sank and said, “Mr. Yu, that’s not the way to say it, this is our place, there’s really nothing wrong with our troops killing people here, we’re just offering compensation in a humanitarian spirit. It is not that we have done anything wrong, and if you must feel that we have done something wrong, then there is nothing to say. We have a regiment stationed at the border of the Drifting Serpent and we also have a battalion of soldiers on the outskirts of the Drifting Serpent now. It’s just that these men have not entered the Flowing Serpent for the time being in order not to cause panic in the Flowing Serpent.”

“Are you threatening us?” Yu Miaotong said coldly, Ye Mo didn’t say anything, she was definitely not going to back down.

“If you must think so, there is nothing wrong with that.” Mai Spill said fluently, it was even Ye Mo who admired this guy’s proficiency in Chinese.

Yu Miaotong snorted coldly, “The flowing snake is from your Lutheran country? How did I hear that this place is a land without a master. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty this was a place where a tribe called Guanghe survived. Later, because there were no good fields here, it was surrounded by barren mountains and lacked water, the people who survived here gradually moved away. It was not until a hundred years ago that one of Luther’s outlaws escaped to this place and gathered a group of bandits here and began to rob at the border, gradually forming the fortress of the Flowing Serpent I guess you say this is your territory because that bandit was one of your people from the Flowing Serpent.”

“You’re strong words.” Mai Shine obviously did not understand this and was even a little too angry to speak, the soldiers behind him even raised the guns in their hands again.

Ye Mo’s eyes lit up, there was even this allusion, why didn’t Yu Miaotong say it? However, Ye Mo thought clearly in a flash. It wasn’t that Yu Miaotong didn’t say anything, it was because of that bandit thing, this place had already been made Luther’s place by default. Or if it wasn’t for ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, which had sprung up here, no one would care about this place.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo immediately said, ”Sister Yu stays behind, the rest of you all exit.

Although they didn’t know what Ye Mo meant, all the people still retreated.

Only when Ye Mo saw all the people go out did he sneer and say to Mai Shower, “You dare to kill someone in my territory, you have guts.”

A cold smile appeared at the corner of Mai Shower’s mouth, and before he could speak, a dozen bright arrows had already flown out of Ye Mo’s hand in a flash.

“I’ve used this set of golden needles for quite some time, now it’s cheap for you trash. Using an army to threaten me, you Luther, a mere bullet, are not qualified enough.” Ye Mo’s tone was ice-cold, if he wasn’t afraid of soiling his territory, he would have directly used the wind blade.

“Flutter….” Ye Mo’s words fell before the continuous sound of falling to the ground rang out.

McShane looked dumbfounded at the twelve soldiers behind him, all with a bit of dark red on their eyebrows, surprisingly killed in an instant by this Chairman Ye in front of him.

Crazy, this man was crazy, in his heart, Mai Shower thought that Ye Mo had gone crazy. To dare to openly kill a dozen of their country’s soldiers was tantamount to an open challenge to their Lutheran country. He hadn’t thought clearly for a moment how Ye Mo had killed these people, or hadn’t thought of that for a moment.

“You …….” McShane froze and pointed at Ye Mo, surprisingly not knowing what he should say.

Ye Mo sat down, raised his hand and once again was a golden needle shot out, and the a*sistant-like man behind Mai Shower was once again shot dead.

“I what? I’ll leave you alive, go back and tell your principal that I will come and visit him tonight.

If you don’t move the troops from the border within twenty-four hours, you’ll come straight to collect the bodies. Get lost!” Ye Mo was disdainful of this strutting McShane. He knew that this guy was here to scare ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ an ordinary company there would still dare to confront a country, even if it was a small one. If they threatened them like this, they would still be obedient and give in.

Ye Mo feels that in this world you don’t kill people or others kill you, you take a step back and the people who force you take a step forward. If these soldiers from the Lutheran country had not killed anyone and had only come to threaten, Ye Mo might have just crippled these people and thrown them out, but since they had killed first, he would not be polite.

“Second brother, when McShane leaves later, tell him to bring back all those trash corpses from Luther, and McShane’s legs and hands must be broken.” Ye Mo ignored the dumbfounded Mai Shower and said directly to Xu Ping.