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DYM Chapter 505

An hour later, McShane, whose legs had been broken, left in a hurry with a battalion of soldiers outside. Although Mak Shat was the person in charge of this incident, he did not dare to really use force without orders. He had only come to threaten and exert pressure, but he had not expected this Director Ye of the Flowing Serpent to be so decisive and kill a dozen of them without hesitation.

He had even killed one person to establish his authority in order to threaten ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ into submission. But when he turned around, the people on his side were immediately killed by others, and if he hadn’t been left to come back with a message, he might have been a dead man now instead of having a broken arm or leg.

Of course this was not what scared him the most, what appalled him the most was how that Director Ye had killed a dozen people on his side? He hadn’t even seen it, it was too bizarre and horrifying, something like that had to be reported to the Lord President as soon as possible.

It was not until Yu Miaotong had walked away for a long time with Xu Ping carrying the wheat sprinkles that she did not come out of her shock, although she knew that Ye Mo was powerful, she did not think that Ye Mo would be so powerful that he would lift his hand and kill a dozen people without even blinking.

Ye Mo was again many times more powerful than when she first met him.

Of course, this wasn’t what shocked her the most, what shocked and worried her the most was that Ye Mo actually dared to kill the soldiers of the Lutheran Kingdom, and to do it openly and honestly like this.

“General Ye, will this make the Lutheran Kingdom angry and come to a fish death battle with us, the Flowing Snakes? But we don’t have the strength to fight.” Although she didn’t say it explicitly, Ye Mo understood the meaning, that is, you can fight alone, but what if someone else comes with a country’s army? What if someone else launches an air raid?

Ye Mo smiled lightly, although what Yu Miaotong said was possible, he would never let this possibility happen. As for going and killing a regiment at the border, it was also considered a threat to McShane. It wasn’t that he couldn’t kill it, a mere regiment, he could still kill it. It was just that this was not his aim, even if he had to kill, he could easily kill the regiment’s leader, or even go straight to the highest command room of the Lutheran Kingdom.

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle the matter of the flowing snake myself, when the time comes, Sister Yuehua will have to purchase a large amount of materials, you and Chief Zang can just cooperate.” Ye Mo decided that it was better to make a trip to Luther by himself.

It was better to do this kind of thing sooner rather than later, and Ye Mo didn’t want to really fight, that wouldn’t do any good to the Flowing Snakes. It was best to do this kind of thing without alerting any international organisations, otherwise it wouldn’t do much good to the Flowing Snakes. ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was just a commercial organisation, and it was obviously unwise for such a commercial organisation to engage in a dispute with a country.

If Ye Mo was really strong to a certain point it would be fine, even if it was only Foundation Establishment, this kind of disadvantage would be completely negligible, but Ye Mo was not that strong now.

Ye Mo had some things to ask Ning Qingxue about when he returned because he was going to the Lutheran country in the evening. As soon as he came back, he was so caught up in all sorts of things that he didn’t even have time to make out with Ning Qingxue, let alone ask her some things.

After instructing Yu Miaotong and Void Yuehua to do their best to prepare for the construction of the city, Ye Mo returned to his residence. Ning Qingxue seemed to have known that he would make a trip back and had been waiting for him for a long time.

“Qingxue ……” Ye Mo had just entered the room and said two words when Ning Qingxue rushed up and wrapped her arms around him while plugging her mouth around his lips.

Ye Mo even tightened his arms around Ning Qingxue, the two of them had been splitting more and more, and Ning Qingxue had long since been unable to contain the thoughts of Ye Mo inside her. That soft and moist let Ye Mo indulge in it, that warm and strong let Ning Qingxue can’t go to extricate herself …… The kiss lasted for a full half hour before the two caught their breath and stared dully at each other.

“Do you want to go again?” Ning Qingxue’s eyes were filled with reluctance, she didn’t want Ye Mo to always be running around, she wanted him to be with her all the time. Although she liked having a place of comfort and ease, she would rather not if she made Ye Mo work too hard for the sake of building the city.

“I’m sorry, Qingxue ……,” Ye Mo thought about how he had spent so little time with Ning Qingxue at least, and about Song Yingzhu, and for a moment his heart was filled with guilt.

Ning Qingxue reached out to stop Ye Mo’s lips, shook her head and said, “Actually, I just need to be with you, if the matter of building a city is too much work, forget it.”

“No, building a city isn’t hard work for me, and I also want a place of my own. I can’t take you with me to live in seclusion in the deep mountains, so building a city is imperative.” Ye Mo said firmly.

Ning Qingxue didn’t continue to persuade, she just nodded, since Ye Mo had decided, she couldn’t drag her feet.

“Actually, I’m saying I’m sorry for another thing, that day I ……” Ye Mo was a little hesitant, but he still told them about his affair with Song Yingzhu.

“Where is she?” Out of Ye Mo’s expectation, Ning Qingxue asked about Song Yingzhu.

Ye Mo shook his head, “She should be gone, I don’t think she should come back to me in the future, I just feel sorry for you and Luo Ying ……”

Ye Mo said what he thought in his heart, he did feel sorry for Luo Ying and Qing Xue, as for Song Yingzhu, Ye Mo had a feeling that she shouldn’t come back for revenge. Maybe she even thought she was dead inside that graveyard. Although it was a bit saddening to remember the enmity and grudges with her, Ye Mo was a man who could afford to let go.

“Well ……” Ning Qingxue did not continue to ask about Song Yingzhu and just lay in Ye Mo’s arms without speaking. Ye Mo didn’t know what was going through Ning Qingxue’s mind, whether she was angry or not, and for a moment he couldn’t find the words he should say.

He didn’t know how long had pa*sed, and when the sky was already dark, only then did the soft voice of Ning Qingxue like a cloud come to Ye Mo’s ears, “I want to stay with you at night ……”

A warm stream flowed through Ye Mo’s heart, how could he not understand Ning Qingxue’s meaning. With her reserve she could say such words because in her heart there was only Ye Mo. She didn’t even mention the matter of Song Yingzhu, her words already showed her heart.

Ye Mo cupped Ning Qingxue’s face and kissed her once again, “Qingxue, I said that I will definitely marry you in a beautiful manner. If we can’t find Luo Ying, when our ‘Luo Yue City’ is built, that’s when we’ll have our bridal chamber.”

“Mmm ……” Ning Qingxue was already lost in the night.

There was actually another sentence Ye Mo didn’t say, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to share a room with Ning Qingxue, but he wanted it too much. However, he still had a vague hope in his heart that he could find a large amount of heavenly treasures and even spirit stones that day, so that he and the people around him could all cultivate to the foundation building.

However, Ye Mo knew very well how difficult it was to build a foundation, and only one out of a thousand cultivators in the Luo Yue Continent could build a foundation, let alone on Earth. The chances of building a foundation were scarce, and Ning Qingxue’s qualifications were good, so if there was a chance, she could probably build a foundation. But once he took away Ning Qingxue’s pure Yin Qi before she could build her foundation, it would be even more difficult to build her foundation again, and he did not want Ning Qingxue to lose this slim chance.

However, he did not want to say these words to Ning Qingxue, he was afraid that she would have a psychological burden. Ye Mo estimated that the ‘Luo Yue City’ could not be built without a few years, if he still did not find the herbs to advance in a few years, then he would not have to wait any longer, and would just live his life with his beloved in peace and quiet.

“By the way, what I want to ask you about Light Snow is whether those foreign psychics back there have looked for you?” Ye Mo thought about the main thing that he came to find Ning Qingxue today.

“No, once again there seems to be one who went to Yuzhou. It was later discovered by Cui Fei, but Cui Fei didn’t catch him.” Ning Qingxue came back to her senses and shook her head.

Ye Mo nodded, this should not end like this, but since he had returned, there was no need to worry about it.

After having dinner with Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo left the flowing snake, he went to the border to look at the troops stationed by Luther. Those people didn’t show the slightest sign of withdrawing, and there were even a dozen scouts who were going to sneak into the Flowing Serpent to scout. For these scouts, Ye Mo did not hesitate to kill them.


At this time, outside the office of Lutheran President Hemmer Single is heavily guarded, and inside is even more tense, Luther’s army commander-in-chief Mohan Jie, defense chief Eugene, and the one who was ruined by Xu Ping, McShane, are also lying on a stretcher to attend this small gathering.

Eugene was short, with his eyes bulging out slightly, only the top of his head was already half bulging. He stared at McShane with bulging eyes and said, “You’re telling the truth? He really could have killed twelve of our soldiers in less than a second? And he said he was coming here at night?”

A cold sweat continued to break out on his forehead as he lay on top of the stretcher, but now he couldn’t wipe it away. When he heard Eugene’s words, he said urgently, “I’m not lying in a word, he really is such a man. I suspect he is a legendary sorcerer, and although I know it is absurd, the truth is that he really does give me this terrible feeling.”

“Hmph, telling me to retreat in twenty-four hours? My country of Luther may be small, but it is not something that an ordinary merchant can bully. If you dare to kill my soldiers, not only will I not retreat, but tomorrow I will simply garrison the Lutheran Serpent. Minister You, do you also believe in such things as wizards ……” The speaker was Mohanje. He was tall and was the Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the Lutheran State. And he spoke in a strong tone, the last sentence had been somewhat displeasing, in his opinion there was nothing to discuss, just garrison the army.

He was even a bit annoyed with Eugene’s questioning, just a guy who was a good fighter. But if he was good, could he be better than the army?

Heimer single listened to a few people’s words, frowned very hard, half a long time before saying: “That director Ye should be from China ……”

Eugene nodded and said, “Good, that Ye Mo is exactly from China, the information about him is still under investigation.”