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DYM Chapter 514

It was reasonable to say that this was their lair, even if they had something to do, they would not leave here, right? Just when Ye Mo was somewhat puzzled, a hint of induction appeared in his divine sense.

Surprisingly, it was Liang Shi Guo, and he was the only one, and the direction he came from was exactly ‘extra-territorial leisure’. Immediately, Ye Mo’s heart was just happy, for him Liang Shi Guo was the best to control. Because he was the only one without cultivation, that Peer and Chen Crash were both guys with high cultivation, Ye Mo could kill them, but it seemed a bit difficult to control their consciousness and then learn something from their mouths.

Liang Shiguo seemed a bit preoccupied and frowned from time to time. Ye Mo didn’t move him until after Liang Shiguo entered a separate room and closed the door, then Ye Mo leapt into Liang Shiguo’s room.

When he came to the room, Ye Mo directly was a stealth spell, then walked up to Liang Shiguo and knocked him unconscious, carried him and stepped onto the flying sword to leave Luo Cang.

In order to make Liang Shiguo think that he was in a dream, Ye Mo did not land, but only covered a black scarf in the air, before he pointed his finger above Liang Shiguo’s eyebrow.

Seeing Liang Shiguo reveal a confused expression, Ye Mo asked in a low voice, “Introduce yourself, and what you came to Luo Cang for?”

Liang Shiguo barely hesitated before he said, “My name is Liang Shiguo, the head of the ‘Northern Sand’ organization’s subland base in China, this time I came to Luocang for the matter of the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’. ”

“What is the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal Stone’?”

“‘Extreme Energy Crystal’ is the energy source that drives the main control room of the super energy device.”

“What is a super power device again? And where do these ‘polar energy crystals’ come from?”

“All devices that cannot be powered by Earth’s regular energy sources are superpowered devices, such as the ‘Air Aoi’. The ‘Extreme Energy Crystals’ came from Feng Inter, the main designer of the ‘Empty Aoi’, who brought eight ‘Extreme Energy Crystals’ with him.”

The main designer of ‘Empty Aoi’ was surprisingly a Feng Ji, Ye Mo thought to himself that he didn’t know who this Feng Ji was, how could he design something that the whole world would fight over. This person is not simple, he can’t be a civilized world crossed over like himself, right?

Ye Mo let go of the question of Feng Ji’s origins and continued to ask, “Where is Feng Ji now? What is the main function of the ‘Empty Aoi’?”

“Feng Ji had already escaped from the ‘Northern Sands’ half a year ago, and he was last seen on the outskirts of the Taklamakan Desert in China. The ‘Northern Sands’ are currently doing everything they can to find Feng Ji, and if they cannot bring him back, they will kill him on the spot. The ‘Air Aoi’ is a large super-powered combat device that integrates sea, land and air, and can easily eliminate a country, as well as defend a range. The exact function, I am not very clear.” Liang Shiguo answered very clearly.

“Why did Feng Inter escape?”

“After ‘Northern Sand’ found Feng Ji, they signed a contract with him, which was to let Feng Ji design the ‘Empty Aoi’ and let him go after designing the ‘Empty Aoi’. Later, after Feng Ji had finished designing the ‘Empty Aoi’, ‘Bei Sha’ backtracked and detained Feng Ji to continue designing the rest of the stuff. Feng Ji designed a lot of additional equipment under the organization’s watch, but when he escaped, all of these things were taken away from him, even including the ‘Empty Aoi design’.”

So that was it, Ye Mo suddenly remembered one thing when he heard this, that was when he last saw Feng Inter in the Taklamakan Desert. Could it be that the photo with Luo Ying’s back was taken around the Taklamakan Desert? If so, what was Luo Ying doing in the desert?

But no matter what it was for, since there was her back there, even if it meant that Luo Ying was there. Thinking of this, Ye Mo’s heart got excited. He could not wait to fly to the desert immediately to see if Luo Ying was in the Taklamakan Desert.

“How many bases are there in the ‘Northern Sands’? What is the location of your bases?” Although he wanted to leave immediately, Ye Mo still wanted to ask for clarification.

“‘Northern Sands’ has six bases, I only know that the Yalu base is in Baiwei Gou in Vietnam, I don’t know anything else.”

Ye Mo reckoned that he couldn’t ask any more, and the Baiwei Gou in Vietnam he said was the same as what Dongfang Qiu said. He knocked Liang Shiguo unconscious again and carried him back to the ‘Extra-terrestrial Leisure’ room.

Soon after Ye Mo left, Liang Shiguo woke up, he stood up on his feet, what had just happened was very clear inside his mind, it was as if he was standing in the air and telling a man in black everything that was secret.

Liang Shiguo was instantly shocked out of a cold sweat, once he revealed any secrets of the ‘Northern Sands’, he would be dead. He had actually leaked so much, and it was all extremely important stuff.

No, it shouldn’t have been leaked by himself, this must be a dream, otherwise how could it be in the location of the air? Liang Shiguo was relieved, but this dream was too real, and he could even feel the breeze blowing through the air.

Sobering up, Liang Shiguo patted his head and went to the bathroom to pour cold water on his forehead in a bid to get rid of this nightmare. Even if it was a dream, he would still be dead if such a dream was known by the senior management of ‘Northern Sands’.

Although he wanted to go and look for Luo Ying immediately, Ye Mo still didn’t go instantly, one was that Luo Ying appeared in the Taklamakan Desert a few months ago, going now was not much different from going in a few days. The other is that he really wants to earn back the ten billion dollars from Liang Shi Guo.


When Ye Mo returned to the ‘Pearl on the Cloud’, Lu Yue had already fallen asleep, guessing that she hadn’t slept very soundly recently under her haggard heart. After suddenly escaping from Gu Mingnan’s hands, plus her internal injuries were half gone, she slept soundly under the excitement.

Ye Mo did not bother her, but sat on the balcony to cultivate for the night.

When Ye Mo stood up the next morning, Lu Yue had already washed up and was waiting for Ye Mo to speak.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through Lu Yue and knew that her internal injuries were already half healed and she could now mobilize at least fifty percent of her internal qi, so she would definitely have no problem defending herself.

“I want to go to the flowing snake to see Fei Lu.” Seeing that Ye Mo had seen it, Lu Yue hesitated for a while and said, after a night of thinking, Lu Yue also knew that following Ye Mo like this was not a matter. Looking at the way Ye Mo treated her, it seemed that he was still a bit defensive.

Although she had only been with Ye Mo for a short time, Lu Yue already understood why Lu Hustle had such trust in him, and even begged herself not to say anything bad about Ye Mo. Ye Mo was indeed an open and honest person, and Lu Yue originally thought that Lu Hustle would definitely ** be with Ye Mo if he wanted to continue to be with him, but now it seems that he was a bit of a villain. He and that Qi Yulin were not the same kind of person at all.

With such a face as hers, and with her internal injuries, the way Ye Mo looked at her didn’t have any heart in it at all.

Ye Mo was thinking about how to arrange for Lu Yue’s, and now that she had taken the initiative to go to Flowing Snake, it couldn’t be better for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took out his phone and called Ning Qingxue, asking Fei Lu to go to Guilin Airport to pick up Lu Yue. At the same time, Ye Mo also learnt from Ning Qingxue that Zeng Zhenman had already arrived at Liu Snake and was waiting for him to return.

When Zeng Zhenman went to the snake, Ye Mo immediately thought of the crystals of the Spirit Pool, he should be here for this. If Zeng Zhen Man knew where the Spirit Pool was, Ye Mo was tempted to kick Feng Wu out, four crystals, two for him and two for Zeng Zhen Man.

After sending off Lu Yue, Ye Mo decided to make a trip back once he had earned the ten billion. There were some things that it was better to talk to Zeng Zhenman face to face, one could not be clear on the phone, the second was that the phone was Han Zaixin’s, he was not quite sure about this old Han. So it is inevitable to get a phone by yourself.


The three people inside the secret room of Luo Cang’s ‘extra-territorial leisure’, Liang Shiguo and Piers and Chen Crash are sitting together discussing something.

Liang Shiguo’s face was a bit unpleasant, he always doubted if he was dreaming last night, because that process was too real.

A man in black knocked on the guys and then said carefully from the doorway, “Mr. Liang, there is a man called Ye Mo outside who has come to visit.”

Piers and Chen Crash were stunned, Ye Mo had only left yesterday, why was he here again today?

“Go and invite him in.” Liang Shiguo had a look of recognition on his face and said indifferently.

“Director Liang, do you know what Ye Mo is here for?” The hawk-nosed Chen Falling saw that Liang Shiguo seemed to have his mind made up, and then he asked.

Liang Shiguo smiled faintly, “If I’m not wrong, the purpose of his visit should be related to the crystal stones.”

“How do you know?” Although Peer’s Chinese was not fluent, he was still wondering why Liang Shiguo was so sure.

“When we negotiated with Ye Mo yesterday, I said that we had instruments that could detect the location of the crystal stone. Also when I said that this crystal stone could be worth ten billion dollars, Ye Mo’s expression seemed to be a bit hesitant, you guys didn’t notice, right? But then I thought that I could guess from his expression that the crystal stone was most likely in his possession and he should have been moved by the ten billion dollars. So I guessed that his coming here today must have something to do with the crystal stone.” Liang Shiguo said disdainfully, as if Ye Mo had fallen into his calculations a long time ago.

“Mr. Liang, you are truly remarkable.” Peer gave a thumbs up in praise.

Chen Crash also couldn’t help but feel admiration for Liang Shiguo’s carefulness, but he immediately said, “Ten billion is not a small amount even for our ‘Northern Sands’, should we really give it to him? If we are sure that the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’ is in his possession, perhaps there are other ways we can get it.”

Liang Shiguo shook his head and said, “You underestimate Ye Mo, and I also underestimated him before yesterday, but now I won’t underestimate him anymore. However, if he wants to get my ten billion dollars, he has to have the ability to do so, if he doesn’t have the ability, he can only be blamed for not having the blessing.”

Chen Falling sighed in his heart, no wonder Liang Shiguo did not have any cultivation, he was still higher in rank than himself. It seemed that not only was he outstandingly capable, his mind was also extremely delicate. Although Ye Mo was not bad, he was still too young in front of Liang Shiguo, and his inner world was exposed with a single expression.