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DYM Chapter 513

Luo Yue hesitantly glanced at Liu Shang and Yang Yi and hesitated for a moment. Ye Mo also remembered at the same time that these matters had nothing to do with Yang Yi and them, so it was better not to let them know.

Thinking of this Ye Mo took the initiative to say, “Yang Yi, do you know about the flowing snake?”

“Of course I know about Flowing Snake, where the production base and headquarters of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is located, I’m still planning to take a trip to Flowing Snake after work.” Yang Yi blurted out.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Actually you can go now, haven’t you graduated? If you want, you can go work at Flowing Serpent’s ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ ah.”

“What? You’re talking about going to work at ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’? Brother Ye, do you think ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is so easy to get into? I heard that someone who wanted to enter ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ through the vice mayor was rejected without hesitation.” Yang Yi spoke as fast as her reaction.

Ye Mo, however, said, “Actually, Erhu is working at ‘Lok Yue Pharmaceutical’ right now, so if you go to Flowing Snake, you can enter ‘Lok Yue Pharmaceutical’ as long as you find Erhu.”

Ye Mo believed that if Yang Yi just told Erhu that she was called by herself, Erhu would definitely arrange a good job position for her.

“Really?” Yang Yi obviously couldn’t believe that such a big pie had fallen, but she quickly knew that what Ye Mo said should be true, even that person that Wen Shao was afraid of was so scornful of Ye Mo, so Ye Mo must be a person of great power.

“If you want to go, you can go there with your boyfriend, just say that I introduced you.” Ye Mo continued.

Yang Yi said with hardly any thought, “Of course I want to go, I just graduated I haven’t thought about what place I want to work, I didn’t expect to have a pillow right after I dozed off, or a super luxurious pillow, thank you, Brother Ye.”

Liu Shang also did not expect that he would have the opportunity to go to work at Flowing Snake, and even forgot to thank Ye Mo.


Watching Yang Yi and Liu Shang both leave, only then did Lu Yue say, “Ye Mo, Flowing Snake’s ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ has something to do with you, right?”

Ye Mo gave her a faint look, “You are very smart.”

Ye Mo’s tone wasn’t very good, he suspected that the last ‘Our Luo Sutra’ was taken by Luo Yue, and that those bureaus were all set up by Luo Yue, and even Fei Lu was used by her. Ye Mo certainly did not have any good feelings towards such a woman with a deep heart.

Luo Yue didn’t know why Ye Mo was somewhat indifferent to her, but she still said, “The kind of elixir you gave to Luo Hustle was extremely precious, and I think you must have some knowledge of making elixirs, so it’s no surprise that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ has something to do with you.”

Ye Mo seemed to have not heard Luo Yue’s words, but said indifferently, “Tell me how you appeared in the mountain and were picked up, and what is Luo Hustle’s current situation?”

“You seem to have some opinions about me? If I remember correctly, we only met once and didn’t even say a word.” Lu Yue asked somewhat puzzled when she saw Ye Mo’s expression, she really didn’t understand why Ye Mo had an opinion about her, even if it was for the sake of Lu Hustle, it couldn’t be like this.

Ye Mo sneered, “If I’m not wrong, you should also have coveted the ‘Our Luo Sutra’, right? That day when you and Lok Hustle were at the ‘Ying Hua Guan’ and Lok Fay’s scream came from outside the ‘Ying Hua Guan’, you went out to see then, only for you to return injured soon after. That injury must have been your own, right? And I think you took the last of the ‘Our Sutra’ as well?”

“You ……” Lu Yue stared at Ye Mo in anger, seemingly gasping for breath at Ye Mo’s words, and even her fingers were shaking a little. Was she, Lu Yue, someone who hurt her sisters? This Ye Mo dared to vilify her like this, what a villainous heart.

Ye Mo didn’t seem to care about Lu Yue’s angry expression and still said in an old-fashioned manner, “Your second senior sister was screaming in danger outside and you rushed out in a hurry, at this time, you must have been on full alert. You were already at the middle Xuan level, and you were on full alert, but the other party could have injured you in such a short time, so if they didn’t know your techniques and movements very well, they would have been higher than you.

But it’s impossible to be higher than you. If there was really an earth-level expert who came to rob the “Our Luo Sutra”, he wouldn’t have needed to leave anyone alive, he would have just killed a few of you. So apart from you knowing yourself, who else would know you so well? Besides, you three sisters were all there, and that Luo Luo Sutra was taken away under your noses, and apart from a peak Earth-level or even half-step Xiantian expert who has the ability to do so, it would be one of the three of you. But I know that Lok Hustle would definitely not take it, and Lok Fay did not take it either, so I won’t say the rest.”

Lu Yue sneered, “You seem to have seen it with your own eyes, you really know Senior Sister Lu Hustle well, and how do you know that Fay Lu did not ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

After coming over for a long time, her face showed an extremely disappointed expression, and even a bit sad, then lowered her head and said somewhat gloomily, “Have you met senior sister Fei Lu?”

Ye Mo nodded and did not say anything.

Instead, Lu Yue continued, “Ye Mo, if you see her again, tell her that I’m sorry for her. I have always suspected that she took the Our Luo Sutra, but now I have learned that she didn’t take it. I now know that she didn’t take it, not because you have seen Fei Lu learn that she didn’t take it, but because of another thing.”

Hearing Lu Yue’s words, Ye Mo was puzzled, what Lu Yue said seemed to be true ah, as if the Our Luo Sutra really wasn’t taken by her. But after hearing her words, how did she suddenly know who had taken away the Sutra? Could it be that there really was an expert at the peak of the earth level? But if there was why didn’t she hurt the three sisters?

Lok Yue’s emotions seemed low for a while before she raised her head and said, “Ye Mo, whether you believe it or not, I didn’t take the Luo Luo Sutra. I now know who took it, but I can’t say anything. You know that I flipped through the scripture that day when Senior Sister Lok Hustle brought it out. And one of the spices I usually use is unique as it is specially made by me.”

After speaking for a while Lu Yue’s expression gradually calmed down as she glanced at Ye Mo and continued, “Because that fragrance was unique, so when senior sister and I were preparing to go back, I smelled that fragrance. I let my senior sister go first and I chased after her along the fragrance, but I ended up being knocked unconscious on the mountain instead of chasing her. You know what happened afterwards, that Gu Mingnan saved me, and I didn’t dare to leave the Gu family because I was very badly injured and had no internal qi cultivation. I could only pretend that I couldn’t remember anything until I met you. I think you will help me for once for the sake of Lok Hustle.”

Ye Mo fell silent, surprisingly it wasn’t Lu Yue who took away the Our Luo Sutra, he had guessed wrong again. It seemed that Lu Yue’s love for her two senior sisters should be true, who was the one who took away the Luo Luo Sutra? Ye Mo’s heart suddenly moved, that person’s cultivation level must be far higher than the three sisters of Lu Yue, but he did not kill the three sisters several times, so it can be seen that this person should also have feelings for the three sisters, or someone he knows.

Thinking of this Ye Mo suddenly asked, “Lu Yue, are you three the only ones who came out of your sect this time?”

Lu Yue sighed and gave Ye Mo a look, “You guessed it, we actually have four places this time, and there is a senior uncle who secretly protects the three of us. She is at half-step Xiantian cultivation, so, so ……”

Lok Yue didn’t go on, but Ye Mo already understood that it turned out to be someone from their 《Chihang Jingzhai》. However, this senior uncle had finally remembered a few fragrant feelings and had not driven them to extinction.

Seeing Ye Mo fall silent, Lu Yue opened her mouth and asked, “Is Senior Sister Fei Lu well now?”

Ye Mo took out a few ordinary healing pills and handed them to Lu Yue and said, “She is fine now, and you guessed right, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is now my company. If you want to see her, you can go to Flowing Serpent, she is in Flowing Serpent at the moment. These few pills will make your injuries better, and you can use at least some of your internal qi, so you should have no problem protecting yourself.”

After saying that, Ye Mo took out another wad of money and handed it to Lu Yue, “This money will be used as your travel expenses, it was Lu Fei who did the slap on Lu Hustle in the first place, she has no face to go back to see Lu Hustle now. As for the matter between you sisters, you can talk about it yourselves. I have other things to do tonight, so I won’t go with you to the Flowing Serpent.”

“Thanks.” Lu Yue thanked Ye Mo and collected the pills, but pushed the money back, “I don’t know where I should go now, going to the Flowing Serpent I’m afraid of facing Fay Lu, and maybe Fay Lu doesn’t know how to face me either. When I return to the sect, I will definitely reveal my horse’s foot.”

Ye Mo understood Lu Yue’s feelings at this moment, the three sisters who were like brothers in arms were in trouble because of an unrelated “Our Luo Sutra”. And the senior uncle who came to secretly protect the three of them was the culprit who ended up taking away the Sutra, no wonder she had a hard time accepting it for a while.

Ye Mo pondered for a moment before saying, “That’s fine, you can just find a room here and stay, and when my side of things is over, I’ll take you back to Flowing Snake with me. If you don’t want to go back to the Inner Concealment Sect, you can stay at Flowing Serpent.

He helped Lu Yue arrange a room at the ‘Pearl on the Clouds’ hotel and let Lu Yue go in to heal, while Ye Mo left the hotel. It was already late in the day and it was the right time for him to make his move.

The night in Luo Cang was no less than Ninghai, and Ye Mo walked on the streets of Luo Cang where the lights and wine were green and thought of Ninghai. He wondered how Bei Wei was living now, except that Bei Wei was not willing to go to the Flowing Serpent with him, and if she was willing, he wanted to bring Bei Wei to the Flowing Serpent as well.

‘Extra-territorial leisure’, the night is even more lively, although this is the old nest of ‘North Sand’, but the surface is not even the slightest bit visible, not even a trace of it. The people who came to splash out were all rich and prodigal people. Ye Mo stood outside the ‘Extra-territorial Leisure’ and swept his divine sense in, making him wonder that he didn’t find Liang Shiguo and Peer a few people.

It was reasonable to say that this was their lair, even if they were up to something, they wouldn’t have left here, right? Just when Ye Mo was a bit puzzled, a hint of induction appeared in his divine sense.