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DYM Chapter 516

The letter was torn up and thrown on the ground by Liang Shiguo, and Chen fell to pick it up and read it. There were no heated statements, and one could even say that the letter was written in a polite manner.

“Mr Liang, since I found out yesterday that the crystals belong to your organisation, I have not slept all night. Not to mention that there is still a bonus, even if there is no bonus, I still intend to return the crystals to your side today. I am already embarra*sed to receive cash from your party, how can I ask for such an expensive bank card again? Isn’t that making me blush.

Although I know Mr. Liang is sincere in wanting to give me the bank card, but I can’t accept it after thinking it over. I will leave the bank card outside the door with it inserted, please check it with Mr. Liang. I, Ye Mo, am open and honest and I am determined not to take anything that does not belong to me. Mr. Liang also knows that I am definitely not a person who takes advantage of small things, so if I accept Mr. Liang’s card, it is really not in line with my original intention. Because I was afraid that Mr. Liang would refuse, that’s why I left a letter at the front desk downstairs, Mr. Liang please take it and never be polite to me.”

There was no ending, just a few very abrupt words. After reading it, Chen Crash looked at Liang Shiguo very suspiciously and said, “Director Liang, are you saying that Ye Mo knew that this bank card was a bomb, so he purposely left it behind? That’s what makes you say he’s shameless?”

Liang Shiguo calmed down and frowned when he heard Chen Crash’s words, “Take me to the hospital first.”

Only after a few people got into the car did Liang Shiguo continue, “He’s not a god, he shouldn’t know that there’s something wrong with this bank card. I said he was shameless because he put away 10 billion without saying a word, but now he means to say that this card affects his reputation as much as it does, and even says he intends to return the crystals to us for free, would you believe him? Just look at the speed of his transfer so fast, you know this person is really too shameless. He’s open and honest, he’s open and honest my a*s.”

Liang Shiguo couldn’t help but burst into foul language again at the end of his sentence.

However, Chen Crash frowned and said, “Director Liang, but I feel that this is a bit strange, if Ye Mo really didn’t know that the card was a bomb, why didn’t he put the card and the letter together and give them to that waiter? Instead, they were separate? Also I feel that this Ye Mo is shameless, but such a shameless person, why would he not want the card in the face of several millions? Although a few million is too far from ten billion. But who would mind too much money?”

Liang Shiguo, who had originally allowed himself to be blown up instead of harming Ye Mo, completely calmed down. Yup. These were all obvious questions that he forgot to think about in his rage, and now that he thought about it, why would Ye Mo do this? If Ye Mo knew that the card was a bomb. If he wanted to blow him up, why didn’t he put the card outside the secret room inside, instead of putting it at the door of the one outside?

Liang Shiguo suddenly felt that he could no longer see through that Ye Mo, everything he did seemed to be within his expectation, but the result was outside his expectation.

Could this be a coincidence? Liang Shiguo definitely did not believe that there was so much chance. If he really believed there was so much chance, he, Liang Shiguo, would not have climbed to his current position. There were so many talented people in the ‘Northern Sands’, so why was it that he, Liang Shiguo, was the one managing this area?

“Deacon Chen, Deacon Peel, we are not going to the hospital now. Rather, we are going to the airport immediately. The crystal is now on my body and we will send it away immediately. It’s not safe to leave it on me. As for my injuries, they are minor. Just get something random to bandage it up and it will be fine.” Liang Shiguo decisively let the car turn around and drive towards the airport.

Liang Shiguo was a man of his word here, and no one objected to what he said. The car that was originally heading to the hospital instead turned around and drove towards Luo Cang Airport.

Ye Mo kept following behind, he was not intending to follow Liang Shiguo’s trio. What he was following was the crystal stone. Ye Mo had marked the crystal stone with his divine sense, so wherever the crystal stone went he had to follow it. Although the crystal stone was traded. But it was still his Ye Mo’s, and he would not really leave it to the ‘Northern Sands’.

It was just that he did not expect that Liang Shi Guo’s trio had temporarily changed direction and headed to the airport. But even if that was the case, he didn’t care, even if they got on the plane now, he would still follow them.

There was really no pressure for Ye Mo to follow the three Liang Shiguo, who was indeed good at it, and half an hour later, they boarded a plane to Hong Kong. It was possible to get on the plane inside this time, if one did not have a certain amount of energy it would never work.

The plane quickly took off and Ye Mo stepped on his sword and followed it, but in his heart he complained that the plane was really slow. Two hours later, the plane landed at Hong Kong International Airport.

As soon as Liang Shiguo got off the plane, a car immediately came to pick up the three of them.

Ye Mo followed them all the way to a petrol station on the outskirts of Hong Kong, before stopping.

When he came to the outskirts of this petrol station, Ye Mo realised that this was actually a place for the proceedings of the ‘Northern Sand’. The office above was very simple, but those staff, Ye Mo knew at a glance that they were not simple people, and even two of them had yellow level cultivation. The most important thing was that there was a large and luxurious basement underneath this petrol station, only the entrance was very concealed.

Ye Mo was a bit worried that his stealth technique would be seen by Chen Zhaoge. Although he was already in the middle stage of Qi training, Chen Zhaoge was a peak Earth level martial artist, once he noticed his true Qi fluctuations, it would not be very difficult to see his stealth technique. Now both Chen Zhan and Pierre were standing at the entrance, it was impossible to enter without going through them.

Just when Ye Mo was in a bit of a dilemma, Chen Zhan’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

Ye Mo knew that this was an opportunity, Chen Crash was now answering the phone and would not necessarily be able to feel the true qi fluctuations on his body, as long as he was careful. As for Peer, a psychic, Ye Mo however knew that even if he was more powerful than Chen Crash, he would not be able to feel the fluctuations of his true qi.

Sure enough Ye Mo followed Liang Shiguo into the basement without any risk, inside the basement stood four heavily armed men in black, all close to Yellow level experts. However, in front of Ye Mo, they were already the worst of the worst. Ye Mo was worried that there were a few earth level experts inside, but he didn’t expect that there was not even a single yellow level expert. But thinking about it, how could there be so many ancient martial arts practitioners out there, after all, it was not easy to cultivate ancient martial arts.

It looked like the four Xuan-ranked men that he had killed last time should have some status inside the Northern Sands, no wonder Liang Shiguo had no intention of letting himself go.

“Instructor Liang, are you injured?” The one who spoke was a beautiful young woman with plump breasts and buttocks, she saw the bandage on Liang Shiguo’s shoulder and asked with a frown. However, there was not the slightest tone of condolence on her face, instead there was some tone of reproach in it.

Liang Shiguo waved his hand, “Sister Ling, this is not the time to talk about this, I brought the stuff, I’ll hand it over to you and I’ll be done. It’s torturous to keep this on me for a minute, so take a look at it first.”

Liang Shiguo took out the crystal stone inside his pocket and placed it in front of the young woman.

The young woman called Ling didn’t ask any more questions after hearing Liang Shiguo’s words, but took out the crystal stone and looked at it carefully, finally nodding her head and saying, “Not bad, it’s real. Thank you for your hard work, Director Liang. Later on, Elder Qu will come and I will send the stuff away with Elder Qu tonight. Now that the stuff has been delivered, you sign it.”

Liang Shiguo signed, and only then did he let out a long breath.

“Instructor Liang, you seem to have met some difficulties? Did the crystals come from that Ye Mo?” The young woman called Ling asked somewhat strangely, she never seemed to have seen such an expression on Liang Shiguo’s face before.

Liang Shiguo nodded, “Yes, this time my side has suffered heavy losses, I have already reported it up, as for how to deal with that Ye Mo, I will wait for the notification from above.”

Just as Liang Shiguo finished his words, two more people came outside, an old man in his sixties, and a man in his thirties.

“Qu Lao ……”

This old man had just entered, and both Liang Shiguo and the young woman got up to greet each other.

The old man called Qu Lao nodded and said, “Xiao Liang has done a mediocre job this time, it’s good that we finally got the crystals in hand, as for the ten billion dollars, although it’s important to us, it’s nothing compared to the crystals. But Xiao Liang was so careless and made several more mistakes in a row even though he knew that Ye Mo could instantly kill twenty-seven experts who were shooting at the same time, even including four Xuan level martial artists, I can’t do anything about this matter and must report it.”

The young woman looked at the old man with some surprise and said, “Director Liang also made other mistakes?”

The old man nodded and said, “After Xiao Liang knew that the method was wrong, he could take the initiative to open sincere negotiations with Ye Mo to get the crystals, which was a good decision. But Ye Mo destroyed the three cameras in the secret room and they didn’t even know about it, that was one of them. Afterwards, although Xiao Liang knew that Ye Mo had destroyed the three extremely hidden cameras, he did not draw attention to it and instead tried to take out Ye Mo through such a lowly means as a bank card bomb, this was the second mistake.”

When Elder Qu said this, he swept his cold eyes at Liang Shiguo and said indifferently, “Little Liang, you think someone who could discover that kind of hidden camera in a very short time would not see the problem with the bank card? You are going back more and more, probably because you have been too smooth in the last two years. If you hadn’t gotten the crystal stone, or if that Ye Mo hadn’t realised what the crystal stone could do, you would have been dead enough to die a hundred times. Our ‘Northern Sand’ only has a total of five late Earth-ranked experts, and this time not only did we send one to you, but we even sent Peer over, but you walked in and lost four Xuan-ranked martial artists, and twenty-three elite members.”

Liang Shiguo lowered his head, cold sweat pouring from his forehead, but he didn’t dare to say a word.

Elder Qu seemed to feel that he had said a little too much as he eased his tone and said again, “But you took back the Extreme Energy Crystals, so you should be able to save a life. As for dealing with Ye Mo, stop for the time being, there shouldn’t be anyone in our organisation who is a match for him right now.”

“Ye Mo is so powerful? Our organization doesn’t even have anyone who is a match for him?” The young woman called Ling blurted out, her tone extremely surprised and shocked.

The old man nodded cautiously, “Although I’m not sure, I shouldn’t be wrong, we can only see if Mu Zhen is his opponent, if Mu Zhen can’t beat him either, the only option against Ye Mo is to surround him.”