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DYM Chapter 517

‘A siege? Are we going to strike at him now? Or we can strike at the forces behind him first.” The young woman called Ling asked again.

Elder Qu shook his head and said, “Now is not the time to make a move against him, and the fact that Ye Mo can take out the Extreme Energy Crystals is certainly because he doesn’t know the value of the crystals, and another is that he doesn’t want to make a move against us right now either. As for striking at the forces behind him, now is not the time.

This person, Ye Mo, we have investigated very clearly, he is a mad dog. Our latest investigative sources have learned that the near extermination of the Hopewell School and the Point Cang School was his doing. There is also the Hulu Valley, the number one hidden sect in China, which doesn’t seem to have any news recently. We also suspect that it has something to do with Ye Mo. Although Ye Mo can’t destroy Huludao Valley yet, with his kind of crazy revenge, I reckon that Huludao Valley is afraid of him. So, now is not the time for us to completely turn against him. We don’t have time to waste our energy and manpower on him, when the time comes someone will automatically go and destroy him.”

Ye Mo hid to the side and wanted to immediately burn this Qu Lao with a fireball, but he knew that he couldn’t move yet. ‘Bei Sha, who was now very scornful of him, how could he not be scornful of ‘Bei Sha” He was not alone, once he angered ‘Bei Sha” all he had to think about was how to protect the people around him.

“Liang Shiguo, Chen Crash and Piers will stay behind now and return to the headquarters with me when the time comes, you return immediately. Also keep an eye on Ye Mo’s whereabouts and report back in time, until we are informed from above, absolutely no more kidnapping of his family will be allowed.” The old man fixed his gaze on Liang Shiguo, and his tone was even a little stern.

“Yes, Elder Liang.” Liang Shiguo did not dare to have any retort and hurriedly answered down.

After Elder Qu finished speaking, his face eased as he looked at the young woman and said, “I’ll check the Extreme Energy Crystal, and if you confirm it, immediately pack it up and send it away with the other one.”

“Yes, Elder Liang.” The young woman put the crystal stone brought by Liang Shiguo on top of the conference table in front and pushed it to Elder Liang, while taking out a gold-coloured box.

Ye Mo noticed that this golden case was exactly the same as the one he got, and he immediately knew that there was another crystal stone in it. He was still worried that he wouldn’t get anything this time, but there was still a crystal stone here, so that would make two crystals in the bank today.

Liang Lao examined the crystal stone handed over by Ling and nodded, opened the box and put the crystal stone in his hand and put it side by side with the other crystal stone, covering it with a yellow cloth. Just at this time, Ye Mo used two ordinary stones to swap two crystals with two ordinary stones in front of Elder Liang with great speed. Because of his extreme speed and the help of his invisibility technique surprisingly none of them could see the problem until Elder Liang covered the golden chest.

Ye Mo was secretly glad that Chen Crash did not come in, once Chen Crash was in here, it was likely that his actions would have been discovered. After getting the stuff Ye Mo immediately left, he had just walked to the place of the entrance when he heard a loud shout from inside the basement.

It was discovered so quickly? Ye Mo was wondering in his heart. His divine sense immediately swept in, and he found that the golden chest had been opened again, and all the people inside were pale, and Qu Lao was even pale.

Hearing the shout from inside, Chen Crash swept past Ye Mo at top speed and rushed into the basement.

A good opportunity, Ye Mo didn’t even think about it, immediately helped leap out of the basement out of the gas station quickly stepped on the flying sword and headed directly to Luo Cang. In order to keep Liang Shi Guo from suspecting, he had to make another trip to Luo Cang.

“What is it? Elder Qu.” Although Chen Crash was of a lower rank but because he was an ancient martial cultivator, and a relatively high cultivation ancient martial cultivator at that, his status was more transcendent. He was not as careful as Liang Shiguo in front of Elder Qu.

“The crystal stone has just been swapped.” Sister Ling’s face was as pale as the lights were bright and the gold chest had been placed on top of the table, so it could be said that everyone’s eyes were fixed on the gold chest which had been swapped and turned into two useless stones in the blink of an eye.

And this crystal stone from the time it was put into the chest to the time the chest was closed and then opened, was only related to Qu Lao alone. Or perhaps he was the only one who had touched this golden chest after it had been established that there were two crystals inside it.

But it was unlikely that Qu Lao had swapped it, it was meant to be taken away by him. And even if he was going to swap it, he wouldn’t do it here, would he? Even if he did, he wouldn’t have opened the gold case a second time to confirm it.

But the truth was so bizarre, two Extreme Energy Crystals had been taken away under the eyes of everyone, a responsibility that no one could take, not even Qu Lao.

“Seal the entrance to the basement immediately and do not allow anyone to enter or leave.” Although Elder Qu’s face was getting paler and paler, he was still the first to react. The person who had swapped the crystals was definitely still in this basement, as long as this entrance was sealed and no one was allowed to enter or leave, it could definitely be found out.

Although Chen Fell had not yet completely understood what was going on, he had already learned from Sister Ling that the crystals had been swapped. Or maybe he didn’t need Ling to say that, just by looking at the faces of the few people inside the basement, he knew that something was definitely wrong.

“Pierre has been blocking the doorway, so there must be no one coming in or going out …….” Chen fell this sentence did not finish, then stopped his topic, he just came in, seems to have a vague internal qi fluctuation in the side, only just now he was very fast, which makes him again not sure.

“I’ll stop the entrance to this basement, Qu Lao you check inside first.” Thinking about the sensation just now, Chen Crash knew that something big was wrong, it was likely that the burglar had brushed against him.

But he would never say anything about this kind of thing, once he did, the first! If he did, he would be the first one to be responsible for it, and he would not be so stupid. So he didn’t even go in the basement door, but blocked the doorway.

The old man had already informed people to come in to investigate and guarded the entrance. But the stuff had already been taken by Ye Mo, so what Qu Lao was doing now was definitely useless.

After searching for half an hour and still finding nothing, Qu Lao suddenly remembered something, he looked up at Liang Shiguo and said, “Liang Shiguo, were you followed when you came to Hong Kong from Luo Cang?”

Liang Shiguo was shocked, how could they have been followed when they took an impromptu flight? He knew that Elder Qu was looking for a scapegoat, so he dared not admit such a thing and said, “Absolutely not, with Deacon Chen and Deacon Peel following them, there would definitely be no one following them. I came to Hong Kong on a whim. I was going to the hospital, but I changed my route in the middle of the trip because I was worried that something might happen.”

Liang Shiguo pulled Chen Crash and Peel in together with a few words, although he knew what Liang Shiguo meant but Chen Crash had to speak for Liang Shiguo: “Yes, Qu Lao I am sure no one else followed us when we came. That plane was already full and our three seats were taken by other means. It’s impossible for anyone to know that we came to Hong Kong on short notice, and even if someone did, there’s no way they could have come on the same plane as us”

That was what he said, but in his heart Chen Crash was suspecting that they were most likely being followed. It was just that he was really puzzled by the means the other party had used to follow them. The thought that there seemed to be an internal qi fluctuation next to them when they came in just now was a shock to Chen Crash’s heart, and he didn’t dare to admit that someone was following them.

He knew that if he couldn’t find the crystal and the extreme energy crystal was lost under his nose, the biggest responsibility would be his own.

If there was the slightest chance, he would definitely throw the black pot on Liang Shi Guo, but the hateful thing was that the crystal stone had gone missing after he had touched it. Not to mention that he couldn’t figure it out, everyone present couldn’t figure out why the crystal stone had suddenly turned into two stones.

“Liang Shiguo, if people are following you would you know about it? You should check Luo Cang now and see if Ye Mo is in Luo Cang, if he is not in Luo Cang now, it must be Ye Mo who followed him here. As I said, underestimating him is looking for death do you still want to underestimate and look at Ye Mo?” Qu Lao’s tone grew colder and colder.

Liang Shiguo’s heart chilled, he knew that this old thing was definitely going to make him Liang Shiguo the ingrate and let him take the blame. Ye Mo was the one he called to Luo Cang, and since his deal with himself was over, how could he still be in Luo Cang after such a long time?

Even if Ye Mo was still in Luo Cang, how could his people be sure to find him? Even if the police cordoned off Luo Cang, it would not take a moment to find a person. The old man was saying that he wanted him to be the scapegoat.

Even if Ye Mo had followed him, he would not have been able to come to the basement and take the crystal away so quickly.

Liang Shiguo was sure that as long as he made a phone call to Lo Cang and his men could not find Ye Mo’s trail within ten minutes, then he would take the blame for this. But if he didn’t call to check on Ye Mo at Luo Cang, he would have to take the blame now. If he called, he might have a one in a million chance of getting away.

When Liang Shiguo called to go to Luo Cang, he did not know that the old man also had a secret hatred in his heart, he even hated Liang Shiguo so much that he wanted to kill him immediately. If Liang Shiguo hadn’t had to fart around to get the crystals back, he wouldn’t have come over at all, and the matter would have had nothing to do with him.

Although Ling’s face was pale, she didn’t dare to say a word at this moment, she wasn’t a fool, she already understood that Elder Qu intended to put the black pot on Liang Shiguo’s body. For her as long as it was not placed on her own body, Amitabha, there was still concern for others.

Chen fell also looked at Liang Shiguo with a sympathetic face, knowing that he should not speak at this time.

Liang Shiguo’s face was as white as paper, his phone rang to Luo Cang ‘s extra-territorial leisure, and it didn’t take long for his phone to ring.

At once all the people inside the room were staring at the mobile phone in Liang Shiguo’s hand, everyone was nervous in their hearts. To the people inside the room, it was better to have one person take the blame than to have everyone hang together.

Although Qu Lao was pretending to be calm, his nervous face had already revealed his inner thoughts. That’s right, as long as Liang Shiguo said that he hadn’t seen Ye Mo in Luo Cang, he would smash the black pot over. Directly saying that Ye Mo could not be treated with common sense, who knew if the crystal stone was something he came in and took and then left again. At this time, it was important to save one’s life, as for the matter of being shameless, throw it all to the side.