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DYM Chapter 521

When he saw the plane land, Li San Dao’s face changed and he immediately said, “These are those white devils from the expedition, it’s only been about a week since they came last time and they’re here again this time, it looks like they’re making more and more progress.”

“Doesn’t Fenanli care about these people?” Ye Mo asked.

Li San Dao shook his head, “Where does Fernanli dare to sheep these people, I’m sure once they take control of Sena, Fernanli is the first to surrender.”

“What do these people usually come over here to do? ” Ye Mo nodded and continued to ask.

“I reckon they want to build a huge tourist city here, to put it bluntly, it’s just to collect money. And they even led people to dig inside the primeval forest last time for some kind of clay testing, I wonder if it has something to do with any minerals.” Although Li Sandao had already defected to Ye Mo, he still did not have the slightest confidence in Ye Mo’s fight with the Yanks.

Just when Ye Mo and Li San Dao were talking, a dozen people had come down from the top of the plane, apart from the few people in front of them, the others were all heavily armed, and they were indeed some American GIs. There were two people but they didn’t come together, Ye Mo reckoned that those two people should be pilots or something like that.

“Go over and take a look.” Ye Mo said to Li San Dao, he didn’t want these Americans to take over the place before he arrived.

There were also thirty to forty people following Li Sandao, and compared to the dozen or so people on the other side, Li Sandao’s side still had an advantage in numbers.

As the two sides approached, a yellow-skinned man glanced at Li Sandao and casually asked, “Are you Li Sandao?”

After asking he didn’t wait for Li Sandao to answer, the man continued, “We’re going to be here for a few days to investigate, this is none of your business, you tell your men not to wander around at will. Also tell Fenanli to tell him to be more peaceful as well.”

After this man had finished speaking, he made a gesture directly to the men behind him. The men behind him were all heavily armed, but no one came up to say anything else. They all picked up the various instruments in their hands and went straight into the primeval forest along the path in front of them.

Ye Mo already understood that these people were indeed here to examine what was going on. Their technicians were complete with all kinds of data tests to be done before the ma*s migration.

Ye Mo was tempted to give a wind blade to go over, but he knew that this would not solve the problem and would only complicate things. He said to Li Sandao, “These Yanks will leave soon, so do as I say as soon as they leave. Our men from this side will arrive in three days. Also, later on, if those Americans ask you how their men died just say that people die suddenly in many places here, without any signs. Remember to explain to your men to say the same thing, that the people from the original Fernandry, you have to collect them as fast as you can, and those who cannot be collected will be killed directly.”

Although he didn’t know why Ye Mo had such confidence Li San Dao still followed Ye Mo’s words to the letter and went. Although he was puzzled by what Ye Mo said, because although there were dead people in this primeval forest, they would not die if they were not in danger.

Seeing Li Sandao and the others leave, those Yanks looked back and didn’t care, in their opinion a group of small ragtag gangsters who wanted to fight with the US government were still too far behind.

Ye Mo followed these people into the primeval forest, but in his heart he was thinking that if only he had a Yin Soul, if only he had a Yin Soul, he could have killed these people silently through the Yin Soul.

But since he didn’t have a Yin Soul, he had to do it himself. After the group of people had completely entered the woods, Ye Mo began to beam his true qi into needles to kill.

One advantage of killing people this way was that there was no way to find out how the person killed died.

Without fully occupying Seena Ye Mo would never openly go on a killing spree, but of course once he had occupied Seena if anyone came again he could just go on a killing spree.

This group of people were walking while looking around carefully. A few gunshots were heard in the distance and after a while there was complete silence. After waiting for another moment Ye Mo estimated that Li San Dao should have controlled his men before he started killing He all used needle-like invisible true qi to shoot directly from inside the ears of these Yanks.

This way, not only would the dead die silently, but also without the slightest sign of abnormality.

When the first American GI fell down, those around him thought there were poisonous snakes nearby, and they started to inject antidotes while they began to check the surrounding area for poisonous snakes.

But when the second and third GIs went down without warning, the Yanks finally couldn’t calm down and they stopped moving.

When the fourth, fifth and sixth American GIs died one after another, they panicked completely and began to retreat outside the forest.

“Cursed, this is a cursed wood, let’s make a hasty exit in time to report this back.” Already one of the grey clad Yanks shouted out loud, a curse was the best explanation. There was no way anyone could have attacked here, and no one could be seen, the dead GIs could not even see their wounds one by one, what else was there but a curse?

Of course Ye Mo would not kill all of them, if he did, no one would go back to report. He was sure that the Yanks would send more people over, but because of this incident, it would be a few days later when he would have already declared Sena’s independence by then.

The group of Americans started with the bodies of their companions, but as more and more people died, the bodies of their companions were no longer afraid to take them with them and they were simply left in the woods.

When the group went in and came out, there were exactly two people left, and these two were left behind by Ye Mo on purpose. The entire group of seventeen American soldiers and the expedition had lost fifteen people in just over an hour.

The two men standing outside the woods were still in shock, but they no longer dared to enter the woods, for them this woods was the devil’s woods, they would die if they went in.

Ye Mo was right in his prediction, the first person these two survivors were looking for was Li San Dao. Li Sandao had just brought his side under control when these two Americans came looking for him.

It was a good thing that the American knew a few words of Chinese, although he was not very fluent, he understood the general meaning of the conversation.

When Li San Dao heard the two Americans say that there were only two of them left in a short period of time, he was immediately shocked.

While secretly admiring Ye Mo’s skills in his heart, Li San Dao’s mouth told these Americans exactly as Ye Mo had instructed, that inexplicable deaths often occurred here. But there were times when they didn’t, and other times when they happened continuously.

Sure enough the two surviving Americans’ faces immediately turned ugly when they heard what San Dao Li said, they did not continue to question the others, in their opinion, San Dao Li was stuck in this place and would not dare to deceive them.

As he watched this plane leave Sena, Ye Mo laughed coldly in his heart. This is the last time your plane will land at Sena Airport, there will be no next time.

When Ye Mo arrived at the flowing snake, almost all of them were waiting for him. What Ye Mo expected was that Lu Yue and Lu Fei had also come over, yet they did not look conflicted. Ye Mo didn’t know how these two sisters and teachers solved their problems, but that wasn’t what he was concerned about right now.

This time, there was a lot of content in the meeting, but the theme was clear, so it was quickly decided. Xu Ping took an escort of several hundred people to Senna, and Void Moonghua also went to Senna at the same time. As for the construction workers, they were all chartered to go to Senna together, and the large machinery and equipment were all transported by boat from Cape Luwan. As for dealing with the Chinese government, the matter was left directly to Ye Ling, who would automatically seek out Ye Zifeng to complete it.

These means of transport are all rented at a cost” Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, although rich, but not to the point where they can buy a large number of sea and air transport fleet. As for planes and battleships, they are even worse, but the battleships are still to be purchased for the time being.

As for Flowing Serpent’s ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, it remained untouched, and once Senna had its own transport routes, it would relocate Flowing Serpent’s factories to Senna entirely.

In addition to this, Stream Serpent has begun to count its current residents, and those who agree to go to Senna will have permanent residency in Senna and will automatically become residents of the city when it is established, under its protection.

The current population of the Drifting Serpent is nearly 150,000, mostly merchants who come to do business. The permanent population is not very large, only 60,000 to 70,000, some of them are people who used to wander across the border, and some of them are people who are interested in the development of Flowing Snake.

Once the announcement of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was made, it swept the world in the shortest possible time. Some astute businessmen were already making preparations to settle in Seine, as it would have to be three months before they could fully travel to Seine.

But that wasn’t the biggest shock to everyone, the biggest shock to the world was ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, another announcement for the whole world.

”Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, relocated to Seena, which is surrounded by sea on three sides, and renamed Seena as Luo Yue and established Luo Yue City. At the same time, Luo Yue City was declared independent, not belonging to any country and forming a city of its own. It was also declared that Luo Yue City belonged to the Chinese people who established it, and priority was given to welcoming Chinese people into Luo Yue City for permanent settlement.

”Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, how dare they occupy a piece of land without an owner and declare independence. This not only caught the United States off guard, but also shocked the world.

But what was even more jaw-dropping was yet to come. Immediately after declaring independence, Luo Yue City issued a notice that all armed forces that approached the city without the consent of Luo Yue City would be eliminated as enemies.

Although Loyue City had issued a notice of independence, firstly, it had not submitted any documents to the United Nations, and secondly, it was not known that Loyue had an army.

A place without an army has established a city equivalent to a country, and has even proposed that no armed forces are allowed to approach the vicinity of Loyue City, is the lord of Loyue City crazy?