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DYM Chapter 520

‘Nan Qing’ was even controlled by a Portuguese, although Ye Mo was a bit speechless, but he didn’t care much about this. If Wolf Pole was alive, he would continue to work for him, but if he died, forget it, Ye Mo did not have the slightest sympathy for people like Wolf Pole.

Ye Mo seemed to not see Li San Dao’s eager expectation, but continued to ask: “Seena is a good place to canton soldiers, Li San Dao, you have been here for the longest time, do you know if Seena is habitable, how big is the area, and what are the features of the landforms?”

Li Sandao was a little disappointed that Ye Mo asked these boring questions and didn’t mention about helping Wolf Pole to take revenge. However, he knew how powerful Ye Mo was, so he didn’t dare not answer.

“Sena is surrounded by the sea on three sides, with mountains and plains, but more primitive forests. There are indigenous people living there, and there are abundant fresh water resources and four distinct seasons. It is only sometimes hit by typhoons and, on the whole, it is still a good place to live.” Although Li Sandao was not a geographer, he had been in Sena for so long that he knew the place well.

Ye Mo’s heart was moved by the fact that there were mountains and water, and it was also suitable for people to live in. He then asked again, “Are there many natives in Seena? How big is the whole area of Sena? Which country does it belong to now?”

Ye Mo had already asked about this, so even if Li San Dao was dull, he knew that Ye Mo should be trying to get the attention of Senna. Right now Seena is not owned.”

“If I want to occupy this place in Seena, what good ideas do you have for these indigenous people?” Ye Mo heard that this place had already made Senna his territory, and he intended to check it out personally immediately after he finished asking these words. It was a little too much to expect that this place had not been vested until now.

Li Sandao said with a worried look on his face, “Senior Ye, in fact, to be resident in Seena, those natives are easy to deal with, the most difficult thing is the Americans.”

Ye Mo was surprised and asked, “Senna and America are a hundred thousand miles apart and there is no place to belong to. What does this have to do with the United States?”

Without hesitation, Li Sandao said, “The reason why such a good place as Senna is still unattributed is because Senna falls in the middle of Ossibia and Sinikenya. And several armed wars have broken out between the two countries over the issue of Seine’s ownership. Then there were negotiations at the negotiating table for almost a decade, but in the end nothing was settled and it has dragged on. And the United States has recently come to intervene again, I don’t know what favours the US has given to these two countries, but recently both countries seem to have stopped moving. Rather, the Americans have come a few times.”

“You mean the Americans have come to Sena a few times?” Ye Mo’s heart twitched. Could it be that the Yanks’ claws had come to reach out to Sena again? That’s too f*cking far.

Li San Dao nodded solemnly, “I reckon the Americans should have their eyes on this place, otherwise why else would they come here one after another recently? Or maybe there are some minerals here. The Yankees are all profitless people.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Wait for me here for a while, I’ll go out and take a look.”

After Ye Mo said that he walked out and stepped on his sword and flew up above Sena, he needed to make sure if this place was the same as what Li San Dao said. Once this place was really like what Li Sandao said. A land without a master, he had to occupy it. He would kill anyone who dared to stop him. Ye Mo knew that since ancient times, the occupation of territories were stained with blood.

The blue waves over Sena were as clear as the sky. The ocean was on three sides, and if you ignored the thin strip of plains attached to the land, Seena was an island. And there are a dozen freshwater pools of all sizes, and even more freshwater rivers. Green mountains and blue water, coupled with lush green trees. Ye Mo immediately fell in love with this place.

It was possible to build a country here, not to mention building a city. Even once the maritime defences were made up, this place was a strategic base that was easy to defend and hard to attack. Of course, warfare nowadays is all about the integration of land, sea and air, but even so, this was an excellent place for Ye Mo.

It’s Senna, from now on this is my city. Ye Mo nodded and went back to Li San Dao’s house. He knew it was better to do this sooner rather than later. Since the Americans had already started their expedition, it meant that they were playing with this place, and he must capture it before the Americans did.

When he returned, Ye Mo didn’t have time to talk to Li Sandao, he called Void Yuehua directly. “Sister Yuehua, I’ve found a better base for building a city than Flowing Snake. The city building materials will be stockpiled at Flowing Snake first, so hold off on it.”

Void Yuehua was a bit puzzled by Ye Mo’s sullen words, and it took her a long time to react, immediately asking, “You said you found a better base to build a city than the Flowing Serpent? Building a city is not just a little bit of place, and you need land that is not vested, huh?”

Ye Mo immediately said, “Yes, it’s the original ‘South Green’ lair, Seena, which is nearly 20,000 square kilometres, equivalent to a large island, and it’s still unattributed.”

Void Yuehua almost dropped the phone on the floor, the first thing she did in response was to tell Ye Mo to knock off this crazy idea, “Ye Dong, do you know what you’re doing? You said I don’t know about other places, can I not know about Sena? What makes such a fertile piece of land unowned? Two countries have been fighting over this place for so many years, why hasn’t it been resolved yet do you know?

It’s because someone else wants the land and has been playing a role in it. This country that is stirring up trouble in it is powerful, and the two countries that are fighting are unable to mess with others because of their huge territory, so that’s why they have been bickering for more than ten years and still haven’t resolved it.”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but secretly sigh at the greatness of Void Moon Hua’s intelligence, she was only in this place of the Flowing Serpent, and she even knew about the affairs of Sena. It looked like she really did not fail herself.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “So we have to occupy this place as soon as possible, once we have the upper hand, the Yanks will only be able to find another excuse. If they really want to fight me, I don’t care. Sister Yuehua, get ready, hire a large number of ships and planes to go to Sena right now and start building this place. At the same time, we will slowly move our business of the Flowing Serpent here as well, and rename Senna to Luo Yue and declare it **.”

After the phone call with Void Moon Hua, Ye Mo followed up with a phone call to Xu Ping and said that he would be back at Flowing Serpent again soon.

Ye Mo’s call made the whole Flowing Serpent busy again, but Ning Qingxue didn’t have much doubt because Ye Mo had told her a long time ago that the Flowing Serpent was not suitable for building a city.

Li San Dao looked at Ye Mo who had put down the phone and was already frozen, he couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo was crazy to this extent, he really dared to announce the Senna** and to change the name.

Ye Mo put down the phone and said to Li San Dao, “Military Commander Li, take me to see that Fernanli.”

Hearing Ye Mo call him army commander, Li San Dao quickly waved his hand and said, “Senior Ye, you must not call me that, I have long since ceased to be that army commander, if senior Ye looks up to me just call me San Dao directly.”

Ye Mo didn’t care, the Li San Dao today was so different from the Li San Dao he saw last time, it looked like the environment really changed people a lot.

Li Sandao knew Ye Mo’s ability, now that Ye Mo asked him to lead the way, how could he hesitate.

“Li, who told you to come to my place?” Li Sandao and Ye Mo had just approached the luxurious hall left by the Thousand Dragon Heads when someone chided, although it was in Chinese, not very fluent.

“Is he Fernanli?” Ye Mo looked at a bearded man in front of him and asked Li San Dao.

Li Sandao nodded hastily, “Yes, he is Fei Nanli, and the twenty to thirty men behind him are all elite soldiers. The equipment is also first cla*s.”

Li Sandao spoke in a clearly scornful tone.

Since he had seen Fernandry, Ye Mo was not being polite, he had no intention of negotiating with these Portuguese at all, dealing with these soldiers, even if they were heavily armed, he would not need to spend much effort.

After a messy flurry of wind blades had pa*sed, Fernanli and the soldiers behind him had been killed by Ye Mo before they could react.

Li Sandao looked at the bloodstains on the ground in a daze, he knew that Ye Mo was very powerful and would definitely not be afraid of Fainanli, but he did not expect the whole battle scene to be this simple. It was simply easier than stepping on dozens of ants.

To Ye Mo, this was of course nothing, although these soldiers were elite, they were again quite inferior to the people of the Liang Shi Kingdom. At least the twenty-three men from Liang Shi Kingdom still had the ability to raise the guns in their hands, while none of these men could fire a single shot even after Ye Mo had killed them all.

Ye Mo patted Li San Dao, who was already completely dazed, and only then did Li San Dao come to his senses as he froze and asked, “Is this the end?”

In his opinion, he had to at least experience a big battle, but it was so simple that he couldn’t react for a while.

“Yes, that’s the end of it. Li Sandao, I have already said that this will soon be my territory, are you willing to follow me and do something?” Ye Mo needed the help of someone who was familiar with this place, so that Void Moonflower and the others would have a lot less trouble setting up the new city.

Li Sandao came to his senses completely, he hadn’t seen clearly how Ye Mo had killed, but he had understood that Ye Mo was the most powerful one he had ever seen in his life. Since this place was now under Ye Mo’s control and he had no place to go, why not stay?

“Senior Ye, I, Li San Dao, am willing to sell my life for senior Ye and go through fire ……” Li San Dao did not finish his words before he was interrupted by Ye Mo.

“Li Sandao, I don’t need you to go through fire and soup, when the time comes, you can just a*sist my second brother Xu Ping to sort out the army here, how many men do you have now?”

“There are still over two hundred brothers in Sena now.”

Ye Mo nodded, “I’ll leave this place to you for now, I’ll bring my men over here as soon as possible, you start sorting out the periphery first during the time I’m away, especially the airport and the docks first, we’ll need them soon.”

Just as Ye Mo finished these words, a rumbling sound came from overhead, surprisingly it was a plane, and it looked like it was planning to land at the Seine Airport.