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DYM Chapter 523

Ye Mo, of course, did not know what was going through the American’s mind as he was receiving his first patient. This was an oil tycoon from Kuwait called Aymer. His condition was so serious that he had even reached the point of dying. He would not have come to Loyola for treatment if he was not about to die or if there was nowhere else to go for treatment.

Emmer’s illness was a form of narcolepsy, and he had seen almost every leading specialist in the world, but there was no cure for his illness.

Narcolepsy may sound simple, but Emmer’s condition is very serious. He is awake for no more than ten minutes at most and immediately falls asleep again. To put it mildly, if he is not forced to wake up while he is asleep, he will be a vegetable and, unlike other vegetative people, his organs will age very quickly while he is asleep.

A Canadian medical expert developed an injection for him, but this injection had a side effect of accelerating the ageing of the body’s organs if used too often. Emmer’s organs were already ageing when he was asleep, and with this injection, his organs were ageing even faster.

And because his family was too big and a lot of things were left unattended to, Emmer had to inject this injection frequently, which resulted in being close to the brink of death.

If it wasn’t for ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, producing the ‘Beauty Pill, which was too counter-intuitive, or if it wasn’t for the fact that Éomer was close to death, they wouldn’t have come to the new city of Luo Yue for treatment, because Éomer had no way out.

Accompanying Emmer with his treatment were several bodyguards and interpreters, in addition to his eldest son Jesse and his wife Naïs. In addition to this, the world famous television station, CBS Bo, was invited by Jesse to “Loyola Pharmaceuticals, to make such a big splash that no one was unaware of it. Their hospital has offered horrendous sky-high prices for treatment, the purpose of which is obvious to many people, to enrich themselves. Jesse invited cbs TV in order to treat Emmer and was afraid that ‘Loyue Pharmaceutical, was too shady.

For the Emmer family’s invitation, of course, CBS was overjoyed, and they had wanted to go up to Loyue City to get the first-hand interview. It was just that Loyue City did not welcome people to come over right now, and there were still a dozen warships roaming the outskirts.

Ye Mo had already seen Aimer’s illness, and to him it really wasn’t a difficult illness. Before he had cultivated his truth, Ye Mo had also encountered this disease, but had no way to solve it. After he cultivated, he knew that it was a disease of atrophied meridians, and there was no other way but to open up the atrophied meridians with true qi and bring the blood veins back to life. Ye Mo also knew that for diseases involving meridians and the like, there was no solution for Western medicine, except for Chinese medicine which still had some effective treatments.

It could be said that this disease could have been treated when he was at the second level of Qi training, but it just took more time at the second level of Qi training.

Now that he was at the fourth level of Qi training, this disease could be cured at his fingertips.

But before he could cure the disease, Ye Mo had to ask this Aimer how much money he had. He knew that not all rich people could just come up with a hundred million dollars. It could be said that there would not be many people in the entire world who could casually come up with a hundred million dollars. Of course, a lot of rich people are not just some blessed list in the newspapers or something like that.

In any dynasty, in any place, the really rich people are hiding underground. But nowadays, with companies listed and stocks criss-crossing the market, people are used to using stocks to measure a person’s a*sets. One cannot say that this approach is wrong, but Yemmer thinks that this approach does not catch all the rich people in one place.

Aimer was such a person. Before that, Ye Mo had learned through Void Moon Hua that Aimer’s a*sets were not ranked very high in the world, with a net worth of around US$10 billion. However, Ye Mo knew that many of these superficial figures were not accurate, and to be precise, their a*sets were generally much higher than this superficial written figure.

Looking at Ye Mo’s long silence, Jesse frowned, if it wasn’t for the current uneven distribution of property and the strong infighting in the family business, he wouldn’t have brought his father here for treatment. Of course, if he could really cure his father’s illness, it would do him no harm.

“Doctor, my father’s illness, is it treatable, please?” Jesse conveyed his meaning through the interpreter.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “I can treat your father’s illness, but the medicine is a bit expensive, it will cost one billion dollars.” Offering one billion dollars was something Ye Mo had considered, he couldn’t stay here forever to treat his illness. Moreover, from the recent month, it seemed that there were really not many people who had hundreds of millions of dollars to cure their illnesses. It would be better to do this business and leave Luo Yue to focus on upgrading.

“A billion dollars?” Jesse fell silent, a billion dollars was not a small amount even for the Aimer family, but of course this amount of money was not really a hurtful amount for them.

Ye Mo looked at Jesse, who was looking down in contemplation, and said lightly, “If your Excellency is worried that I am lying to you, there is no need. I think this CBS you brought in is not a small, TV station than (cbs), right? Since they’re on camera, I won’t lie to you if I don’t want to cause public outrage in Fallen Moon City. And of course you can pay after I help your father get well.”

Jesse looked at the TV cameras behind him and nodded his head to agree with Ye Mo’s words, a billion dollars was a bit much, but if he could save his father, the money was still a good deal.

Ye Mo was very crisp, since Jesse agreed, he immediately started the treatment, of course he would not let these people watch before the treatment.

Only after inviting all the people out of the ward did Ye Mo start to use the needles to transmit true qi to directly help Aimer repair and unblock his meridians.

Although Ye Mo was already at the middle Qi cultivation level 4, it took him two hours to unblock Aimer’s meridians. Immediately after his meridians were completely unblocked, Éomer fell into a deep sleep. After Éomer fell asleep, Ye Mo took out another small piece of lotus seeds from the Thousand Year Snow Lotus and refined some medicinal liquid and poured it directly into Éomer’s mouth.

Only after doing this did Ye Mo make several consecutive stitches to wake up Emer before opening the door to the ward.

For more than three hours straight, if it wasn’t for those members of Lang Qi’s team who were all fierce and fierce, Jesse would have rushed into the ward.

Emer had just woken up and he looked somewhat bewildered at his wife and son who rushed in, still unaware of what had happened. Jesse and Naïs looked at Éomer in some disbelief, obviously knowing from his face, which was at least ten years younger, that Éomer was well, if not better.

The family gibbered and finally understood to each other what was going on. Immediately after Emmer learned of the situation, he climbed up to thank Ye Mo. Although one billion dollars was a bit much for his son, to him, Emmer, not to mention one billion, even if ten billion could have saved him, he would have offered the same.

With hardly any hesitation, Emmer let Jesse transfer the money to Luo Yue. His own illness he himself certainly knows, now light and strong, as soon as he gets up, there is a feeling of hunger, if this is not well is strange sound.

Than cbs TV recorded almost all of the family’s conversation, and thanks to Ye Mo. Although cbsbo TV repeatedly asked Ye Mo to take the mask off, Ye Mo still refused. Not to mention the masks, even if it was his face, he wouldn’t let these people film it very clearly. He still had many enemies, and now there was another one in America besides Beisha, but his strength was still far from Foundation Establishment.

Xu Yuehua didn’t keep the Aimer family, in fact, the Aimer family didn’t want to stay on now that they were well, there was just too much for Aimer to do now that he had recovered from his illness. If he didn’t wake up again, his family and his business would be swallowed up by the rest of them.

“This is too easy to make money ……,” Void Yuehua sighed in her heart as she received a billion dollars in cash, she had seen what Ye Mo was capable of, but Ye Mo’s ability to make money seemed a little more impressive than his hands. It was just over a month ago that he got back ten billion dollars, and today he made another billion in just a few hours.

However, Ye Mo shook his head and said, “There aren’t many opportunities for this kind of money making, after all, there are only a few people who can take out hundreds of millions of dollars. Sister Yuehua, you should now accelerate the construction of Luo Yue, and at the same time allocate some of the money to second brother Xu Ping to build Luo Yue’s army. All those who join the army in Luo Yue must swear an oath of loyalty to Luo Yue City Mouth We have no base, no foundation, we must at least have the ability to defend ourselves before others come to attack.”

“I know this, I’ve already discussed it with Xu Er, and the army is still progressing quickly. Many people are willing to come and settle here, and modern warfare requires not more people, but more money and more talents. We have already absorbed all kinds of talents from all over the world in Luo Yue City, and I believe that in a few years’ time, there will be a big change here. I’m just afraid that the Americans will suddenly come to invade.” Although Void Yuehua was confident in building Luo Yue, he was always worried about the Americans coming to invade.

Ye Mo also frowned, he didn’t understand why the Americans hadn’t come again since the last time he killed a dozen American GIs. Based on the character of the Americans, there was something not quite right about this.

“Why have the Americans never come?” Ye Mo asked subconsciously as he thought about this, his purpose of staying here was to intend for the Americans to come and kill one, and two to kill a pair. But up to now the Americans hadn’t even come with a single reporter, and had even just submitted a statement to the UN that they reserved the settlement of Luo Yue by force, what were they up to?

“Will they wait until our Luo Yue City is almost built and then come back for trouble?” Although Void Moon Hua felt that his thoughts were not right, he still spoke up.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “You think these countries are like children fighting, waiting for our facilities to be finished and he comes to destroy them to vent his anger? They won’t do anything without benefits. If they want to occupy this place, they won’t wait for us to build it, they will build it themselves, the Americans still have these few dollars ……”

Speaking here, Ye Mo suddenly stopped, he finally understood why the Yankees were not attacking Luo Yue now, he was completely in authority ah.

“So that’s how it is.” Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief instead.