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DYM Chapter 524

“What’s going on?” Void Yuehua hurriedly asked, she was just like Ye Mo, she was just as unsure of herself until this matter was clarified.

Ye Mo gave a cold hum before saying, “The Americans are trying to get us to relocate all of the pharmaceutical factories of the Flowing Serpent, and they will occupy the place after they can produce it. Anyway, until then, the Americans haven’t said anything, other countries won’t make any rash moves, and even the Americans will secretly help us until our pharmaceutical factory is built.”

Void Moon Hua quickly figured out the meaning of Ye Mo’s words, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was in Liu Yue, the Americans wanted to occupy it but didn’t dare to do so. But it was different in Luo Yue, here they could always find an excuse to come up.

This reasoning was simple, it was just that they were the owners of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and that was why they couldn’t think of it for a while. Thinking that the Americans would have to occupy this place sooner or later, Void Moon Hua was again a little bottomless.

Ye Mo, however, said unconcernedly, “Since they want to give us time, we’ll be better off. You now step up the time to build Luo Yue City, the pharmaceuticals over at Flowing Snake do not need to be moved here for now, but when Luo Yue City is almost built, the pharmaceutical factory needs to be built. The pharmaceutical factory should be delayed, built as big and luxurious as possible, and also built more, as long as we don’t let the Americans suspect that we see their intentions anyway. But before that, instruct Yang Jiu and Fang Nan and the others that the pharmaceutical factory in Flowing Snake must be fortified.”

After learning of the Americans’ intentions, Ye Mo calmed down instead, this wasn’t a bad thing for him. He had to take this time to cultivate hard and try to rise another level. If the Americans invaded the Flowing Serpent, then the only real fighting force would be himself, expecting the army that Luo Yue City was currently building to hold off the Americans would be a joke.

“Sister Yuehua, I’ll leave this side to you. I need to go out, my mobile phone is always on me now, if there is anything, just call my number directly.” Ye Mo wanted to go in search of those four crystals, but now was different from before. His Luo Yue City was under construction, and if something happened, apart from his ability to exterminate the enemy’s fighting force at any time, Li San Dao’s people could not be counted on at all. Xu Ping’s army was still under construction, and although they had some warships, they could not have professional naval personnel right now.

Before he left, Ye Mo also urged Void Moon Hua to keep all kinds of talents if they came to join him. At this moment, Ye Mo finally understood why that ‘Black Sun Empire’ organization in the Japanese country was capturing scientists from various countries.


At the same time as Ye Mo left Luo Yue for Menai Snow Mountain, there was once again a heated discussion and controversy around the world, but of course the subject of this controversy was still Luo Yue City.

Emmer is a world tycoon, and his illness is certainly known to many, with numerous top international medical experts and hospitals declaring his death sentence. But Emmer spent a billion dollars and was actually cured in the newly built independent city of Loyola. It is said that the ‘Loyola Immortal Healing Institute’ in Loyola had a primary physician who cured Emmer in just three hours. And it also made him at least ten years younger. This is not a miracle anymore, this is already a miracle.

If anyone still doubted this rumour, the live interviewer from cbs TV said straight away that the billion dollars was the best value for Emmer.

cbs TV even sent a special crew to ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ of Flowing Snake to do an exclusive interview with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical”s general manager, Yu Miaotong.

Yu Miaotong’s words were simple, “We ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ have the strength, as long as you are willing to believe, we ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ can give you a miracle.”

In a flash, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was once again a global sensation, and many wealthy people who were seriously ill and could not be cured sought the opportunity to go to ‘Luo Yue Immortal Healing Hospital’ for treatment. However, the price of treatment at ‘Luo Yue Xian Healing Hospital’ was so expensive that even the lowest price was not affordable to the average rich man.

Although the number of people who could afford to see a doctor was small, it did not mean that no one went there. The more the rumours spread about Luo Yue City, the more magical it became, and many people logged onto the official website of ‘Luo Yue City’ specifically to read the detailed rules for joining Luo Yue City.

How to become a permanent resident of Luo Yue City, how to pledge allegiance to Luo Yue City. The minimum conditions for joining Loyue City, Loyue City welcomes all kinds of talents, etc. …… However, there is one rule, Loyue City is not a haven for criminals, once a criminal tries to land in Loyue City to fish in the water, as long as he/she is identified, he/she will be shot down directly without trial.

The actual conditions for joining the city are very strict, but the discerning eye knows that the conditions will only get stricter and stricter, to join the city, this time is certainly much easier than in the future.

What is the biggest news in the world these days? Of course it’s the founding of Luo Yue City.

What is the biggest name in the world these days? Of course it is the ‘Luo Yue Immortal Therapy Institute’.

What is the most popular thing in the world recently? Of course it is joining Luo Yue City.

Where is the most lucrative industry in the world these days, apart from ‘beauty pills’? It’s still to build in Luo Yue City.


All kinds of rumors about Luo Yue City spread out, and in the end the name Luo Yue City was ignored instead, and many people simply called Luo Yue City Luo Xian City.


The first thing that happened was that Ye Mo left Luo Yue City and did not immediately go to the Menai Snow Mountain, he went to the Taklamakan Desert. He had a photo in his hand, the back of that photo looked like Luo Ying, although Ye Mo was not sure if it was Luo Ying, but he couldn’t sleep without coming to see it.

He had been delayed for more than a month because of the matter of Luo Yue City.

The Taklamakan Desert was the same as before, but Ye Mo’s mood was very different. The last time he came he was still only at the second level of Qi training and was still besieged by the Thousand Dragons’ men inside the desert. He was also almost swallowed by the desert and even almost died of thirst. If he died of thirst in the desert, perhaps he would be the first cultivator ever to die without water to drink.

Ye Mo landed in front of a wind-eroded rock cave, a place he remembered very clearly. Last time when he and Luo Ying were on the verge of life and death, he stayed at this place, and here he broke through to the third level of Qi cultivation. Here that Luo Susu completely entered his heart, at that time he did not know that Susu was his master, Luo Ying.

Today Ye Mo came here again, the cavern was still there, but the woman in the yellow shirt had disappeared. Ye Mo stood in front of the cavern for a long time, his heart a little gloomy.

Ye Mo sighed and turned around to the back of the cavern, which was originally a huge hard rock where he had given a birthday present to Luo Ying.

It was on top of this rock that he had dug out a stone pool, and he had used his cultivation to harden a pool of clear water, and this pool of clear water was his birthday present to Luo Ying.

Although at that time he did not know that Susu was Luo Ying, Ye Mo knew that he had fallen in love with her at that time.

But when Ye Mo came here again today, he was frozen in place. The huge rock was still there, but the stone pool that he had dug had disappeared.

A large part of the stone pool had been separated from the top of the rock and taken away. Who was it? Who had taken a rock pool in the middle of the desert?

This pond was the one he had given to Luo Ying for water, but someone had taken it away. It was a testimony of his first gift to his master when he came here, but it had disappeared.

Ye Mo stood frozen, he felt his heart was empty, as if a lot of things had disappeared, and as if he had lost his most precious gift.

Ye Mo suddenly remembered, who would take such a large stone pool away in the middle of the desert? Who else but Luo Ying knew there was a stone pool here, and who else but Luo Ying would have taken it away?

“Susu ……” Ye Mo subconsciously called out, Master had come here and she had taken away the gift she had given her. It must be Luo Ying, did she miss herself? Why didn’t she go to him?

Although Luo Ying was already in the middle yellow level, Ye Mo knew how difficult it was to take away such a big stone pool in the desert, with her character she definitely wouldn’t have asked for help. I really don’t know how she took it away, Ye Mo thought and suddenly felt some heartache. He seemed to see in the middle of the boundless desert, under the hot sun, Master Luo Ying was wearing a pale yellow dress, but struggling to pull a stone pond to move in the middle of the desert.

It turned out that the last time Luo Ying came here was to take away this one stone pool, and once again, Ye Mo felt his heart being hit hard by something. Luo Ying also missed him, but she thought she was her brother and that was why she didn’t dare to see him.

When he thought that this was all caused by this old woman, Jing Xi, Ye Mo’s heart once again rose with anger, and although he had already killed her, his hatred for Jing Xi had not diminished in the slightest.

He stood in this place for a whole day before Ye Mo turned around and left in gloom. No matter the end of the world, he must find Luo Ying in this lifetime, for sure. There was no moment when Ye Mo had such a longing for Luo Ying.

Ye Mo did not step on his sword and fly, he just walked slowly above the desert. The desert in autumn was not as hot as it was at the beginning, it was just getting more and more desolate. In the endless Taklamakan Desert, apart from some old dead poplars, there were only yellow sand and wind rocks.

When he thought of Luo Ying coming alone in this endless desert and dragging away a few hundred pounds of rock pool, Ye Mo had a nameless pain in his heart. I don’t know if Luo Ying knows that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is his, I don’t know if Luo Ying knows that Luo Yue City is on the sea, I don’t know if Luo Ying knows that he thinks of the other side as much as she does ……

The sunset slowly shone in the middle of the desert, dragging Ye Mo’s shadow long and long, and it looked extraordinarily flat in the middle of the desert blown by the wind. The string of footprints that were now just Ye Mo’s alone stretched out in the desert, and although they were somewhat lonely, they appeared extraordinarily clear.

Ye Mo stopped and looked back at his somewhat lonely footprints, he suddenly felt that there was a path in this world that only he alone dared to walk.

Ye Mo let out a long whistle and was about to step on his sword when a familiar back suddenly flashed in front of his eyes.