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DYM Chapter 629

“Right, you should accompany me to gamble a few hands first.

” Ye Mo said and directly pulled Shen Qian Qian into the casino.

Shen Qian Qian didn’t expect Ye Mo to have this hobby and even come to gamble. To be honest, she hated people who gambled, no matter how rich you were, no matter how rich you were, as long as you liked to gamble, you would end up losing everything. But when Ye Mo wanted to gamble, she had no choice but to go along.

Just because of the slight delay by Yan Wuliang, that camera disappeared from sight and Ye Mo was already cautious. He had just found the possibility of the Five Elements Stone and it had disappeared, which was a bit too pitiful. If he hadn’t never met a cultivator before, he would have even thought that someone had flown away with the Five Elements Stone.

Cautiously, Ye Mo would not deal with the man who was gambling with Yan Wuliang in the same way as he did with Chapter 629 – Unexpected Harvest, he was afraid that in case he alerted the snake and really lost the Five Elements Stone. Since this kind of thing could happen once, it could happen a second time. Although his divine sense couldn’t be exuded all the time, he was also paying attention to the surroundings of the cruise ship, and once someone left, he immediately followed them.

Ye Mo had dragged Shen Qian Qian here mainly for the purpose of borrowing her card, after giving it to Yan last time, he still didn’t have a new account, and the only card he had was given by the noble woman on the plane. He hadn’t bothered to check it out until now, so he didn’t know if the card worked yet.

“How much money is left in your card?” Ye Mo asked Shen Qianqian.

As soon as Shen Qian Qian heard it, she knew that Ye Mo didn’t have any money, and anyway, she hadn’t given enough money to purchase the ‘Face Preserving Pill’ just now, so if Ye Mo needed money, he could give him all the money he had on him. Thinking of this she immediately said, “There is still fifty million whole dollars left.”

“Then just go and buy five chips.” Ye Mo looked at the size of the chips, the lowest was one thousand dollars and the highest was ten million dollars.

Although the people on this boat were rich, not many people bought ten million dollar sized chips, most of them were just buying ten thousand to one million dollars.

But Ye Mo had changed five ten million dollar chips as soon as he arrived, if he lost five times in a row Chapter 629 – Unexpected Harvest, it would be a clean sweep.

Although she wanted to remind Ye Mo, Shen Qian Qian thought that the money was Ye Mo’s, so he could lose if he wanted to.

Ye Mo had already seen that although there were many people gambling in the casino, there were not many people sitting at the innermost vip tables. Most of the outside gamblers were not gambling very much, but of course tens of millions of dollars were too common to win or lose here.

He saw that the man with the camera was sitting at the innermost VIP table, and he seemed to be dealing. This casino was different from other places in that the casino only charged fees and the banker could be a guest or the casino side. Ye Mo now wanted to make contact with the man who was the banker, he would inevitably have to gamble with him first before he could have a chance to talk when he had won all his money.

At the same time, Ye Mo’s divine sense searched this ship more carefully, but still found nothing. The small package inside that camera seemed to have disappeared out of thin air.

Shen Qian Qian had just exchanged five 10 million chips to Ye Mo, Ye Mo did not take the chips, but frowned and thought only.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Qian Qian noticed Ye Mo’s frown and asked out loud.

Ye Mo saw that the man he was looking for had just actually left Zhuang He’s seat and gave up his Zhuang to the person next to him, while he himself walked towards the bar not far away.

Ye Mo coughed a few times and said, “You go to the innermost table to gamble first, I’ll go to the bathroom.”

Shen Qian Qian looked at Ye Mo speechlessly and had to carry these huge chips alone to the innermost vip casino. Ye Mo had to go to the bathroom, so she couldn’t follow.

Although she went to the casino, but Shen Qian Qian’s eyes still paid attention to Ye Mo, she found that Ye Mo did not go to the bathroom, but went to the bar.

The man, who had just come down from the casino, asked for a gla*s of red wine but sat at the bar chatting with a waiter about something.

There were quite a few people inside the bar, and although Ye Mo didn’t look at the man who was drinking, his divine sense was watching him all the time.

Soon Ye Mo noticed that the man’s gaze inadvertently swept twice over a girl sitting at the corner of the bar, who looked incredibly quiet and had a gla*s of juice in front of her. Not only did this girl look quiet, she was also very clean, and even had a hint of natural shyness in her cleanliness. At first glance, it was clear that she was a well-educated, typical lady of the house. These quietness and cleanliness, coupled with the incomparable plumpness of her breasts, made people have a desire to give everything for her.

It turned out that he had come to pick up a girl, Ye Mo understood this and without hesitation walked towards the girl mouth at the same time his divine sense paid attention to the man just now, sure enough the man saw Ye Mo walking towards the quiet girl and immediately froze for a moment, but he quickly returned to normal and chatted with the waiter again as if nothing had happened, but Ye Mo knew that his gaze had looked at himself more than once.

The girl also froze for a moment when she saw Ye Mo sitting across from her without bending, and then said in a mannish voice, “Sir you …….”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Beauty, you are right to call me sir, although I look a bit abstract, but I have a very fine heart. I saw you sitting here alone, so I came to have a drink with you. That, I don’t suppose you’ll mind ……”

“Why not, please sit down …….” , a blush flashed across the face of this quiet girl, even her hands were a bit out of place, probably because of what Ye Mo said was funny, so the corners of her mouth did show some smiles. Fluent in Chinese, she should be a Chinese.

Ye Mo secretly laughed, this girl was really interesting, blushing just by saying a word to a stranger. Ye Mo wanted to get the man who was drinking at the bar to come over, preferably to take the initiative to find himself, then he would heroically save the girl, and then he could go after the guy openly without worrying about his accomplices suspecting him.

So, instead, Ye Mo moved closer to the quiet girl and suddenly reached out and grabbed her hand and said, “Introduce yourself, my name is Mo Ying, I haven’t asked for your name …….”

“Ah…” Seemingly shocked by Ye Mo’s abruptness, the quiet girl hurriedly tried to pull her hand back.

But her hand was grabbed by Ye Mo, how could she pull it away, while Ye Mo’s divine sense was focusing on the man on the bar.

Sure enough the man’s gaze swept towards Ye Mo more than once, but for some unknown reason, he never came over.

Was it a misjudgement? Ye Mo was a little disappointed in his heart as he put down the girl’s hand and sat down.

Seeing that Ye Mo seemed a bit silent after sitting down, the girl hurriedly said, “Sorry, my name is Soxie. I don’t quite like to be like this with strangers, please forgive me …….”

Ye Mo laughed heatedly and waved his hand a little and said, “It doesn’t matter, I like to be direct, the girl I like to chase immediately, if I can’t chase her I’ll ……”

Ye Mo was just about to say the words I’ll leave if I can’t chase her, but he suddenly stopped, he thought of something that wasn’t right. Himself just sat across from this girl and after just one sentence with her, her face turned red. It was clear that this girl was a very reserved girl who didn’t talk much to strangers.

Usually the reason for blushing, I guess, is because of jī movement, which causes the blood to speed up. But she had just held her hand, and she hadn’t shown anything other than a blush. She should have had a faster pulse and even a faster heart rate, but she didn’t seem to have the slightest change in this.

There was something wrong with this girl, her blush just now was definitely faked, she had a skill that allowed her to blush at any time.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo sat down, grabbed her hand again and gave a heated laugh, “If you can’t chase me, keep chasing …… me.”

At the same time Ye Mo’s divine sense began to sweep over the girl’s body, although he generally would not go peeping inside a girl’s clothes, but this is not absolute, when he thinks it is necessary to look, he absolutely does not care.

Ye Mo’s divine sense did not sweep below her waist, and there was no need to sweep down. Because he was already jīt at this point, he once again found the package, which was surprisingly on this quiet girl’s chest.

If under normal circumstances, it would have been this girl brushing against Ye Mo, Ye Mo would not have known that in the middle of this girl’s firm breasts was what he wanted.

At this moment, he even wanted to laugh out loud, it was a little too easy to work so hard and find it without any effort at all. No wonder the man took a few glances this way, so he had a hookup a long time ago, I just don’t know if the short, compact black man was with them.

Soon Ye Mo’s divine sense noticed another thing once again, and that was that this quiet girl had a medallion in the shape of a black sun in the middle of her chest. Ye Mo had seen this kind of medal too many times, it was something that only members of the ‘Black Sun Empire, had.

So it was an old rival, Ye Mo sneered and watched as the girl didn’t move her hand and drew it away again. His divine sense focused on the man and likewise found a ‘Black Sun Empire, medallion. Moreover, inside these two men’s ears, Ye Mo also found an extremely tiny black dot, that must be something for communication.

“Don’t do that, I’m going back.” After this girl pulled her hand out, she said in a low voice and was about to stand up and leave.

How could Ye Mo let her go just like that, if it was to take that package out of her chest, Ye Mo would have already taken it out. Ye Mo was thinking not only to take out the thing on her chest, but also to get a fake one to make a divine sense mark to put inside, and then see where the ‘Black Sun Empire, lair really was.

Last time he found that island, he made a fortune, and since he had met this opportunity, Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t let it go. If he could just find their real lair, he might be able to destroy the ‘Black Sun Empire’ in one fell swoop. The ‘Black Sun Empire, dared to kidnap Light Snow, Ye Mo had always wanted to take revenge, but his time was always tight. Now that he had stumbled upon it today, how could he let it go so easily?

“I’m sorry, I like you too much, if you don’t agree, as long as you let me hug you, I’ll leave right away.” Ye Mo stood up and said in a very serious manner.

A hug, of course, was to drop the bag. This woman was from the ‘Black Sun Empire, and Ye Mo was sure that she would definitely not refuse this condition of his.