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DYM Chapter 628

Before a few of the dark lights could reach Ye Mo, Ye Mo waved his hand was a faint flash of fire, the few dark lights turned into a cloud of flying ash in a flash.

After burning a few parasites, Ye Mo didn’t wait for Yan Wuliang to react, he raised his hand and grabbed it in the air, his true qi immediately formed a hand claw and grabbed Yan Wuliang’s throat, leading him to a remote and unoccupied corner in a few steps.

Yan Wuliang was scared out of his wits, the bearded man in front of him clearly did not touch him, but he clearly felt that a big invisible hand had already strangled his neck, and he was unable to utter a word.

Could this be the legendary internal qi transformation? Yan Wuliang thought of this and was like falling into an ice cave, he knew he had kicked the iron board today. It wasn’t until Ye Mo dropped him ~~- update first ~~ on the iron plate that he came to his senses.

“Who the hell are you?” Yan Wuliang’s tone no longer had the arrogant and unbeatable tone it had just had, and it was this sentence that he asked subconsciously. Only as soon as his words came out, he immediately knew that his tone was trembling badly, he had killed countless people, and when it was his own turn, he was scared to death.

Ye Mo sneered and said, “Weren’t you just very bullish and arrogant about killing me? What’s wrong, now that I’ve sent it up, what do you want to ask me who I am for? Don’t you say that you’ve been living like a dog for your age? A mere yellow-ranked martial artist, how dare you be so arrogant.”

“Senior …… junior has eyes without pearls, please senior spare my life, senior but have orders, junior will not obey …….” Yan Wuliang almost did not even think before kneeling down and said. Although the words were said, but Yan Wuliang did not even dare to raise his head, he was afraid that in case he offended Ye Mo. The bearded man in front of him could even clear his own realm, plus he could transform his internal qi into a form, so he must be extremely powerful.

Ye Mo took out a chair from somewhere and sat down. However, after Chapter 628 – Mysterious Iron Tablet, he took out the piece of spirit stone and said, “Why do you want this thing?”

“The junior deserves to die, if I know that this is what senior wants, the junior …….”

“Cut the crap, I asked you why you want this thing?” Ye Mo chided, he felt a little strange. When Yan Wuliang was just carried here, he seemed to be very scared, but now he was surprisingly not as scared as he was just now. The tone of his words seemed to be emboldened as well, did he really have any credentials?

Yan Wuliang still lowered his head and said, “This is called ‘Qi Qi Stone’ but it has an important function, that is, when one is about to break through in the cultivation of ancient martial arts, one can crush and swallow the ‘Qi Stone’ to make a quick breakthrough and there are no after-effects. ”

Hearing Yan Wuliang’s words, Ye Mo couldn’t help but be greatly disappointed, he thought that the reason why this Yan Wuliang grabbed the spirit stone was because he also knew that it was a spirit stone, but he didn’t expect that he still didn’t know. It was that he didn’t even know how to use it, were spirit stones for eating?

Just thinking about it a little, it was clear that although all cultivation techniques could absorb the spirit energy inside the spirit stone, there were not many ancient martial arts techniques that could absorb spirit stones. Except for a few ancient martial arts techniques, most of the lower level techniques do not have the ability to directly absorb spirit stones.

“Have you ever seen a ‘qi stone, before?” Ye Mo didn’t know if Yan Wuliang had heard it from others or if he had actually seen it. It was just that looking at him, most of them should have heard of it, after all, on Earth, it was too difficult to obtain such things as spirit stones.

Yan Wuliang, however, nodded and said, “Yes, I’ve seen it before, my master once obtained a ‘Qi Qi Stone’ Fury and then advanced to the Earth level with that stone.”

“Where did your master get the stone from?” Although he knew that it was unlikely, Ye Mo still held on to a sliver of hope.

Yan Wuliang shook his head and said, “I don’t know about that, I am willing to tell senior where my master sat down, and only beg senior to spare my life.”

Ye Mo sneered and said, “Spare you, that’s easy for you to say, I didn’t get anything out of it, I was even threatened by you, and then you ask me to spare you?”

“Senior, although senior didn’t get any benefit, but junior is willing to contribute all the companions in my body to senior, and I also auctioned off a ‘God Controlling Companions,……, just now.”

Before Yan Wuliang could finish his words, he was interrupted by Ye Mo, “I’m not interested in those bugs of yours, cut the crap, your chips are still too far away to save your life….”

Out of Ye Mo’s expectation, Yan Wuliang actually laughed heatedly, “Senior, senior’s ‘Ten Thousand Compulsion Sect, has a technique that is to die but can transform into a severe ghost through a secret method. Perhaps senior does not believe in such things, but junior swears it is true. I believe that senior can kill me, but I also believe that I can likewise turn back on …… after turning into a stern ghost.”

Although Yan Wuliang didn’t finish his later words, Ye Mo already knew what he meant.

Surprisingly threatening himself, Ye Mo smiled coldly, “Is this your bargaining chip? But it’s not even close to being used to threaten me. When I first met a compulsion breeder called Ren Kill in Hong Kong, he also threatened me in this way, but unfortunately, I even burned his soul. I didn’t expect to meet another one who dared to threaten me today, it looks like you’ll be doing it for the rest of your life, or I’ll let your soul be destroyed.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words Yan Wuliang’s face suddenly changed greatly and said in a panic, “Senior, did you actually kill Senior Ren?”

Yan Wuliang knew too much about Ren Kill, “A genius disciple of the Ten Thousand Compulsion Sect, although he was a junior, his cultivation level was only higher than his. I didn’t expect such a genius disciple to die in the hands of this bearded man in front of him, and even his living soul had been destroyed. This was too ruthless, for the people of the ‘Ten Thousand Compulsion Sect, the most ruthless thing was not to kill them, but to exterminate their living souls so that they could not be reincarnated.

Yan Wuliang’s thoughts turned quickly, and he immediately knew that if what the bearded man in front of him said was true, then he would really be finished.

“Don’t kill me, senior spare my life, my master got a lot of treasures in addition to a decision of ‘Qi Qi stone’ back then, as long as senior spare me, I will tell you immediately ……” Yan Wuliang found that his threat didn’t work When the time came, he immediately knew that something big was wrong.

Ye Mo didn’t even bother to listen, he took out a lighter and suddenly lit it on fire and aimed it at Yan Wuliang. Yan Wuliang’s whole body was instantly surrounded by fire, as if it was a ball of fire.

Seeing Yan Wuliang’s whole body on fire, Ye Mo then turned around and coldly looked at a short black man who was fast disappearing, but in his heart he was thinking, “There are so many ghosts and snakes on this boat.

Looking at Yan Wuliang in the fire light in the twinkling of an eye, one by one, the companions flew out from his〖Body〗, but none of them could get away, all of them were buried inside the fire ball. As he said, his living soul did not die for a while, but looked at the firelight and the companions inside the firelight in horror.

Ye Mo sneered and once again a fireball completely turned Yan Wuliang into flying ashes. The living soul seemed to be in disbelief before he was extinguished, how this bearded man had seen him.

However, Ye Mo immediately looked strangely at the place where he had just been. Under his fireball, there were few things that could not be burnt, but where Yan Wuliang had just been burnt, there was obviously one thing that had not been burnt.

Ye Mo looked at it for half a day without seeing where it was drawn, but even iron would have to melt away under his fireball technique. This piece of iron was not in any condition at all, and it was even cold, so it was not something unusual at first glance. Yet Ye Mo couldn’t recognise what kind of material it was made of, although it looked like iron, it definitely wasn’t iron. No matter what, this was not an ordinary thing, and Ye Mo put it away to study it slowly later.

The slight dust here was also blown away by the sea breeze, as if nothing had happened.

The short black man who was watching this place just now was agile, although he had not trained specifically, but a body like his was rarely seen.

Ye Mo did not immediately go to find the black man, he had more important things to do. He had to look for the man with the camera first, and get the Five Elements Stone in his hands first. Just now, if Yan Wuliang hadn’t been looking for death, he would have definitely taken the Five Elements Stone first and then come back to this Yan Wuliang. But as long as the Five Elements Stone was on board, he was not afraid of flying off.

Shen Qian Qian had already finished her bath and changed into a new set of clothes, although she still wore a veil on her face, but the mood of wearing a veil now was absolutely different from before. If it wasn’t for Yan Wuliang’s business, she would even want to sing a song.

Unfortunately, because of that horrible man, after she finished packing up, she started to wait anxiously for Ye Mo, she was even thinking what would happen to their Shen family in case Ye Mo was killed by that Yan Wuliang. However, it also occurred to her that since Ye Mo had the ability to come here from Jincheng very quickly, it meant that he was not a simple person either, whether that Yan Wuliang could kill him or not was still up in the air.

When she saw Ye Mo slowly walking over, her whole body actually relaxed. Although it was the first time she met Ye Mo, she definitely did not want Ye Mo to be killed. If Ye Mo was killed by Yan Wuliang, not only would her life be in danger, but also the Shen family.

“Brother Ye, thank you for today. When we get to Jeju Island, I will take you to have fun, there are many fun places in Jeju Island. Now, let me treat you to a drink first.” Shen Qian Qian didn’t even mention the matter of Yan Wuliang, and directly invited Ye Mo to go to Jeju Island to play.

And her tone was incomparably relaxed, compared to the Shen family’s great power in business, she cared more about recovering her looks. This was the first time for her to invite a man out loud to go play.

How could Ye Mo have the heart to drink with Shen Qian Qian now, he said with a faint smile, “A few small things, don’t mention them later, I still have some things …… to do.”

Originally, Ye Mo was planning to look for the guy with the camera first, but his divine sense searched the entire cruise ship, and when he found the guy, his heart sank, the guy’s camera had disappeared. In the end, he found the camera in a room, but there was nothing inside the camera. The guy who had the camera was in the casino gambling heavily.

Shen Qian Qian didn’t notice Ye Mo’s demeanor, but she understood Ye Mo’s words, about the ‘Face Preserving Pill,’ there was no need to talk to others about it in the future. Since Ye Mo had something to do, she could not continue to say anything.