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DYM Chapter 632

The radio on the ship was still shouting, Ye Mo looked at Shen Qian Qian who was lying on the table a little helpless, leaving her here alone would definitely not work. Although he was sure that those four people had already left the cruise ship, Ye Mo was not in a hurry, he believed that those people must still be on Jeju Island even if they had left, he had divine sense markings on that woman, he would definitely find her.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo quickly dissolved the alcohol in Shen Qian Qian’s body with true qi, then threw her a string of bracelets and looked at the dazed Shen Qian Qian and said, “You wear the bracelets and find a place to stay on Jeju Island, then wait for me, I’m going to have some business first, when I come back there’s still something for you.”

After saying that, Ye Mo had already turned around and left, leaving behind Shen Qian Qian who only reacted half-heartedly.

Shen Qian Qian picked up the bracelet that Ye Mo left behind, but she didn’t know that it was something that Ye Mo had left a divine sense mark on in order to find her, and was still thinking in her heart, why didn’t he leave his phone number?

Ye Mo’s habitual actions, although he had changed a lot, there were still times when he was not quite used to using the phone, his phone calls were only for Light Snow and Luo Ying, which were a few of his closest people. Many times, he put the phone in his pocket, then forgot to charge it after a while and ended up dropping it back into the ring. In his opinion, it was too much of a ha*sle to have to charge the phone so often.

However, Shen Qian Qian quickly understood Ye Mo’s approach, Ye Mo came on board somehow, he certainly couldn’t have the same identification as himself, so he had to go down somehow as well as he got off the ship.


Ye Mo’s guess was not wrong, at this time a dozen kilometres from the dock, four men and women gathered together again. These four people were clearly the four members of the ‘Black Sun Empire’ that Ye Mo had been following on the cruise ship.

“Sofia, take out the five-coloured stones you have on you immediately.” After the four gathered together, the man in the lead immediately said in a very serious manner. His name was Matsumoto Wave, and he was the captain of this operation.

Watching Sofia take out the parcel of five-coloured stones from her chest, Kesh, who had lost 500 million dollars to Ye Mo, asked curiously, “What’s the situation? Captain Matsumoto Wave.”

Matsumoto Wave’s face was gloomy as he took the parcel handed over by Sofia and said, “I just received news that the only person who came down from the cruise ship was Shen Qian Qian of the Shen family. And that bearded man has disappeared. His sudden disappearance is as abrupt as if he suddenly appeared at the auction site, I think. If we continue to belittle him like this, we’ll end up losing even our lives here.”

“Not so much to despise, we already care about him a lot. I think even he’s smart. He wouldn’t have thought we’d leave the cruise ship first, would he?” Sofia said with a shake of her head.

“I agree with the captain, there is something odd about that bearded man, when I was at the bar, although he didn’t look at me, I always had a feeling of being spied on …… By the way, I remember, I had this same feeling when I hung up my camera, I am a person who is very sensitive to the power of intention, could ……” Keshi’s words suddenly stopped.

It wasn’t just him. It was Sofia and a rarely spoken Bobl also all stared straight at Matsumoto Wave’s hand, the package in his hand had been opened, where was the colorful stone inside, it was clearly just a gold nugget.

“Ah, the five-colored stone …… five-colored stone ……,” Sofia’s tone began to tremble. She couldn’t imagine that the five-colored stone that had been hidden in her chest was gone, and it had been replaced with a gold nugget. It was a little too appalling to be able to take something away from her chest and replace it with a gold nugget, what other person had that ability but herself?

“Captain. It wasn’t me, I didn’t replace it ……” Sofia’s tone had trembled and become agitated as she thought of the torture inside the organisation. She knew she hadn’t changed it, but did anyone else believe it?

Matsumoto wave’s hand had been trembling, he did not expect to be careful and careful again, the five-colored stone was still dropped from under the eyes of someone, this is simply more incredible than the appearance of that leopard. Of course he knew it couldn’t be Sofia, unless Sofia didn’t want to live anymore, but he didn’t say anything.

One person had to take the main responsibility for something being lost, and Sofia was the one who had brought it, she had to take the main responsibility.

“I don’t think it has anything to do with Sofia, Sofia we’ve known for so many years, she wouldn’t do something like that, if she did she wouldn’t come back here. If I’m not wrong, it should still be that bearded man, he’s very creepy, since he was able to turn the dice inside the dice cup into a leopard, he could have swapped the five-coloured stones.” To Sofia’s surprise, Boble, who had rarely spoken, took the initiative to help her with an explanation.

A grateful look appeared in Sofia’s eyes, she was grateful that Bobr had helped her out at this time.

A hint of shame flashed across Keshi’s face, but immediately she said, “Although we know that Sofia should not have done such a thing, but the stuff was swapped on Sofia. This kind of swapping is so difficult that I don’t think the top can think of it, even if we trust Sofia, but what about the top?”

“Kesh, what do you mean by that?” Sofia immediately understood that Keshi was trying to put the blame on her own head, she immediately retorted, “Besides, the stuff had been in your possession before it came to me, and no one had opened it after you brought it over, so who knows if it was lost before or afterwards?”

Sure enough after Sophia’s words, both Matsumoto Wave and Bobl fell into silence, yeah, Sophia had a point, who knew if the item had been lost before, or if it had been thrown away when it came to Sophia?

As soon as Keshi saw that everyone had a tendency to suspect him, he immediately defended, “Inside the bar, that bearded man and Sofia were making out, maybe that’s when it was lost.”

Sofia, seeing that Keshi was always going to turn the tables on herself, sneered back and said, “Keshi, if you don’t touch the tables can you get a leopard out? Tell me, who has the best chance of getting a leopard at that table? If I were to be the dealer, I could easily shake a leopard too.”

Seeing that Sofia had directly specified that she had colluded with the bearded man, except for naming him, the rest of her words pointed to her collusion with the bearded man. Kesh was instantly annoyed as he sneered and said, “You mean I colluded with him? I’ve been in the organisation for so many years. I will go to ……”

Matsumoto Wave interrupted Kesh, “Well, there’s no use arguing here now, if I’m not wrong, there must be some kind of mechanism inside this piece of gold, and that person who left the cruise ship might be able to find us here through the gold. We need to get out of here first now. As for the issue of the missing five-coloured stone, I think the top will investigate it clearly.”

Although Matsumoto Wave’s words smacked of persuasion, both Sofia and Keshi’s hearts sank. Matsumoto didn’t say that it had nothing to do with Sofia or Keshi. They knew all too well about the organisation, and even if they knew they hadn’t done it, if there was even the slightest suspicion. It was going to end in severe torture.

“Captain, what now?” Bobl took the initiative to break the heaviness between the few men.

Matsumoto Wave suddenly took out a black rubber like object and stuck it on top of the gold before wrapping it up and saying to the few people, “I’ve added a signal transmitter to this, I’ll give this to someone else to take away in a taxi later and we’ll leave in the opposite direction.”

After saying this Matsumoto Wave quickly walked out of the bar and in a moment he was back again and said to a few people, “We’re leaving now, splitting up, I’ve sent the frequency of the transmitter to the top. As soon as that bearded man finds the place, there’s someone up there to deal with him.”

“So where do we meet?” Bobl asked.

“Hotel 123 Nanji.” Matsumoto Wave said. Immediately he turned around and left.

Matsumoto Wave didn’t go far out of the bar, just immediately dodged into a nearby supermarket and then stood inside the supermarket looking through the gla*s at the entrance to the bar.

The second person to come out was Bobl, who hailed a taxi. He left quickly along the direction of ‘Hotel 123 Nanji’. The next person to come out was Sofia, who hailed a car before it turned a corner and left in the opposite direction. Soon after Sofia left, Keshi came out and looked around. Again, he called a car, but went in the same direction as Sofia.

It was only after the trio had left that Matsumoto Wave came out, knowing that he had achieved his goal. The stuff was missing, and he was sure it wasn’t Sofia who had taken it, nor Keshi. But there had to be a scapegoat for this kind of thing, and if it was Kesh and Sofia themselves who had defected, then things would be much easier.

And he was sure that Sofia and Keshi would find a way to escape; the kind of torture that the organisation used was not something that anyone could withstand, and there were times when it was better to die than to go through that kind of horrible torture. He knew, and he was sure that Sofia and Keshi knew, that they were both suspects and it would be strange if they didn’t run away.

Both Sofia and Keshi had been sent down from above to be his temporary partners, and if there was a problem with their loyalty, it had absolutely nothing to do with him, Matsumoto Nani. So not only was he not responsible for this mission, but it had been accomplished. He had already gotten the stuff, he had just handed it over to Sofia, and if it hadn’t been for the problems with the people sent down from above, he would have already succeeded.

As for who from above would be unlucky, or who would be unlucky, Sofia or Keshi, what did it matter to him, Matsumoto Wave?

Matsumoto Wave returned to the bar again, knowing that whether that nugget had been tampered with by the bearded man above the cruise ship or not, the place was now safe. There was no rush to go to the hotel and contact Bobl, he had a few things to do.

He had to give Sofia and Keshi time to escape, and once he had confirmed their departure from Jeju, he could inform the top of their whereabouts. Then say that because the two were sent down from above, he trusted them and didn’t expect them to escape in the middle, so his responsibility would be completely gone.

And there was no way to completely de-suspend Sophia and Keshi because they had escaped, whether or not they had anything to do with the Five Coloured Stones. He also believed that there was no way to confront them about such matters, and with Sofia and Keshi’s knowledge of the organisation, they would surely have killed themselves the first time they were caught.

But Matsumoto had just arrived in the bar room when he saw a bearded man sitting there. He subconsciously winced when he heard the bearded man say, “You are very clever, and your ploy is indeed a way to avoid your responsibility altogether.”