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DYM Chapter 633

“How did you get here?” Matsumoto Nani reacted quickly indeed, his shock coming back to him in just a few moments. He knew it was over, no matter how good his ploy had been, he had failed to take the main person into account.

No sooner had Matsumoto Wave asked the question than he knew that he was asking nonsense and that in the hands of this man he was doomed. Knowing what would happen to him, Matsumoto Wave did not hesitate to bite down on his teeth. Just before he could bite down his teeth, a slap had already hit his face and the poison inside his teeth fell to the ground along with a few bloodied teeth.

“Is your organisation a rat organisation? Why do you all like to eat rat poison? If I didn’t know you guys had this hobby long ago, you would have succeeded again this time.” Ye Mo sneered, although he could save Matsumoto Lang who had eaten the medicine, but he was really unwilling to spend his true qi or spend the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ to save such a trash.

“You’ll never get any information out of me.” Matsumoto Long’s Chinese language was obviously not as fluent as that Sophia’s, and at best, he could make Ye Mo understand it.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “Tell me what exactly is the relationship between your ‘Black Sun Empire’ and the ‘Northern Sands’?”

Hearing Ye Mo say ‘Black Sun Empire’, Matsumoto Lang’s face changed and he subconsciously tried to bite his teeth again, but after biting down, he realised that his poison had fallen to the ground and even his teeth were gone.

Ye Mo was not interested in waiting for Matsumoto Lang to answer again, and directly raised his hand and slapped on Matsumoto Lang’s eyebrow. Song Ben Lang was a fellow who was not even at the Yellow level, it was indeed easy for Ye Mo to make him tell something true.

As long as the other party’s cultivation level was less than late Yellow level, Ye Mo could make him tell the truth. Of course. It wasn’t that there was nothing he could do at Xuan level, it was just that the higher the opponent’s cultivation level was, the lower his chances of success were. It might even turn the other party into an idiot, so this method Ye Mo would only use on the kind of people who would be sure to kill.


Half an hour later, Ye Mo left the bar. He got Matsumoto Lang’s communicator and gps, and as for Matsumoto Lang, he had already killed him. To Sophia and Keshi who escaped. In Ye Mo’s eyes, they were just small fry, there was no need to go after them purposely.

What he was going after now was the person sent by the ‘Black Sun Empire’ to deal with him, as to whether the ‘Black Sun Empire’ was related to the ‘Northern Sands’. Surprisingly, Matsumoto Long was not sure either. But Ye Mo vaguely felt that the two organizations were somewhat connected, as to what the connection was, he couldn’t find any evidence so far.

What made Ye Mo regret was that Matsumoto Wave was a few people who were out on missions. He likewise did not know where the headquarters of the ‘Black Sun Empire’ was. He only knew that every time the headquarters gathered, it would be at a hotel in the Japanese country, and the location of the hotel was not fixed. It looked like the ones caught were all small fish and shrimps, so to find the ‘Black Sun Empire’s’ lair, they still had to find some bigger fish.

Ye Mo also guessed that it was probably because after he swept the Little Black Star Island, the ‘Black Sun Empire’ had become much more cautious about him, so they would not reveal the location of their headquarters easily.

Matsumoto Lang’s communication device soon sent a message, but Ye Mo found that he couldn’t read or understand it at all. In desperation, Ye Mo could only throw them all away. He headed directly to the place where Matsumoto Wave had lured him to.

When Ye Mo found that his divine sense could no longer find his target, he had to take out Matsumoto Wave’s gps, and soon he found a deserted beach based on where the gps had located.

A corpse that had been dead for a long time was lying on top of the beach, yet Ye Mo knew that. This was the man who was hired by Matsumoto Wave to deliver the gold. He no longer had the gold parcel in his hand, and there was nothing but a signal transmitter.

There weren’t any people from the ‘Black Sun Empire’ around here either. Ye Mo took one look at the scene and immediately knew that the other party already knew that Matsumoto Wave had died in his hands. And that there was not enough certainty to deal with him, so they had temporarily withdrawn from the area. The piece of gold that he had marked with his divine sense had however been taken away. It was probably taken away for testing.

Ye Mo, however, was not much disappointed, the thing he wanted was already in his hands. Moreover, he knew that even if the other party did not withdraw, he would at most just kill some people today to vent his anger, but there was no way to really solve the ‘Black Sun Empire’.

If it was before he swept the Little Black Star Island, he might still have a chance, but since he swept the Little Black Star Island, the ‘Black Sun Empire’ was already on guard against him.

Ye Mo left this beach and went straight to the pier to look for Shen Qian Qian. When he found Shen Qian Qian, he asked her if she wanted to go to Luo Yue, if she wanted to go, he would let her go over to help Xu Yuehua, if not, he would have to go back to Ning Hai.

When Ye Mo found Shen Qian Qian, he found her in front of a shop full of people, and seemed to be arguing with someone about something. The veil had gone from her face, but her face looked furious.

“What are you doing?” Ye Mo asked as he squeezed in and looked at the furious Shen Qian Qian.

When Shen Qian Qian saw Ye Mo coming, she hurriedly walked next to him and said, “These people are really shameless, I know this shop, it has a very good reputation. No matter where it is, it never sells fake goods. But two women came over with a product they just bought and said it was fake, demanding a refund. And when the police came, just by listening to one side of the story, they favoured the two women and wanted to take the shop manager away. They also demanded that the shop be closed immediately and that the two women be compensated tenfold. I was angry and said a few words of justice.”

Only then did Ye Mo realize that this shop was actually the Jeju Island branch of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, and it was also his own property. If he said that it was someone else’s property, Ye Mo wouldn’t dare to say anything, but to say that he ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was selling fake medicines, he would never believe it.

This was not because ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was his and he thought so, but the products of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ were usually verified on the spot with anti-counterfeit marks. Generally, when a customer bought a medicine like ‘Beauty Pill’, the shop a*sistant would take the initiative to ask the customer to verify the anti-counterfeit immediately. This was something that Yu Miaotong and Zang Jia Yan took more seriously than themselves, so how could there be a case of fake medicine?

“Where is the shopkeeper?” Ye Mo heard Shen Qian Qian’s words and immediately asked.

“I am.” A young man who still had a green and red slap mark on his face walked over. He still had some anger in his eyes, and it was evident that this obviously unfair treatment made him uncomfortable.

Ye Mo glanced at the youth before saying, “Who hit you just now?”

“That woman’s husband, that woman falsely accused us of selling fake ‘beauty pills’, when they bought them at that time, I said that they should verify them on the spot, but those two women said. They believed in our shop, so they didn’t want to verify. Now that they have taken their stuff away, they are coming back to falsely accuse us of selling fake ‘beauty pills’.” This youth saw that Ye Mo had some fierce face. And speaking Chinese, he immediately told the original story of what happened.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “In that case, you go and slap your slap back.”

“Ah ……” This shopkeeper looked at the man who was standing next to the two women and still jabbering. There was some hesitation. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to fight, but the guy was too strong.

“If you don’t want to fight, then forget it, you’ll be beaten for nothing, no one will stand up for you.” Although Ye Mo would not say that he would exempt this man from being a shopkeeper, he did not like people who were too cowardly. Since this man was the shopkeeper, he must be someone who came out of Luo Yue. Luo Yue being a sovereign land, Ye Mo did not like people living here to be too cowardly.

Sure enough after hearing Ye Mo’s words, this shopkeeper’s blood rushed up and suddenly rushed over. Raising his hand, he slapped twice. Although this shopkeeper was very fast, the man could also react, only he just reacted and found that he could not move for the time being, “Slap” two slaps were dry and crisp.

Seeing the shop manager of the Luo Yue Pharmaceutical branch hitting someone, two policemen immediately rushed over to handcuff the shop manager.

However, Ye Mo stepped forward. Stopping the two policemen, he said, “This shop is Luo Yue’s shop, if you dare to go up and arrest people when you have done nothing wrong, this is a provocation to Luo Yue. Since your armed forces want to provoke Luo Yue, don’t blame us Luo Yue for being ungracious.”

Because this dispute involved Luo Yue, and Luo Yue’s language was Chinese. So the two policemen who came understood Chinese. Ye Mo’s words immediately made them stop in their tracks, rising to provoke Luo Yue, a high hat they didn’t dare to wear. What kind of place was Luo Yue, a place where the allied forces launched by the rice country had lost the war and had to pay out a lot of money. And I had heard that the city lord of Luo Yue was very protective, and once they got annoyed, it was no joke.

The two policemen stopped in their tracks and the onlookers around them saw them and immediately boomed. In particular, the two women and the man who had been beaten were gesticulating in excitement.

As if sensing that he should not be bluffed, one of the policemen said, “No matter what, beating people is wrong, so we have to take the man who beat them away.”

The shop manager, hearing the police officer’s words, immediately said in Korean, “He was the one who hit the person first just now too, didn’t so many people around see that? How come I didn’t see you take the man away?”

Seeing that the two policemen were choked by the shop manager’s words, Ye Mo sneered and said, “Someone came to our shop to blackmail, and you policemen didn’t arrest the blackmailer, but still demanded compensation from us, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, what kind of reason is that? I am telling you the truth today, if we don’t compensate our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ and inform the blackmailer TV station before dark today, then our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ will completely withdraw from Korea. Of course Luo Yue City will cla*sify Korea as an unfriendly country, and future exchanges and cooperation will not be discussed.”

Some people who understood Ye Mo’s words burst into laughter, this bearded man didn’t know what kind of person he was inside this shop, to open his mouth to withdraw from Korea and close his mouth on country relations, this was just a bit too ridiculous. Who does he think he is, the Lord of Luo Yue City?

The two policemen also seemed to feel that they had almost been bluffed by Ye Mo just now, and they immediately felt a bit embarra*sed. The two men discussed taking the shopkeeper who had beaten him away.

Before the two men went forward, Ye Mo said to that shopkeeper, “Go ask those two women why they were blackmailing ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ with fake medicine.”

That shopkeeper had not yet reacted, but Shen Qian Qian knew what Ye Mo meant, although she did not know why Ye Mo was doing this, but she went in front of those two women and asked in fluent Korean, “You obviously bought away real ‘Beauty Pills’ from here, but why did you use fake ‘beauty pills’ to blackmail?”

Surprisingly, there was such an idiotic way of asking, as soon as Shen Qian Qian asked, many people around laughed out loud, even if others really came to blackmail, they wouldn’t just admit it like that.