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DYM Chapter 636

If other countries could still repair their relationship with Luo Yue by compensating ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, or even paying compensation, there was one country that was unable to do so.

When the conspiracy against Luo Yue came, they did it a little too thoroughly. Not only did they smash up all of Luo Yue’s properties in the territory, but they even injured and killed people. And all of this was done with the government as the backdrop.

When Luo Yue’s tough statement was released and countries scrambled to repair relations with Luo Yue, or at least not to offend her until the jammer arrived, they realised what a stupid thing they had done. A few months ago, the smoke of that war hadn’t completely cleared. The world-renowned military theorist Sick’s manuscript “On War in the New Century” was still hotly circulated, and no one had yet come out to refute Luo Yue’s reputation as the world’s number one defence expert. At this time, however, Loyue was about to declare war on them.

The military scientist Myron has already pointed out that Luo Yue’s electronic warfare has surpa*sed this era. With such a beast, would a mere Indonesia be his match? Not to mention the fact that this beast was so close to them and had four carriers, a fleet of immense power.

And that high government official who wanted to forcefully deal with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ in the first place has suddenly disappeared, so it is evident that this matter was originally a conspiracy. That senior government official had only deliberately provoked Luo Yue’s anger, and although no one knew what he was up to, by looking at the way other countries had handled their programmes, Indonesia knew they were in a desperate situation.

The reason why this senior official could easily provoke people to smash and kill against ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. That is because Indonesia has always been very xenophobic. The ma*sacre of the Chinese years ago is even still talked about by many Indonesians. Nowadays, although Luo Yue is **sovereign**, the city owner and a number of key figures are undoubtedly Chinese.

But it has been so long since Loyue issued its statement that Rice has not come out and said anything. The JCC has only issued a statement calling for peaceful dialogue, which does not hurt. Indonesia has been utterly desperate, and the parties involved have disappeared after things jumped up.

If the compensation demanded by Luo Yue was not too high, they would have already paid up. But US$90 billion, that’s not a little. It was equivalent to one-eighth of their country’s annual gross national product, and if the money was taken out, the country’s economy would immediately suffer a decline.

But don’t take it out. Not long ago, Luo Yue, the Lord of Luo Yue, made the statement “The War Continues”. The world is speculating that Luo Yue has entered an era of high tech development, can they be sure if they go to war with such a high tech place?

At this point Indonesia is in a dogfight. They even hate South Korea. Had the video of blackmailing ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ not been exposed there in Jeju Island, this matter would have been really hard to say. Because once that video is exposed, Luo Yue is the injured party, otherwise even if others have suspicions, as long as there is no evidence, Luo Yue just can’t do anything about it.


Ye Mo accompanied Shen Qian Qian to Jincheng again, here he still had some things to do.

As for Luo Yue’s statement, Ye Mo was not worried at all, he believed that after the last allied invasion of Luo Yue, it would be impossible to form another allied invasion of Luo Yue. At least it was impossible in the short term, so he didn’t need to worry about it.

Besides, even if they invaded Luo Yue, Ye Mo believed that with Ye Xing around. Luo Yue would not suffer a loss, Ye Mo was well aware of Ye Xing’s perversion.

Shen Qian Qian immediately went back to the Shen family as soon as she returned to Jincheng, although she was hollowed out by the Shen family, but she had to leave here to go to Luo Yue, there were still some things that had to be accounted for.

The reason why Ye Mo had a better impression of Shen Qian Qian was not only because of the matter of her taking money for herself to buy spirit stones. Rather, it was because after she knew that Ye Mo was the divine Doctor Ye. Yet he never mentioned a single word about helping her family members with their illnesses. And the truth was that Ye Mo knew that there was a plant person in the Shen family who seemed to be of not a low status.

Perhaps when Shen Qian Qian returned to the Shen family, she would tell the Shen family about the arrival of a divine doctor in Jincheng, but that was irrelevant.

Ye Mo arrived at Kanghai Hospital and met Xu Wei and Xu Binwu’s family who were preparing to be discharged from the hospital.

Seeing Ye Mo coming over. Xu Wei’s family were all very happy because of Ye Mo. So Xu Wei’s mother recovered quickly. Although Xu Wei repeatedly said that she had money, Xu’s mother did not want to stay inside the ward.

“Brother Ye, this morning both General Manager Hu and General Manager Luo came over to visit, by the way, Shen Yin also came last night, but didn’t find you.” Xu Wei called Ye Mo several times but couldn’t get through, now Ye Mo came over but just in time, Ye Mo helped her, she always wanted to invite Ye Mo to a meal.

Ye Mo nodded his head and asked, “Do you plan to stay in Jincheng or go somewhere? If there is no place to go, I can introduce you to Luo Yue.”

If before this, Xu Wei still had doubts about what Ye Mo said, but now she didn’t have the slightest doubt. However, she shook her head and said, “Brother Ye, my brother and I have discussed it and we are going to go back to our hometown to develop. Shen Yin has already helped to get Xiao Wu an internship certificate, so there’s no need to go to school anymore.”

Although there was some regret, but Xu Wei did not want to go to Luo Yue, and Ye Mo would not force her to go there. Knowing that Xu Wei would definitely be uncomfortable in her heart if she didn’t invite him for a meal.

The place to eat was fancy, but Xu Wei was somewhat silent. Xu Binwu seemed to know what was on his sister’s mind and just kept on eating and sandwiching vegetables without saying a word. Only Xu’s mother looked at Ye Mo and then at Xu Wei and didn’t say anything more.

Ye Mo felt that the meal was a bit awkward, although he wanted to say something, but he didn’t know how to speak.

The meal was a bit silent, and when they left the restaurant, Xu Wei seemed to have something to say to Ye Mo, but after hesitating several times, she finally didn’t say anything, and only said goodbye to Ye Mo.

As he watched the taxi with the three Xu family members go away, Ye Mo knew that goodbye sometimes meant that he might never see them again. Xu Wei was a nice girl, her brother was very nice, I hope their family lived a peaceful and happy life.

The mobile phone inside his pocket rang, Ye Mo picked up the phone, it was Han Zaixin calling.

“You’re finally on, it’s too stressful to call you.” Han Zaixin breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Ye Mo’s voice, but then added, “Don’t hang up on me this time.”

Ye Mo had hung up on Han Zaixin once last time, and he knew what Han Zaixin was looking for him for, but that kind of thing, Ye Mo didn’t want to get involved in. He knew what the ‘Empty Aoi Design’ was all about, it was already Luo Yue’s thing, even if he helped Han Zaixin to get the drawings for this design, this thing could not be built. Even if it was built, there would be no energy to drive it.

What could drive this device was the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’, and the ‘Extreme Energy Crystal’ was so precious that even Luo Yue only had four of them, and one was already mounted on the interference source.

And the other four ‘Extreme Energy Crystal Stones’ were in the hands of ‘Bei Sha’, this kind of ‘Extreme Energy Crystal Stones’, Ye Mo didn’t even have the means to get his hands on them, Han Zai Xin would be even more impossible.

“Ah Ye Mo, why don’t you come to Yanjing, I definitely have something good here that you want, besides you are still the instructor of ‘Flying Snow’, you haven’t come here for such a long time. I have just arrived a batch of various extremely fine ores here, don’t you want to see them too?” Han Zaixin was like a big grey wolf luring a little sheep.

Ye Mo knew that Han Zaixin must have met some kind of problem, normally, he was still a sensible person and would not keep using such tactics to get him to pa*s.

But Ye Mo was really moved by him, not because he was moved by anything else, but by his last sentence. He had arrived there with all kinds of extremely fine ores, and that was what made Ye Mo’s heart flutter.

Ye Mo didn’t even have the time to search for that ‘Snow Velvet Fox’ because he had so many things of his own, let alone to search for the rest of the ores. This time, if the Five Elemental Stones were not too precious and about to be lost, he wouldn’t have made a special trip to look for them.

If it weren’t for this business, he might have appeared in the Hengduan Mountain Range. Apart from going to the Hengduan Mountain Range to look for that old Daoist nun, there was of course a visit to see that Seven Star Formation. Entering the small world to look for resources had always been what Ye Mo had in mind, and now that he was in the middle of the fifth level of Qi cultivation, he should have the ability to enter the small world to protect himself.

Although he was eager to see the ore, Ye Mo decided to go to Ninghai first and rejoin Luo Ying, there was no rush to see the ore, he was worried that Luo Ying was not used to living in Ninghai. Luo Ying was someone who liked peace and quiet, that place in Ninghai was like a vegetable market, Ye Mo was afraid that she wouldn’t like it.

“Okay, in that case, I’ll come back in a day.” Because there was really no ore left on him, it was hard for Ye Mo to refuse such an offer from Han Zhaoxin.

Moreover, Ye Mo also knew that Han Zaixin sometimes had good things there, the last time the green silver sand came from his house, although it was Han Yan’s stuff, it also came from him.

When he heard that Ye Mo had agreed to come over, Han Zaixin immediately hung up the phone, he was afraid that Ye Mo would suddenly back out. He knew Ye Mo’s nature, since he had promised he would honour it.

Luo Ying did not have a mobile phone, so if Ye Mo wanted to contact Luo Ying, he had to contact his sister Bei Wei first, but Bei Wei’s mobile phone was switched off.

Immediately, Ye Mo called Su Jingwen, but luckily Su Jingwen’s phone was on.

“Ye Mo, you finally remembered to call me, I ……” Su Jingwen’s tone was tinged with a hint of sorrow.

Ye Mo patted the back of his head somewhat awkwardly, he always had some very wonderful feeling towards Su Jingwen, a feeling that he couldn’t say.

Although he really wanted to ask Luo Ying and Bei Wei, but this was just after he got on the phone and asked about other people’s business, Ye Mo also knew it was not proper.

“Are you going to ask Luo Ying?” After a moment of silence, it was Su Jingwen who spoke up first.

While Su Jingwen was speaking, Ye Mo heard Tang Beiwei’s voice next to him, why did she turn off her phone if she was at home?